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  1. Thank you very much for the 92ql hammer with 88woa and 79 coc. I just came back to the game and This is very much appreciated. I will use it to help people where i can. I'm very stunned at the show of generosity. Reading these comments and this gift. this is what these events are about!
  2. Probably because everyone who wants one at this point has one. just a guess.
  3. Is there any additional benefit or is it superficial?
  4. sold

    Can it be cod? Do not remember if it can be.
  5. i aint spending 5-20s for something i have no what it does. other people with disposable income can do that lol
  6. ill do 2s for the emerald
  7. I think you accidentally words.
  8. [00:31:38] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  9. Auction over, thanks for bidding!
  10. Up for auction is an 80 ql rare frying pan. Start is 12:15 AM 3/21/2013 EST (GMT-5) Auction will run for 48 hours ( 2 days) Starting bid is 50c Minimum increments of 25c No Reserve No Buyout No sniper Protection beer is complimentary. (limit 1 per customer) Special thanks to Eroc on Cele for the fast and friendly service of the imp. * Amendment - Item delivery to winner will be mail with CoD or pickup. on cele *Fixed a typo Let the Bidding commence!
  11. Gamers are peculiar, if there is an easier way we will always use it. There may be a literal option, but realistically there is no option. If it's easier, people will feel forced to use it in order to keep moving forward in the various aspects of the game. Take for instance CoC and WoA. They are very much optional just like the feature you are suggesting. How many players do you know that don't use CoC to increase gains and WoA to do menial tasks faster that can afford them?
  12. I was just thinking how nice it would be to be able to use village.kchat/gl, and ally chat from my phone or tablet. So my suggestion is a mobile app for android and ios that allows this. I'm not much in the way of programming or i'd offer to make it for you.
  13. You haven't read the icewind dale trilogy then.