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  1. Free BUMP Sent PM with my offer !
  2. Sent PM regarding rare mallet several days ago but no reply for some reason.
  3. Close

    I see you have another rare trowel or the image is not updated yet ? If you got it please COD it to Rheascope for 5s ! TY!
  4. 2x Luxurious Checker Board - 1s each 1 rare pottery flowerpot - 1s 1 rare pickaxe , iron (w89, c82) -4s50c 1 rare hammer (c96)-4s50c 1 rare butcher knife ( botd 86)-4s 1 rare carve knife (w82, c90 ) -4s 1 rare knife -1s50c 10x fireworks (45c each ) Please COD to Rheascope any or all items if acceptable. TY!
  5. WTB Rare pottery jar and rare basic statuette ! PM me with your offers if you got any extras . TY !
  6. Hello ! Just sent you PM with my offer. and free bump
  7. Here is my bulk offer : 1x Demon helm-1s 1x Yule reindeer-1s 1x picnic basket -80c 1x luxurious checker board - 80c 1x saddle sacks - 80c 6x fireworks - 40c each 1x valentine pottery - 40c 1x Bjarne the bear - 40c rare pottery planter and rare flowerpot - 75c each If agreed COD all to Rheascope ! TY!
  8. If the sale still goes on ?
  9. COD Pottery jar to Rheascope please ! TY!
  10. I am interested in both small chests for 2s50c each, if price is good for you please COD both of them to Rheascope ! TY!
  11. Thank you very much Yaga ! It is going to be a gift for my friend who is currently in hospital, hope he will recover soon and will play Wurm again.
  12. Hi Yaga If you willing to sell your Black Bear helm for 60c please COD it to Rheascope! TY!
  13. Yay ! I won Sorry for delay with answer. Send to Rheascope please !