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  1. They can't be cut down with a saw like regular trees.
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    Still doing business. Check out our new search feature!
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    We're still open!
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    I think I know what you mean, it feels like there's not enough room to expand anything... I'll test a couple of things, maybe expand the first one if you scroll down all the way while they're all collapsed? Thanks for the feedback, and yes, of course, suggestions are welcome.
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    Wurm shopping made easy Open So, we've been selling online for a while and now that most of the features I wanted on the website are implemented, I figured it's time to hit the forums. You would think it would have been easier the other way around -- probably. Anyway, for those who don't know us yet, we sell a lot of stuff, and we sell it cheap. You can find a non-exclusive list of what we sell here (or click the image on top). We're humans, we forget to add things to the list, so if you don't find an item you're looking for, don't be afraid to ask. Imping We do imps too. What about the price? I think it's pretty cheap. You can figure it out yourself anyway thanks to our pretty little calculator available here: According to our policy (see about us page), we will imp anything we sold for half the price up to the QL advertised on our website. Enchants For now we can't always accept custom enchant orders. When we do, we make the item ourselves so if it shatters we can always make a new one, and it can take some time. If you need your own item enchanted (e.g. a rare), we're not the right people for the job at the moment. Why this thread? 1. Reputation. It's hard to build it when everything is is under your control. We've been told many times that we needed a guestbook, but IMO that wouldn't be very trustworthy, I could write anything I want myself, so if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, ideas, etc. this is the place. 2. You'll have a way to find us if you forget our URL or if you're simply not online when we post in the trade chat.
  10. 2 Could you explain how cross-server trade is not feasable? I see plenty of people advertising stuff and then not wanting to sell to a different server, and I don't understand why, the cross-server mailing fees have been reduced to match same-server fee years ago (not sure when exactly, but long enough...), and with the new "Plot Course" feature, going anywhere except Xanadu isn't a big deal at all. And just like irl, people can make a living out of delivering stuff for other people. That being said I'm with you on most of the other stuff you said. Although I did not find words in your post that explicitely describe how the delivery process would work with your auction house, I get the feeling that you're talking about items teleporting, just like in a mailbox. I think that would be very bad and unrealistic. I also think your suggestions involves too much hand-holding by the game, and that kinda goes against your 2nd point: "Be Player Driven - not Player Dependent", so I'd like to propose this concept: With that system, the mail system we have now would still be relevant, and there would be a way to trade bulk stuff even if both parties are not online at the same time. I think that would boost the economy, people wouldn't have to stare at/spam at the trade chat all day to sell their bulk stuff (IMO more people would consider buying and selling bulk), players who have less time to play would be less disadvantaged, and no magic delivery. Also, new players could enter the market sooner because they could sell dirt/bricks/whatever more easily before getting a suitable boat. That post turned out to be a lot longer than I expected...
  11. Southwind Port church Celebration T-13/T-14 Inspired by what churches look like where I live. Pretty simple, it's a shame we're not enough people to hold sermons. (sorry about the blue outlines...)
  12. Please send vinegar and gravy to Kijani