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Found 7 results

  1. This is not the most modern renderer, so ignore this post if it has been fixed in the latest update(s). When the camera (eye point) is fixed, the specular lighting position should not move. Even when the camera rotates, the lights shining from the lamps should keep the same direction and not be affected by the camera rotation. Unfortunately at the moment, the specular lights seem to be rotating in opposition to the camera. Correct me if wrong but it appears that a rotation has been applied to the lighting calculation unnecessarily. It's been a while since I coded any lighting - but I would check that the light hasn't been affected by the camera rotation before or during calculating the specular light direction. Rotating left to right clockwise from a fixed standing position - note the lights on the floor swing clockwise around the lights position: This forum post may help or not
  2. as you know.. outside of caves, if you fill and light a planted off deed lamp, it's lit until it runs out of fuel. Within a settlement, they only light at night. (even without a Templar.) Could we make the outdoor off-deed lamps behave in the same way as on-deed? Sure they'll still run out of fuel but they'll last twice as long. I believe we'll be much more likely to manually refill them if they last twice as long. The roads between settlements could be lit up.. at the moment it's simply too much maintenance.
  3. With cave dwellings coming along now, how about the ability to attach a metal torch to a cave wall for some nice lighting. We could use the current metal torch model or any of the hanging street lamp models only without the pole. Many of us currently push the streetlamps into walls for a sconce effect, why not just have one. =) The ability to put this on a reinforced cave wall or a house wall would be desirable as well. We could light up every cave canal in Wurm!!
  4. Stable 3.99 Unstable 4.0
  5. I've a suggestion for implementing lanterns in trees. This would require light sources to be positioned relative to the local co-ordinates of the tree models. If this is possible, it would also be possible to attach light sources to parts of other moving models, such as boat masts (as suggested by ElvenElder here: Lights could also be attached to swinging shop signs, or a new swinging lantern made if and when our good artist friends have time. Torches could be held in the hands of players too, as well as magic light sources, candles on miners hats, you name it. Just an idea, please add your ideas for local-co-ordinate and model relative light sources. Thanks!
  6. Illuminate your land! Iron torch lamp, Iron lamp, Copper hanging lamp 30ql - 5 40ql - 10 50ql - 20 Copper Brazier 30ql - 20 40ql - 25 50ql - 30 Looking for someone to imp your lamps? Send me a tell and we'll work things out! Delivery and contact information I deliver to only the Freedom servers (Currently based on Deliverance), all deliveries will be made to the nearest coastal point of interest from Deliverance. Deliverance players receive free service! Live on Xanadu? Send me a tell and we'll work out the cost. Contact Genocide in-game to place your order! (Orders must be made through in-game tell or forum post, all orders will be kept in list format, please give two-three days for order completion, this estimation varies on order and how many players are in line.)
  7. With all the complaining about how hard it is to keep large deeds and heritage sites lit I thought about some high level alternatives: How about making lamps out of gems, that can be enchanted with a light token and charged with favor. It would stay lit for as long as the charge lasts, which could be weeks or months on high ql and a full charge. Might even be possible for non priests to recharge with charged gems. I don't know hop the new Karma lighting works, but if it summons fuel into the lamps, that would be weird, if it gives you that noob aura on the other hand, that would be great. But I would also go with a simmilar idea to the above: make chrystal lamps that glow as long as they are filled with enough source.