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  1. I could see this coming handy if I were to build an inn. Let people use some chests in their rooms that other guests can't steal from, but if they leave stuff behind I can take it out to make room in the chest and try to contact the owner. Or at self-serve animal shops, customer can put the lock and key back in the deposit box. If they made a copy, the seller should already get a message saying they don't have all the keys to that lock when they attach it. Might be useful at impalongs too? Sadly haven't been able to go to one ever so idk. Why not? +1 I'm not sure about the name though, I think "safety chest" or similar would be better suited; "deposit box" implies that you can't get that stuff back (not through the deposit box anyway). Somebody with more vocabulary than me could probably come up with a better term.
  2. I only have 64-bit java installed. java -version java version "1.8.0_211" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_211-b12) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.211-b12, mixed mode) The only thing I've been able to reproduce is when the window loses focus while I have a key down, it stays down until I press and release again while it's in focus. When you accidentally press a modifier key without noticing and click on another window it essentially prevents you from using the "bare" keybinds. I don't think that's what happened at the time though, I'm pretty sure I went through all the modifiers. That doesn't explain the sub-menus anyway so I'll keep playing and post the logs if/when it happens again.
  3. Since last update, I've had trouble with clients becoming unresponsive at random times, ranging from right click sub-menus not appearing (i.e. right click->emotes then the next menu doesn't appear) to the game not registering any key presses, to not responding to anything except the minimize/maximize/close buttons on top. I play with 2 toons most of the time, I'll spend a few minutes concentrating on one screen then come back and it's unresponsive. I just realized logs get erased when the client starts, I'll try to upload it the next time it happens.
  4. -1 The people of chaos don't want occasional PvP players. The way your idea works, you need new gear on chaos. What kingdom wants to give away tons of gear and train people who won't stick around? Unless you plan to get the resources and make everything there, in which case it would be faster to just sail over there, especially now that we can plot course. In my experience, if you're not 100% commited when you go to chaos, you're gonna have a bad time.
  5. I'd be more in favor of a few "magic" actions i.e. make "gather" also cut down non-fruit trees, chop up logs, mine straight, dig etc. In the meantime, what you could do is write a few different text files containing the various binds you wish to use for different activities. For example, you could have one for farming, and one for woodcutting. farming.txt: bind r harvest bind f farm bind v sow woodcutting.txt: bind r cut_down bind f chop_up bind v pick_sprout save them to (wurmroot)/configs/default/something.txt (on windows wurm root would be C:\Users\Your_username\.wurm) and type "exec farming.txt" in the F1 console before you go woodcutting. You can even take it to the next level and 'bind y "exec woodcutting.txt" '. that's assuming "exec" is available on Wurm Unlimited. Edit for some useful info: "dump binds" will output all your binds preceded by "bind", so you can copy the output of that command in a file like 'default_binds.txt' and run this to get all your 'regular' binds back. You can also call exec from these files, that would allow you to have "nested" binds. Just be careful not to accidentally cause a recursive loop.
  6. Gratz! Can't wait to see what you pick!
  7. +1 for a good QoL suggestion that isn't asking for the moon. How about under the hand icon, might as well that to the right slot too, I never understood why the "add hand" button was only on one side. Symmetry FTW!
  8. I wouldn't mind if based on type only. I.e beds give as much SB as they do now, canopy beds give slightly more and perhaps introduce bedrolls that are very easy to make with few components for slightly less SB.
  9. Why would they get banned? Unless they're macroing, but I didn't imply that. Yes they do. Foreign countries aren't magical item sinks that endlessly pay for whatever you want to sell them. Supply and demand works no matter how big or small the economy is. If someone buys materials from you, it means they've either bought silver or sold other items/services before. Somewhere down the line, someone had to buy silver before you could try to earn it, don't take them for granted. ("You" the reader, not just Tamat) Keeping the game fair has nothing to do with the economy. An update that would reduce the time and effort to reach the same levels other people have already achieved by half would be everything but fair. Also, the economy isn't dead, there are plenty of people selling and buying high end items and services. The materials market is saturated, and making it that much easier to reach high levels would destroy the rest of the economy. Why pay others when you can do everything yourself?
  10. I'm sorry but I hope none of that comes true. Tbh if anyone is able to efficiently use 5 toons at the same time without macroing, let them. Wurm is a free market, always has been. That means there is no "standard" price is for bricks or any other item. Just like IRL, when the supply is higher than the demand, sellers drop their prices because they want you to buy from them rather than their competitors. And new players get a referral, that can get them a small deed and a few months of upkeep. I've never been on a unique hunt. I don't think it would be fair for me to get any of the loot just for being logged in at the right time. It could be based on participation like rifts though. Just no.
  11. Haha you're making me look much wiser than I am ;). It's true that I've got a much cooler head and all but the real reason is that was supposed to be a part of my reply on But it got so long I figured it deserved it's own thread. I had no intention of sharing this experience when it happened and I'm not trying to "fix" my view of Chaos now. What's done is done. My intention with this thread was to make Chaos recruiters take a step back and ask themselves if they're guilty of such practices. Anybody could fall into this trap, and I'm sure there was no malice behind what happened to me. And the kingdom will remain nameless, I'm not trying to stir ######.
  12. For the guys on Chaos that want more players, here's what happened to me when I went and why I won't ever be going back: I went there with a young priest toon (~30 fighting), to test the waters, and I'm glad I didn't send my main. I joined a kingdom on their forum first and told them in the application that I was going to be bringing a priest, that I was not ready for combat, and that even if I were to bring my main later down the line I wanted to have a more supporting role (supplying the kingdom with weapons, armor, building supplies, etc.) I wasn't interested in PvP, but I liked the idea of a server where players had more control. My application was accepted, so I dropped myself off on chaos, got a /vinvite and was told to teleport there, so I did. I spawned on war-deed on the front line and told to build myself a house, obviously, I couldn't. I understand that new recruits don't get to live in the capital but to be sent there without a warning, I felt tricked and trapped. Nobody offered any help, it felt like me staying here was so important to them that what I wanted didn't matter. So after 2 evenings of doing absolutely nothing, I started walking towards the coast. I didn't make it far, got attacked by a troll, respawned and got the hell out of there, without my things. I might have just been unlucky. That was a few years ago, so things might have changed. I'm not trying to tarnish the server's or kingdom's reputation but ffs, if you can't or won't accommodate the needs of potential recruits, just tell them. Maybe you can work something out, maybe not. Luring players to the opposite of what they signed up for is sketchy as hell and I can't imagine a scenario where this works out for anyone. My tip: If you want to keep players, don't be sketchy.