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  1. Valrei International. 065

    I just may have to re-prem my priest squad again!
  2. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    I've never done Wurm PvP...but let me tell you's very simple... I worked a long time to get the stuff I have, and I don't want someone else to get my stuff. That's it, nothing more. I love the ideals of being part of a kingdom, defending your stronghold or even your simple farm from raiders, but ....I like my stuff.... If a bear kills me, I can try to go back and get my stuff. If a troll kills me, I can try to go back and get my stuff. If a player kills me, they got my stuff, and I will have to kill them before they sell off or give away my stuff. At least this is the understanding I've had of PvP vs PvE.
  3. New Festival Cove

    Congrats on making New Festival Cove, I had a lot of fun at one of the last Impalongs there. I saw the 'fat farm' question on the website, how about Leftover Ranch or Causal Critters?
  4. Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

    YAY!! ( I know for most this isn't a big deal for anyone at all, but it's one I created so I'm so happy!!!!) =D *edit* Just tried, I still can't make it in Stable or Preview =(
  5. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Remember the time when we could ride any champion critter? Remember the time when we didn't die from falling? Remember the time we all look like we all got that dollar day sale on green robes? Remember when we didn't walk, just glided like the supernatural being we really are? Remember the time we fell in love with Wurm? (we were young and innocent then) Remember those special times, they just go on and on in the back of my mind........ Do you remember?
  6. Valrei International. 052 - BREAKING NEWS EDITION

    I was thinking about the wood types coming back. We now have a few more types of wood than we did. Will the new woods be getting a new texture?
  7. Bellamin is fully charged and moored in the Fraid Knot at the entrance. He's napping for a bit, but will check in regularly to start some zapping! =D
  8. Woo Hoo! Let me know if you need any lamp blessings. =)
  9. Valrei International. 052 - BREAKING NEWS EDITION

    Congrats Samool! And Huzzah for the wood coming back and the new dye options!!!
  10. The Screenshots Thread

    Or someone built a ..."laser"....
  11. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    As I think 'do I really need to grind that skill up another 10 levels?' I am reminded of this tune... =D