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  1. For Auld Lang Syne

    Ouch, I wish devs could announce about such event in News page at least. Missed this one Are they all gone ? Or there are still some left ? Are there more than one near starter deeds on Xanadu ? Can those who missed this event have another chance pls ??!! Silly request but for some of us Christmas still celebrated ( Orthodox today for me ) why not to give New Year's event second chance as well ?
  2. What a misery :(

    Do not forget that Wurm is life simulator And that is why I love Wurm ! Just like in real life sometimes we have failure after failure and sometimes we get rare surprise or proud of our success that we want to share with others or just keep it for ourselves ... all depends on if you are introvert or extrovert. Yes it is all about big picture and your feelings just like in real life can't depend only on successful actions. It is not kids game Nobody said life is easy , then why Wurm need to have exception from it ? How else we can learn and evolve ? Yes you can choice another game to play but what is reason why you playing Wurm at first place ? Yes just like in real life - find your niche, define your big project, improve your skills, work on it, ignore all failures, inspire others i they love your idea so they can help you or do it solo, just go after big picture and enjoy the whole process ! Easy to say but hard to do... but if you know the reason why you here, have at least slight vision of your next project and know yourself real well, you will enjoy and process and your final result ! But how many of us know ourselves really well ? That the most important question to my opinion and BTW Wurm helps us to learn more not only about our true nature but about those who we meet in game I personally can recommend to everyone who wants to learn more about someone like close friend invite him/her in Wurm first and you definitely will know if you can trust them, count on them and what you got in common with them etc. See, Wurm has a lot more to offer, just try to see that bigger picture. Hope you stay !
  3. Gingerbreads turtles

    I am interested too ! What are they ?
  4. Xanadu Down

    Shhh don't predict doomsday yet, maybe snowmen of Xanadu that we got for Christmas decided to turn into magic chests while we wating. Good idea for New Year gift Really, why only Xanadu ?
  5. WTB low ql tools

    What prices you offering for these and what metal for lunchboxes ? We can make you all of these around 50ql or less but after holidays only.
  6. Random fancy stuff

    Thank you ! Will pick up tomorrow, too late for game now
  7. Random fancy stuff

    I am interested in Black Legion and Valhall Descendants kingdom banners. 1s50c each ? If agree COD both to Rheascope. TY!
  8. wts rare bait x50

    COD 10 to Rheascope please !
  9. Valrei International. 073

    Thank you Devs for such amazing work ! Grrrr I missed facebook cntest somehow, not sure if it was advertised on frum. Congrats to the winners ! New contest looks promising New statue is just special and I am sure Tich smiling on us now Perhaps it is village- museum in honor of other planets and maybe Chaos as well ? Where players can see all avatars of Gods and exotic mobs which yu can try to hunt. OK first of all roosters are pretty but not really useful but just as pheasants they add variety and atmosphere of nature to Wurm. Love the new colors of birds and horses. Making roosters and phesanats more useful would be great feature to have in game such as special meals and bird cages variety. But, hey what about adding parrots to game ? Or maybe turkey ? Perhaps it is just coincidence , new hens /roosters colors added around "Turkey day" in USA LOL Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate such wonderful holiday ! And for those who doesn't, just take 5 min now and count your blessings ! Expressing gratitude is very powerful experience that will bring peace and happiness to you and all around you
  10. Valrei International. 064

    Just quick question, mainly to Retrograde. When we get our prizes and where we can see what to pick ? If there are anywhere some pics of available statues that we can choice ? Also Retro please check your PM, I sent you few other questions long time ago but got no reply. Thank you !
  11. Valrei International. 064

    YAY! Nice update , thank you very much ! Congrats to all winners ! Keep up great job devs
  12. WTS Potions, rares and more!

    Thank you ! Can you also COD to Rheascope 1x stone cutting ointment for 75c ?
  13. WTS Potions, rares and more!

    2x potion of tailoring for 75c COD to Rheascope pls. TY !
  14. Rare's For sale !

    PM sent !