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  1. Nobody said it is bad thing , Jackal just needs some adjustments ! At this moment it feels indeed ( as Legios said ) as paid test server and for some expensive one. Working together as team sharing and providing not only resources, gear etc but also safe home and support that is what I was doing for past 5 years and that is why I play Wurm and that is what I want to keep but without being able to teleport back to freedom because there is only 1 lodestone atm on Jackal it is issue ! 2-nd issue I also have ( correct me if I am wrong ) - it is current point system on Jackal. While some of us will build infastructure , collect/make materials for those who are fighting on front lines who will get points for killing Jackal beacons and competing other similar tasks from quest journal ? Those who building infastructure or fighters ? As I understand to get point you need to be on front line so what is the point of being on Jackal if all your work on land doesn't collect you poiints ? It is simply unfair to those who burning their eyes in front of forges or tending farms etc providing weapons, gear amd mats to those who collect points ! If this point system going to be fixed ? And regarding exciting newbie experince that you described , we all went through it but why to force us do it all over again ? As to my taste it is not my type of fun to do it over again. Do we have other choice ? Yes , only 1- or you stay on Jackal or not. I better prefer to explore newly descovered lands ( servers ) hunt new ceratures and bring some new goods , pets and wood types to main land ! Yes where is common sense in this ? Why Jackal mobs not teleporting to freedom lands being naked with 0 skills and 0 gear ? And why it is so unjust towards old players ? Why old players and newbies treated the same way ? Here is solution to it: 1. All old players who been playing for at least 1 year starting at Jackal with at least skill level 20. 2. or/and all old players have choice ( on lodestone ) to keep or 1 skill at max or teleport keeping all that equiped on player or select 0skill 0gear for extra Jackal points or random special item that we keep going back to freedom servers . 3. and last but most annoying issue and very unfair to absolutely ALL players new or old - WHERE ARE OUR SLEEP POWDERS ? You requere from us to be premium before we enter portal , so we pay for it, we get pwders for it and when we teleport ooops there are no powders Yes ! This is simple and great solution to lodestone issue, also freedom beacons can serve s teleports between other beacons ( in case you want join group hunt or other tasks ), of couse you dont have cart or boat but you can carry whatever you can hold in inventory. Devs please take to consideration some of these ideas and fix some issues ! Thank you !
  2. Why nobody mentioned about the only lodestone on Jackal ? I am very disapointed as today I understoof where it all goes - we need to move forward ... deep into lands of Jackal in order to complete tasks from journal to get points and all this with 0 skills and 0 gear , no map and no compass at start. Sounds like sick joke. OK I tried to survive first 2 days in order later to find land to plop deed and I runned into "pelt" absense problem , was complaining about it and my friend invited me to their huge team and btw there were no free land left, everything aroudn starter deed been taken first 2 days I was happy that I got invite as it gave me oportunity to have some safe place to live and ability to try helping others and get some help .... but it didn't last long. After just 4 days I found out that whole village going to move to outpost with beacon that we just created whcih is much farther from starter deed. Sounds like good idea as there is not much to do left at starter area except growing harvest and not many Jackal beacons around either and nobody knows where is that misterious stronghold and how big actualy server is ... But ... people are you forgetting that there is ONLY ONE lodestone ! That means you will move deeper into jackal lands and you will be disconnected from freedom server completely for next 6 month . How many of you got life on freedom ? Deeds ? Friends ( who are smart enough do not go to Jackal to start from 0 in hope to get some points that they will redeem for unknown rewards in form of cosmetic skins ) ? and what about merchants ? If we can't go back to Freedom will they quit and leave ? You might say that in time you collect rift mats by killing jackal beacons and build lodestone ... well good luck with that, there are not enough mats from just 1 or 2 beacons ( as my friend said ) and you still need to move forward so why to build it if you leave again ... I don't know what the point of all of this except to drain coins from us so we would run around ploping deeds, hiring templars , disbanding , ploping deeds again, paying premium also for alts so they keep eye on our home lands and paying insane money for new mounts or simple pelt . If this is fun for you ? Sorry but not for me . I am very disappointed as I know now for sure that witthout close access to lodestone that allows me to go back to my deeds and friends I will not be able to complete most of journal quests. I just can't simply abandon something that I been working on for past 5 years of real life . If you complete newbie yes that probably will be fun for you but if you are old stable player it is waste of time and instead of fun you will get stress and headache. Am I alone in this or some of you sharing my concerns too ?
  3. I sense new uniques coming to game. Am I right ?? That creature sounds like elephant or really angry lion as someone noticed here. But I do not remember any mythological elephant monsters unless he met Ganesh but it is not monster, it is elephant-headed Hindu deity So I assume most likely Jack met or Chymera which is - Part-lion, part-goat, part-snake monster or Griffin which has the body of a lion, the tail of a snake, and the head and wings of an eagle. Am I close ??
  4. Hello Everyone ! Thank you for such great event and opportunity to see wonderful Inde ! I have been on Independence several times but never explored it fully. We are planning to go there tonight with my friend and I hope it is not too late. I think we need help with this one. Can I ask if there is someone who created map with locations of quest givers so we do not get lost ? PM me here or just reply to my post please.I can send/trade you some gift/item/sleep powder etc for such favor, just let me know what you need ? Also what quest items to bring with us ? If it is not too much to ask. And if it is reasonable to take large cart or some locations are reachable only by foot , so just horse will be enough ? Thank you in advance for any clues and tips !
  5. Great work Gofs ! ? I seen "White Turtule" some time ago during one of my travels in Wurm , so many deeds out there that really impressive but that little island with amazing castle still my favorite ! I wonder what is your profession in real life ? Architect, designer ? Being designer myself I can sense relative soul here hehe ? Thanks for sharing with us your passion !
  6. Great work on designs and smart approach to get our vote ! ? Well, being pro designer, I can see few imperfections here and can give some advice ( if I may to add my few cents of course ... errr coppers) : I personaly like # 3 but rose under red cross need to be gone completely ! #2 is almost perfect but horizontal line on tall banner need to be same width as vertical just like on regular banner and on wagon make vertical black line visible and same width . #4 is good but change dots on top half part to white and extend folliage on both parts of tall banner, also make red cross bigger to keep symmetry balance and to give it more yin/yang look. #1 is very pretty but suitable perhaps for Cinderella on mission to get her point across , replace cross with huge axe and you get the message ? BTW where is cross on tall banner ? So my choice so far is # 3 but if you make changes I will pick #4 ! Just because I am Ciderella on mission to restore balance LOL ( well it is personal ) ? Good luck everyone ! Can't wait to see esults !
  7. After dragging all shifted/fallen items 3 days ago back to their original location ( several items to 2-nd floor and few to 7-th ) , yesterday I logged in and found all of them + few more new items fallen again to bottom floors reappearing in exact locations where they were 3 days ago. Our Vynora Colossus never reappeared ? and I was lagging so bad that I couldn't play at all, close objects and distant terrain been disappearing and reappearing with each move glitching and dancing on screen and I could barely move or type in chat , everything was slow and bobbing with actual "head bobbing" disabled. So after recent update it is much worse or it is just me ? I really hope that it all can be fixed soon so we can enjoy game instead of dragging items back and forward and trying to solve the mystery of wurmian poltergeist. ?
  8. Thanks but it seems got worse, today we noticed fallen items from upper floors all over our deed and missing colossus off deed close by. 2 days ago everything was fine. Reported ticket and posted all details in server bugs thread. Hope it can be fixed.
  9. Same happened to me and my other villager with cart and horses several times, or horses dropped down or cart , disembarking or embarking sometimes was not working at all, sometime was, go figure.
  10. Well, today we noticed that whole Vynora colossus is missing ? it was standing over Eden tunnel for ages and had no significant damage, decay was very slow even off deed and we were repairing it from time to time. 2 days ago it was there ! Also many items all over deed fell from upper floors and appeared on bottom floors , some from 2-nd floor and some from 7-th as lighthouse banner and other decor. One fallen chest was stuck between double doors and I couldn't interact with it at all, I kept getting message "Floor on the way". After reloging and several attempts I finally could move it. I do not know what else is missing or fell underground and where the heck is our colossus ? I reported ticket, not sure what response will be. Hope it is just glitch or some strange lag/bug and we get our colossus back.
  11. Ouch, I wish devs could announce about such event in News page at least. Missed this one ? Are they all gone ? Or there are still some left ? Are there more than one near starter deeds on Xanadu ? Can those who missed this event have another chance pls ??!! Silly request but for some of us Christmas still celebrated ( Orthodox today for me ?) why not to give New Year's event second chance as well ?
  12. Do not forget that Wurm is life simulator ? And that is why I love Wurm ! Just like in real life sometimes we have failure after failure and sometimes we get rare surprise or proud of our success that we want to share with others or just keep it for ourselves ... all depends on if you are introvert or extrovert. Yes it is all about big picture and your feelings just like in real life can't depend only on successful actions. It is not kids game ? Nobody said life is easy , then why Wurm need to have exception from it ? How else we can learn and evolve ? Yes you can choice another game to play but what is reason why you playing Wurm at first place ? Yes just like in real life - find your niche, define your big project, improve your skills, work on it, ignore all failures, inspire others i they love your idea so they can help you or do it solo, just go after big picture and enjoy the whole process ! Easy to say but hard to do... but if you know the reason why you here, have at least slight vision of your next project and know yourself real well, you will enjoy and process and your final result ! But how many of us know ourselves really well ? That the most important question to my opinion and BTW Wurm helps us to learn more not only about our true nature but about those who we meet in game ? I personally can recommend to everyone who wants to learn more about someone like close friend invite him/her in Wurm first and you definitely will know if you can trust them, count on them and what you got in common with them etc. See, Wurm has a lot more to offer, just try to see that bigger picture. Hope you stay !
  13. Gingerbreads turtles

    I am interested too ! What are they ?
  14. Shhh don't predict doomsday yet, maybe snowmen of Xanadu that we got for Christmas decided to turn into magic chests while we wating. Good idea for New Year gift ? Really, why only Xanadu ?
  15. WTB low ql tools

    What prices you offering for these and what metal for lunchboxes ? We can make you all of these around 50ql or less but after holidays only.