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  1. It took me years to seek help. Many of my alliance call me Dorkian because I can be very silly when online, and I come off in forums and in Wurm as a good soul that 'grins from ear to ear', but in real life I had anxiety issues that made me a total a$$. Two years ago I got so bad in RL I finally went for professional help . My doctor recommended medication to help, I hated the idea of it, and he suggested something 'low key'...Benadryl. ..Yup, the stuff we give to dogs on planes to keep them calm, or we take ourselves to stop sniffles during the pollen seasons. Silly as it was, it totally changed my life. I've gone from a total a$$ to being a bit Snarky in a funny way or as the Kids In The Hall would say 'Evil, impolite and eeeevil!'. My doctor said, (after a few hours or me rambling about my virtual lives) 'It is human nature to do things that make you happy. It doesn't matter if it is in a real world or a virtual one, it will affect you more than you may think, and those things can help to make you a happier you, which is the real you that you want to be.' Be strong. Be positive. Keep being a better you!
  2. Totally logical, and Winnie the Pooh would approve. ?
  3. ...wait...there are OTHER games!?!?! ???
  4. I wonder how many people plant moss on their deeds just incase we need some torches...... Show of hands? ? ???
  5. I love it! I just opened my gift and I love it! I don't know what it does yet, but I'll pop it out anytime it snows ?
  6. I came out of the Mist Lake Chunnel onto the ocean and my sailboat was 'flying' above the water, about a troll height up. I turned around and re-entered the Chunnel and I was back on water. When I came back out lake side I was flying again. I sailed home to my dock, disembarked and couldn't drag or board the boat as I needed to get closer. I saw the option to pull it, and figured it couldn't hurt and Voila! I pulled my little sailboat back down to the water level. ?
  7. Oh dear Fo, I told Aeris she could cull a group of foals. Please tell me deceased foals will keep the color they died in. If we culled a new coat, I just don't want to know. LOL
  8. Thanks again for the report Finndar, you rock!
  9. I've never done Wurm PvP...but let me tell you's very simple... I worked a long time to get the stuff I have, and I don't want someone else to get my stuff. That's it, nothing more. I love the ideals of being part of a kingdom, defending your stronghold or even your simple farm from raiders, but ....I like my stuff.... If a bear kills me, I can try to go back and get my stuff. If a troll kills me, I can try to go back and get my stuff. If a player kills me, they got my stuff, and I will have to kill them before they sell off or give away my stuff. At least this is the understanding I've had of PvP vs PvE.
  10. Congrats on making New Festival Cove, I had a lot of fun at one of the last Impalongs there. I saw the 'fat farm' question on the website, how about Leftover Ranch or Causal Critters?
  11. YAY!! ( I know for most this isn't a big deal for anyone at all, but it's one I created so I'm so happy!!!!) =D *edit* Just tried, I still can't make it in Stable or Preview =(
  12. Remember the time when we could ride any champion critter? Remember the time when we didn't die from falling? Remember the time we all look like we all got that dollar day sale on green robes? Remember when we didn't walk, just glided like the supernatural being we really are? Remember the time we fell in love with Wurm? (we were young and innocent then) Remember those special times, they just go on and on in the back of my mind........ Do you remember?