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Found 45 results

  1. Greetings! I want to sell my full set of 80QL Chainmail Armor. Material is steel, color is "vanilla" (not painted). Every single piece has an Aura of Shared Pain (item it is cast upon cause damage to the opponent when the holder is being hit) with cast powet 70 and above. A set of armor like this costs 14 silver, enchants are priced by our revered NFI Priests at 2s+. I want to sell the armor for minimum of 13 silver, as a set. The set is currently in imping, I'll post a screenshot as a proof it's a legit sale when I get the armor back (I think in 10hrs tops) Please answer here and/or PM Raevald in-game.
  2. Start Bids: Displayed in the images below Min. Increments: 25 copper No Buyout No Reserve No Sniper No Private Bids *How-to Bid: Single or multiple items (list the #s you are bidding on) *Fast Delivery: COD from mailbox (100 courier) Choose four to make a set or buy individually: High quality steel for less repair damage over time: Default colour is red (blue or white on request no additional cost): Current bids Frivolous #3 - 97c #4 - 97c #5 - 97c #6 - 96c #7 - 96c #8 - 95c Gladiator #1 - 1.29s OUTBID #2 - 1.29s OUTBID Evalla #9 - 95c #10 - 94c #11 - 91c DOE #12 - 2s #1 - 1.54s #2 - 1.54s
  3. Horse too slow? Land travel got you down? Put some pep in your horse's step! **** ALL SOLD **** These shoes are guaranteed to speed! Contact me in-game or PM me.
  4. SOLD 80QL rare lantern, iron - High QL Blue (3.5s) SOLD 81QL pickaxe, iron - c91 w96 (1.5s) SOLD 81QL pickaxe, iron - c95 w100 (2.5s) SOLD 81QL pickaxe, iron - c101 w92 (2.5s)
  5. Starting bid: 1.5s Min. inc. : 0.5s Buyout 4s
  6. Selling a Supreme Toolbelt 80ql 25s PM me. [21:15:09] An ingenious system of pockets, pouches, hooks and holes designed to keep a wide array of common tools. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. A mallet must be used on the toolbelt in order to smooth out a quirk. [21:15:09] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.la.ster'.
  7. Selling cheap weapons! Free demise spell of your choise! N - Nimbleness L - Lifetransfer C - Circle of Cunning M - Mind stealer Buyers pay COD.
  8. Hello everyone, here i am again for another auction Starting bid is 6s Min Incr will be 1s Buyout is always 15s Item will be COD to the winner from 90 courier Happy Bidding
  9. Hello everyone, here i am again for another auction Starting bid is 7s Min Incr will be 1s Buyout is always 12s Item will be COD to the winner from 90 courier Happy Bidding
  10. I have 8 lovely lanterns up for sale. All are dyed a nice white RGB 207, providing extra brightness while deep down in those mines. Price: 80c each Buyer pays COD: from Xanadu Fine Print: Lanterns are first come first served. These are numbered only due to the slight difference in ql. If two or more people ask for the same lantern, the last time stamped post will be sent one of the other lanterns until they run out. Please no PM offers. I also have a 90 ql rare lantern up for auction:
  11. Here we go, Rare Sickle ,80QL no Enchantment Starting bid --10s increament --50c buyout -- pm offer Sniper protection 1 hour
  12. Auction Closed by Buyout! can close Rare Small Anvil 80QL starting bid= 5s increment = 50c buyout = 9s sniper = 1 hour item will be COD to the Winner Start bidding
  13. AUCTION ENDED. Delivery in process Howdy everyone? Let see what i have for ya today. Supreme Small Anvil 81.20QL No Enchantment Bid start = 20s increments = 1s Buyout = 40s Rare Medium Bow (pinewood) 63.82QL Bid start = 1.5s increments= 25c Buyout = 4s Note: -No Private bid,all bid must be in here, -All item will be COD to the buyers. -40s if you grab both. More is coming soon................... Stay Tuned. ccccYaaaaa..
  14. Hey guys, I'm searching for a nice Cloth armor to buy, check it out: What I exactly want: Full cloth armor 90+ql with 70+AoSP What I can pay for: Full cloth armor 90+ql with 80+AoSP and some other enchant maybe Acceptable: Full cloth armor 80+ql with 60+AoSP I'm from Deliverence, and I have no problems on paying the CoD Offers please
  15. Starting bid: 5s Increments: 1s Buyout: Offer in pm. Private bids can be made.
  16. This auction is for 50 Tools made using weapon smithing, All 80+ Quality, perfect for enchanters, merchants, re-sellers, or a new town. This kit includes: 15 Carving knife 15 Butchering knife 10 Sickle 10 Scythe The starting bid is 25s, this is the reserve. At this price the cost per tool is 50 copper. Starting bid: 25s Minimum increments: 1s Buyout: Make me an offer No reserve Delivery: pickup from SW of Deli or delivery disscussed by pm Happy bidding!
  17. Hi Fast auction. 80ql Seryll lump (1kg) Starting bid: 1s Min inc. 20c Buyout: no sniper protection: 2hours. (can COD as buyer expense)
  18. WTB Huge axe 80+ql, if enchanted list enchants. 50c for unenchanted 80QL and other market prices. Edit: Will bump the price up if I'm wrong about 50c for 80 QL
  19. This auction is for 50 weapons, All 80+ Quality, perfect for enchanters, merchants, re-sellers, or a new town. This kit includes: 15 longswords 10 2handed swords 10 hugeaxes 15 large mauls The starting bid is 30s, this is the reserve. At this price the cost per weapon is only a mere 60 copper. Grab this super deal today! Starting bid: 30s Minimum increments: 1s Buyout: Make me an offer No reserve Delivery: pickup from SW of Deli or delivery disscussed by pm Happy bidding!
  20. Located in North Central Deli! 24.5x 7.5y (wasnt sold) Starting Bid: 5s Increments: 1s Reserve: no Buyout: 17s Delivery: Free to anywhere in deli, prices to other servers negotiable(maybe free depending on winning bid)
  21. Located at Northern Deli (24.5x 7.5y) 1 pickaxe: 55c 2 pickaxes: 1s 5 pickaxes: 2s 25c 10 pickaxes: 4s All 20: 7s Want 85ql instead of 80? Add 10c per pickaxe! Message in thread or by PM on the forums(or ingame) with details on your purchase, as well as where you live!
  22. Close pls

    Rare longsword 80.39 ql. Since this cant be mailed, u ll have to come and pick it up. However any delivery can be done for a price except pvp servers. Starting price: 10s Min. increase: 50c Buyout: No Sniper protection: 1h Reserve: Hidden I accept private bids. PM Tarkie in game or via forum
  23. 80ql rare bridle up for grabs, PM or post here with offers. [12:34:49] These thin leather reins, headstall and metal bit should be put on the head of a creature to direct it. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a leather.
  24. So you've heard of the legendary quests of Vanaheimr, but you never managed to participate yourself? Don't worry! The creator of these quests is now back! This time working from a new location, but with the same concept as before. So hurry up and sign up for a quest and you could be one of the lucky ones to reap the awesome rewards being offered ____________ The quests have ended, thanks for all participating. New round will be active in the new year. Mini christmas even will most likely be live in the days around christmas, further details will come in the next few days. Due to some people signing up and not finishing I'm forced to do some additions to the ruleset for participating. Which means if you sign up and don't finish it you'll get banned for the next round. ____________ Didn't sign up in time and saw a reward you'd like? Don't worry, you can buy them here! These quests are mostly of the gather x amount of something and bring to Gurrington for reward. The reward should be worth more than the going rate of the items you need to gather. (If you find the rewards to be too small, please let me know, but in a constructive matter. NO TROLLING please!) To participate, you select a quest and reply here with your ingame name and which quest you want to complete. This is under the 'First come, First serve' rule as there is only 1 of each quest, unless stated otherwise. For now the quests are limited to 2 per person. This might be changed depending on popularity and amount of quests available. In case of muliple quest rewards with enchants on, the order in which quests are turned in dictates who gets the highest enchants. So fastest to turn in gets the highest enchant, second fastest gets the second highest enchants and so on. The quests will needed to be completed within a certain timeframe which will be stated in the post below along with the current active quests. Any questions etc. will be welcomed and can be directed to Guruen either ingame or via PMs on the forum. In case you sign up for a quest but aren't able to finish it, let me know in time so i can open it up for another person. Failure to do so will result in a ban for the next round of quests. Persons banned from round #2 is: Notme & Kerwal Gurrington is located at X20Y18 on the map here and is accesible by water or via land. You can follow my wurm adventures on twitch here!