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Found 82 results

  1. Goritschitzen Farm Market Located @ T18 on Melody FREE Delivery on some orders! Crops 90-95ql 95-98ql 1s/k 1.25s/k Cabbage 4k 1k Carrots 4k 9k Corn 3k 7k Cotton 1k 3k Cucumber 4k 2k Garlic 9k 10k Lettuce 4k 4k Onion 5k 7k Pea Pods 6k 8k Potato 3k 1k Pumpkin 2k 6k Strawberry Sold Out 5k Tomato 8k 12k Wemp Sold Out Sold Out Grains 90-95ql 95-98ql 1s/k 1.25s/k Barley Sold Out 6k Oats 2k 3k Rye Sold Out 8k Wheat Sold Out 10k Delivery to Cadence or Harmony under 5k - 2s, 5k - 9.9k - 1s, 10k+ FREE Delivery on Melody - FREE Leave a post here or contact Tukodama in game.
  2. Now trading for dirt PM me to organise something 99.35ql Cotton x 2500 99.30ql Carrot x 5500 99.33ql Tomato x 15,100 99.35ql Pumpkin x 8000 99.33ql Cabbage x 11,500 99.35ql Wheat x 8000 99.36ql Oats x 14,000 99.28ql Garlic x 4600 99.33ql Potato x 2100 99.28ql Onion x 3000 99.35ql Cucumber x 9000 99.36ql Barley x 5000 99.32ql Lettuce x 5000
  3. The Gilded Thread BLENDALYN Located at: T20 Solatis Gateway Market Southern border of CADENCE Ship and Wagoneer access I can: Mail to you COD Ship to you COD by Wagoneer on Cadence Sell from my Merchant Store onsite Take orders Many items are available either In-Store or by Mail. Cloth and Leather items can be made to order. Farm Produce and Wool and Dye can be ordered. QL Silver Mail Fee CLOTHING BLACK BELTED VEST 60 0.30 (Mail or Store) 0.01 BLACK BELTED VEST 60 0.30 (Mail or Store) 0.01 BLACK BELTED VEST 60 0.30 (Mail or Store) 0.01 BLACK CLOTH PANTS 60 0.30 (Mail or Store) 0.01 BLACK CLOTH PANTS 60 0.30 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Cap 50 0.10 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Jacket 50 0.20 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Sleeve 50 0.20 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Sleeve 50 0.20 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Pants 50 0.20 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Boots 50 0.20 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Boots 50 0.20 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Glove 50 0.20 (Mail or Store) 0.01 Red Leather Glove 50 0.20 (Mail or Store) 0.01 OTHER CLOTH DYEABLE CLOTH BARDING 60 1.75 (Mail or Store) 0.01 FINE MEDITATION RUG 50 0.45 (Mail or Store) 0.01 FINE MEDITATION RUG 50 0.45 (Mail or Store) 0.01 FINE MEDITATION RUG 50 0.45 (Mail or Store) 0.01 KINGDOM TABARD 50 0.20 (Mail or Store) 0.01 KINGDOM TABARD 50 0.20 (Mail or Store) 0.01 TAPESTRY-ROCKCLIFF 50 1.75 (IN Store Only) Carpets made to Order ??? ??? (Mail or Store) 0.01 COTTON SQUARES X 50 60 0.15 (Mail or Store) 0.03 SAILS TRIANGULAR SAIL 60 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 TRIANGULAR SAIL 60 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 TRIANGULAR SAIL 60 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 TRIANGULAR SAIL 60 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 TRIANGULAR SAIL 60 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SMALL SQUARE SAIL 50 0.45 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SMALL SQUARE SAIL 50 0.45 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SMALL SQUARE SAIL 50 0.45 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SMALL SQUARE SAIL 50 0.45 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SMALL SQUARE SAIL 50 0.45 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SADDLES SADDLE 50 0.40 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SADDLE 50 0.40 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SADDLE 50 0.40 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SADDLE 60 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 SADDLE 60 0.50 (Mail or Store) 0.01 DYES CQ Blue 73 73 182 27.82 1.50 (Mail or Store) 0.04 CQ Red 182 73 73 27.49 1.50 (Mail or Store) 0.04 ANIMAL RUGS Brown Bear Rug 48 0.07 (Mail or Store) 0.01 FARM PRODUCE Large Crate 50-60+ .45 (WAGONER or PICKUP) Small Crate 50-60+ .25 (WAGONER or PICKUP) COTTON & WOOL Large Crate 40 .20 (WAGONER or PICKUP) Large Crate 50 .25 (WAGONER or PICKUP) Large Crate 60 .30 (WAGONER or PICKUP) Small Crate 40 .10 (WAGONER or PICKUP) Small Crate 50 .12 (WAGONER or PICKUP) Small Crate 60 .15 (WAGONER or PICKUP)
  4. Short introduction IGN: Ayelle Server: Candance IG City: Ironwood Playtime: GMT+2 (17.00 - 23.00) Goal Cloth Tailoring 100 ofc! Progress: [17:38:59] Cloth tailoring increased by 0,0019 to 75,0195 LFW part Look we all know that cloth tailoring is nothing intresting in terms of items. But we also know that everyone is looking for some rare, suprime, fanstastic parts right? Well, if this is the case or you need other tailoring needs, hit me up! Either here, or IG, or follow the google docs linked below! This can be anything from a "fishing request for a specific rare" to an order for meditation rugs. Price list [WIP - making alot of PC's around to form a "list"] Links - TO THE FORM! - WHAT CAN I CRAFT? -
  5. Screenshot updated after every harvest or transaction. I sell by the large crate-load. One large crate can hold 300 items. Price is 30c per 300 items. I cover the delivery cost and the crates. Wagoner delivery on Xanadu only. However for big orders valued at 4s or more I can find the time to sail to other freedom servers. In this case, free delivery and free crates as usual. Send me a forum PM or reply to this post if you're interested. My in-game name is Blakd but I am not online so much any more, except to farm.
  6. There's an extra space before the full stop, it's more noticeable in the event window. [06:25:33] You start to work with the spindle on the cotton .
  7. Hi every one! Long time no see, I know... Lets leave that, and focus on post I require the following: All of it crated in large cedarwood crates. -1k Cotton, ql above 90 -1k clay, ql above 60 -1k Sand, ql above 60 -1k Planks, ql above 70, can be mixed type, with at least 150 cedar planks -1k wemp, ql above 70 -1k barley, rye(50/50) Also looking for additional Large Crates made of cedar. Ql irrelevant. PM me asap. The deal goes to fastest, not the cheapest. Stay safe and see you soon in Wurm. Jimbean, Solitary Reminescence
  8. Currently at 87 farming skill. Selling bulk veggies 2s/k. Bulk wemp & cotton 4s/k. Want something specific? Tell me what to plant. 1 or 2 Chef packs still available 2.2s. PM Briars in game or respond here.
  9. Send offers to Bosslady ingame or comment here,whatever. All must go. Pickup for bulks and non-mailables at Inde M25, NO DELIVERY
  10. CLOSE

    LOT 1: Overview of what you get: 13k reed 1.9k acorns 4k wemp 15k mushrooms 5k cotton Total:39k Starting bid: 9 silver Minimum increments: 50c No reserve LOT 2: Overview of what you get: 23k fruit 51k meat 3.4k flour 1.7k eyes 19k rice 4.7 k veg Total: 102k Starting bid: 30 silver Minimum increments: 1s No reserve LOT 3: Overview of what you get: 12k eyes 1.4k cheese 5k hearts 1.9k rice 400 eggs 1.8 fruit 2.7k spices 6k meat Total: 32k Starting bid: 10 silver Minimum increments: 1s No reserve Sniper protection for all: 1 hour SPECIFY WHICH LOT YOU ARE BIDDING ON AND THE AMOUNT YOU ARE OFFERING IN THE COMMENTS.
  11. Welcome to Inner Sea Sanctuary Selfservice Market on Indy Jane Doe is waiting to serve you at her market stall. The market is at my dock so close to water for easy access with boat, but here is also easy access by foot or use of cart or wagon, on the nice highways leading here. In game map cords is L/M 14/15 or by use of web-map Inner Sea Sanctuary 27 x 36 y Selfservice of bulksale: Updated contain of FSB/BSB And lowerd the price Buy key to the fsb/bsb you want from merchant Jane Doe then go to the fsb/bsb and load up your bought crops. (Since the fsb/bsb aint loadable for you, you need your own containers or something else to load it in) Sold out! Welcome by and shop Maiya
  12. Welcome to The best Market in Deliverance:) Asgarnia Home of the White Knights City of Falador! Here you can buy all sorts of things from Produce to Services and more ~~PRODUCE~~ Item / Current Stock / Prices ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small Barrel of Milk - 7 - 20copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small Barrel of Honey - 1 - 25copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meat - 1000 - 50copper (QL dependant ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~MATERIALS~~ Item / Price per 1000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rock Shards - 1silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stone Bricks - 2Silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SandStone Shards - 80copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SandStone Bricks - 2Silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cotton - 90copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~ANIMAL PARTS~~ Item / Price per 1000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wool - 80copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eyes - 1silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~WEAPONS~~ - Imps Price Dependant on current QL and Item / metal Type ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imps to 70+QL - iron / steel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knives to 70+QL - iron 15copper/steel 25copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1h Weapons to 70+QL - iron 25copper/steel 35copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2h Weapons to 70+QL - iron 30copper/steel 40copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~ENCHANTS~~ - Enchant Price Dependant on Power of Cast Not Responsible for shatters of under 80QL items ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animal Demise ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monster Demise ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nimbleness ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FrostBrand ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aura of Shared Pain ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Circle of Cunning ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wind of Ages ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mend ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opulance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are located on the coast of deliverance. we offer free shipping to any coast and will also take in orders for wanted items.
  13. My farm is at Inner Sea Sanctuary 27 x 36 y on Indy or L/M 14 / 15 ingame map I'm selling in bulk. Delivering is FREE on Freedoms servers except Chaos. To nearest coast, not inland. For Chaos residents the delivery will be at at Delis west coast. (unless other agreements) After your order is ready to be delivered I will post you "something" for payment, as soon as I got the payment for the order I will start sail to you. Unless you got a fsb/bsb on your deed, that you give me permission to drop in I will place one of my own fsb/bsb, and then change ownership over to you. I will then post you the key to the lock used. (That wont cost extra for you, I said Free delivery didn't I ) When ordering please write: The server you are on The coordinates of the location you want the delivery at The name of your deed (if you have one, or nearest one) Don't forget to tell me your In game name too Smallest accepted order is 5 silver Mix as you like, Price : 1 S/K Currently total stock: Pumpkin Ql 0 Onions Ql 0 Potatoes Ql 0 Garlic Ql 0 Cabbage Ql 0 Carrot Ql 0 Cucumber Ql 0 Letuce Ql 0 Pea pod Ql 0 Sugar Beet Ql 100 0 Tomato Ql 0 Oat Ql 0 Wheat Ql 0 Barley Ql 0 Corn Ql 0 Rye Ql 0 Rice Ql 100 0 Strawberry Ql 0 Cotton Ql 0 Reed Ql 0 Wemp Ql 0 Welcome with your order Maiya Made reservation: ....................................................................................
  14. 24s for all 2781 wood 5370 cotton 1747 wemp plants 1702 wool 2236 dirt 3536 marble shards 6830 mix ore 1696 hide + MORE
  15. Hey, all. New guy here. I'm working on my farm with a focus on wemp and cotton, which I could sell by themselves or as rope and cloth. Is there a market for these in real USD? I know wemp is hard to find foraging, so I figure there would be a demand for it. As well as for cotton as bandages. I'm trying to find the most in-demand crop to sell for real currency.
  16. WTB cotton coc 90+ / ql 95+ i can spend for this 50c / 75c
  17. Brewery Hill Produce Pristine All produce is priced at 1s/1k. Will provide a better price for bulk orders. Order requests also available. Produce Quantity Quality Cotton 4 94 1 93 1 95 Wemp 3 94 Cabbage 1 92 Carrot 2 95 Pumpkin 1 91 Sugarbeet 1 91 Tomato 1 92 Corn 1 95 Cucumber 1 95 Free delivery for orders over 3k to coastlines of any PvE server. Pickup can be arranged from Pristine. Smaller quantity deliveries can also be arranged. PM here or to Aussiemel ingame.
  18. Hi! So I just made it and want to sell Auction end in 1 day or buyout Starting bid: 50c Increment: 50c Buyout: 2s Thanks!
  19. WTS 3x shoulder pads - small, cotton 25ql 1s - double, cotton 50ql 1.5s - ribboned 50ql 2s If you're interested in buying please pm me here. Malajane
  20. Please note: Post your bids in the forum. No PMs please. 31.84QL rare meditation rug, cotton This thin, colorful rug provides some comfort as you sit on it but its main purpose is to create a meditation zone where your mind can relax. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a string of cloth. Starting bid: 5 silver 0 copper Minimum increment: 50 copper No reserve No buyout Sniper protection: 1 hour Mail fee included: What you bid is what you pay
  21. 6k 86ql cotton, packed in 20 lg crates. Only 6k at once. Pricing follows: crate swap - 4s with crates - 6s delivery fee - 1s I live in Damine's Port, which is located on Xanadu, K8. Former West Harbour on the community map. Post here or PM me here or ingame. sold for 7s with crates and delivery
  22. WTB cotton, quality does not matter. Up to 500. Must be delivered to k8 Xanadu coast or k10 (easy trip from Linton) PM Aryana or Izzzy in game. Ty
  23. 99+QL Wemp / Veggies / Cotton SHOP !!! Current Avaible Stock: ~~~> AUTO UPDATED IMAGE <~~~ (So you just have to bookmark the image to see the stock live) ~~~> TEXT VERSION <~~~ 10k Onions - 99.95 QL - Price: 9s Orders Status: OFF - Not taking new orders for now Pick Up & Delivery Instructions: PickUp: Very easy ! Come at the location below (Indy 6x60y), buy a key at merchant, unlock the related FSB/BSB, load all on your boat and sail back to your home ! We can arrange a time for the pickup and then, i can remove the key from the merchant to reserve, waiting you to come. (old deed names around but the location is correct) (and if possible, drop key+lock on dock and don't take the FSB/BSB, thank you ) Delivery: I can deliver sometimes, but most of time im busy with orders but you can ask me here on Forum or ingame ("Syhl" or "Peresyhl" chars). There are few rules: 1) Prices won't be PickUp Price but 1s / 1k regular prices 2) I deliver only on coast with direct access to deep water : * Independence / Deliverance / Exodus / Celebration without any delivery fees ! * Chaos (but on Deliverance side, we can meet at border on water with boats) * I RARELY deliver Xanadu, but you can ask or cross Xanadu >> Inde border and i can deliver there * I NEVER deliver Pristine / Release 3) I deliver the area you tell me to, i plant the FSB/BSB, unload all into it, lock and COD you the key but: - If you had to be online but you aren't, COD fee will be paid by you - If you hadn't to be online COD fee will be paid by me Avaible Tokens: Thanks to an advice of a nice customer coming from Chaos, without money for pickup payment on him, here is the list of the nearest avaible tokens from the port. So you can withdraw money from your bank there safely: Large Version Reserve & Offline Reserved PickUp service: You can ask me via PM or here on this thread to reserve something from the shop. For example, you can't come to pickup in next couple days or you fear someone buy it before you come to pickup. I will remove the key unlocking the BSB/FSB you want from the shop and reserve it for you. But ! Like you probably, i have deeds and upkeep to pay so i can't reserve it for a looong time because i have things to pay with the shop income. Due to that i can't reserve stuff for more than 15 days after those 15days i will put back the key to the shop, free to be bought by others. I purpose too an Offline Reserved PickUp service! Details will be explained by PM to the buyer, but you will be able to PickUp anytime you want a reserved stuff. So i don't have to be online for you to be able to make your reserved PickUp ! No timezone problems anymore Thank you all for reading !
  24. No questions asked. Doesn't need casts or ql (just a bonus if they have either), can collect coastal, pm prices and details of location
  25. Wtb 6k 90QL cotton and 1 k garlic on deli if possible