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Found 552 results

  1. Greetings traveler and good day. We here at Vinland are pleased to present our shop, "Vinland's Own". Your source for affordable tools and casts. Our sweaty men and women are giving it their all, resulting in the following efforts: Orders can be mailed COD via an instant mailbox or picked up on site. Skillgain CoC Tools on low quality Vinland supplied items. By yours truly, viking Reverent. Lots of 70-90's stock on hand so feel free to ask. Eligible items include: Pickaxes, Hatchets, Water, Clay, Rakes, Carving Knife, Grooming Brushes, Mallets, Trowels, Knife (Cooking), Butcher Knife, Files, Meditation Rugs, Clay Shaper, Spatula, Lumps (Iron), Saws, Hammers, Stone Chisels, Sickles. Precast Skillers: Custom Casting on your item CoC / WoA Cast : - Benediction 98.5+ Channeling AoSP Cast upon your armor set: (Single piece follow coc pricing above) Highest QL Farmed Goods: By our steady farmhand and master of Transport Snaglejr: Vegetables, Grains, Wemp and cotton, up to 99 ql. Inquire with Snaglejr for availability. WOA Horseshoe Sets - Precast and creation QL 70's WoA - 60 copper a set of four. 80's WoA - 1.2 Silver a set of four. 90's WoA - 4 Silver a set of four. More to come: Find us at Vinland. Located at the corner of p/o 15/16 near the canal on Melody. A short hop from Overture. Contact Reverent or post here for orders. Thank you and may safe winds guide you home.
  2. Black Keep aims to give it's customers a fast and reliable service with a range of affordably priced options for the items and enchants that are provided. Black Keep is located atop a mountain at K11 on the Harmony Server. We are highway connected. I have played Wurm for a number of years and have loved crafting since I started. Since returning to playing at the start of the year after stopping shortly after the release of NFI, I have provided numerous players with items and enchants that far exceed that which they were expecting. To place an order, please contact Myself here in this thread or via forum messenger Alternatively, You can contact me ingame as Artvark or Vorlox. Players are also welcome to mail either character their items with their name and desired quality/enchant.
  3. "We believe that everyone, regardless of budget, should have access to quality enchanted tools and excellent service that comes with buying them! This is our core principles and we strive very hard to make using our tools and buying them a very pleasant experience!" -Roselina Budget BOTD Tools: Now offering Strongwall (Kadence's K(C)ollapses!) PM Kadence or Baeowuf for details! BOTD = Blessings of the Dark Which is BOTH WoA (Wind of Ages, faster actions) AND CoC (Circle of Cunning, more skillgain) of equal power in one enchant! To place a order you can reply to the post here or ingame contacts: Baeowuf OR Roselina. Can be picked up at K25 or CoD by mail in 8 minutes! (Be sure to include your in-game name AND tell me whether or not you want each tool imped or as is!) Blacksmithing Imps: (Please contact for steel availability) If not reachable in game, rename the item with your name (So I will know who to send back to) and the QL desired and mail it to Baeowuf. Thanks! 60QL: iron FREE steel FREE 70QL: iron 30c steel 40c 80QL: iron 40c steel 70c (Large Anvil/Still: 80c) 85QL: iron 50c steel 1s (Large Anvil/Still: 1s) 90QL: iron 1s 30c steel 2s 50c (Large Anvil/Still: 2s 60c) 95QL: iron 3s (Large Anvil/Still: Contact for quote/availability) SPECIAL: Buy 3, get 4th enchanted item free! (NOTE: Free item will be lowest cost item, only offered on items IN STOCK, or on request at our discretion.) Awl Butchering Knife Carving Knife Cheese Drill Clay Shaper Dredge File Fishing Rod Fruit Press Grooming Brush Hammer Hatchet (FREE 70QL imps offered) Knife Large Anvil Leather Knife Leggat Lump Mallet Metal Brush Needle Pelt Pickaxe (FREE 70QL imps offered) Pitchfork Rake Rope Tool Saw Scissors Scythe Shovel Sickle Small Anvil Small Bucket Spatula Spindle Stone Chisel Trowel Whetstones Don't see a tool that you need? Let us know about your request and we will do our best! Thanks for looking! Check out these other great merchants! Weaponsmithing: Archaeology: Chainsmithing: Dyes: Affinity Food/Pizzas:
  4. Hello and welcome to Dragon Beard Markets, home of the Annual Pristine Friend-Along (2022 Thread now up!), your friendliest one stop shopping experience in wurm online! Here at D.B.M. there are really only a few things I do not do yet. See below for a list of recently added services and what's next to be added! I can produce for you almost any Tool, Weapon, Shield, Jewelry or Armor up to 90q or better in some cases, as well as a All Vynora, Fo, and Magranon Casts, Traveling services, and much more! As always I offer totally free Scale and Hide creation for anyone trying to build a suit. It can be hard to find someone with the proper skill and gear, who is also trustworthy with your hundreds of silver in materials. due to constant service expansions my old Dragon Beard Markets thread is getting to large as a result I am using this new multi post format, scroll down to the following posts for service listings. Recently Added Services: Instant Mailbox Rate added! 90q Chain Smithing now available! 95+ Casting rates for all spells, now that all my priests have benediction! 90q Jewelry Smithing now available! Lava/Freeze to the traveling services! 93q rates for Weapon Smithing, 95q Blacksmithing, 93q Shield Smithing, and 95q Drake and Dragon Armor Imping. Next Upcoming Services: Cloth Tailoring All Sprouts (Except Willow, sorry too ugly to be on my deed) To place an order please try to PM me first in game @ "VirusMD" or my alt "Tulemees" if neither are available please leave your request here or Forum DM me@VirusMD. There are NO other authorized points of contact for Dragon Beard Markets then "VirusMD" or "Tulemees" Payment Options: Silver Coins, Drake Hide bits, Labor/Materials Trade. Relevant Skills: Customer Bonuses!
  5. Hiya Folks, Welcome to my Smithery service that is on Deed Dragonien in South West Harmony (Coords S12). All your Tools and Weapons are made with Love and you are welcome here to enjoy the Quality of my work for a fair Price. With my Blacksmithing Skill 100 and Weaponsmithing Skill 97 i can provide you a high Quality Service. Blacksmithing: Weapons Iron: Weapons Silver*: Imps cost example: Cost to imp 63.56 QL Longsword to 90QL is 3s - 40c = 2.6s For my Service PM in Game Achillis! Orders from Side are always to me no Rush so if need Fast imp pls PM me Ingame! thx for all your Achillis Get ya leather Goods from the best: Get the finest Carp and Fine carp Thingys from: Get your best Service in CoC/WoA Enchants from my Mate: Get the Best and Highest Libilia Service on Cluster from: Get ya Archstuff from the best Frag Hunter:
  6. Just as I said, CHEAP TOOLS. Don't want to spend 3-4s on rare skiller tools, but you want to get started on that grind? You're at the right spot. 7 slot tool belts - 40c 80ql / 40-60 cast - 20c 80ql / 60-70 cast - 30c 80ql / 70-80 cast - 40c 80ql / 80+cast - 60c I will be adding weapons, armor and horse sets in the future so check back often
  7. For Lava cast please contact Meldor in game or leave post here. To place an order for BoTD tools you can reply to the post here or ingame contacts: Meldor Enchants will be transfer from blade to tool so you can order blade with improving service. For blacksmith service please contact Kolbasbur. For jewelry smithing service please contact Smart. Also you can rename the item with your name and the QL desired and mail it to Kolbasbur or Smart. Thanks! Cost of improve will be [price for result QL] - [price for current QL]. For example, improve iron shovel 70ql to 90ql will be 2s - 30c = 1.7s Horse shoes *If you buy set (4 same shoes) - price will be for 3 shoes. For example iron, 90ql 70 BoTD set will be cost 2.5s * 3 = 7.5s Can't see tool what you want in list below? Pm Meldor or leave post here with you order! Pendulums: gold, 50 ql, 65 LITW(for Champions) - 65c gold, 80 ql, 82 LITW(for Champions) - 1.75s gold, 50 ql, 62 LITDa(for Traitors) - 60c gold, 80 ql, 76 LITDa(for Traitors) - 1.5s gold, 80 ql, 82 LITDa(for Traitors) - 1.75s gold, 90 ql, 90 LITDa(for Traitors) - 4.75s Awl: iron, 91 ql, 86 BoTD - 3.7s Awl blade: iron, 64 BoTD - 60c Butchering knife blade: steel, 66 BoTD - 66c steel, 69 BoTD - 69c Carving knife: iron, 26 ql, 68 BoTD - 60c Clay: 40 ql, 73 BoTD - 70c 40 ql, 78 BoTD - 75c Clay shaper: oadkenwood, 13 ql, 61 BoTD - 61c oadkenwood, 13 ql, 91 BoTD - 2.5s Dredge: 70 ql, 71 BoTD - 1s 85 ql, 85 BoTD - 2.6s File: iron, 70 ql, 62 BoTD - 90с iron, 70 ql, 70 BoTD - 1s File blades: iron, 73 BoTD - 70c iron, 74 BoTD - 70c iron, 75 BoTD - 70c Grindstone: 9 ql, 63 BoTD - 60c 9 ql, 69 BoTD - 65c 8 ql, 95 BoTD - 3s Grooming brush: oakenwood, 13 ql, 76 BoTD - 70с oakenwood, 13 ql, 102 BoTD - 7s Hammer: iron, 70 ql, 71 BoTD - 1s iron, 90 ql, 91 BoTD - 4.5s Hatchet: steel, 1 ql, 64 BoTD - 60c steel, 90 ql, 93 BoTD - 5.5s Hatchet heads: steel, 63 BoTD - 60c steel, 71 BoTD - 70c Knife: steel, 19 ql, 61 BoTD - 60c steel, 70 ql, 64 BoTD - 1s steel, 19 ql, 68 BoTD - 68c steel, 19 ql, 78 BoTD - 75c steel, 80 ql, 82 BoTD - 2s steel, 18 ql, 84 BoTD - 1.3s iron, 90 ql, 94 BoTD - 5s Large anvil: iron, 85 ql, 85 BoTD - 4.6s steel, 85 ql, 95 BoTD - 6.2s Leather knife: iron, 81 ql, 74 BoTD - 1.2s iron, 90 ql, 83 BoTD - 2.3s Leather knife blades: iron, 68 BoTD - 60c iron, 70 BoTD - 70c iron, 77 BoTD - 75c iron, 85 BoTD - 1.6s Lump: iron, 60 BoTD - 60с iron, 71 BoTD - 70с steel, 67 BoTD - 65c steel, 77 BoTD - 70с silver, 63 BoTD - 60c silver, 67 BoTD - 65c gold, 61 BoTD - 60c gold, 79 BoTD - 75c Mallet: oakenwood, 20ql, 74 BoTD - 70c Mallet heads: oakenwood, 65 BoTD - 60c oakenwood, 80 BoTD - 90c oakenwood, 87 BoTD - 1.8s Metal brush: steel, 5 ql, 63 BoTD - 60c steel, 70 ql, 69 BoTD - 1s steel, 5 ql, 72 BoTD - 70c iron, 88 ql, 76 BoTD - 1.7s Needle: iron, 5 ql, 60 BoTD - 60c iron, 5 ql, 76 BoTD - 75c iron, 3 ql, 80 BoTD - 90c Pelt: 100 ql, 61 BoTD - 1s 100 ql, 71 BoTD - 1.1s 100 ql, 79 BoTD - 1.2s 100 ql, 87 BoTD - 2s Pickaxe: steel, 20 ql, 68 BoTD - 60c steel, 90 ql, 95 BoTD - 5.7s Pickaxe heads: iron, 61 BoTD - 60c iron, 70 BoTD - 70c iron, 75 BoTD - 75c iron, 78 BoTD - 78c Rake: iron, 70 ql, 61 BoTD - 90c steel, 50 ql, 78 BoTD - 78c steel, 80 ql, 96 BoTD - 4.5s Rake blades: iron, 63 BoTD - 63c steel, 66 BoTD - 66c steel, 71 BoTD - 70c steel, 73 BoTD - 73c steel, 80 BoTD - 90c Rope tools: oakenwood, 23 ql, 69 BoTD - 69c oakenwood, 18 ql, 75 BoTD - 75c oakenwood, 1 ql, 80 BoTD - 90c oakenwood, 24 ql, 82 BoTD - 1s Saw: iron, 23 ql, 61 BoTD - 60c steel, 70 ql, 65 BoTD - 1s 5c Shovel: steel, 70 ql, 66 BoTD - 1s steel, 70 ql, 73 BoTD - 1.1s steel, 85 ql, 85 BoTD - 3.1s Shovel blades: steel, 69 BoTD - 65c steel, 70 BoTD - 70c steel, 77 BoTD - 75c steel, 101 BoTD - 5.5s Sickle: steel, 1ql, 87 BoTD - 1.8s steel, 73ql, 71 BoTD - 1.1s Sickle blades: steel, 66 BoTD - 60c steel, 74 BoTD - 70c steel, 85 BoTD - 1.6s Small anvil: iron, 70 ql, 69 BoTD - 95c iron, 70 ql, 72 BoTD - 1s Spatula: oakenwood, 13 ql, 63 BoTD - 63c Spindle: oakenwood, 13 ql, 89 BoTD - 2s oakenwood, 13 ql, 97 BoTD - 3.5s Staff: silver, 30 ql, 68 LT - 1s Stone chisel: steel, 2 ql, 64 BoTD - 60c steel, 70 ql, 69 BoTD - 1s steel, 80 ql, 83 BoTD - 2.3s iron, 80 ql, 89 BoTD - 2.5s Stone chisel blades: steel, 63 BoTD - 63c steel, 70 BoTD - 70c steel, 77 BoTD - 75c steel, 80 BoTD - 90c steel, 84 BoTD - 1.3s Trowel: iron, 70 ql, 74 BoTD - 1s steel, 70 ql, 77 BoTD - 1.1s Trowel blades: steel, 64 BoTD - 64c steel, 71 BoTD - 70c Whetstones: 95 ql, 64 BoTD - 60c 95 ql, 67 BoTD - 65c
  8. Blessings of the Dark, or BOTD, is a medium-to-high favor enchantment that functions as an equivalent cast of both Wind of Ages and Circle of Cunning. For example, a BOTD99 mallet would reduce an improvement timer to 6 seconds, while giving as much skill as ~12 seconds, exactly like WOA99 and COC99. All items are provided AS IS and their QL does not factor into pricing, but the tools are generally maintained around QL20. Being a priest-focused shop, the majority of these tools are around creation quality and have only had enchanting work done on them. Should the item's QL be factored into its price, it will be listed alongside enchant power. To save space, our current stock is listed offsite in a raw text file. If you don’t see a tool with the right enchant power on it for you, feel free to ask, and we can likely enchant an item of equal or greater value for you. Pre-enchanted Stock is listed here: Custom Enchanting Custom enchanting is when you ask us to enchant an item of yours (e.g. a rare pickaxe that you provide) to a specified minimum cast power. If the final enchant winds up being higher than what you request, such as getting 90 when you asked for 80, you only pay for the power that you initially requested. 75+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 20c 80+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 30c 85+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 40c 90+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 80c 95+ BOTD/LT/ED/Venom: 1s 20c Aura of Shared Pain and Web Armour are available as well, for half the prices listed above. Bloodthirst enchants are available, for the low price of FREE. Just pay the 2c total mailing cost to send and receive the item, and I'll "seed" BT on any weapon you want. Bulk Purchase Discount If you order five items, the cost of your order is reduced by 10%. This increases by a further 2% per item, maxing out the discount at 20%. Bulk purchase discounts are only for prefab items out of our stock, not custom enchanting. Contact We can be PMed directly on the forums or ingame, character name of Asheram. If Asheram is offline, you can try Noizhead or Melody.
  9. South Land Located in Harmony T15, if it's BlackSmithing, I can do it [23:37:22] Blacksmithing increased to 99 Cavemannn's BlackSmithing services: Blacksmithing Tools and Prices: High Quality Enchanted Items for sale: Medium Quality Enchanted Items for sale: Low Quality Enchanted Items for sale:
  10. Black Friday Sales! Active now, until december the 2nd 2019, the annual Black Friday weekend sales are back! Check the website for the various discounts, discounts are valid on stock items only. If it's sold, its sold !!!Location Change!!! The shop has moved from the forums to our own website Https:// Updates! (November 28, 2019) - With one of the new updates came the new journal rewards, also a line for the priests. One of the rewards for those is a +5 in casting power and we now have the ability to cast the already known casts upto 109 cast power!! Have look inside for new superfancy stuff with some incredible casts (more to come soon) - Another change that was made was how the color runes work, the rune now gets a RGB value upon creation (which can be found by examining the rune) So you can tell upfront which color your item will be! To make your new color search even easier I've added a feature to the website that actually shows you a cell in the table with the actual color the rune will give! - Also tons of new stuff has been added and discounts on different sections may pop on and off at any moment, so make sure you keep an eye on it all - Over 350 new skillers added! - New Rift drops section added! - Juices and beverages section added! - Odds & Ends section added!
  11. Currently have a handful of tools and a weapon that I no longer have need of. Iron Longsword, 65.96ql w/ Animal Demise, Nimbleness 98, Frostbrand 61, Circle of Cunning 97 - 4s Iron Pickaxe, 65.44ql w/ Wind of Ages 45 - 30c Steel Pickaxe, 44.95ql w/ Wind of Ages 72, Circle of Cunning 67 - 1s Oakenwood Rope Tool, 84.29ql w/ Wind of Ages 100 - 5s Iron Saw, 37.5ql w/ Wind of Ages 42 - 30c Oakenwood Spindle, 66.52 ql w/ Wind of Ages 75, Circle of Cunning 49 - 1.2s Offers also considered within reason.
  12. Hello wurmians! I hope someone will be interested in my stuff... Rare 25c, supreme lumps 1s: Thanks!
  13. Calico Merchant Sales Please stop by and visit us at K21 on Indy Self service horse sales some breeding pairs available 3 speeds w/o the water trait 4 speeds with Misc or Combat traits Occasionally cattle and white/black/grey sheep with output traits Draft Bison and horses are coming soon I am currently working on horses to list here but until then we have some in the sale pens on deed and are taking offers on the following items: White dotted flowers x20 @ 18c each sprouts/seedlings available at current market price 91, 85 &84 ql forges available, Floor looms, spinning wheels and rope tools available will update items asap. More items located on the two merchants on Calico Harbor Deed PM offers in game to Kielynna or Kaitlin Or you can leave an offer here if we're not online (warning: I dont always check the forums when in game)
  14. WELCOME TO Take a look around and if you have any questions send a forum message or PM Burdok in-game. *** VANITY/EVENT ITEMS & DECORATIONS *** *** WEAPONS & ARMOR *** *** TOOLS *** *** SACABLES *** *** SERVICES ***
  15. Recent move so bulk orders will often be made upon request so please allow some extra time for the order to fill. Metal bulk items Blacksmithing imps (for now iron only unless metal is provided) Chain Armor imps CoD item with your name and desired QL to Fhinnion. CoD bulk orders on paper or post below.
  16. STEP RIGHT UP FOLKS, STEP RIGHT UP! today you will be bidding on a supreme iron stone chisel of 93ql Starting bid: 35 s Increment (minimum): 2 s Reserve: no Buyout: no Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted good luck and let the bidding begin!
  17. Please close. Thank you.
  18. Starting bid: 20s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not Accepted
  19. Please close.
  20. Misc. Items

    Will the tool pitchfork be added to Misc. Items skills list at all? I just noticed it wasn't there.
  21. Cape Nevermore is a private farm near the Isle of Unicorns at N-19. While it is not a public location, we have a great vendor in Sonata, and can send things via courier as well. Check out our wares. If you'd like something sent to you instead of picking it up, please contact Siminary or Reaperith Cape Nevermore Market Vendor Locations Sonata Ironhaven Farm Market (O-19) Delivery by mail or Wagoneer Pick-up at Cape Nevermore (N-19), Sonata, or Encore Discount on multiple items Buyer pays delivery charge included in grand total price. IRONHAVEN FARM MARKET (Look for the big pasture of Unicorns. We're not on the highway yet. It's slow going. Will trade labor for goods) Purchase key for container or stall from the vendor. Use key to open the container to take the items from it into your own (You may take the crates with you or empty them after unlocking) Drop used key into bucket in front of vendor. Items available at Ironhaven Farm Market (O-19) Animals Available Items available in Sonata Items available but not on a vendor (CAN BE MAILED. PM SIMINARY): MTO: Made to Order
  22. Hello, and welcome to the Imperial March Galleria. We are an alliance group that resides on Harmony (R14, R15, R16) along the north coast of the southern most peninsula. In our alliance we have had many specialties and hobbies grow into impressive skills that we wish to share with the rest of the Wurm community. We strive to bring you excellent customer service and fair prices for our goods and services. Never hesitate to reach out to any of our vendors. If there's a service we don't provide ourselves, we are always happy to give you a recommendation to vendors we have personally used and trust to fulfill any order you have. HELL HORSE PADDOCK Mankypurple – Harmony: Imperial Bay (NW corner of Grid R15) SELF SERVICE NOT YET AVAILABLE, BUT IS COMING VERY, VERY SOON 1 SPEED HELL HORSES 2 SPEED HELL HORSE 3 SPEED HELL HORSE 4 SPEED HELL HORSE THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT HELL HORSES DO NOT NEED TO BE TAMED TO HITCH OR LEAD DO NOT ATTACK WHEN HITCHED TO HITCHING POST DO NEED TO BE TAMED TO RIDE (65 TAMING AND 31 BC TO RIDE) TEMPLARS WILL ATTACK THEM UNTIL BRANDED TEMPLARS DO NOT ATTACK IF BRANDED NOR ATTACK OFFSPRING OF BRANDED PARENTS CAN PUT HORSESHOES ON THEM TO INCREASE SPEEDS ARE 5km/h TIMES FASTER THEN REGULAR HORSES, SIMILARILY TRAITED AND SPEED TRAITS ARE ACTIVE MORE OFTEN MOLTEN COLORED HELL HORSES, LIKE EBONY BLACK HORSES, HAVE A NATURAL SPEED BONUS OF 2.5% OVER OTHER COLORED BREEDS. ENCHANTED FORGE WEREFERRET IS THE MAN FOR YOUR METALURGY NEEDS. HE SPECIALIZES WITH STEEL, BUT CAN WORK ANY METAL YOU DESIRE. *IF WEREFERRET IS OFFLINE, MANKYPURPLE CAN TAKE AND SHIP ORDERS AS NEEDED* Imperial Bay (NW corner of Grid R15) ENCHANTED SMALL AXE, SILVER, 71Q - 63 NIM, 67 LT, 63 COC, 60 MS - 6S PICKAXE, IRON 74Q - 64 COC - 1.5S PICKAXE, IRON 30Q - 50 COC - 1S MALLET, OAK 70Q - 43 COC - 1S NOT ENCHANTED CHAINMAIL SET, IRON 70QL -4S CHAINMAIL SET, IRON, 40QL - 2S CHAINMAIL SET, IRON, 40QL - 2S PLATE ARMOR SET, IRON, 35QL - 3S PLATE ARMOR SET, IRON, 35QL - 3S AWL, IRON, 50QL - 1S AXE, IRON, 50QL - 1S *5 AVAILABLE* AXE, SILVER, 50QL - 1S *2 AVAILABLE* BRANDING IRON, STEEL, 50QL - 1.5S BUTCHERING KNIFE, STEEL, 50QL - 1.5S CARVING KNIFE, IRON, 50QL, -1S CARVING KNIFE, STEEL, 50QL - 1S CLAY SHAPER, OAK, 50QL - 1S FILE, IRON 50-58QL, -1S *3 AVAILABLE* FILE, STEEL, 50QL - 1.5S HAMMER, IRON 50QL/X1 AT 70QL - 1S/2S *4 AT 50QL AVAILABLE* HAMMER, STEEL, 50QL -1.5S HUGE AXE, STEEL, 50QL - 4S KNIFE, IRON 50QL - 1S LARGE MAUL, IRON, 50QL - 2S *2 AVAILABLE* LEATHER KNIFE, IRON, 50QL - 1S LEGGAT, BIRCH, 50QL - 1S LONGSWORD, IRON, 50QL - 1.5S *3 AVAILABLE* MALLET, OAK, 50QL - 1S *5 AVAILABLE* MAUL, IRON, 50QL - 1.25S METAL TORCH, IRON, 50QL - 1.25S *80QL ANY COLOR PAINT AVAILABLE/ X3 AVAILABLE* NEEDLE, IRON 50QL - 1S PICKAXE, IRON, 50QL - 1S *2 AVAILABLE* ROPE TOOL, BIRCH, 50QL - 1S *5 AVAILABLE* SAW, IRON, 50QL - 1S *3 AVAILABLE* SCISSORS, IRON 50QL - 1S *2 AVAILABLE* SCYTHE, IRON, 50QL - 1S SHOVEL, IRON 50QL - 1S *3 AVAILABLE* SICKLE, IRON 50QL - 1S SPATULA, OAK, 50QL - 1S SPEAR, IRON, 50 QL - 1S *2 AVAILABLE* STONE CHISEL, IRON, 50QL - 1S *3 AVAILABLE* STONE CHISEL, STEEL, 50QL - 1.5S TACKLE BOX, IRON, 50QL - 1.5S *2 VAILABLE* DYES Mankypurple - Imperial Bay (NW corner of Grid R15) Please feel free to message me dye requests. I am capable of bulk orders. Please utilize this link: - for a tool to find your self an RBG code that appeals to you. I can make your dye based on that code. I will also send a screenshot sample of the color you picked on similar type of material to ensure your satisfaction. I only sell in multiples of 1kg. No partials. *DUE TO SHROTAGE IN MATERIALS, I AM UNABLE TO MAKE BLACK AT THE MOMENT. APOLOGIES FOR ANY ORDER DELAYS* *LOWEST QL WILL HAVE A FEINT SHADE/VERY MINOR CHANGES IN COLOR OF ITEM IT IS APPLIED ON* 0-10ql: 5 copper per kg *THE FOLLOWING WILL HAVE ADEQUATE SATURATION AND LOOK OK ON CLOTH ITEMS* 11-20ql: 7 copper per kg 21-30ql: 10 copper per kg * FROM HERE, DYE WILL LOOK GOOD ON WOODEN ITEMS AND ADEQUATE ON METAL ITEMS.* 31-40ql: 20 copper per kg / 10 copper per kg on orders over 10KG. 41-50ql: 25 copper per kg / 15 copper per kg on orders over 10KG. 51-60ql: 30 copper per kg / 20 copper per kg on orders over 10KG. *FROM HERE, STONE AND LEATHER WILL TAKE THE COLOR NICELY. SADDLES WILL TAKE ON A VELVETY LOOK AND BE DARKER AND RICHER LOOKING* 61-70ql: 35 copper per kg / 25 copper per kg on orders over 10KG. 71-80ql: 40 copper per kg / 30 copper per kg on orders over 10KG. FROM HERE, ALL ITEMS PAINTED WILL BE VIVID AND OUTSTANDING IN APPEARANCE* 81ql+: 60 copper per kg / 50 copper per kg on orders over 10KG. Walls take 1kg each Full suits of clothing takes 1kg Corbita takes 63kg for hull and 19 for sails Knarr takes 170kg for hull and 51kg for sails Large cart takes 15kg 1kg of dye will paint 25 lanterns/10 street lamps Mail boxes take 4kg Leather Working COMING SOON
  23. Hello, I am a highly skilled blacksmith who would like to offer his services. Maximun quality is 95. I also can deliver Shields in decent quality up to 95. You can also get a good ql Compass and Whetstones see below for prices. Contact me in game for blacksmithing services (/tell Scharly<Message>) or send me a message on the forum or write me a message on discord: Scharly#5002 I will also improve your Tool to your desired quality. I will send the tools via COD. Click here for a list of Blacksmithing tools i can make for you. Tools: 50ql tools - 25c 70ql tools - 35c 80ql tools - 65c 90ql tools – 1.7s Horse Shoes: A full set: 50ql - 60c 70ql - 80c 80ql - 2s 90ql - 5s Large Anvil: 90ql - 2.5s Large Shield: 90ql - 3s 80ql - 1s Medium/small Shield: 90ql - 2.5s 80ql - 1s Whetstone: 90ql - 50c 95ql - 1s Compass: 70+ql - 5s 60+ql - 2s 40+ql - 1s
  24. Tools (not large anvil) Includes price for imping to the same ql. 90ql - 90c 91ql - 1s 95ql - 4s Large anvil 80ql - 90c 90ql - 1s25c Special combo prices large + small anvil (90ql) - 1s75c Iron 90ql - 1s/100kg 92ql - 2s/100kg 95ql - 4s/100kg Bulk prices Iron 1k - 2s Zinc 1k - 2s Copper 1k -2s Bulk materials will be packed in either large crates or one bsb. Price per bsb: 10c Prize per large crate: 5c Note that not all ships can load a bsb, they may need a rune. You can of course bring your own containers. Items can be sent via cod or picked up at Magrathea Inc (Deliverance M8)
  25. Welcome to New Age Blacksmith + Lumps Service Welcome to the Metal Workshop We specialize in Blacksmith + Lumps Blacksmith Skill at 99.46 Mining up to 99 QL Platesmith Skill at 92.4 Finecarp Skill at 92.5 Jewelry Smith at 91.7 Stonecutting at 91 Privite Message Oversixiii Will take payment in Sleep Powder as well Today's special Items in stock Hammers 80QL for 60c Horse shoe 80QL for 60c Whetstones 97QL for 150c Blacksmith Tools Awl, Hammer, Hatchet, Leather knife, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Scissors, Shovel, Stone chisel 70+QL : 35c 80+QL : 65c 85+QL : 1s 90+QL : 1.75s 93+QL : 4s 95+QL : 6s Fork, Knife, Lantern, Metal brush, Needle, Small anvil, Spoon, Trowel, File 70+QL - 40c, 80+QL - 1s 85+QL - 1.5s 90+QL - 2s 93+QL - 5s 95+QL - 7s Mining Ores Iron Lumps 50+QL 64kg 25c In stock 60+QL 64kg 40c In stock 70+QL 64kg 50c In stock 80+QL 64kg 60c In stock 90+QL 64kg 1s In stock 95+QL 64kg 2s In Stock 96+QL 64KG 2.5s In Stock 97+QL 64KG 3s In Stock 98+QL 64KG 3.5s In Stock 99+QL 64KG 4s Coming soon Silver Lumps 50+QL 6,4kg 50c In stock 60+QL 6,4kg 60c In stock 70+QL 6,4kg 75c In stock 80+QL 6,4kg 1s In stock 90+QL 6,4kg 1.5s In stock 92.5QL6,4kg 2.25s 95+QL 6.4kg 3s 96+QL 6.4kg 3.75s 97+QL 6.4kg 4.5s 98+QL 6.4kg 5.25s 99+QL 6.4kg 6s Platesmith Steel sets 70+QL : 9s 80+QL : 12s 85+QL : Coming soon 90+QL: Coming soon Note: Will do your Moonmetals Your welcome To Privite Message Oversixiii Place ur order on forum Thanks Enchants, Weapons, Tools, and more have a look at this shop