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  1. Forges - New Types

    Sorry, didn't feel like search-fu'ing But would an update on forges/ovens with the new wall types be feasible? I.e. rounded stone, slate, pottery brick, etc.? I can see where marble might be weird but I'd fit someone's deisgn. Personally I'd like to see a rounded stone forge seem to be a part of the room wall, as if it were built into it (or, hey, new walls with built in forges/ovens)
  2. New roof shapes and types

    Also: An option to build a roof w/ceiling I think roof types (in terms of structure) would have be set under Manage Building to determine the shape set being used.
  3. Cosmetics

    It feels like heading into The Sims field of over-customization
  4. Selling property on deed to players

    I play on Wurm Unlimited, but I rent 'shoppes' to other players in my small deed market area. I send them a papyrus letter with their rent, bldg name, and month, and send it as C.O.D. for their rent costs.
  5. Books

    Few threads down from this:
  6. Revisiting Alchemy

    I've been thinking about other spells or enchants I'd like to see in Wurm - but that'd also call for new Gods under the Deity system - and rather than introduce a whole NEW sorcery system - why not look to Alchemy? Revisiting the Alchemy system to enchant items - i.e. affinities when worn, or effects like 'glow' to provide luminance at night when an alchemical potion is applied to the item. Potions that can imbue items or players with travel/teleportation - i.e. use a potion give a pair of shoes or ring the ability to recall a player back to their deed or a designated location up to 3x (or if the potion is of high enough QL make it a permanent enchantment to the item) or a potion to teleport a specific item or object (i.e. 'Send this item/object to my deed token.) Offensive potions to 'throw' at targets Slow decay on items - or even speed it up on others. Just an idea. I'm curious to know what other think or suggestions they have.
  7. Book Making

    Put a similar idea out there back in February, but I'm still totally onboard with this idea. It'd be nice to see not only written books, but also maybe people could write 'skill' books that give boosts or temp affinities that longer than food affinities. And, of course, spells...
  8. Fanart Competition - Tapestries!

    Fret on the Loch
  9. Valrei International. 021

    With the highway system - does this mean carts and wagons with animals hitched can be set to travel a route along the highways?
  10. Valrei International 013

    That unicorn must have been on a United flight...
  11. Valrei International. 011

    So, since Wurm is a bit whimsical and fancy... Can we make pathways dyeable? At least if there's a pottery brick option
  12. New Wall Types

    Glad to see some of these coming on to the test server
  13. New Wall Types

    Thank you for adding it - the only suggestion I'd make it was switching it from stone brick to pottery brick.
  14. New Wall Types

    Also throwing out there - pottery brick wall (i.e. bricks & dirt.) See:
  15. New Wall Types

    I'd like to see marble brick or slab walls. But +1 this thread too