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  1. Hey, yeah, why don't we have Vyn missions?
  2. is annoying. Yes you try to treat their wounds or give them a little pat on the back for a job well done and the next thing you know there are fireballs from the skies raining down. That being said...they are by definition, horses from hell. Unless you have a meditation skill, or some type of godly influence, I feel they should, just only by the right of their name, try to burn you in an unholy hellfire if you ever dare to approach them, equip them, ride them, or lead them in to a crowd of people they don't know. I love the speed and the total awesomeness of having them available for mundane tasks once they are submissive, but I believe that they should never be toned down as it should be extremely difficult to domesticate them in any way. They are hell horses after all.
  3. Tellus Mater or Terra Mater Roman religion/myth for "Mother Earth or a goddess of the earth.
  4. Smiling, swing by Silent Hill at night. Let me know if you have lag issues as you approach our token next to our Hota statue. I've noticed when the lights are on no matter what my settings are, my FPS drops a lot. I wonder if it is a similar issue as I have major lag issues at Glasshollow, especially at night.
  5. \o/ Thank you for fixing my roof!! ( oh and for the other stuff too)
  6. [17:55:18] You can see multiple markers of abandoned settlements here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, one of the settlements must have been called Mist. One of the neatest little deeds way back when I first started living in Wurm.
  7. They pop into your inventory and you see an event message like [18:58:25] Flunky picks up a pumpkin shoulder pad from the corpse.
  8. I'll sail down a couple of priests after I get my pumpkin pads =) Where does it start?
  9. At the rate we are all killing critters, we are going to need daily server reboots to repopulate the mobs!
  10. Enki got a little carried away, and we felt that letting loose a plague of champion Nogumps riding raging worgs with greenish drakespirits behind them was a little too chaotic) I'd think a little of both. =)
  11. So bad, it's almost good...
  12. Price Check on Dorian! Sorry I couldn't resist. But seriously here is my 2 iron on it. If I want a better boat, I can buy a better boat. If I want a nicer deed, I can buy a nicer deed. If I want a better character, why not just buy one? I never have purchased or sold one personally, and I've often said when I stop playing Wurm, Dorian will simply ride off to the sunset on a fully equipped 5 speed horse, but I think with some type of 'rule', it should be ok to purchase an account. I would suggest that permissions, friends, village associations, etc. should be reset somehow if an account changes hands. Sure, let the sold account keep his horse and cart and some stuff in his inventory, but that sold account shouldn't automatically have access to everything, including the reputation that the original owner spent time creating. Basically if an account is sold, it automatically de-friends everyone and leaves any village or alliance so that the new owner doesn't have immediate access which is usually given by some form of trust that the previous owner worked hard to gain. I realize the drama with chests and houses and things with that accounts tag, I'm just not smart enough to figure out that bit. It would also suggest a "new owner' tag or something so that even when chatting the name was followed by an * or something which could help identify an account that has changed hands at some point.
  13. Hunting in a Winter Wonderland
  14. Prayers for a short Winter