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  1. Do you need rugs or pelts ? Rugs are decorative items.
  2. Rare blank sickle 79ql - 2s COD to Rheascope if agree. Also how much you want for 90ql rare large chest ? My offer is 2s for 1 chest or 3s50c for both rare large chests. Where you are located so I can pick it up ? TY!
  3. My apology, I was sick and couldn't play past 2 month. Did you sent me items ? If so they probably returned back, if you like my offer can you be so kind and resend them to me ? I am back in game. TY !
  4. 3s for rare sickle ? 1s for both champagnes ? If agreed please COD to Rheascope.
  5. As I already mentioned in other post I I'd like to see some changes in Jackal Shop. After talking to many different players on Jackal I realized that I am not the only one who is very disappointed with such poor rewards system. I want to make some suggestion to Devs speaking from artisan/designer point of view and yes there are few settlers, artisans and designers that playing Jackal and they all like my suggestions. Please add to Shop new skins ! Here are just few ideas that will be very rewarding to artisans if not to all players : 1. Jackal trees textures skins that we can apply to already existing item on freedom to make Desolate wood large cart or Tulip Knarr etc or apply such skin to log and create materials for wood finish or maybe even sprout so we can grow such trees on freedom ! Note: make such skins cost less than 200 points. Not many people managed to get lots of points. 2. Weta skin to apply to Horse or Hell horse. 3. Worg or/and Rabid Hyena helmet to apply to any other helmet or worg rug to apply to any other animal rug. 4. Giant Crab or/and Isopod display to apply to axe or sword display to give us decor variety to proudly display our trophies. 5. Any Jackal animal such as Gorilla, weta, isopod, worg, hyena statue to apply to any freedom statue. 6, Tapestry with Jackal views to apply to any freedom tapestry. If you like these ideas please reply or make your own suggestions.
  6. Before one start something one shall think of benefits for at least trying it and here are reasons why I started to play Jackal as I seen it at very beginning : 1. Points redeemed for cool items ( skins to make such items ). 2. You end up with very strong or stronger character that will have higher skills. 3. It is new exciting adventure, fun and opportunity to enjoy exotic hunting grounds. 4. You meet new cool people, make new friends and life on Jackal everything but boring LOL After I tried this so called exotic hunting adventure and it is 3-d month already as Jackal launched, lets see if there are any reasons left for me to stay to the end and how to fix some of disappointments ? 1. Jackal Points for cool items . Points not easy to get as you only get those from beacons hunts which you can't do solo and it is not easy to catch up with group as there are no specific plans or times set and all hunts are spontaneous. Not mentioning those time zones differences. Allow us to gain points not only from beacons but maybe from killing native Jackal mobs, from creating certain items , from grinding skills ( which we already did before or for grinding something that we did not on freedom as old players, for new players set specific skill level like every 10 skill points you get 5 Jackal points or something like that ) etc Skins for cool items. Are you kidding, you think those few weapons skins worth of those points ? Very big disappointment in regards of our "rewards" . I will make separate posts just about skins that I think will encourage players to go to Jackal. 2. Higher skills in end. Hmmm I couldn't play that day when skill transfer been active but I heard a lot of complains regarding how unfair it is. OK I just hope this going to be fixed and we all get fair amount of skill points . Do not tell me I need to get higher skill than I have on freedom for this actually work, nope Jackal skill gain is not as fast as I expected and why the heck I need to do same skills over again if they will not be added to those I already have? Show me reason. The only reason I see it is to add some of those points to my existing skills on freedom even on Jackal they are lower ! 3. Exotic hunting grounds. Mobs re spawn totally broken, terrain is horrible as many already mentioned, we can't take any trophies or materials or items to freedom and we need to wait for next server restart just to go hunting again. Fix that on Jackal and as Griper suggested, create new exotic server on freedom for those who likes interesting hunting adventures. Reddragon also gave some decent recommendations regarding beacons, terrain and mob spawn. Listen to us players Devs , we are your clients and without us there will be no Wurm. 4. Meet cool people, make new friends and as Phennexion said " Opportunity to play with new people who you wouldnt normally play with". Sadly it is only positive reason that left from my big expectations. People and hope that something will be fixed and in end I will not be sorry that I wasted 6 month of my game life for something that not really exciting, not fair and actually very boring. I also want to recommend to Devs, please be fair to us- reward all those who will last to the very end with at least some special trophy that we can bring to freedom, just like we get in end of some treasure hunts which lasts few hours only but not 6 month as Jackal and it is better to be really cool item/s !
  7. I sense new uniques coming to game. Am I right ?? That creature sounds like elephant or really angry lion as someone noticed here. But I do not remember any mythological elephant monsters unless he met Ganesh but it is not monster, it is elephant-headed Hindu deity So I assume most likely Jack met or Chymera which is - Part-lion, part-goat, part-snake monster or Griffin which has the body of a lion, the tail of a snake, and the head and wings of an eagle. Am I close ??
  8. Hello Everyone ! Thank you for such great event and opportunity to see wonderful Inde ! I have been on Independence several times but never explored it fully. We are planning to go there tonight with my friend and I hope it is not too late. I think we need help with this one. Can I ask if there is someone who created map with locations of quest givers so we do not get lost ? PM me here or just reply to my post please.I can send/trade you some gift/item/sleep powder etc for such favor, just let me know what you need ? Also what quest items to bring with us ? If it is not too much to ask. And if it is reasonable to take large cart or some locations are reachable only by foot , so just horse will be enough ? Thank you in advance for any clues and tips !
  9. Great work Gofs ! ? I seen "White Turtule" some time ago during one of my travels in Wurm , so many deeds out there that really impressive but that little island with amazing castle still my favorite ! I wonder what is your profession in real life ? Architect, designer ? Being designer myself I can sense relative soul here hehe ? Thanks for sharing with us your passion !
  10. Great work on designs and smart approach to get our vote ! ? Well, being pro designer, I can see few imperfections here and can give some advice ( if I may to add my few cents of course ... errr coppers) : I personaly like # 3 but rose under red cross need to be gone completely ! #2 is almost perfect but horizontal line on tall banner need to be same width as vertical just like on regular banner and on wagon make vertical black line visible and same width . #4 is good but change dots on top half part to white and extend folliage on both parts of tall banner, also make red cross bigger to keep symmetry balance and to give it more yin/yang look. #1 is very pretty but suitable perhaps for Cinderella on mission to get her point across , replace cross with huge axe and you get the message ? BTW where is cross on tall banner ? So my choice so far is # 3 but if you make changes I will pick #4 ! Just because I am Ciderella on mission to restore balance LOL ( well it is personal ) ? Good luck everyone ! Can't wait to see esults !
  11. After dragging all shifted/fallen items 3 days ago back to their original location ( several items to 2-nd floor and few to 7-th ) , yesterday I logged in and found all of them + few more new items fallen again to bottom floors reappearing in exact locations where they were 3 days ago. Our Vynora Colossus never reappeared ? and I was lagging so bad that I couldn't play at all, close objects and distant terrain been disappearing and reappearing with each move glitching and dancing on screen and I could barely move or type in chat , everything was slow and bobbing with actual "head bobbing" disabled. So after recent update it is much worse or it is just me ? I really hope that it all can be fixed soon so we can enjoy game instead of dragging items back and forward and trying to solve the mystery of wurmian poltergeist. ?
  12. Thanks but it seems got worse, today we noticed fallen items from upper floors all over our deed and missing colossus off deed close by. 2 days ago everything was fine. Reported ticket and posted all details in server bugs thread. Hope it can be fixed.
  13. Same happened to me and my other villager with cart and horses several times, or horses dropped down or cart , disembarking or embarking sometimes was not working at all, sometime was, go figure.