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Found 19 results

  1. It would be good if the weather got updated with some nice effects. Rain - When it rains, you can see the rain and it lasts for quite a while. With the sky bringing in Dark Clouds and even lightning maybe. Fog - When it is foggy, how about some different kinds of fog. Thick fog, thin fog but also fog that moves across the ground like a fog machine kind of effect. (Maybe Wurm might not be able to handle doing that) Snow - Light snow falling. Make it a bit more noticeable. Summer - How about making dirt tiles have cracks in them? (Not like packed dirt though) Spring - How about having some bees/dragonflies flying around some trees or flowers. (They would not hurt you mind) Kind of like the butterflies now. Oh and also maybe even some petals from fruit trees could fall down randomly from the trees. I've seen the trees have leaves fall from them so some petals would be good too. Autumn - A few leaves blowing in the wind might be nice around alot of trees. Also leaves on the tiles, on the ground would be nice as well. Though, if you want to be super detailed, you could just have them within like 1 tile around a tree. Winter - Ice Crystals appear in caves which could be another source of snow/chill for a larder - Oh! Snow could also build up around the lower part of a building as well. Also snow on Roofs! like a dusting. Oh and fountains outside could freeze in place. You would still be able to drink the water inside it though (Just an effect)
  2. Although not medieval, but meh. Simply put, the weather is decided by some algorithmic RNG model making gradual changes to the weather over time. The suggestion is to delay the actual weather 8-10 hours, and letting the RNG roll be the basis of a weather forecast of the weather we will experience 8-10 hours from now. A command like /forecast will give us the desired info. However, to spice things up, the /forecast will only give an accurate weather prediction 50% of the time, will give moderately incorrect weather prediction 30% of the time, and wildly incorrect 20% of the time. Edit: a spell has been suggested, that could work too. Non-priest could then ask in Freedom chat to hear if someone knows what the weather forecast is for today.
  3. Thius is a request to send prayers south to all the people whos lives have been affected by the hurricanes stampeding through the south.. I know I alone have 5 Wurm friends who I have not heard from who are in the path of these devastating weather patterns and want to just say we are here for you and I will do whatever I can up here in Canada to ease your burdens.. with prayers and donations and what have you.. in your time of need please reach out as we hear you.. and please be somewhere safe tonight when the hurricanes touch done in the states where my friends are from and my prayers go out to the recovery of other places that have already been hit.. this is serious stuff people.. and I wish I could do more.. "10", "BS" , "RG", "M" I luv ya all and godspeed..
  4. This is something that I've been wishing for years, and I don't think has been updated once (other than adding lightning) in the over 10 years I've played. A good weather system with storms and rain are one of my favorite things in a game. But as of right now, the only clue that it's raining are the occasional drops around you, there are hardly any clouds around, the sky doesn't get dark, puddles don't form on the ground, things don't look wet. I and many others would be incredibly grateful if the Dev team could give the weather system some much needed love. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  5. so i was thinking of a new way to find snow, climbing a huge moutain or going to a norther or souther island were its always cold and snowy in part. just a though
  6. I do not know if this has not already been posted or are already features of the game. I thought it would be nice if it were as real to the birds flying in different heights depending on what will be going for the weather, for example, when the weather will be bad so they fly right low and vice versa when the weather is nice.
  7. In light of recent news regarding Oracle, it occurs to me something ingame would be nice. In memorial I recommend the addition of fog spiders. Now this could range from a whole new critter: a water-based spider much like the opposite of the lava spiders. Even give them the same terrifying radar, speed, flat profile, and damage as the original spiders had. Or just more spiders spawning when the fog picks up. Perhaps even some event message in heart-attack orange (the old event warning about being attacked). GMs would abuse this constantly back then.
  8. There is a bug with wind it says in the mouse over tooltip in the sound settings that wind is part of the weather sounds as shown in the screenshot below but if you turn it off the wind still makes noise. I don't mind the wind if there was a way to adjust its volume but there is no way to do that and with this bug it does not stop the wind when you turn the weather sounds off.
  9. Surfing

    Saw hatchet on log = surf board. Don't even need wave animations and visuals; though, that would be awesome. Just a good gale. Body and Mind stats could impact one's success. Also a little Surfaris just because they are traditional, and I have fond memories of my father drumming Wipe Out with his hands: >
  10. Most games have a toggle to disable weather. As in, all of it. Two things are the most egregious when it comes to visual eye strain that I have seen. Fog, and snow. The whiteness washes out and causes severe eye strain. I can't look at it for more than a few minutes before it gives me a pounding headache. Thus, any time there is fog, or if the sun is reflecting off the snow (even with reflections and the like turned off...), no matter what I'm doing, I have to either log off, or do something else such as browse the forum until it passes. And to make it worse, the world is all one 'layer', so it's even in buildings! The really crappy part is I usually wait until 'first light' so I can see better, and fog seems to be becoming more and more frequent. Then, when there is snow out, it's only a short time before it's so bright I can't see. Just a simple toggle to remove ALL weather related effects would be awesome. One checkbox, and BAM! All weather gone. Snow, fog, rain, etc. For the snow, I don't care about removing the actual snow per-se just the 'brightness' that goes along with it. And adjusting my monitor does not help. It just makes everything ELSE darker, and thus harder to see, thus incurring even MORE eye strain. So if this is possible to program in a relatively short amount of time, it would be most appreciated I'm sure by many people as a quality of life improvement. After all, we want to be PLAYING the game, not be forced to do other things when we want to play just to get around something so silly as the weather. Thanks for your time and consideration. Addendum: Just as I finished typing this, I noticed that I had 'action timer' lag, whereas just a few minutes ago I had none. I hadn't even moved. Then I noticed... raindrops... pouring through my roof. Rain = action timer lag?!? Addendum 2: Just as a clarification this is a suggestion thread TO the Devs. This isn't a request for a quorum, or a committee hearing on the subject. I know people don't like to hear that their individual contrary opinion isn't wanted, but.. .it isn't. If you like the idea, or have ways to contribute, by all means, let's hear it. If you hate the idea, great, I don't care. You don't need to -1 the thing like I give a rip that you don't like it. It's a suggestion for an individual CLIENT side setting that affects no one but the individual viewer. Thus, there is no reason to -1 something that your opinion is not being asked on, and which affects you not at all. Not trying to be rude here, just trying to clarify. Thanks.
  11. Before you say it is too complicated, we already have Red and Blue grapes North vs South on a server. I'm in North America, so further North would seem more prone to snows and long winters. South less to no winter weather? Wind patterns isolated to regions, rather than one wind for an entire server. Elevations: Higher is colder. Crops: Different crops and trees/shrubs at different elevations. Animals: Already have some of it going, generally crabs & seals are closer to water. Could do more. It just seems odd to me that I find the same stuff, regardless of where I live.
  12. The wind sounds are not being controlled by the weather settings in sound. I live on a mountain and when i shut off the weather sounds in the settings it does not stop the wind noise and the wind never stops blowing on a mountain top so i just have to shut sounds off completely. I really like the ambient sounds but just can not take the constant wind noise that should have been shut off when i opted out of hearing the weather.
  13. If you disagree with any of these ideas then just assume it would be a full conversion or different game entirely that code club could develop if they wanted too. So to start off I think it would fun to have threshold skills and what I mean by threshold skills would be a Current skill value that starts at zero and is limited by, a Threshold skill value which would be where your skill increases from, up to... and a Maximum for each specific skill so like a cap say thousand. So when your in a house for example(safe) your loot skill's (a skill that allows you to hold onto some(Current less then thousand) or all of your items(Current equals thousand) on death which is skilled by dieing in battle) Current decreases if above zero to zero. Now your saying what if you purposely die a lot well you could also have like announcements like player1 looted player2 and people would see that player2 keeps dieing so they could try to prevent that because it was announced. This next idea has a lot of ideas tied up into the main idea of the start of the game (can be tweaked) and trys to simply describe the basics. If you enjoy my ideas I can try to get more specific just send me a pm. Another idea would be a newtown that is a castle on the king's island and you are tasked with talking with each tradesman to learn the specific trade sort of to fill in your knowledge(gui) or have the ability to skip but get warned that you wont beable to use the help channel but every so often or risk being attacked or something to promote learning the trades. Then once you've learned all the trades you go to the king and he gives you a small boat that will be located at the docks. Docks would be one of two ways to access an island being the supposed safer way the other being mooring offshore(random position) and risking your boat drifting away or crashing into the rocks after a time depending on weather(if you were an enemy kingdom or kos to this island or don't want to be logged possibly). Now you can travel to a public server or click Search for a new land which would be like trying to find a random pocket universe. By pocket universe I mean players can go to the docks and buy faster and or bigger boats or go to the king and charter a new island for real money. So you would always have an option to leave and return to open water and search again. Basically a pocket server would house npc and players alike at the choosing of the lord(owner). Now there could be like houses for npc families that could grow up to become guards (barracks building) that would provide cheaper or free guards or just craftsman, merchants, wizards etc. This would all be in first person perspective not an rts. So essentially you start off with some of the kings people and you can always request more and you pay them to do jobs but you charge them to live there. There's also a weather wizard tower that can be built that would ofc control the weather pry on a cool down. Fields would need rain or watering. So basically you have your own island which you are lord and may complete missions like send X number of guards to assist the kings campaign etc. The rewards might be cheaper rent prices etc. Also you can choose the public server which is kingdom controlled so there is more frequent raids and events these would be like hubs for what a kingdom controls. You could build a house to live in or you can commission a village from the lord then plant it with your own rules if there's room.
  14. I'm on Release and the thunder sounds really odd. It's kind of like an explosion but with an odd echo. Boom-da-da... with lots of treble and no bass. Surely this is a quick fix and would really enhance the experience. And if still low hanging fruit a little randomness to the thunder would be nice. The same clap sounding repeatedly gets a bit old.
  15. ok, with the introduction of Xanadu, i thought maybe with all the really high mountains, that it would be cool to get some clouds below you with weather when you are up high, or looking out over a landscape, have some clouds rolling thru below you. more eye candy than anything else.
  16. Hello there Wurmians First off, I would like to say that many may frown upon this idea because it may make things a little harder in some situations. Although, hear me out. Weather is one thing about Wurm that really stands out to me, it's randomness with some predictability while looking at the clouds makes it very dynamic and interesting to watch. Although, other then cosmetic value and sailing. Weather does not really affect much else. My idea is pretty much to give weather more of an effect on the player's Avatar. I had a few ideas related to something like this; Anything such as locking 2 hours of sleep bonus while outdoors (During a storm), or a slightly higher chance of contracting a disease while outside in a storm. Anything that will encourage players to seek/build shelter during a storm of some sort. I would not go so far to say that these effects would be instant. Perhaps a specific amount of time outside while it is raining will begin to cause these effects. Any idea that makes weather actually alter the way we play the game, not enough to be a dramatic change, but something that could affect the way Wurmians live their lives. As I said, this is merely an idea I would like to discuss. ADDITIONAL IDEAS: Fur coats to protect from any weather affects. Slower stamina regain during bad weather. Speeds up farm growth slightly. Action induction takes a bit longer in the rain "Thirst" bar slows down decay rate. Feel free to provide more ideas if you have any! Thanks, ~Necrorave
  17. today as i was mining away at a massive rock face a pure bit of genus hit me. The thunder storm around me started to flurry turning a wrathful storm in to a pleasant and peaceful snowfall. I was thinking What if! what if what i was wearing effected my body temperature. Maybe lf i was wearing less armor would i be cooler in the hot sun or, if it was cold would wearing more armor make me warmer allowing me to work longer. some people would probably slander this idea, i don't blame you but personally Wurm has became to easy since i started playing. Adding in weather effects, or altitude effects in to our daily wurmian life's would make the game more enjoyable for me at lest. Examples of what to expect. Rain/Storms: a storm with all its wrath, blowing wind around you, your footing suffers because the sand, dirt, clay are wet, once easy foot paths become dangerous, steep inclines you once where able to pass become fall hazards. Snow/Blizzard: A wall of pure white snow surrounds your village, the cold burrows deep in to your bones. the snow is blinding you can barely see your fence. as you tend to your herd of livestock the snow slows you down as you wade across the fields. ( Dirt, clay, grave, sand, grass, steppe gather snow. can be removed with shovel ) New Gear. Fur Cloak: For the cold, ( includes a hood that can be worn over a helmet allow it to still be visible ) Cloth Cloak: for colder temperatures, like the fall season ( includes a hood that can be worn over a helmet allow it to still be visible ) Leather Cloak: For wear seasons like spring, can also be used in fall. ( includes a hood that can be worn over a helmet allow it to still be visible ) Fur Clothing: Same defense as leather armor only that its make for the cold ( gloves, pants, boots, stole * cloak slot *, Chest, hat. ) Barometer: allows you to gauge the amount of moisture in the air, high skill level will be able to predict changes in the weather. Higher QL equals more accuracy. Thermometer: allows you to gauge the temperature. Higher QL equals more accuracy. Extra effects: Heat. being around a hot forge and wearing allot of clothing will cause you to over heat. counter by drinking more water and removing clothing Cold. being cold will slow down your action timers and wears on your stamina faster. counter by adding warm clothing drinking warm drinks like warm mead or eating warm filling foods. Wet. being wet from swimming in the hot temperature will cool you down, or give you a chance at hypothermia if its very cold outside. counter by using cotton cloth/rags to dry off with, or wear water resistant clothing like leather, metals extra. This concludes my idea, if you see things you would want to add please do so. and remember! WURM! is not an easy world!
  18. Well now that i have my ambient sounds back i have turned on my sounds again (had them all off before the fire change) Now that i have sounds again i have noticed that i can still hear wind even though i have weather sounds turned off.
  19. Thunder

    A couple days ago thunder sounded great. It was varied, didn't always sound the exact same, rumbled, sounded realistic. My wife and her friend who never play games even said it sounded so real they thought I was watching a movie. Now it's just plain lame. Two sounds that sound like a cannon firing and it's exactly the same every time. Why did it get changed???? I'm on unstable. Please return thunder to the way it was a couple days ago.