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Found 18 results

  1. When trying to push a huge oil barrel from a bridge into the second story of my building, I got the error "That place is too littered with decorations already." There is nothing on the tile inside the door. The door is a double wide stone door. The tile directly under that one (first floor of the building), however, has it's limit of statuettes. Apparently, the item count from first floor is preventing pushing an item onto the second floor. Confirmed. When the number of items on the tile on the first floor is reduced, a large barrel can be pushed from a bridge onto the second floor directly above that tile.
  2. Hi, Port of Tarsis has been active for 8 months now, we've built our main buildings, shaped most of the land to how we want it, built a ship or three, set up our crops and farm and started a bulk goods trade! so when I'm not busy digging clay, making bricks etc I've started to focus on decorating an area of the deed at a time, and I thought I would share them on here as I complete them, I hope you enjoy Solin's Veg Garden In the real world I enjoy pottering about in my garden, Wurm is no different so when I was designing my farmhouse I wanted the garden to have a "working" kitchen garden, like my real life veg box with all the salad bits in, also planters are a new feature for me so I was looking forward to using them and seeing what looks I could create, here's what I came up with: Entrance to the veg patch: Tomato's! I tried to use the planter and trellis combo for plants that would normally climb up and need securing, the planter racks fitting between was -chef's kiss- This combo continues around the wall for the cucumber & pea plants I've tried to fill the between spots with as many decorations as I could fit without it being too crowded as any working garden uses ALL THE SPACE available At the centre of the veg patch you can find my potting up table, it has all the things I might need, pots, sprouts, twine, garden stakes and ofc... my two right handed garden gloves next to my potting table I have my compost bin ready for turning and filling up my planters View from the south area, this is where my last two planters are, always lettuce in these two Last screenshot, I added some lanterns for night time, who doesn't like a garden with twinkle-ish lights?
  3. Hello everyone, so here's a not really original idea but a different way of looking at it. So you're going out fishing and on your way you merrily pick bark/twigs and search for bait and after getting down to the water and fishing for a bit you have a nice haul of fish... but what about all of those smaller fish we keep throwing back in! Id much rather take them home with me and put them on display! Wouldn't it be nice to have something decorative but is also actually unique to the player other than just say changing a color with dye? This being said an aquarium could be an interesting addition to the game and would complement the amazing changes to the fishing system. This would most likely have to be made from glass. This brings me to the other less unique suggestion of adding glass to the game. This could be used for decorative reasons only, so possibly add two more skills such as Glassmaking and the other Glassblowing, consider this as carpentry and fine carpentry. This could also be used to fill in those drafty windows! These additions if even applicable should for for mid-game to end-game skill progressions e.g. 50-70. Thanks for reading.
  4. Make an offer via PM or in the comments! If you're unsure about pricing, I do have prices in mind so feel free to ask. I accept both Silver and Euros, Euros must be paid via verified PayPal and Friends&Family. ALL ITEMS ARE MAILABLE AND WILL BE MAILED TO YOUR CHARACTER. PLEASE PROVIDE A CHARACTER NAME YOU'D LIKE IT MAILED TO. TOMES Black Tome - Last Charge Green Tome - Last Charge Tome of Incineration - Last Charge White Tome - Last Charge TOOLS Rare Seryll Needle, 64QL Seryll Hammer, 72QL Seryll File, 72QL BotD (CoC and WoA) Hatchet, 77QL, 83 BotD CoC (Skiller) Fishing Rod, 76CoC Hatchet, Steel, 83CoC Grooming Brush, 70CoC Leather Knife, 85CoC Needle, 90QL, 81CoC Stone Chisel, 79CoC Wild Cat Pelt, 100QL, 86CoC GEAR Black Scale Set, Rare Pants, 90QL Black Drake Cap, 91QL Ruby Staff Rare Backpack Rare Mask of the Isles Rare Mask of the Enlightened Mask of Rebirth x9 Soft Cap x5 Witch's Hat x2 Pumpkin Shoulder Pad x14 Left Layered Shoulder Pad x3 Small Shoulder Pad x5 Double Shoulder Pad x2 Curved Shoulder Pad x2 Right Elaborate Shoulder Pad Right Basic Shoulder Pad x2 Left Shielding Shoulder Pad x2 Crafted Shoulder Pad x2 WEAPONS Maul, N67, CoC76, FA61 DECORATIONS Valentine's Pottery x24Picnic Basket x2 Yule Reindeers x7 Easter Egg (Gift) x6 Rare Champagne Valrei Items x64 Unique Skull (Looks Like Dragon Skull) x5 Rare Armwood Chair Rare Chair Rare Fine High Chair x2 Rare Large Sign x3 Rare Meditation Rug Rare Meditation Rug (Fine) x2 Rare Pointing Sign Rare Shop Sign Rare Small Sign Rare Runed Spinning Wheel x2 Rare Still x3 Rare Village Recruitment Board x3 Rare Waystone x4 Supreme Flowerpot SOLD
  5. Hey folks! Whenever I get really passionate about an MMO, I usually whip up a fansite for it in one form or another. Most times the main goal is to simply save all my screenies and stories in one place for my own personal pleasure, so I can later go back and reminisce of the good old times. The stories and screenshots section of my UO website is a great example of that. Oh how very dear those old stories are to me now! Anyhow, seeing as I've been playing Wurm for nearly 5 years now, it was HIGH TIME I finally make a fansite for Wurm as well. I've got a section there now for my Wurm videos, but more importantly, the world famous Wurm Items list has been permanently moved over from Google docs to this site. So if you want to browse through all the bits and bobs that the game has in 3d form, that you could potentially decorate your deeds with, head on over and take in the splendour of all those lovely items the Wurm devs have created. I used Wurm Unlimited to take screenshots of most things I could spawn into the world. Sorry for the "old skool" style of the site, but it's all hand coded with mostly old skool HTML tags. Never got very deep into the CSS stuff, let alone other goodies like Java etc.
  6. Rares: 2ql rare grindstone 2s 84ql rare two handed sword, iron (Animal's demise, Nimbleness-97, Life Transfer-82, Circle of Cunning-91, Mind Stealer-81) 10s 52ql rare lounge chair, cedarwood 2s (3s with delivery) Plate Armour Set, Steel 2s 83ql plate gauntlet 81ql plate gauntlet 81ql plate vambrace 79ql plate vambrace 80ql basinet helm 80ql plate sabaton 79ql plate sabaton 79ql plate leggings 76ql breast plate Enchanted Tools: 77ql shovel, iron (Wind of Ages-67) 50c 73ql small anvil, iron (Wind of Ages-92) 1,50s 72ql trowel, iron (Wind of Ages-75, Circle of Cunning-43) 60c 60ql spindle, oakenwood (Wind of Ages-90) 1,30s 90ql hammer, iron (Wind of Ages-81, Circle of Cunning-76, Weapon Smithing Imbue-19) 1,50s 100ql whetstone 4.10dmg (Blessing of the Dark-95, Weapon Smithing Imbue-4) 60c 82ql whetstone 0.21dmg (Circle of Cunning-80, Armour Smithing Imbue-7) 40c 100ql pelt, mountain lion 4.40dmg (Blessing of the Dark-90, Weapon Smithing Imbue-3) 50c 98ql pelt, large rat (Circle of Cunning-86) 40c 93ql pelt, wild cat 0.01dmg (Circle of Cunning-73, Armour Smithing Imbue-10) 30c 72ql hammer, iron (Circle of Cunning-83) 1s 70ql pickaxe, tin (Wind of Ages-96) 2,50s 70ql pickaxe, iron (Circle of Cunning-71) 1s 80ql stone chisel, iron (Wind of Ages-89, Circle of Cunning-71) 1,70s 69ql mallet, oakenwood (Circle of Cunning-88) 60c 65ql spatula, oakenwood (Circle of Cunning-85) 60c 68ql clay shaper, oakenwood (Circle of Cunning-72) 50c Miscellaneous Items: 60ql JK Wagon, pinewood 4s (5s with delivery) 49ql corbita, cedarwood 2,50s (3,50s with delivery) 70ql dioptra, bronze 1s 19ql ring, seryl 15c Prices are negotiable. I'm most of the time online, you can send me in-game message to "Pakawala" or "Nether" Thank you!
  7. As the title says, wtb a rare BSB and a Rare Large Chest, Cedarwood. Preferably unfinished. PM me with prices. Thank you!
  8. I was building a house, and I found out I do not have much of a choice to cover floors in the bathroom/kitchen, other than traditional rugs/carpets used pretty much everywhere. We have some resources without much use right now, like reed or kelp, which could make nice floor decorations. And to expand the idea, some blankets for beds, made from either wool, cotton or a combination of them, maybe? Regular beds can only be dyed as a whole, and don't look awesome nice, so a blanket on them ("used" on a bed to cover it, since we cannot place objects on top of other objects yet) would make them look way better. Edit: pics a little too modern, but added them only to illustrate the idea
  9. I have both Online and Unlimited, but it's Online that I spend my time in. I still like to play around with the god tools in Unlimited though to see what's possible. DeedPlanner is of course amaaaaazing but to truly test out the atmosphere, with lighting and all the possible items, having Unlimited really pays off. One of the things I get a kick out of is hunting for gorgeous places in other games and testing out how close I can make Wurm look. I've done this mostly with ESO, but I now bought Black Desert for this purpose as well. I posted a short video today of the results from making a Daggerfall stables copy: Now while I was creating this area, I ran into some challenges due to lack of the right kinds of items we have in Wurm. Decorational rocks - see all those rocks in the video, especially piled up against the high wall? (I spawned the source spring objects to make fake rocks) It would be cool to be able to place rocks and boulders in Wurm. Perhaps they could be fragments from a destructed Rift? And since Wurm is all about making every item usable in some way, perhaps you could "mine" them to shatter into rock shards. In UO we had several types of decorational rocks and they were very popular indeed. Large grain sacks. See the "missing 3d object" sacks with the question marks? It would be great if we could get those as actual objects in the game, a new type of container - just use the "missing 3d object" sack minus the question mark of course Wheelbarrows, could work like the small carts - you could carry less than a small cart, however you could move faster, perhaps at a completely normal walking pace Decorative stone and wooden fences (maybe called something other than a fence (barricade, barrier etc) as not to be confusing) that can be pushed, pulled and rotated like benches or statues. This would compensate for not being able to place diagonal fences. In their place, I used Keystones Water troughs for the horses/cows. Could be filled with water which would evaporate over time. So it could have a full and empty look. (in this case I pushed a wooden bench into the wall) (I'm pretty sure I've seen others requesting this one as well) See how colorless the night time is in Wurm compared to ESO? I wonder if our night couldn't do with a slight tinge of blue to it to make it more atmospheric
  10. Can we be able to or if we are able to do something like this? Make Gargoyles ship figure heads different decorations to add to houses and boats. Give more range of designs so people can make more unique. Like having statues that can be used to turn into gargoyles or Figure heads on ships. i would love there to be some smaller dragon statues as well we could use. pls let me know thought
  11. Can you please bring back gift wrapping. make it so recipient or maker can open. Would love to be wrapping oodles of presents right now.
  12. Hello everyone! Let's do something for fun and creativity! If you like decorations join me in this thread and share with all of us your unusual decorating ideas. Let's put those unexpected items to creative use or take something that seems ordinary and turn it into interesting design. Inspire and get inspired ! Few days ago we went to hunting trip in open sea and I came up with something interesting after trying to display our hunting trophies ( that what I call regular unbutchered corpses ). I just wanted to show our citizens and friends variety of cool sea creatures that exist in Wurm. Sadly we do not see them in our area of Xanadu. But when I dropped them on floor in our city hall , I could see only tops of creatures and rest of their bodies went underground. So, I went to second floor of our tavern and dropped them there ... and here is result how it look like on first floor "Forbidden fruit" Tavern, hunting trophies display. ( Eden Harbour ).
  13. Would you like one of those new fancy towers on your deed? What about one of those cool new decoration? What about a high ql loom, wagon or a cart. You have come to the right place! I have 90+ in FC and Carpentry and can make it all happen. Just let me know what ya need and we can arrange a way to get it. Have already built an archery tower! And it was just released, yes i am that fast! Pm me here for questions!
  14. Hi, I think it would be pretty cool to have the option of combining a Shaft with a animals head to make a Head on a Pike! Just like how during the Halloween event with those Pumpkin heads on the lamps.. instead its just a pole with a animal head. Also to maybe make them wall mountable (Trophy) just like what hunters usually do in real life that way you can make a hunters cottage or just collect them. Something different.. SourceCode
  15. Not sure if this has been suggested previously or not. If you like rocks as much as I do you probably would like to have a few on your deed as well. Why not allow us the ability to create boulders that could be used for decoration. Zen or rock garden anyone? Just my thoughts, purely decorative of course.
  16. I was wondering whether it could be added into the game: Create string of cloth out of cotton, then use cotton spindle again to create some ribbon which can be worn, e.g. in hair, or on chest. We can dye this in different colours, e.g. for festivals, to give as presents, or to show allegiance. We could also wear it as decoration. The option to create different kids of ribbons could be added e.g. for your hair, for your chest, for your horse's mane, for your horse's tail, etc. Thanks
  17. Now that we have multistory and nice roof types would be great to be able to add a weather vane to the peaks.