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  1. +1 omg yes, I've been trying to disintegrate a reinforced off-deed wall and have dozens of "successful failures" I'm just about to give up. also, is there any actual way to see what power the cast is?
  2. Completed and mailed
  3. Just finished testing a 70ql, 80ql, and 90ql copper still, fueled each with 1 log. Quality apparently makes no difference, each still lasted close to 2 hours and 20 minutes before giving the "fire is fading" message and each produced the same amount of rum ~0.9kgs I know this may not be a bug, but could maybe be looked into.
  4. I maek chain
  5. Cladding Requires 10 Bricks (Sandstone, Rounded Stone, Slate, Marble, Stone) and 10 Mortar. Requires an activated trowel and right-clicking on a reinforced cave wall to start. You don't need the materials in your inventory to start the cladding, but will need them in your inventory to actually build it. To remove the clad, activate a crowbar and right-click the clad wall. From Left to Right: Marble, Rounded Stone, and Sandstone Cladding. this is the only picture I have, I removed these clad walls after I took the pic.
  6. Awesome job guys! This has been in game for a month and there's no page on it.
  7. bump
  8. damn, I was gonna say that...
  9. Gold Chain Set - 7s obo Rare Chain Pants 87ql - 2.5s Rare Chain Pants 94ql 71aosp - 3.5s Bronze Barding - 1.5s
  10. Couldn't you just roll back the update and implement each one at a time until you figure out which one screwed up mines?
  11. cod the small anvil 95coc to KyleBooze
  12. Maybe Rolf doesn't want a lawsuit for someone dying at their keyboard because they played for a week straight... Some articles:
  13. The problem seems to be that the fatigue timer doesn't regen fast enough for people who grind skills with long timers. Honestly, I don't think I've ever hit the fatigue timer, but I can see it being possible. You people that do hit the fatigue timer... just wow...
  14. Maybe have fatigue reset after 6 hrs of ingame sleep? This would be a decent amount of time to let the human behind the monitor to rest. Just a suggestion.
  15. I was thinking about this. This is a great idea too, for instanced events and such, I don't see why it's not used more often.