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Found 7 results

  1. Lanterns in inventory DO decay when they are not used. Could this stop for the unlit lanterns, pretty please.
  2. Close thread. Going to auction instead.
  3. I have many 75 Quality Lanterns dyed White RGB 216 for sale at 60c each. I also have a merchant in Glasshollow Central Market name Gears that carries the same lanterns as well as some for 50c with quality around 73 and RGB 208. Contact me in game at Qwizat, visit my merchant, or leave a msg below to get your hands on these bright lanterns.
  4. I've a suggestion for implementing lanterns in trees. This would require light sources to be positioned relative to the local co-ordinates of the tree models. If this is possible, it would also be possible to attach light sources to parts of other moving models, such as boat masts (as suggested by ElvenElder here: Lights could also be attached to swinging shop signs, or a new swinging lantern made if and when our good artist friends have time. Torches could be held in the hands of players too, as well as magic light sources, candles on miners hats, you name it. Just an idea, please add your ideas for local-co-ordinate and model relative light sources. Thanks!
  5. Lanterns seem to take decay hits very quickly compared to most items in inventory, even if they're not lit. This should be changed, reduce decay when it's in inventory, there shouldn't be any reason for a lantern to have 11 dmg after a week while a hatchet of the same ql has less than 1 dmg even after use.
  6. Needful Things is located in stall 32 right off the docks in Amish Paradise! Freshly stocked up with 40ql lanterns dyed with 40ql+ dye, 15c each! Undyed 10c Bedsheets and satchels for 3c each, and lots of cheap pelts and gems, come check us out!
  7. Strong Badia. x27 y37 on Exodus. Currently Selling from Blacksmithing Leatherworking Farming WoodCutting Cloth-Tailoring PM any of the names below if you are interested in purchasing a product. We may have it in stock, if not won't take long to get it to you. Or simply place your order in a comment! Having it mailed to you is normal price plus mailing fee CoD. No Exceptions, you will pay the mailing fee. Down to business. Prices are as below: