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Found 81 results

  1. Auction ended: Buyout Up for Auction: 1000 pcs x 99.77 Quality Cordage ropes. 25,800 total favor when sacrificed, regardless of religion. Includes mailed cost. Starting bid: 25 Silver Minimum increment: 1 Silver Reserve: No Duration: Days Sniper :10 Minutes Buyout: 50 Silver.
  2. Sarmatian Traders Guild* *Known as Sarmatian Traders on Xanadu and Jerycho Trading on Exodus, and as Hussars Haven Trading on Deliverance One of the oldest bulk suppliers in Wurm is back! If you need reliable business partner (or partner in crime) - search no more. With 6 years of experience in Wurm market you know, you can trust us. Status: CLOSE Contact in game: Losik, Clasin, Azraiel, Sappiro Contact forum: Archer Location: Deliverance BULK SUPPLIES: High Quality Lumps and Animal Products Transmutation Liquid 2.5s per tile FAVOR 50c per 1k! 100QL GOODS ACTIVE BEE HIVE - 3s with free coast delivery! [- Azraiel ] Delivery Information We do not deliver inland and through cave tunnels. We can deliver to any "knarr reachable" coast. If you're from other than CET Zone it may be difficult to arrange delivery. If you want we can bring locked BSBs or/and FSBs with us, put them next to your deed (on coast) and send you keys. We will charge you 10c for each BSB/FSB, and add it to delivery costs. You will have to pay CoD fee (1-2c/key). Of course you can always pick up the order by yourself. Delivery fee depends on server you live in and can be anywhere between free and 2s. We do not deliver orders under 2s. Free Delivery: Deliverance for orders over 3s (also inland!) Exodus, Celebration for orders over 5s (coast only!) Independence for orders over 7s (coast only)! Xanadu for orders over 10s (coast only)!
  3. 60k favor 2400pcs cordage ropes 99ql price 35s (possible delivery)
  4. Please see the link for full details *Note Buyer Beware some gems are missing about 5 -10 favor as they were vesseled without understanding it takes 5 favor to cast the spell. I.e. a 50ql gem may only give 90 favor. The lots are discounted by 10% for this issue. Bid Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Radiant Gems - Opening bids at .9c/ql Buyout at 3c/ql Non Vesseled Gems Below 10ql - Opening bid 1.5c/ql Buyout 2.5c/ql Lot 1 (100 gems above 79ql) - Gems above 95ql will definitely not be full, I was not linked when casting. Total Quality 8811.78 (Rounded to 8000ql) - Gems give 2 favor per ql = 16k favor Opening Bid 72 silver Buyout 240 silver Lot 2 (100 gems between 75-50ql) Total Quality 6175.95 (Rounded to 5500ql) - Gems give 2 favor per ql = 11k favor Opening Bid 50 silver Buyout 150 silver Lot 3 (100 gems between 50-30ql) Quality Avg - 3980 (rounded to 3500) - Gems give 2 favor per ql = 7k favor Opening Bid 33 silver Buyout 105 silver Lot 4 (100 gems between 30-10ql) - Great for dumb projects. No need to run to the altar and wait for a sac timer. Quality Avg - 2360 (rounded to 2000) - Gems give 2 favor per ql = 4k favor Opening Bid 18 silver Buyout 60 silver Lot 5 (100 gems below 10ql) - No vesseled (because you can't) Quality Avg - 385 Opening Bid 5 silver Buyout 9 silver Lot 6 (65 gems below 10ql) - No vesseled (because you can't) Quality Avg - 205 Opening Bid 3 silver Buyout 5 silver All mailing fees included. Sorry for the high buyouts & the long auction timer. I really don't know if it will sell at all. Worse case I have plenty of favor.
  5. WTS: 66ql 1500 cordage ropes (11 favor each) = 16500 favor 99ql 200 cordage ropes (25 favor each) = 5000 favor together 21500 favor pickup only (or Exodus wagoner) price 18s
  6. spear 15s WTS 1400 cordage rope 15,4k favor - 14s (pickup only or Exo wgoner)
  7. 4x large crate cordage ropes 1200pcs 30k Favor price: 30s pickup only / wagoner Exodus
  8. 10,000 Favor [20:09:37] You think you can sacrifice this to (insert your god here) for about 10 favor. 1000 Cordage rope at 10 Favor per = 10,000 Favor Start bid: 1s Min bid: 1s No reserve No buyout No private bids Sniper protection: 2 hours Pick up on Harmony at Shiloh - S17 Or can be sent via CoD for 1s Happy Bidding!
  9. Right now God's Favor is kinda useless for the average Follover. We can only spend (lose) Favor if we act against the will of the Gods. I think there should be some special Prayers, which spend Favor but give the small chance to get some gift or bonus from your God. I like to pray my Goddess, but there's no real point of doing that, if I'm generally faithful, and rarely go against Her will. Sometimes I pray Her just to get luck in combat or adventure, or to thank Her for my past luck - but that's a pure roleplay. But it would be great to know that I can say a certain prayer, spend my Favor and get, for example, a meal, or a bottle of water or a small buff to some skill She favors. All Gods have their personalities and laws, and they all could have special Prayers availiable to all of their Followers (not only Priests). Some Prayers would require a lot of Favor, some less. For example - I'm getting hungry in my travels, but I have no food. Suddenly I enter the domain of my Goddess, and start seeking of Her altar. When I find it - I pray Her to send me some food (and I spend 15 Favor of my total 30). If I'm lucky enough - She responds, and a hot meal appears in my inventory. If I'm not lucky - oh well, She must be busy with Her divine work. Prayers results should not be anything too valuable, nor rare. It's more about giving the prayers some meaning, than giving players another way to farm something.
  10. Starting Bid: 20s Min Increment: 2s No buyout Hidden Reserve 1 hour snipe protection 1988*3.1= 6162 836*2.6= 2173 1693*3.3= 5586 828*3.5= 2898 660*2.8=1848 199*3.6= 716 461*3.3= 1521 Total= 20,904 favor
  11. I would like to suggest adding small notches to the favor bar to make it easier to see how much you have at a glance. Each notch shows 20 favor and would scale with faith - at max faith you would have a notch at 20, 40, 60 and 80. At 50 faith you would have a notch at 20 and 40, etc. Like this:
  12. Hello! i have to sell 100k favor in cordages 30s for all pm in game: Januszsram or here in this topic
  13. Ability to deliver large orders quickly. 100ql, Orders of 5k or more delivered with FSB. 1.50s/k Discounts for orders over 30k or more.
  14. Up to 50,000 QL100 chopped veggies available for delivery to you. 1.5s per 1k chopped veggies
  15. Muse's Mega Madness Ingredients Sale A chance to grab some high QL ingredients including some harder-to-find food items for a bargain price! I make that 20,389 food items - correct me if wrong All over 96ql +Free FSB Buyer must agree to pickup FSB from Southport U18 Deliverance, or it will go to the next bidder! Have fun! Buyout: 20s No sniper protection Start Bid: 1s <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! No Reserve.
  16. Auction A: I Have the following Veggies for Auction. 57k in total. Note that I have some ability to swap out certain veggies for another type if you prefer. Can work it out after the auction is over. Opening Bid: 30s Bid increment: 1s Buy Out: None Snipe: One hour Auction B: 5,000 Chopped Corn 100ql. This is 25,000 Favor. Opening Bid: 6s Bid increment: 25c Buy Out: None Snipe: One hour Both auctions include delivery except to Chaos. However, a 1s discount will be given if picked up at Port Onody at M18 on Indy.
  17. I have some gem in a chest I would like to sell.
  18. I suspect the reason favor only recovers while online has to do with PvP? If so, can we readdress it and possibly enable favor recovery while sleeping or logged out? I am cheap and don't sacrifice veggies for favor. I just leave my priests online to recover over time. This seems like a poor use of our personal computers as well as the servers they run on. Is there any reason a priest should NOT recover favor while logged out or asleep in bed? If it is just never going to happen in WO, please move this to the WU "mod request" page
  19. 50,000 favor in cordage. Starting bid: 15s Bid Increment: 1s Buyout: 20s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Free delivery to any coastal location, non-pvp.
  20. WTS 10k 70ql coal, 5s per 1000 WTS 100k favor in cordage, 50c per 1000 Free delivery all orders 10s or more. Please PM.
  21. AUCTION A: 5,000 70 ql coal 22.50s start bid 25s buyout 0.5s bid increment AUCTION B: 30,000 favor in cordage ropes, perfect for deed bonus or general use by all priests 13s start bid 15s buyout 0.5s bid increment Delivery included to all servers except Chaos. 1 hour snipe protection on both
  22. WTS Favor in Choped Corn (~5 favor) 1k favor = 0.6S/€ + bulk discounts for big orders. Delivery on coast is possible (not chaos). PM on forum
  23. Auction for 30k Favor in cordage ropes (BSB included) PIckup from Xan Q25 Starting bid : 1s no reserve increments :1s sniper : 15mins buyout : 18s with free delivery on coastal freedom (only for buyout)
  24. WTB 5-10K Chopped veggies delivered to Pristine (coastal deed) Pm me with price
  25. I made a tool to calculate the base price and favor of various Items in Wurm. This has been developed and tested on windows 7 and uses .Net, there may still be a few bugs in the program but I cant seem the find them at the moment. quick glance of the features: Add, Merge, Ignore and remove Items on the fly.Calculates into both Favor and Base price, as well as showing god-specific bonuses.can Import and Export your table to .csv (which can be used in other applications like excel).Items are sorted by group, as to avoid too many items to scroll through.Create custom groups and add items to those groups with the configure items window.Use an items quality and base price to determine its constant for custom Items (no math necessary!). Pictures of the tool: As can be seen, it is somewhat configurable. Allowing you to add your own groups and items as well as learn the constant of an item (that is a value used in the get price of all items in wurm). It's main purpose is to simply select several items (a few stacks of cordage rope as an example) and it will perform the math for you on those items, and return the favor and base price (which makes this ultimately most useful to priests). It is capable of this the moment it is run, so no need to configure it. Some instructions are shown on the tool when it is first run to help you get used to how it works. Change log: 29/11/2013 - Version 1.01Attempt to fix usage with different cultures (for instance, using a comma instead of a full stop to show decimals) 28/11/2013 - Version 1.00Initial release Download link: