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Found 31 results

  1. New tree type: Palm tree, growing on grass near sands, but you could pick sprout and plant it where you want. When foraging on this tile, you could get coconuts, and ofc make milk from them, or you can make coconuts grow on the tree during summer and just harvest them. It will be ofcourse used in cooking and beverages, I know there is coconut already so it could replace this crafted one (which doesn't make much sense) Also new wood type (maybe new texture is too much lol so just changed wood color) Who needs coconut milk? Nobody, but palms will be freaking awesome, it will fill up the coasts and deserts, awesome addition to sandstone themed villages.
  2. I saw a lemon tree with fruit hanging on it. It turned out to be shrivelled and not harvest-able. [23:21:07] There is nothing to harvest on the Lemon tree. [23:23:06] You see an old and shriveled Lemon tree. There seems no way to remove the fruit graphic from the tree so it continues to mislead us. Also, typo - shrivelled has 2 L's
  3. Tree Hights

    Ok bear with me, this problem has been nagging me for a few years now and haven't really found much Info about it. I have been making multi-tiered levels for my new forestry industry and for the life of me can't seem to work out the proper heights of the trees so they don't block the awesome view I have of the lake I live on, so I am wondering if there are any Wurmers out there that may have the heights of the different tree types. Not sure if the information is available anywhere in/on Wurm unlimited (don't have and prob never will, I love my online game). Any info would be very handy and Cheers in advance
  4. Hello! I'm coming by with a suggestion for Cocoa Trees. How would they grow? Speed of growth- Subjective to debate Growth height: small tree, medium branch spread Harvest: Subjective time, harvest tool; Machete, result, cocoa nut -> hammer, cocoa beans. Location- Southern regions Space- 1 tile Additional traits: Can only be planted near a taller tree. can survive the outer kill zone of a grown willow/oak, does not spread.
  5. Sprouts

    lemonwood x 300 grapewood x 600 camelliawood x 300 hazelnutwood x 300 QL50+ 1c per sprout free coastal (non-pvp) delivery if your order for 3s+, otherwise cod, pickup or a charge of 50c buy 300+ for 85i ea
  6. I just found out today from a sprout buyer that orangewood tree sprouts do not add to the total sprouts needed to complete the "Plant 100 sprouts" personal goal. When orangewood sprouts were used, the goal did not trigger even after 300 orangewood sprouts were used to test. When instead they used a mix of rosewood olive and lemon, the mission was triggered at exactly 100 sprouts. We think that somehow orangewood sprouts have not been included in the coded list of sprouts that qualify for the plant tree mission(s).
  7. Hi there, I run a personal server for a few of my friends to play on and I am finding that we just don't cut trees down. The problem with this is propagation of trees no matter what the setting, makes entire areas completely full of trees. Is there some easy way to get rid of all trees old and above throughout the server? Or is there a way to select a whole area and destroy the trees? Thanks
  8. I can clearly see enough space for possibly even a cart to pass between the olives, with the new skinny models, but it is acting like the old models and not letting me pass. Server version
  9. I planted 3 trees above the water, then leveled the dirt down so it was below water. Within a day all 3 of them have gone to shriveled stage Is this known.
  10. Looking for information on the newer server setting "Tree Spread Odds". I cannot find anything on Wpedia or in news notes. Does someone have a link or can briefly explain? What is the range that can be entered, etc. Thanks!
  11. New Skill Idea Skill: Hunting * Sub Skill - Traps , { To Create the tool / items to start with} New items: Small Trap box, Medium Fall Trap The items Small trap box - 4 small nails, 10 shafts, acorns Or cheese. Medium Fall Trap - Shafts , 1 rope , felled tree or Logs , Raw fish or herbs from botanise for example. * Sub Skill - Trapper , {To use the items) New Mechanic 1) - Plant the Small trap Box, (Not drop), Can not be picked up for 1 RL hour. after the timer the Bait is gone and in its place is ** x Squirrel meat, or Mouse/rat meat. 2) - Plant the Medium Fall Trap (Not Drop - Must be within 1 tile of a Tree) Can not be picked up at all Decays within 24 hours. After ** time it produces Bair meat, or Venison. Skill: Glass Smiting * Sub skill - Mixer {to make Glass lumps i.e. like Mortar} New items: Glass Mound , 1 x Sand + Smelter *Sub Skill - Enamel To make ornaments or Cutlery (we have spoons forks and knives already) 1 x Glass lump + Mallet New items: Creates plates and bowls Glass Windows * Sub Skill - Glazier Mixing Colour with glass. New items: glass window, jugs, plates etc , + paint/dye Produces stained glass windows , colourful globes , colourful ornaments. Please leave Feedback and additional add on ideas.
  12. Enjoy your christmas with the rare tree Currently the tree is on Deliverance. Can be picked up from Deli East coast. I would most probably keep it unless i receive a good offer. Enjoy
  13. I Don't know if this is a client bug or server bug. Newly planted sprouts disappear within a very short time. I have in 3 sessions planted 50 trees each time, only to return next day to find every single one gone. Since players were not able to plant trees that survived, I tried with lvl 5(Dev) to plant sprouts. They suffer the same fate, everything gone the next day. There used to be a paint terrain on the black wand, but that seems to have gone missing? Couldn't paint trees that way.
  14. When in season u could harvest silk cocoons. With a spindle or similar tool u could get silk thread, to make luxury clothes...
  15. The maples should be in season already and no sap still produced. As Olives had recently the problem too, what I heard, maybe the same applies here. Three things every bug report should include: # What happened The maples do not produce any sap # What you expected to happen Expect maples to be producing sap as the time is: [12:16:31] It is 03:25:10 on day of Tears in week 1 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1045. And Maple season stars on the day of Wurm in week 1 of the Bear's starfall # Steps to reproduce Try to examine Maple tree, or try to find action with activated bucket.
  16. This could be a spell of Fo deity and high level of path of love. Target must be an overaged tree (not bush), the tree become an elder tree and never go shriveled. That could be used like ornamental trees... An elder tree tile counts like a flower tile to make a special tile for meditation. Optionally only could be chopped with skill and tool 90+
  17. Either at the stage they are at, or at some preset stage before re-sprouting. This would make decorative trees so much easier to keep looking nice.
  18. Lumber tree bark uses: Oak bark - cork: stopper flasks and barrels for reduced liquid decay Willow bark - painkiller tea: removes hurting status Birch bark - building material: coracles and canoes Pine/Fir/Cedar bark - resin (see rosin on wikipedia): mix with oil to make varnish for less decay on wood items Linden bark - fibre: equivalent to wemp Other barks/woodscrap - paving material: does not prevent marsh spread
  19. I am just now trying out the lawn feature but i am not getting an option to make the grass of my trees lawn. I am asking that the lawn be extended to trees/bushes so we can have a uniform look for our lawns.
  20. Can we add "Plant nearest corner" for trees and bushes? There are sometimes where you want a tree in the same area as the one across or to make something fit right but it plants on the wrong corner and it is fixed on that tile, We need a way to change the corner or have each time we plant on that tile have a random corner so we can "find" the corner we want.
  21. Optional step when logging, using an axe on a felled tree would give the option to remove the branches and turn the felled tree model into something more sizeable. Would use woodcutting and give woodcutting skill, as well as using the same timer when cutting the tree down
  22. i got this bug/texture fail i dont know what to do about it, i dont think its my videocard becus i can play battlefield, Rust , minecraft , assassins creed and more with out problems normaly i play on win 8 have no bugs but im now on my win 7 on gf home and got this ?? what you wanna cal it can some one hellp?? ( i have update java/flash/directx )
  23. A rather simple suggestion, the ability to make lanterns designed to hang from trees with thick low branches (oak, willow). The lanterns are affixed to the tree and cannot be moved when placed. Each tree has a specific set of branches linked for locations. A hung lantern can be right clicked by its planter and "shift branch"ed to move to another branch (maybe sequence them for ease?). If the tree is cut, the lantern drops. Nice, simple and beautiful.
  24. Most creatures in real life are faster then a human so I thought it would be good if you have no where to run like on a mountain or if your fight skill is not good enough and get attacked to climb up a tree. You get agro so you run to the nearest tree right click tile climb up. You can look down at the tile below you and right click and select climb down. Once up in the tree you loose agro and are penalized stamina from climbing up. If you don't have enough stamina to climb up it says your too tired to climb up. If your not close enough to the tree it says your not close enough. If you don't have enough stamina to climb down you fall getting hurt. If your fighting you have the option to escape if you have enough stamina. Trees cut down with a player in them is just like not having enough stamina to climb down. Would be up to player versus player people if you could perhaps shoot a bow at someone while up in the tree. Maybe also some creatures can climb to make it not the perfect alternative to not fighting like swimming.
  25. I was thinking since the linden tree seems to be the one tree that makes the best line tree. If we could make it so that it always plants itself in the center of the tile? This would help keep it off buildings and make it line up nicely for roads and paths. I would of coarse like to see an option to plant any tree or shrub where we wanted to on a tile but i think giving this one tree the center every time would be a huge help for making regal looking roads and paths that line up nicely.