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  1. When you look in a FSB or a BSB the right most column is "volume." When you hover over the item with the mouse the window that popus up with info shows a "WT". The volume number seems correct, but the WT shown is always the same as the volumn. I think the best fix is to correct the WT figure shown in the hover over, though you could also just make it so the window shows volumn when hovering over those containers. I offer both these ideas as help but correct weights would be awesome especially when trying to judge how much you can carry. Best, Qwizat
  2. Star Citizen is the best Alpha you'll ever see. It uses every processor you have, not just one. It can be played on a laptop. And if you take a chance to look at the graphics try to make a comparison. Game of the future right here right now. get on board. free to play and check out currently if you know how. ask for deets
  3. Hello All, This is not a Village or an Alliance, though similar to an Alliance. It is a chat tab that is part of Wurm just as any other chat tab. The point of this chat tab is that it crosses all borders, can be accessed using Mutter on a Phone and has bots on it that add additional functionality. At the end of the day we are a community. Many of us have toons on multiple servers and have years of experience individually and between us. We also have a plugDJ channel at this address: https://plug.dj/-9202059637313003475/ We are all here to help each other learn, have fun, and meet new people. If you feel this is something you are looking for keep reading. We have a discord if you want to join but it is NOT #atlantisVillage. The link is discord is: https://discord.gg/xVQPRw2 There we have voice chat and a copy of the instructions below that will get you into #atlantisVillage. Follow the instructions below to become a part of #atlantisVillage . ALL IN WURM Click F1 - This will bring up the console type: irc [press enter] then type: ircsay /join #atlantisVillage [press enter] . Those instructions will get you into the channel. Next setup autorun which will automatically log you into the channel when you load the game. Do the following: . Goto: C:\Users\username\wurm\configs\default\autorun.txt or C:\Steam Games C\steamapps\common\Wurm Online\gamedata\configs\default (or your appropriate steam folder path, should be similar) at the bottom add the following lines: Line 1: irc Line 2: ircsay /join #atlantisVillage Close/Save file and reload the game Qwizat07/26/2020 . To translate from a different language into english type .t hallo.... . To translate from english into a foreign language type like this: <martina> .t en it This is an example <Internets> [t] [from en] Questo รจ un esempio I hope to see you all there, I consider it our village without borders. PS you can always contact me directly at Qwizat on the discord. Feel free to leave questions or feedback. I have been running a deed for 5 years on Xanadu called EdenVillage and if you want to join there I can help you get setup, we have had up to 30+ people for extended times so there is plenty of room both water front and inland. We have a hunting deed too on Celebration. This is me in wurm: https://www.niarja.com/universes/online/clusters/freedom/skills/Qwizat https://www.niarja.com/universes/online/clusters/freedom/skills/Zandry My Village: and village mayor ad: Full Disclosure
  4. I am Qwizat, Mayor of the legendary Eden Village. We have 4 deeds, 3 housing, and 1 hunting. We have been around for years, but at this point I don't have the time to devote to the game i would like and its a wonderful place to build a community. See our video tour: I'm looking for someone who's got the energy, time, and enthusiasm to recruit and manage what was once a 30+ population village and get it back there. I will pay for all deed expenses and i will give you freedom and perms to improve upon what we already have. The job will go to the best qualified person I can find (which is why its here in auctions.) Only contact me at Qwizat.eden@edenvillage.com and i will get back to you asap.