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  1. I support this too, let the wild sound wild
  2. Link to map showing Eden location. There was an error getting it to appear. https://imgur.com/a/X7vEC
  3. I hear those wax seals are only for large barrels
  4. Hello... My village just built a tavern so we could party down with the best of them. But after buying a merchant for 10s we found out that our bartender (the merchant) can not sell filled containers. Now this really dampens the spirit of the Tavern and the Roleplay of the game. I see no reason why this should not be allowed. Please support my request for Merchants to sell containers filled with liquid. We need a real bartender not a bunch of barrels laying around. Many Thanks, Qwizat
  5. A Mayor should have ownership of all items created on deed. that will solve alot of issues for me.
  6. If you are enjoying the space of being on someone's deed the villager should bear the risk that a mayor might pick the lock, OR the perm for locking should work effectively and not allow locked bins on deed. Either solution works for me, but there should be a way a mayor can control locks.
  7. There is a serious issue and potential greifing ability allowed by the way locks are handled. The main issue is that a Mayor cannot pick locks to chests and bsbs and fsbs on his deed which makes no sense and causes a huge problem. I always have attach lock perms set to OFF for citizens but on multiple occasions people have managed to lock containers. I used to be able to pick large chests, but now it seems even that is made impossible. So what i end up with is a collection of containers that are locked by villagers that don't play anymore, no way to get at the contents, and i can't even stop them from locking in the first place. In terms of greifing it would be more than easy to take shared village resources fill bsbs, fsbs, chests and lock them and do some great harm. Maybe the chest has to be off deed first to be locked, i'm not sure, but when i find the locked containers they're always in a house on my deed. What I suggest and I plead for is for the ability for Mayors to be able to pick locks of containers on deed. This seems like a reasonable thing for a mayor to do as he can break into houses easily. Locking things can make sense too, if you have an unfinished house and want to keep items safe from other villagers. But not having the ability as mayor to remove these locks when people leave is unfair and highly frustrating. There's no legitimate reason why the mayor should not be able to pick locks, especially when its impossible to stop them from being placed to begin with. Please help, this has been an issue for a long time.
  8. We are actively recruiting again... get your pick of the best prime housing plots now. PM Qwizat, Zandry, Woodchuck, or Woodchucknew depending whos on. See you soon
  9. WTS Noobie COC Toolkit COC 60-99: pickaxe, lantern, hammer, hatchet, shovel, rake, carving knife, pelt, saw, whetstone, stone chisel, file, mallet. 13 items 46c each 6.0s total.