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Found 60 results

  1. Give us this type of roofs 👉👈😏 (Ofc I meant this shape, cause ((almost)) every roof in wurm looks bad, because you can only make this /\ )
  2. Half tile floors would bring alot of new ideas to house designs with new floor model. Cut version of original floors. Example 3 different versions where red is cut away part: Half tile, usefull to put around hall "second floor" and store barrels example. Half tile thats in the middle. And of course corner piece to complete the half tiles. All these could have extra versions with some fence too so people dont hurt their legs. Now imagine this hall with those half floors around with barrels all around. And how many great ideas others would find out with them! So long and thanks for all the fish. -Ame
  3. Note: Winners have been chosen! The list of winners can be found in the Valrei International linked below: Have you made countless amounts of furnishings and decorations? Spent tons of time dyeing things, arranging them just right, and filling your home and buildings with life and coziness? Creatives and designers everywhere, now is your time to shine! All of those hours spent building, decorating, and getting things just right are about to pay off... and I mean that in the most literal sense! I am thrilled to announce our Creative Design Competition! This one will have four themed categories. Try your hand at one or all! This competition will involve a real cash prize for first, second, and third place winners in each category. (In countries that are not allowed to participate in cash prizes, the prize will be the equivalent amount in in-game silvers.) We will be looking for places that are full of life with attention to detail, and lots of creativity! The Categories Combat and Defense Theme Focuses on defense or battles Forts, camps, battle scenes, etc Cozy Ranches and Farms Focusing on the raising of animals and/or crops. Stables, farmhouses, pastures and crop fields, etc Place of Business Focused on places that accept coin for goods or services Inns, shops, ports, taverns, anywhere that accepts coins! Wacky and Wild! Over the top! The weirder the better! Insane decorations or structures, extreme colors and designs. Rules Build or decorate something in Wurm Online that fits in the above categories. Be creative, fill it with life, and most importantly, have fun! Please keep it family friendly. Nothing suggestive or adult themed in any way. One entry per category per person. Winners can only win in one category to give everyone a fair shot. Post your screenshots in the separate Submissions thread, linked below (please keep any additional category entries to a single post so we can keep them organized! And don't forget to specify which category each submitted image belongs to) Repurposing older structures is okay, but creations specifically made for the contest are very much encouraged! Contest ends on July 10th at 00:00 server time, CEST. Winners will be chosen by the Wurm Online development team. The Prizes (One for each category) First Place: 125e Second Place: 75e Third Place: 50e Countries that can participate for real cash prizes are below! If you win and do not live in one of these countries, the prize will be the equivalent amount in silvers. This opportunity to provide real cash prizes to our lovely creatives is powered by G-Loot. See G-Loot's terms and conditions here.
  4. Looking for any work making bulk, your material or my material. Your material= 75c=1k (generally) My material= 1s=1k (generally) See exact prices below. I can travel to you for work, I can deliver coastal Any orders with my material is made to order, expect wait time for production. Notes: Fairly new player, lower skill levels yield lower ql items. I am working to pay for my premium time via in game Silver. My mats: Your mats: Bricks 1k = 2s Bricks 1k = 1s Planks 1k = 1s Planks 1k = 75c Hull Planks 1k=1s Hull Planks 1k=75c Tenons 1k = 1s Tenons 1k = 75c Pegs 1k = 1s Pegs 1k = 75c Mortar 1k = 2.5s Mortar 1k = 1.5s Brick+mortar 1k=4s Brick+Mortar 1k=2.5s Pottery Brick 1k=3.5s Pottery Brick 1k=1.5s 10c per large crate to keep, 4s for full knarr of crates. If you have other bulk mats you want made contact me and I will see if it is within my skill to produce and what the price per 1k would be. skill dump available here:
  5. I know like me longtime players are tired of building house after house and would like to have more to use their building skills on ..Building structures that would make use of building and crafting both would be a highly embraced IMO. Things like Saw Mills for crafting wooden planks or wood beams from logs, or Grain Mills for our crops. Could be large alliance projects even. Wind , Water powered by streams or ocean .it would require crafting and building could have parts to be repaired etc. Large grain silos would be nice to store large qty of corn, seeds other grains etc. I could see some needing a water tower , I have ran out of water from my well while working on dyes many times ..they would also at a nice feel to villages, even putting deeds name on them as an option. We could mine coal and have coal or wood powered train system that players could build from stations that would work like wagoners but could be used by players to travel and livestock and large items to be moved. Also a lot of times players move from one deed to a new one , many complain it takes forever to move all their items with a wagon making many long trips back and forth .why not allow for wagons to be connected to make hauling a bit easier ..just a couple wagons hitched together would be useful for moving , logging and im sure other times. Contraption for making glass items would be a fun craft, windows and vases and dishes could be added like pottery skill. And last my personal item that i think would be fun is a new skill in barbering . we have the tools for most part with scissors and dyes, a few more added items like chairs and shears and shave cream etc idk if that is ever gonna be possible but it would be a fun skill to try to add into game (Not holding my breathe for it ). Just game is getting stale with nothing new to build or do ..Please help
  6. Ok, so here's a very interesting idea. Wurm atm can only build on flat tiles, but how about we create foundation pillars that can create a surface to build on. The pillars will be created to your desired height (maybe some presets), you then add adjacent ones that will go to the same height. Now these will create a flat surface on the top to start adding floors. These foundation pillars will work like bridge supports where it calculates materials based on height etc. Now for getting up onto the building, you can maybe start using a ground floor building that connects to the pillars. Heck, what if you started by using a building and expand by using a new floor type with pillars that work in the same way as bridges. So you just make your first floor without pillars on a flat surface then add adjacent ones. The hardest part will planning it out. Do you have to create new tools? UI? Maybe use a surveying tool that you place on the first tile and then add in the direction you want? Just throwing this out there, would be a lot of work but will most likely revolutionise how we build buildings Cheers
  7. I have a highway going down the length of a bridge and a structure running perpendicular to the bridge. On the West wall of this sturcture I could build windows, on the East side I could not. Idunn unplanted the catseye on teh East side to allow me to build the window, then replanted. She wanted me to post this as a bug She also stated, once she replanted the catsye that the highway system should go green again in a few minutes. It still hasnt hours later, that leg of the highway remains under construction. I even replaced a waystone with a catseye, then the catseye with the waystone again, didnt help.
  8. Hi, title says most of it Build near an highway, the walls where no problem. After finishing the house, i wanted to add flooring. But it says [11:34:32] You are not allowed to add ground flooring to a highway. Heres a screenshot: Is it possible to build the flooring by any means? Or to prevent building in the first place? Edit; found an typo... PS.: English aint my main languange, so please dont blame me if there are more
  9. Ho there im looking for a job/project to be part of.will do mining,digging,brick and mortar making,plank/shingles making and will make basic nails,ribbons or support me ingame,discord or on the forums if you think i could be of any service.have a good day further.
  10. (at the end of this first post, is a list of mobs that do not respect and may pass through locked doors, building walls, or locked or unlocked fences underground) Ok, I put my dog inside a building (building name: South Three Interchange) underground on 12 Nov 2016, around 2am-ish EST on my deed Cornersville on Independence. The building has 3 locked doors and is a 2x2 underground. Once I released the dog (branded to my deed, Cornersville, Aged dog 'C0r f f2016111') I untamed it. I later found the dog wandering the mines outside that building. So I had to run go do other thing, when I came back, that same dog had wandered out of the area I had spotted it in and then thru another building I have underground (building name: Cornersville Long House, which has 4 doors on it, all locked), and it had wandered off deed. No way for it to get off deed underground, in that area, unless it passed thru a building with locked doors. THE PROBLEM: The problem is, my dog is walking out of a building underground. As far as I know in wurm, such an animal as a dog, should not be able to just walk out of a building that only has doors as access? right? Plus, the doors all have locks on them, with permissions set. Forums was down that day, so I submitted an in game ticket (#54917 12/Nov/2016 08:55). CM Moogien responded and stated that there may have been a forum post on this bug before, but wasn't certain. Dogs are not supposed to be able to just walk out of a building that only has doors on it for access. CM Moogian suggested that I submit a forum post, this topic, as soon as forums was back online. That is the reason for this post. Work around: My dog is not lost. I have my dog. I put it in a top side (above ground) fenced in area w/ gates. This dog appears to have no problems obeying the 'do not go thru gates game rule' above ground. Please fix this, so that I can release and rest assured my animals will not wander out of closed buildings underground. Thank you for your time :-) TeeeBOMB PS: I did look, but did not find any other post on this forum area 'Server Bugs'. So I am opening a new thread. If someone else finds such a post, sorry I missed it. LISTED: These animals will/may pass through locked doors, building walls, or locked/unlocked fence gates underground (pre Jun 1, 2017 testing): dogs, branded (Alectrys, Teeebomb) wolves, not branded (Teeebomb) champion wolf (JakeRivers) champion goblin, not branded (Teeebomb) champion wild cat (Uisge_Beatha) brown bear, not branded (Teeebomb) trolls, not branded (Zigozag) < my 2 test trolls in buildings, have not escaped in almost 2 weeks now escaping animals after June 1, 2017: Dogs & wolves & champion wolf escape from underground fences/gates brown bear escaped from underground fenced in area w/ a gate ven troll entered locked building door undergound, 18Jan2018
  11. Im sure these has been brought up at least once but think they would be good ideas for crafting. A full wooden wall takes 20 of planks to make, why does an arch also take the same amount? More than 3/4 of the facing is open. Same goes for windows, and other wall types and material types. I would also like to see corner pillars, so I can do things like overhangs. Overhangs were in the game once (withought support and taken away.) Make a new wall type Corner pillar, of every mat type,,,and no, not 20 planks/bricks either per as its not a full wall face. This would allow the support needed for overhangs, and allow them again. Also how about the ability to take a wall, and turn it into a window, or an arch,,,there is plenty of material available to simply cut out, no new materials needed to go down the list, ie full wall to window to arch, but yes small amount of materials to start with and arch but go up the list To window , to wall. A Reclamation/Recycle ability - Take ANY item and get some component back out of it, ie if I reclaim/recycle a wooden wall, I get some planks back etc, potentially gettign more as the skill increases of course up to max, as not everything should be reclaimable. And to go along with this, allow the Mayor of a city to reclaim left behind things from players years gone. Either reclaim or simply destroy it even. Im sorry but the more stuff you have laying around on a server inevitably causes lag when your in those areas on the server. Something really needs done with all the extra stuff around.
  12. So i don't know if anyone has made this post before but i really noticed the lack of marble shingles in building. I know we have marble for building walls and fences but why hasn't shingles been added for it. Just really think it would be a nice contrast on slate buildings.
  13. Just a simple suggestion to adding new roofing choices that allow us to place roofing that slants in one or two directions, rather than 4. This would give players a lot more design choices.
  14. as i am dragging in a few new players into wurm, we ran into a small bug, where the player in question was able to plan a 1x1 shack with 2 carpentry ( he didnt try to finalize at that time ). he also added another tile to the shack at 5 carp i asked him to try and finalize, he wasnt able to but the fact he could plan it is somewhat off. had this posted in CA help and it was suggested i report it here. as this was not my own character i do not have any screenshots. still worthy of a report.. greetings Dredbanger
  15. I wisht there was a way to examine a building as you do a boat and find out the owner
  16. This idea came from spitballing with a couple of others in the Discord. Essentially using the deed planning mechanics, you manually plan a building on a piece of paper, say "3 tiles north, 3 tiles east, 3 tiles west, 3 tiles south" (can also include a way to show how many tiles you can plan in relation to skill "you can plan 60 tiles") then you finish the schematic, use it on a mallet or trowel, then plan the building, you being in the center like a deed token. Then you can go around adding internal walls where you want, cutting down time spent adding each tile (and finding out you cant make the building) Confirm build and tada
  17. Simple and useful, just a place to hitch animals like we already do on carts, but they'll be facing the object instead of facing away from it. I suggest 2 designs: a simple pole for just one or two horses, and a wide one for several animals Like this example 'Cause fenced areas may not be what you wanted your deed to look like, and you can also put those in front of buildings to make like taverns Please support the idea to make this happen
  18. ~!Highthborne~Of the Seven Graces " Sea struck isles guarded by emerald green forests. Snow capped mountains intertwine with the landscape adorning rugged hills. A perfect hide-away for a recluse, or perhaps, a pirate fresh from Anthion. What hides in these coves, vistas, lakes and grotto's? " ~!Highthborne oTSG Lore Website ~|~ Donate! ~|~ Server listing 24/7 Dedicated Server. Phenom II x4 955 BE / 16GB ram / Fresh SSD PVE Lands: Highthborne PVP Lands: Anthion Original story and lore based on asian architecture, featuring over 500 miles of hand laid marble path. Travel to each of the Seven Graces of Highthborne! Collect each of the six keys to gain access through the six replica gatehouses and to the Seventh Grace! Become a friar and travel the dangerous path, find treasure or a place you can't live without. Become a Pathfinder or one of the other empire jobs, for easy coin, or whatever you desire! Even be a Pirate in the Eastern isle's of Anthion! 25 Mine Hits = fast tunnels and mines w/ enough rocks, 100% skill and action timer boost ~ 3hr Crop cycle ~~ NO FOG SPIDERS!!! Mod Support! Mods: DisableFogSpider, nofogspider, BetterDigging, FishingIgnoresRange, TreasureChestClaim, Movetocenter, Upkeepcosts, Taxconfig, servertweaks (Dupe Auth fix), Timer fix, ServerPlayerCounter, WurmMods(Bounty, Bulk, Prospect, Salve, Sacrifice), Guards fix, HOTS Fix, MoreCraftables, Libilia Fix, Skillgaincontrol, MoonMetalminingmod, HitchingPost, ClayNShard4concretemod, Modloader Mods (Bulktransport, Spellmod, InbreedWarning, HarvestHelper, Cropmod, Creatureage, Bagofholding, Announcer), Bettercombatlog. Admin support (Player Named Roads/Vistas, Public Markets/Mine w/ Moon metals, User requests, Empire funded jobs, Purchasable plots, terrain modification (removal of bad tiles)) Empire Jobs: Keeper of the Flame (Fill and maintain the Oil lamps on the path), Pathfinders (Keep the path clean of mobs and help merchants/path-goers), Traveling merchant (Source and barter wares to weary travelers), Shrine/Temple/Inn Keepers (Maintain the various smaller shrines or temples, or create your own! (with permission)) and many more empire-funded jobs such as fishermen, smiths, woodworkers, boat builders, etc. The pay is in Copper or Silver and it can be per day, per week or biweekly. Up to 10 Silver can be earned per week. Average plots of land or prebuilt structures will cost in this range. Larger plots, more complex requests, individualized requests, or things that cannot normally be done by the player will cost much more. (For example, an extension of a mountain path to accompany the building of a temple would be 50-100s; By extension I mean a literal extension off the edge of a mountain). Custom Map (2048x2048): Highthborne (Northeast Coast Starting Point, Public Markets, Public Mine w/ "moon metals" | 6.4k creatures - 17% agg) & to Highthborne's Eastern Border lies Custom Map (? x ?): Anthion! ~ (Map ETA Jan 24th ~ Custom Hardcore Survival/Roleplay PVP Map ~ PMK Only ~ 30k Creatures, 74% Aggmobs w/ bountymod) *_Info/Maps/History_* Highthborne/Anthion Lore Website Highthborne Live Path Map ~|~ Biomes Map ~|~ Ore Map Teamspeak3: (~!Highthborne & Anthion TS3) Support this work! Donate! ~!Highthborne oTSG Server Listing Anthion Server Listing Steam Thread Steam Group
  19. So we have the cooking overhaul. It's awesome, I've been spending time lately solely on finding new recipes. I managed to find my weaponsmithing affinity, a channeling one and now looking for other good ones. Also made a pizza for which my villagers love me now. There are talks going about reworking the meditation system. Good idea as well, it needs something done to be more appealing and less punishing. What about overhauling the building system? 1. New materials. First of all, there have been suggestions, ideas, questions and whines about log houses. Why not? Easy, quick way to put up a shed in the middle of nowhere without having to find iron. Especially useful to new players however it would surely need some restrictions otherwise we'd have tons of these around the wilderness. Probably more than there are now. Second of all, I've seen a suggestion about round cobblestone walls somewhere today. Why not add all types of cobblestone? Sure it would need more mortar to stick together but it would sure look nice. Third of all, imagine a nice wall that looks almost like timber framed walls but it's tougher and more like a house wall rather than a barn wall. Basically a concrete wall with rock shards or steel beams inside for strength. Teepees and huts made out of sticks and covered with leaves or hides. Basically would work like tents except they'd be available to be made in the wild. 2. New features, structures, types of walls and constructions. So far I came up with just a few nice ideas such as: - a basement (decreased decay for foodstuffs, speeds up fermentation, it's like a cave right underneath a chosen area with a floor above it and the walls reinforced) - round walls (I believe it would be rather difficult to achieve but imagine if we could finally make round towers on our castles) - shipyard (a building in which you can dig so ships can sail in if the roof is high enough) - grainmill (a wheel in the water (borders right next to a wall need to be at least 30 slopes down) OR a windmill instead of a roof that grinds cereals faster the stronger the wind blows and with both - a huge grindstone inside which you can open, throw some wheat inside and it is ground into flour over time - press house (same idea as the grainmill but it has a huge press inside that can turn strawberries into juice over time) - castle wall (double as thick as a normal wall, can withstand double as much damage but uses 2,4x more resources so instead of 20 bricks for a wall it uses 48) There could be way more adjustments, advancements, new tools, resources, walls, buildings etc etc. For now I just want to leave this idea here for people to discuss.
  20. Hello, welcome to Wurm Depot Now accepting orders for bulk materials. I use two alts plus another guy and his alt, so we get orders finished pretty fast. Free delivery to any coastal areas except chaos, crate exchange or 10c per crate (crates will be free once I can make them myself). During downtime we will work on stockpiling materials to cut down on the waiting time, we understand that when you want to build something you don't want to wait forever for your materials. Price List: Bricks 2s/k Mortar 2s/k Concrete 1s/100 Support Beams 3.5s/100 Slate Slabs 10s/100 Planks 1s/k If there is anything not on the list just let me know. PM Mousepad, Drual, or Rionor in game or post/PM here. Looking forward to supplying all your building needs. Thanks for your consideration.
  21. Created a wagon in my inventory in a house on deed and ofcourse upon creating the unfinished wagon it drops to the ground. I was not allowed to continue building the wagon that I had just made, but once I took the unfinished wagon outside the house I could, so it was the house permissions stopping me because I wasn't allowed to modify the building, even though I was actually trying to continue an unfinished wagon I had just created and not do anything to the house structure at all.
  22. so can you have a house thats on the surface and in the mine below have another house below that house(like sharing footprint or overlapping footprints)? and can you build bridges in mines?
  23. Carts, ships, animals all have a means of identifying an owner, but not buildings. We really should have the building owner visible on examine. Would make it easier for contacting people to discuss/negotiate in land disputes, moving into an area, or whatever.
  24. The following constriction materials are needed. Please message me via forum with pricing requirements if you are able to fulfill part or all of this order. I will arrange transportation, thank you. Stone Bricks: 1k Wooden Beams: 750 Clay: 3k Mixed Grass: 1.5k Sincerely, Soniczap
  25. Just that currently their are 3 types of buildings the resources are in place why not example. Colored Brick file iron lump to make iron powder mix with Acid to make Red or Brown Iron Powder mix this with Mortar/ Clay and Sand to get Red or Brown bricks for red or brown brick buildings Asphalt Shingles = Wood makes Paper + Tar + Sand gives you Asphalt Shingles make the wood floor the color of the wood you are using ? Wood siding = planks and small nails Interior wall improve drywall rock dust or being specific gypsum either way mix with water. Paint wal improve interior or exterior wall Paint. Many ways to make paint common animal fat or olive oil = oil mix with pigments reds to blacks can be made with iron powder and acid rest berries and flowers. So Many things can be done to improve things and allow people to create gets rather old rather fast with limitations people like options. First come up with a standard mode loader and build it into the system 2 info out their how to make modes and 3 put mods in steam workshop to download. no one can find them here and then to download what modloader come on. great base so lets build !