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  1. Grats on the cover photo!!
  2. I heard the green dragon talks behind all the other dragons backs and green is not his natural hair color. What rumours have you heard?
  3. Bump!!! or should I say Clang!!!
  4. I don't have this, but the mayor of my village still does. After about 5 minutes of playing he has to log out because the 'hiccups' make it unplayable. Next time he is online I'll ask him to post some logs.
  5. Small update, Mihr Valoel has a publicly accessible mailbox. [13:50:12] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [98] Mihr Valoel is located on the north end of Mist Lake at 56/57x 18/19y Thanks!
  6. Huzzah and hooray for crate racks!!! I'll be able to put the wagon back in the garage!!
  7. No, I'm afraid of heights.
  8. On Indy after about 12 or so tiles [16:46:08] You find a cucumber!...sill looking for that silver coin though. =)
  9. We title this "Bring out your dead"
  10. As a man with a couple of priest alts, I mean no disrespect here, but in my minds eye I see Libila being Winifred Sanderson in a former life.
  11. When I watch old westerns those on carts or wagons are constantly moving the reins to adjust the direction. I use wagons and carts a lot and I am ok with the current driving ability. So not a +1 not a-1, just a bit of a 'meh.
  12. Sleeping in a bed in a house full SB...sleeping in a tent a much lower bonus...agreed. That being said, sleeping in a big ship would have to be addressed. I can sleep a lot better on a boat than in a tent. Just sayin'
  13. Thanks for all the bug squishing!!
  14. +1 I have 89ish AH (trying too keep it under 90 as long as possible! LOL) and that would be totally awesome!