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Found 10 results

  1. Hard to describe this in just words so will use the following image Under normal circumstances, mining out the tile from the far side should have just connected to the flat tile that was present on the far side, with top and bottoms tile borders being flat. Instead, for some reason, the Southwest corner of the previously flat tile dropped down to match the height of the tile one corner further south. I have used Mag priest to collapse the tile that was mined out and had moved deed to cover the flat tile that has dropped so that I could hopefully mine out reinforcing and collapse it and redo, but get the mining message: [23:55:04] The end of the bridge nearby prevents mining.
  2. How about farming mushrooms in caves,,, perhaps in flower boxes.
  3. Actually dawned on me today that caves don't exactly have clutter, much like how the outside ares do, mainly thinking of things such as the random stones you see sitting on grass tiles or dirt tiles, or the random flowers you see on grass tiles, that aren't flower tiles. I got to thinking about it, that it would be neat to see some clutter like that inside of caves, just to make them feel less bland. I was thinking stuff like stones, maybe piles of rubble/stones, could even do stalactites and stalagmites, and even hanging moss or vines, and even tree roots, if it'd be applicable to do a check for trees on the same tile above that one of the cave, could even do different roots for each type of tree Also thought on very rare occasions, to have small crystal formations and such too, possibly even glowing ones that provide some small ambient lighting near them
  4. Just had a great idea? googled it first? well done! you've found the thread. please +1 it so we can have perfect mines. here's another thread to save you the bother of the afterthought. it might not be possible to clad ceilings but we already have our work cut out with mining out veins for the sake of geometry, wouldn't it be cool if we could cover up the ones we don't use that are embedded into the walls? it seems perfectly feasible. (once clad you wouldn't be able to mine it until you remove the facade with a crowbar, obviously.. I'm not sure about reinforcements requirements, i figure it's already reinforced on account of not being made of stone, we have no way to reinforce tiles adjacent to veins) thank you
  5. A few thoughts I wish there was able to get in the game : Larger size of building even with max lv: So you can build your insane large compound into a castle instead of using tall walls Just noticed that Bdew have a servermod for that Enable steep slope building: Noticed that even with max lv Im not able to build fence in a 40 slope border, something that I would like to do Let you "Level" when surfacemining: Good to have when demolishing a mountain And over to the more insane thoughts and wishes for those who living on an island Enable caves (without water) under water level: For those times you settle on an island and dont want to use a boat/build a massive bridge over to the mainland. More decorative furniture: For the "home" feeling in the game
  6. At night things are brighter than with the old stable client but lanterns and lamps don't lighten the area around them. Whether they are on or off, the brightness of the scene is not affected. There is a glow around them but no change to the rest of the area. Same in caves.
  7. # What happened:While riding a a passenger on a cart and entering a mine, all of the ore tiles show as rock tiles, but when mined still give ore. # What you expected to happen: To enter the mine and see the different types of ore tiles. # Steps to reproduce: Enter the mine as a passenger on a cart. # Workaround: Exit the mine on foot, and re-enter.
  8. This seems like a somewhat simple thing, but hard to say. If i build a house next to a cave wall, then climb up to next story and mine out the wall it would be cool if the column treated the floor i am standing on as the new level rather than the ground, such that i could simply walk off the house floor onto the new cave floor. This in a sense is as useful as underground bridges as it would be possible to have a tower serve as staircase to four different floor levels and it would also make it possible to have ramps in mines without bridges. An edge is already independent where a floor meets a cave wall (column), but floor to floor edges are dependent. I was thinking perhaps there was a way for the edge where the house wall meets the cave floor to treat the house wall as a cave wall/column and be at least partially independent, but if not completely independent then maybe it is fixed to 33 layers or whatever level it is broken from, even if it is broken from ground floor. And as a minor add that i throught of after this while trying to refine my title, can we all get the cave floor to level to the actually ground floor floor in the same manner (though if we can can raise floors with concrete next to house walls that would be awesome too)
  9. WTS 100 support beams = 4c each or 4s for all. Located Xanadu J11 Pick up Only or I can deliver depending on your location, PM
  10. With cave dwellings coming along now, how about the ability to attach a metal torch to a cave wall for some nice lighting. We could use the current metal torch model or any of the hanging street lamp models only without the pole. Many of us currently push the streetlamps into walls for a sconce effect, why not just have one. =) The ability to put this on a reinforced cave wall or a house wall would be desirable as well. We could light up every cave canal in Wurm!!