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Found 50 results

  1. Hi All, So this one has been on my mind for a while more so now especially since I've been repaving my deed. Since you can almost build a diagonal road by filling the paving to the nearest corner, I thought how awesome if walls and fences we could align to this same type of method which in turn I'm sure will open a magnitude of new deed design layouts for many to play around with. See below the visual to understand more of the proposed layout option: I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
  2. Pretty much what the title says! As we have for ships and other items, it would be nice to be able to dye either the wood or the white sections of these walls separately. Here are some examples from real life!
  3. I recently came upon a specific problem in Wurm - the white dye does not make things white, instead it's pretty much transparent. I'm not sure why it works this way, but I guess it's for a technical reason, to make other colours work better. To solve this issue perhaps whitewash could be used specifically for very white dye (on house walls, at least). Whitewash could be made with ground limestone plus water. Limestone could either be a new vein type (perhaps with new building options from limestone as well) or something you could get occasionally from rock tiles, like flint.
  4. I love how the single stairs left or right saves on tile space, but why is there no option to build a half fence or a wall with a single door left/right? Doors, double or single do not match up with the stairs so you pretty much have no other choice but to go with a arch or no wall at all. Please add a option for single doors left or right in addition` to the existing single door centered option!
  5. We have many choices for roads and floors but I would love to see a herringbone pattern added.
  6. All those castles and turrets look very blocky. Real-world castles have round turrets: So can we have a stone wall type that has outside surface forming a 1/4 of a circle. So a 1*1 house with these walls would look like that: It should be possible since Wurm has mechanics for protruding windows (stone oriels, timber jetty/balcony) Edit: Interior would have to remain square, given the current engine limitations. Maybe make it look like on oriel from the inside. Edit 2: it would work well with a round roof that somebody proposed already
  7. Adding angled walls and fences would be a great addition to Wurm. I'd love to see a change like this implemented!
  8. Alright, so a while back I thought it'd be really neat if we had more options for the low chain fence, in terms of other metal options, and with the news of metal shaders, like the already implemented wood shaders, were going to be added, I figured now would be the time to suggest adding options for making both walls and fences that use metal bars, and chains to be able to be made out of other metals now too. Walls would include the barred walls, and portcullises, fences would be anything you need fence bars for or the large chains for. Just think how glorious marble low chain fences with golden chains could look
  9. These two images explain it all: About the dye + fence issue. The more desirable end result is what we see in the walls. So if fences should follow the values of walls, not the other way around.
  10. Any way to put a unique creature in to a closed instance and that it does not break the walls? Managing walls permission with GM and make them indestructibles does not work. thank you
  11. Well now that we have the plain stone walls for houses should the tall stone walls be remade and take the wood trim off of them too? (or maybe a new tall wall without the trim)
  12. Heyo!, So as a new Wurmpedia editor, I am actively looking for pages to update and possibly to add. While perusing the new updates I noticed many pages that have yet to be added. Most notably, I noticed that the new house wall types are not anywhere to be found. I'm interested in adding them, but was curious as to whether there should be a "catch-all" (categories) page for all house wall types. We simply need a page titled "House Walls" with two sections listed underneath: "Carpentry Walls" and "Masonry Walls". Under each section we could list all the wall types as links to their respective pages outlining more information about each wall. I guess I'm posting this here as a question. Should we add it this way? It'd certainly make it organized in the same way that, for example, trees and tree types are lumped under the "Tree" page on the Wurmpedia. Thoughts would be appreciated, but I guess if no one weighs in on it I'm going to go ahead and do it and fix it later if issues arise. Thanks for your potential thoughts! -Lei
  13. The new wall styles are absolutely lovely, but they are lacking in only one piece: The Wide Oriel The stone brick (with the wood trim) has a lovely oriel with ivy growing on it that has very nice details and adds a bit more color and interest. Is this something that could be added to our bag of tricks for those of us who really love making their deeds as pretty as possible? I feel it would really complement the pottery brick, sandstone, and other new styles so well! Speaking of the new walls, hey, why no ivy accent? The new walls are a little flat in comparison without that little detail. Perhaps some pruning shears (similar to the pliers) to add or remove ivy detail? I recognize some people aren't as fond of it as others may be.
  14. Hi, I just built the left and right timber framed walls; and found that each required 6 beams, rather than the normal 5 for other timber framed walls. Yes, you need a beam in inventory to build one of these walls, and then another 4, not 5 more, to continue. Suggestion: Could the Devs please look at this and fix the new walls to be consistent with the rest of the white timber framed walls ? Thanks, in hope.... Edit: and while the Devs are about it, could the grass required - 10 per wall, all be used each time, sometimes there is 1 or 5 or 2 left over.
  15. My suggestion is that repairing walls, while using rock shards, should make you gain repairing skill.
  16. Masonry 35, Carpentry 40. Was building a multi-storied stone house, got to the fourth floor, built the floors and made wall plans, but when I activated my trowel with a mortar and brick in my inventory and tried to build a stone wall, it triggered an event message saying that only craftsmen of greater skill could build walls. Tried building the same wall on a lower floor and was able to, but when I went to build it on the fourth floor, the event message was triggered again and I was unable to. This could easily be me not understanding game mechanics, but at 39+ carpentry I was able to build the fourth floor, and all that is required to build stone walls is 30 masonry. Can be replicated by trying to build a stone wall on the fourth floor of a house with 30+ masonry and 39+ carpentry.
  17. Ok so we have seen some player made responses to rifts. Most notably is creating safe pens..... however months of rifts have left us with so many fences rotting in the rift areas. I propose a 'barricade' that you can plant on the edges of tiles... kinda like temporary fences that are heavy and hard to move, yet provide you with a movable pen so you dont have to keep rebuilding fences and letting them rot. They can be plantable, very heavy so hard to move them, and rot rather fast.... we are already making safety pens for rifts, this will help eliminate more rotting junk on our servers.
  18. With cave dwellings coming along now, how about the ability to attach a metal torch to a cave wall for some nice lighting. We could use the current metal torch model or any of the hanging street lamp models only without the pole. Many of us currently push the streetlamps into walls for a sconce effect, why not just have one. =) The ability to put this on a reinforced cave wall or a house wall would be desirable as well. We could light up every cave canal in Wurm!!
  19. So here's one for the art team, as I don't see any new mechanics being needed. Gate half: In terms of mechanics a double door (a noclip wall like the arched walls), so single big door, ends at edge of that wall. Since we can "flip" walls now you build two of those and flip one to make a double gate. Gate half top: Half the top of an 2-wide arch simply put. Goes on second story (or ground level as someone would make it work, <3 creative Wurmians... heck, could be another wall to add, noclip version for ground level) above the gate halves, works as a window in terms of collisions for the protection of otherwise flying farmers heh heh heh. Barns anyone? And on that note, as an alternative to the "Gate Half", "Single Wood/Stone/Timberframed column" which is basically the arched wall's side pillar straight from floor to roof on a single side of the tile.. once again can be flipped like any wall so no problems with layout, lots of fun to be had for barns, churches, shipyards........ I'd do images but imma terrible artist or photoshopper =P Guess I could make some primitive ones if this confuses too many ppl
  20. I would like to see some building wall types added to the game. something like wooden shaft walls/doors/windows or maybe mud hut type things (another use for reeds?). I'm trying to make more diverse building types for certain kinds of villages (basically I'm looking for huts). I know we can't make them round, but looking for something more primitive. Images:
  21. The Continue button and text are missing only a chess board image remain.. its been this way for a week now? I have not tested it on anything else. but it shows up when your building plane stone walls. Open link for image
  22. If you build a house more than a few levels the bugs begin. I have no idea when they begin but I know at level five they occur. Once anything is started it is NOT removable. I wanted to add a staircase, can't change the type of floor because it "causes unstability" Even if this is on a top floor with NOTHING above it. I made a mistake while putting on a stone parapet, I accidentally used a different type of border design and I can't remove it. This is at the top of the building, there is nothing above it. It supports NOTHING. So now my building is at a standstill until this bug is fixed. I know removal works at levels two and three and I know it doesn't work at level five.
  23. Started building clay shingle roof by accident. Planned all tiles, but when I realized that it would be higher than I supposed, I've decided to remove it. Now I can't do that. I receive either: [] Removing that would cause a collapsing section. [] This would cause a section of the structure to crash down since it lacks support.
  24. log cabins, having new wall textures. keeping the normal grand door(double door) single door, window, grand window (large window), arched wall. would look like whole logs stacked ontop of eachother with clay/dirt and nails holding it toghter with smaller logs acting as trim for windows and doors. (built irl) to build would require 5 or soo logs, 10 clay/dirt, 5-10 large nails Log Decor, log chairs, a huge log with a L cut out to sit on, or a grand chair with small log legs, half logs for the seat and back along with a arm rest.. log bench, 2 half logs spaning about a tile held together with (go figure) more logs with a arm rest (built irl) have anything else to add? since bridges are done, put them back to work....
  25. Hello, I am wondering why it takes so long to bash walls, when you get no skill gains from it. I founded a new deed that was abandoned but still had walls on it I have been bashing a low stone wall for close to 4 hours now and have only done 50 damage to it. I can understand it being that way to keep others from bashing walls but there should be a setting for they deed owner to be able to remove unwanted walls on his or her own deed. Spending hours to remove one wall is kinda crazy.