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  1. Thank you very much Yaga ! It is going to be a gift for my friend who is currently in hospital, hope he will recover soon and will play Wurm again.
  2. Hi Yaga If you willing to sell your Black Bear helm for 60c please COD it to Rheascope! TY!
  3. Yay ! I won Sorry for delay with answer. Send to Rheascope please !
  4. Thank you Ajala, other kind soul also shared it with me earlier. Just need time to grow all those new seeds and see if I can discover some new recipes, will share it for sure.
  5. Thank you Mantas! Sounds simple enough
  6. If anyone created new recipes list for coffee , tea and cacao yet ? Or we need to discover all of them on our own ? I checked old recipe list on google sheets but nothing seems new there yet. Please be kind and share link if you know it ! Been dealing with major rl problems lately and do not know where even to start regarding roasting beans etc. Or how to make Green tea or Kahvesi for example ? Any tips greatly appreciated! Thanks !
  7. Hello fellow Wurmians ! I was reading wiki searching for gifts that exist in game and found out that I missed this year Valentine's gift. I was premium non stop for past several years but couldn't play game in February at all due to illness If any of you have spare box of chocolates that you could sell me please PM me with your offer. Thank you !
  8. WOW ! Love this design, never thought of using unfinished beehives as planter or stand. Cool idea Thanks for sharing !
  9. Thanks for lovely skin ! Please add more skins for items that can be used as decorations
  10. WTB Spring Flowers ( this year Easter gift from egg ) for 65c each ! COD any amount to Rheascope without asking. Few of my good friends missed Easter this year, so I wanted to give them as gifts when my friends will be playing again. TY!
  11. Thank you but I got all statuettes that I need. Still need 2 bear helms. Anyone ?
  12. Hi ! Happy New Year to you ! No it is not too late, several of my friends are on break now and I indeed need few more good gifts. What is your price for helms and fireworks ? I will need 2 of each if possible. Just reply here as I am not playing much atm , will log and pick up items if you will COD them to Rheascope after we confirm prices.TY!
  13. CLOSE

    9. rare hatchet, bronze 89ql BOTD91- 2s45c COD to Rheascope please. TY!