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  1. It is a hatchling, so the big head, blunt tail and big feet are about right. All toddlers are weird that way. But the long neck and short belly seem rather off. And it looks rather derpy. Horns could be more stumpy, but they are OK when compared to how big adult horns are.
  2. You may notice the rider in the first clip, so probably.
  3. Dragons would be gliding most of the time, with just an occasional slow flap to correct altitude. Also nice distractionary bird before the dragon. I was like 0o wow flying dragon on the horizon. Then I focused on it waiting for it to turn around and sweep it, when boom suddenly dragon aqua gliding...
  4. It crashed in ATI related code, so its a graphics issue. What card do you have, do you have latest drivers?
  5. I just realised that the new Uniques have new kinds of loot and new loots system. So it actually did made sense to spawn them early and have worktime to fix stuff.
  6. Im not sure, but isn't Xanadu running on a new hardware server? f thats the case It shouldn't affect the others much.
  7. I guess when they switched to one sided deed expansion they missed some checks.
  8. They simply need to properly adjust that supply and demand system they seem to already have. So that repeated sales of the same item net diminishing returns until someone actualy buys them baqck. That way the traders will be stock fully of the easy items pretty soon and no one can drain anymore. People will have touse items that have actual value and will be bought back.
  9. Releasing Xanadu today made perfect sense, but spawning the uniqes makes none, why did those two events have to be togetehr?
  10. Xanadu has several starter deeds right? Otherwise it might be a loong way to grab something. Anyway, how about letting people petition to have additional traders placed on mayor player deeds?
  11. To be honest in that shot it does look much more like a nice pillow than a cute pup.
  12. Rolf has stated that traders on Xanadu are likely going to change, but that traders on the old servers will definitely not change for now.
  13. The Event window is pretty spammy in general. There are other important messages than can easily be missed, especially when several people are working in range. Might be an idea to have a sepererate "Anouncements" tab.
  14. It's because exterior walls alwaysnow where outside is (the tile that does not belong to the writ). But internal wals don't now this, or sometimes its realy just a seperation between rooms. So it can't really work outomatically.The Awning at stone doors had the same problem. They are wrking on a system that has wall decorationsplaced seperately as the player whishes. But until that system is in place onecn argue which is worse, having some decoration wrong or having none at all.