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  1. Goodbye

    Video games are just like any other hobby, would people think you to old to play cards, watch TV, read? I don't understand the stigma against video games and how old you should be to play or stop playing them. I am 51 years young and I love playing. Its cheaper than going to the movies or out to dinner and its more social than watching TV. I hope this doesn't come across as having a go at you, I really am not. I hate that you feel like your too old to do anything. I wish you the best in whatever you decided to do Indigoe
  2. We need more public slayings just so we can see Lovelie's drawings!
  3. Whispering Meadows is actually here #2456,2184 (just over to the east a bit) Lame Horse Shipyard - #2523,2101 Lame Horse Express Lane - #2964,2056 Guard Tower : #2470,2152 named Whispering Meadows L19 Indigoe 34 New Highway Start #2548,2049 east to #2570,2050, north to #2570,2047, east to #2576,2047, south to #2576,2056, east to #2581,2056 Tunnel: Lame Horse Expressway Start #2581,2056 east to #3070,2056 Highway: #2961,2056 east to connect at #3069,2056 Disbanded Deeds (part of our alliance) Dwarves Inc - #2524,1982 Underwood - #2628,2233 Shalom - #2146,1606 Ellesburg - #3055,2328 Thank you - Indigoe
  4. Found it! Thank you so much Lovelie Close please.
  5. Looking for this treasure. If I could find Moonvale then I could figure it out from there, sorry not from this server so not sure where things used to be
  6. Very kind of you, I would love a plague mask if any left Send to Xainthe please.
  7. I found the game through@Drogos He popped into a Sims 4 stream I was watching and was talking to the streamer about Wurm Online, which they played here and there together. It sounded just like what I had been looking for in a game for years and years. So I looked into it. It really is the game I have been wanting to play all my gaming life, over 30 years. I too wish I had of found it sooner. I was playing World of Warcraft and Sims 4. Love the fantasy and style of WoW (nothing modern) and the building/decorating that came with Sims. Now I have the best of both worlds! - Indigoe
  8. Nothing was taken by force, no one was pressured into anything. The horse was branded and belonged to me.
  9. Recently I had my horse "stolen" for want of a better word, even though technically it wasn't stolen cause that is impossible to do on Freedom. The horse was taken and then purposely killed to try and get the gear that was on it. I wont go into the details of how this was done because I don't want anyone else with malicious intent to get any ideas. I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Tristankh, Tarissa and the rest of the team involved for going above and beyond to help me find my horse. R.I.P No other game I have played has ever gone to the trouble and effort (and it was a massive effort) to help me with a problem before. I truly appreciate you all. Call me a brown nose, @#$ kisser what ever you want. I don't care. I just feel like we are so quick to complain about things but hardly ever say thank you. So thank you, thank you all. You all are amazing! Indigoe
  10. Being that decorating in game is my favorite thing to do, I am so on board with this idea. But rather than seeing balloons , streamers and such I would love it to be more in theme with the games time period/style. Maybe do wall and table wreaths, garlands, a festive banquet table, pennants and banners (like you mentioned). Garlands: one for the fireplace there is a slot to place things there already, one for around doors and windows and one for tables Wreaths: Wall wreaths and table wreaths in a few different styles, like winter, fall, spring The pennants could be dye able something like this We already have a banquet table in game that comes out at Christmas, why cant we create those or something very similar for banquets/parties/festivals? We could use the gardening skill to make the wreaths and garlands and the papyrus or cloth tailoring skill to make the banners. Make use of all those lavender and rose flowers we have
  11. Thank you Anna and FUNK for a fun day out
  12. Hello all my fellow breeders! I am after a very specific horse. It has to be White and it has to have at least 4 speed traits and the DRAFT trait Strong Legs. If you have one of these in your stock I would love to give it a new home PM Indigoe in game or leave a message here.