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Found 26 results

  1. As the title says, i see no reason why Marble brazier pillar should not be secureable, or placeable from hand. not only unloadable from cart - which means everyone can come by and load them up if not on deed. Lams and Buoys only light up for 15 tiles, hard to see from afar. Pillars could be a very good light house, show the entrance of canals or tunnels or highways ( 80 tile visible light). We should be able to use them properly, withut haveing to make a house for every pillar to prevent stealing.
  2. I've noticed lately that light sources seem entirely too bright. This was reinforced in my mind at the Christmas impalong at Blackmoor. The main imping building was blooming like a supernova from the light of the forges and the candelabra around its perimeter. This is just my opinion, of course, but forges should give off more of a dark orange glow that a bright yellow light, and candles, while bright at the flame, really shouldn't cast an extended area of illumination. I've also noticed this in caves and mines, where light sources seem to illuminate areas far too completely. Just my two cents.
  3. Hello I would like to buy a Hota statue with white light, so please pm me and thell me what kind of hota do you have and her price. Thank you.
  4. It is extremely dark inside my house in the day time. I actually look forward to night, so all my lamps turn on. Either crank up ambient light inside buildings during the day, or give us an option to choose what lights we wish to have on at all times? Wasn't sure if here or suggestions was the best spot for this post.
  5. I apologize if this has already been suggested (couldn't find anything on the subject) but would it be possible to have a mod to effect light sources and make them not need fuel? Perhaps via a spell/enchant? Thanks in advance.
  6. I don't quite care how its implemented but the sticks on these lamp posts have been bugging me since I first started playing this game a few years back now. Right now I feel like their only purpose seems to be to poke someone in their eyes if they ride past them. Are they not there to hold something? I would love the option of kingdom banners, or blank banners that take on the same color as a painted light source (if possible given you only paint the actual lightsource on lamps and not the metal part at all - if it's not possible, have it match the plain banners?) Who is with me?
  7. Had an idea... want to see a "dark metal" in the game so I started thinking about. Love dark metal materials in games and in the spirit of the Light/Dark forces in Wurm came up with this. You would use the regular metals (iron, admantium, glimmersteel, even gold and silver) but put them through a "follower/priest" with/or instead of alchemy, process to alter the metal. I call it "Blighted Metal"(negative and obsidian colored) and blessed (obvious opposite) Metal (positive side). I had this too..." uses any type metal but you put some negative aura material with it...blood, bone...etc... and "The spell/ alchemic liquid/follower's spirit twists and warps the metal causing it to be blighted (or blessed)!” Make it a follower benefit... (expand on follower ideas too, maybe 2x effectiveness for Priest of that belief). You would take any metal and subject it to the process of changing it to the positive/negative effects and might even alter it to "This armor benefits wearer who follow ....." and opposite aligned would suffer some sort of negative effect. This is just a starter idea. But the effects would use current metals, current Black/White dye colors, and follower 'tweaked' effects. What do you think? You could use the Bless or Desecrate in conjunction with this too.
  8. I've a suggestion for implementing lanterns in trees. This would require light sources to be positioned relative to the local co-ordinates of the tree models. If this is possible, it would also be possible to attach light sources to parts of other moving models, such as boat masts (as suggested by ElvenElder here: Lights could also be attached to swinging shop signs, or a new swinging lantern made if and when our good artist friends have time. Torches could be held in the hands of players too, as well as magic light sources, candles on miners hats, you name it. Just an idea, please add your ideas for local-co-ordinate and model relative light sources. Thanks!
  9. Starting Bid: 7,5euro Min Increase: 0,5euro buyout: 25euro (Old Large Anvil [50kg] extra) Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Send via COD or pickup on exodus. Money only via PayPal.
  10. Illuminate your land! Iron torch lamp, Iron lamp, Copper hanging lamp 30ql - 5 40ql - 10 50ql - 20 Copper Brazier 30ql - 20 40ql - 25 50ql - 30 Looking for someone to imp your lamps? Send me a tell and we'll work things out! Delivery and contact information I deliver to only the Freedom servers (Currently based on Deliverance), all deliveries will be made to the nearest coastal point of interest from Deliverance. Deliverance players receive free service! Live on Xanadu? Send me a tell and we'll work out the cost. Contact Genocide in-game to place your order! (Orders must be made through in-game tell or forum post, all orders will be kept in list format, please give two-three days for order completion, this estimation varies on order and how many players are in line.)
  11. Looking to sell one of these relics, 1/3rd of the weight, can fit in a bag of keeping. 37 ql, no enchants. Starting bid 1s reserve: none buyout: pm an offer
  12. How about making an additional use for Light Token. When cast on a lamp, lantern, torch, etc, it effectively fills it with highly concentrated magical fuel, which burns for 10x? 50x? the burn time of normal. Would be great for off deed adventurers and possibly carts/wagon/boat lights. We have a 1 lane "Lakeside Trail" in progress, on the lake below Greymead and it would be great if I could take my team of Mags around the lake, once a month, repairing/refilling street lamps.
  13. I think it would be nice if fireplaces could work as lamps and light every night.
  14. Hello Citizens of freedom isles, today i would like to come to you and attempt to sell My 99ql snow lantern, if interested pm me or post below. [12:39:13] Expel the darkness with this +2 lantern, gives +4 to jollyness checks during winter. [12:39:13] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Slinky'. [12:42:28] The snow lantern contains only candle stumps. Fill with new ones. If you would like to contact me ingame about it contact Redbearing or Sylandria. As always i appreciate your business thank you and come again XD.
  15. I traveled vast mountains in search of Wurms greatest treasures. You to can Seek Fortune and fame. Careful though Creatures of the dark lurk in the deep woods and old ruins of our harsh landscape. Fortune favors the bold! Drake skin is light weight and durable, can be improved with regular leather and has a good damage reduction. I indeed to bought my 1st set and wouldn't be where I am today without it, standing on a mountain with mobs beating off of me like rain on wax paper. Comfortable and good for a lifetime! Get a set today and venture further into the unknown! (base of operation: Puzzle Plaza, Deliverance server) PM me in game for questions. Any color set: 80ql 1 gold 90ql 1.1 gold
  16. Up to auction a rare lantern, iron Ql 91.07 painted with 88 Ql White dye. A small iron box with wicker and a cannister for oil. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. Colors: R=243, G=243, B=243. It could be improved with a lump. Ql: 91.07194, Dam: 0.0. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Kuntur'. Starting bid: 3s Minimum Bid Increment: 50c No Reserve Buyout: 10s Sniper Protection: 1 hour The item is located on Celebration Server for pick up or can be mailed via cod to winner.
  17. Just a cool feature I thought of. For daytime have the nice brown light wooden texture for UI boxes etc. Then when it goes nighttime, or you enter a dark area, it turned into a less eye burning dark colour.
  18. Today I was playing Wurm when I saw fireflies in the grass at night. This gave me the idea of what if you gather them. Now for this to work we would need a glass jar which would be made in this order... Dig Sand > Put sand in forge > The forge heats up the sand making "Raw Glass" > You use the file (which would add more uses to this tool) to shape the glass while it is "Glowing from heat" > You would than have a glass jar that can be improved by Fileing it, or polising it with fur. There could also be a "Glassmaking" skill with this and you could etch you name into the jar. After you make this glass you can gather these fireflies and store them in the jar. Now the jar could be used with a shaft/staff with string to make it accually useable. You would equip this either to the backpack slot or your hand. Thats all I have to say for today and I bid you farewell
  19. A rather simple suggestion, the ability to make lanterns designed to hang from trees with thick low branches (oak, willow). The lanterns are affixed to the tree and cannot be moved when placed. Each tree has a specific set of branches linked for locations. A hung lantern can be right clicked by its planter and "shift branch"ed to move to another branch (maybe sequence them for ease?). If the tree is cut, the lantern drops. Nice, simple and beautiful.
  20. Lit lanterns and torches in your inventory doesn't give off any light after logging into the game. You have to snuff and re-light them every time to get them working. It has been like this since the 1.0 release.
  21. I planted 20 new Iron Lamps on deed. I went to each one and checked them first by activating my steel and flint and choosing 'light'. All of them said the lamp contains no oil. I then filled the lamp with olive oil, activated my steel and flint and only had the 'snuff' option. I snuffed the unlit lamp, then I had the 'light' option, which worked. I had to fill, snuff then light all 20 iron lamps. All were planted yesterday in case that matters.
  22. Up for auction is a 70ql rare lantern! [10:28:17] A small iron box with wicker and a cannister for oil. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. Colors: R=231, G=231, B=231. The lantern needs to be sharpened with a whetstone. Ql: 70.900314, Dam: 0.0. [10:28:17] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Snoo'. I will cover COD fee! Also the lantern can be dyed 81ql white, 69ql red, or 76ql green at no extra charge! Start Bid: 2s Min Increment: 20c Private Bids: No Reserve: No Buyout: No End Date: December 4, 22:00 EST Happy bidding!
  23. when i snuff my lantern the temperature icon goes away but the light is still there,i painted my lantern green and took these screens. /> />
  24. 70ql rare lantern Signature of Rajaniemi Start bid: 2s Min. Increment: 50c Buyout: 7s Hidden Reserve Auction will run for 72 hours