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Found 72 results

  1. Welcome to Inner Sea Sanctuary Selfservice Market on Indy Jane Doe is waiting to serve you at her market stall. The market is at my dock so close to water for easy access with boat, but here is also easy access by foot or use of cart or wagon, on the nice highways leading here. In game map cords is L/M 14/15 or by use of web-map Inner Sea Sanctuary 27 x 36 y Selfservice of bulksale: Updated contain of FSB/BSB And lowerd the price Buy key to the fsb/bsb you want from merchant Jane Doe then go to the fsb/bsb and load up your bought crops. (Since the fsb/bsb aint loadable for you, you need your own containers or something else to load it in) FSB2 Garlic Ql:99,77 10000 5,00 silver FSB3 Garlic Ql:99,77 10000 5,00 silver FSB4 Garlic Ql:99,77 10000 5,00 silver FSB5 Potato Ql:100 1863 0,93 silver FSB6 Pumpkin Ql:100 7581 3,79 silver FSB8 Lettuce Ql:99,82 8754 4,38 silver FSB9 Tomato Ql:100 7220 3,61 silver FSB10 Tomato Ql:100 7220 3,61 silver FSB11 PeaPod Ql:100 6949 3,48 silver FSB12 Garlic Ql:99,77 10000 5,00 silver FSB13 Cucumber Ql:100 5685 2,84 silver FSB14 Cucumber Ql:100 5685 2,84 silver FSB17 Rice Ql:100 9025 4,51 silver FSB18 Rice Ql:100 9025 4,51 silver FSB19 SugarBeet Ql:100 6768 3,38 silver FSB20 SugarBeet Ql:100 6768 3,38 silver FSB21 Cabbage Ql:99,94 5369 2,69 silver FSB22 Cabbage Ql:99,94 5370 2,69 silver FSB23 Oat Ql:100 5054 2,53 silver FSB24 Wheat Ql:100 1985 0,99 Silver FSB25 Barley Ql:100 6227 3,11 Silver FSB26 Rye Ql:100 6137 3,07 Silver FSB27 Rice Ql:99,98 7040 3,52 Silver BSB3 Cotton Ql:100 1534 0,77 Silver BSB4 Cotton Ql:100 1533 0,77 Silver BSB6 ReedPlants Ql: 100 4512 2,26 Silver Welcome by and shop Maiya
  2. My farm is at Inner Sea Sanctuary 27 x 36 y on Indy or L/M 14 / 15 ingame map I'm selling in bulk. Delivering is FREE on Freedoms servers except Chaos. To nearest coast, not inland. For Chaos residents the delivery will be at at Delis west coast. (unless other agreements) After your order is ready to be delivered I will post you "something" for payment, as soon as I got the payment for the order I will start sail to you. Unless you got a fsb/bsb on your deed, that you give me permission to drop in I will place one of my own fsb/bsb, and then change ownership over to you. I will then post you the key to the lock used. (That wont cost extra for you, I said Free delivery didn't I ) When ordering please write: The server you are on The coordinates of the location you want the delivery at The name of your deed (if you have one, or nearest one) Don't forget to tell me your In game name too Smallest accepted order is 5 silver Mix as you like, Price : 1 S/K buy 10 k 0,90/k buy 15 k - 0,85/k buy 20 k 0,80/k buy 25 k 0,75/k Currently total stock: Pumpkin Ql 100 7581 Onions Potatoes Potatoes Ql 100 1863 Garlic Ql 99,77 368703 Cabbage Ql 99,94 10739 Carrot Cucumber Ql 100 11370 Letuce Ql 99,82 8754 Pea pod Ql 100 6949 Pea pod Ql 99,80 1000 Sugar Beet Ql 100 13536 Tomato Ql 100 14440 Oat Ql 100 5054 Wheat Ql 100 1985 Barley Ql 100 6227 Corn Ql 100 4873 Rye Ql 100 6137 Rice Ql 99,98 7040 Rice Ql 100 18050 Strawberry Ql 99,80 2166 Cotton Ql 100 3067 Reed Ql 99,92 4512 Wemp Welcome with your order Maiya Made reservation: ....................................................................................
  3. Muse's Crops and Materials at Southport U18 Deli (U18 in game map, or on the Deliverance community map) For those of you who have asked to see my stock list, here it is. (All items and prices subject to availability and may change without notice) Please PM me in game (Muse) for all items. Thanks Swap-shop! Currently accepting the following in exchange or part exchange for items! - Currently offering the following items in exchange for above swaps or coins! - Buying bulk food ingredients items information - please read Forage and Botanise Only Items HIGH QL Herbs and Spices HIGH QL Veggies / New and traditional Food Crops HIGH QL Cereals and Rice *SEED PRICES LOWERED!* SEED QL Crops and Herbs - ALL just 50c/k-60c/k Berries, Fruit and Nuts Flowers and other Cooking Ingredients Cotton, Wemp and Reeds BULK Bush and Tree Sprouts and Trellis Seedlings 99+ql Woad, Acorns and Dyes Farm Shop - Bee Wax, Paper/Papyrus,Milk, Honey, Ale, Maple Sap, Lye and other Liquids in Barrels Dead Things - and NEW! Creepy Things! Recipes to order Empty Containers Wool, Cotton String, Cloth Squares Shipbuilding, Tailoring, Crafted items - Sails Sacrificial (Saccing) Rares and Supremes Metal Ore and Lumps - 99+ql Iron Bulk Building and Crafting Materials, Ash, Tar, Charcoal and Clay Archaeology Wood Types - Branches, Shafts, Pegs, Tenons, Arrowshafts and Woodscraps Vehicles - Boats Livestock - *NEW COLOUR* from just 50c! (and original colour) Horses, Bison, Rams and Sheep The Archaeology RARES Merchant Statue, Statuette and Mask Archaeology Fragments Mailed Items: Fast 99 cast - extra LARGE Runed Public Mailbox Southport is an active public market with 20+ merchants selling goods ranging from rare items to cheerful bargains - several 'Copper' shops asking just 1c per item! Visiting? Tar and Clay are FREE to dig and take away here at Southport U18 Deli - DIY - help yourself! We have a comfortable clubhouse with FREE beds and most altars. Epic portal. For your use - *Silent* discreet Public Wagoner - feel free to use him! - just make yourself a wagoner container and you can send goods from your chosen waystone to any player on Deliverance. Look forward to seeing you soon. ᚛ᚋᚒᚄᚓ᚜ M U S E (in Ogham script)

    24s for all 2781 wood 5370 cotton 1747 wemp plants 1702 wool 2236 dirt 3536 marble shards 6830 mix ore 1696 hide + MORE
  5. Hey, all. New guy here. I'm working on my farm with a focus on wemp and cotton, which I could sell by themselves or as rope and cloth. Is there a market for these in real USD? I know wemp is hard to find foraging, so I figure there would be a demand for it. As well as for cotton as bandages. I'm trying to find the most in-demand crop to sell for real currency.
  6. WTB Cotton with COC90+

    WTB cotton coc 90+ / ql 95+ i can spend for this 50c / 75c
  7. Brewery Hill Produce

    Brewery Hill Produce Pristine All produce is priced at 1s/1k. Will provide a better price for bulk orders. Order requests also available. Produce Quantity Quality Cotton 4 94 1 93 1 95 Wemp 3 94 Cabbage 1 92 Carrot 2 95 Pumpkin 1 91 Sugarbeet 1 91 Tomato 1 92 Corn 1 95 Cucumber 1 95 Free delivery for orders over 3k to coastlines of any PvE server. Pickup can be arranged from Pristine. Smaller quantity deliveries can also be arranged. PM here or to Aussiemel ingame.
  8. WTA Supreme Square piece of cloth

    Hi! So I just made it and want to sell Auction end in 1 day or buyout Starting bid: 50c Increment: 50c Buyout: 2s Thanks!
  9. WTS shoulder pads

    WTS 3x shoulder pads - small, cotton 25ql 1s - double, cotton 50ql 1.5s - ribboned 50ql 2s If you're interested in buying please pm me here. Malajane
  10. Please note: Post your bids in the forum. No PMs please. 31.84QL rare meditation rug, cotton This thin, colorful rug provides some comfort as you sit on it but its main purpose is to create a meditation zone where your mind can relax. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a string of cloth. Starting bid: 5 silver 0 copper Minimum increment: 50 copper No reserve No buyout Sniper protection: 1 hour Mail fee included: What you bid is what you pay
  11. [SOLD] WTS 6k cotton 86ql

    6k 86ql cotton, packed in 20 lg crates. Only 6k at once. Pricing follows: crate swap - 4s with crates - 6s delivery fee - 1s I live in Damine's Port, which is located on Xanadu, K8. Former West Harbour on the community map. Post here or PM me here or ingame. sold for 7s with crates and delivery
  12. WTB Cotton

    WTB cotton, quality does not matter. Up to 500. Must be delivered to k8 Xanadu coast or k10 (easy trip from Linton) PM Aryana or Izzzy in game. Ty
  13. 99+QL Wemp / Veggies / Cotton SHOP !!! Current Avaible Stock: ~~~> AUTO UPDATED IMAGE <~~~ (So you just have to bookmark the image to see the stock live) ~~~> TEXT VERSION <~~~ 10k Onions - 99.95 QL - Price: 9s Orders Status: OFF - Not taking new orders for now Pick Up & Delivery Instructions: PickUp: Very easy ! Come at the location below (Indy 6x60y), buy a key at merchant, unlock the related FSB/BSB, load all on your boat and sail back to your home ! We can arrange a time for the pickup and then, i can remove the key from the merchant to reserve, waiting you to come. (old deed names around but the location is correct) (and if possible, drop key+lock on dock and don't take the FSB/BSB, thank you ) Delivery: I can deliver sometimes, but most of time im busy with orders but you can ask me here on Forum or ingame ("Syhl" or "Peresyhl" chars). There are few rules: 1) Prices won't be PickUp Price but 1s / 1k regular prices 2) I deliver only on coast with direct access to deep water : * Independence / Deliverance / Exodus / Celebration without any delivery fees ! * Chaos (but on Deliverance side, we can meet at border on water with boats) * I RARELY deliver Xanadu, but you can ask or cross Xanadu >> Inde border and i can deliver there * I NEVER deliver Pristine / Release 3) I deliver the area you tell me to, i plant the FSB/BSB, unload all into it, lock and COD you the key but: - If you had to be online but you aren't, COD fee will be paid by you - If you hadn't to be online COD fee will be paid by me Avaible Tokens: Thanks to an advice of a nice customer coming from Chaos, without money for pickup payment on him, here is the list of the nearest avaible tokens from the port. So you can withdraw money from your bank there safely: Large Version Reserve & Offline Reserved PickUp service: You can ask me via PM or here on this thread to reserve something from the shop. For example, you can't come to pickup in next couple days or you fear someone buy it before you come to pickup. I will remove the key unlocking the BSB/FSB you want from the shop and reserve it for you. But ! Like you probably, i have deeds and upkeep to pay so i can't reserve it for a looong time because i have things to pay with the shop income. Due to that i can't reserve stuff for more than 15 days after those 15days i will put back the key to the shop, free to be bought by others. I purpose too an Offline Reserved PickUp service! Details will be explained by PM to the buyer, but you will be able to PickUp anytime you want a reserved stuff. So i don't have to be online for you to be able to make your reserved PickUp ! No timezone problems anymore Thank you all for reading !
  14. Wtb rare loom

    No questions asked. Doesn't need casts or ql (just a bonus if they have either), can collect coastal, pm prices and details of location
  15. Wtb cotton and garlic

    Wtb 6k 90QL cotton and 1 k garlic on deli if possible
  16. Consumables: I have quite a stock of mixed 90+-quality food and consumables: Current stocks: onions 7k; pumpkins 5k; potatoes 4k; corn 6k; garlic 4k and strawberries 1k.... cotton 2k; wemp 4k. These are available at 60 copper per 1k (i.e. 6s per mixed 10,000). Buyer collects, I do not deliver (very sorry), hence the cheaper price. We produce about 5k a week. Ships, bows and arrows: Also Caravel 12s (ready), Knarr 9s (2 days off), Cog 6s (1 week off), Corbita 3s (ready). Arrows for 1s: 200 at 52-ql or 100 at 75-ql Bows 80-ql: 20c Full set of 70-ql studded leather, plain leather or cotton armour 1s. We are located at the address below (Sandie World) or at the lakeside at 39x 34y (Sand Castle). Diddy & Sandie
  17. Hello, I would like to sell: Veggies (1k=1s) Barley 65QL (1k) Onions 57QL (1k) Wheat 59QL (1k) Corn 66QL (1k) Potatoes 67QL (1k) Wemp 58QL (1k) Cotton 55QL (1k) 2k Stone Bricks 20QL, 2s/1k 2l Source Liquid 98QL (1s/l) Delivery to coast for all PVE servers.
  18. Want to unload 1252 high QL cotton. 861 90ql 391 80ql 1s/1k or 1c each. Sale: 92c for the whole lot. Delivery Fees from Xanadu: West Side Xan and corresponding servers = 1.5s East Side Xan, Pristine, & Release = 1s Wonder where you are? No delivery to Chaos
  19. Looking to sell some animal parts and cotton. Pickup is necesarry from the coast of SE Xanadu (M23). The Goods: 1507x Cooked meat @ 36ql = 1.5s 477x Cotton @ 40ql = 30c Not sure what the animal parts are worth so just offer me something if you are interested.
  20. Cleaning up my deed and I have some things for Sale potions of mining 74.67ql - 3s potions of mining 46.02ql - 3s potions of carpendry 56.64ql - 2s potions of carpendry 23.19ql- 2s potions of weaponsmithing 46.78ql- 1s potions of weaponsmithing 14.53ql- 1s Seryll lump at 83.48 ql - 3s seyrll plate vambrace 26.11ql - 1s All the above can be mailed for cod cost the seryll lumps will have to mailed in a satchel so the cod cost will be doubled. All will be mailed from Deli. I can also make arrangements to meet somewhere on deli to sell the items above to avoid the cod costs. All items Im selling below can be delievered for free but only to deli. I can make arrangements to meet somewhere on deli for the sale. Message me in game to make arrangements Sanrina 5k total Charcoal 40.08ql - 1s per 1k 6k total Ash 33.53ql - 1s per 1k 100 concrete 23.50ql - 1s per 100 (Pending sale) 1k cotton 90.67al - 1s per 1k (Pending sale) 4k Wemp Fibre ( This is in Fibre not plants still can be used for Cordage) 90.22 ql - 1s per 1k Sprouts are sold 50c per 100 except oak and willow which is sold 1s per 100. Apple - 300 in stock Birch - 600 in stock Camilla - 700 in stock ( will produce medium size hedges) Cedar - 400 in stock Cherry - 400 in stock Chestnut - 200 in stock Fir - 100 in stock Grape - 700 in stock Lavender - 600 in stock (will produce short hedges) Lemon - 600 in stock Linden - 100 in stock Maple - 500 in stock Oak - 300 in stock Oleanders - 400 in stock Olive - 300 in stock Pine - 600 in stock Rose - 700 in stock Walnut - 200 in stock Willow - 100 in stock 4k Bunches of Mixed grass - 1s per 1k 1k Bunches of Thatch - 1s per 1k
  21. Wemp: 2.4 k @ 61.34 ql for 1 .2 s Cotton: 1.4 k @ 52.07 ql for 70 c Corn: 6.7 k @ 73.44 ql for 3.3 s Potato: 2.2 k @ 64 ql for 1.1 s Pick up only Location: Xanandu (R15) on the map (near starter town Lormere ) In-game name : Greminz

    WTT 3SP to 3k Cotton (Ql doesnt matter) 1SP to 1k wemp (ql doesnt matter) Near Linton Please
  23. 4 Sleep powers in total 3 Sleep Powder = 3 thousand cotton (Quality doesn't matter) 1 Sleep Powder = 1 thousand wemp (Quality doesn't matter) Prefer close to linton
  24. WTS Cotton [SW Xan]

    Selling various lots of cotton ranging from 72+ql (lowest) to 95+ql (highest) All orders will get 50% lower ql and 50% higher ql (so that no one gets the bad ql alone ) Pick up at Q11 on Xanadu - reachable by all means of transport Price 1s/1k Whole lot: 5k cotton Minimum order: 500 If you take all - 4.5s Please post here or PM me if you want the whole lot Thor
  25. WTS vegetable

    Karvajtanya (Xanadu) vendor Onto an order cultivate ql76 1K/1s: Rye, wheat, strawberry cotton, wemp, pumpkin, corn, potatoes. Growing time 3K/week (If you need it faster, we have to talk), ryce 1-2K/week, reeds 500/week Now stroed vegetable: 2K rye, 1K Strawberry The customer is transport until that of his harbours. (1-1,5s)