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Found 67 results

  1. Now located at Antidote To Meaning, S14 Cadence,3554 Leather Working: Ships (81ql with lead anchor): Full metal statuetes 50c each: i will mail them in 12+1 pieces, you finish it with your signature. Full Masks 1s Each: Full small statues 2s each( i send all pieces combined except 1 so you can finish it with your signature)
  2. Warning : Does not work properly. Upon restart of the server, It seems to have a problem loading the enchanted boats and anyone trying to re log near them can not move. Even with the mod disabled. Potentially no longer true as for version 0.02 of this mod (but only tested by me...) see below Albibak's voodoo factory almost proudly present Spirit Crew Mod ! My first attempt at modding Wurm and also at coding for almost 10 years. It's a shameless rip off BagOfHolding by Ago and was more a learning session than a project but I figure people playing solo or in small groups could use a way to make big ships faster move. The mod add a spell called spiritcrew to priests of the 4 deities. This spell can be cast on boats to add a virtual crew ( it works like rare boats shadow passengers but is more powerful). It should add a virtual crew member for every then point of power of the enchant.(I ll probably change that later but I dont get the mechanics of power yet). The enchant should be permanent and can only be replaced by a better one. Code-wise, I override calculateNewBoatSpeed from Vehicle which is unfortunately called in Creature.sendData so it is not super clean. And it wont get better as I intend to add a spiritwind spell as well. The enchant use the id of "Opulence" so it will be incompatible with any mod that allows to eat boats. You need Ago's Server Mod Loader to run this mod. Download : SpiritCrew on GitHub (modified to v0.02 woohoo) Installation : Download the Extract in mods folder Edit (formerly by Ago) Start server Use in game : Be a priest of any god Equip the statue of your god Right-click boat Select "Spells/SpiritCrew" Succeed or Fail Hope you like it. Albibak PS: Wurmpedia is wrong ql of the ship does have an effect on speed but it is irrelevant compared to the effect of passengers. V0.02 Switched from Opulence's ID to Courier's as a temporary solution to server restart problem. Changed speed formula so that bigger ships can be fully loaded with spirit crew at high power range while keeping it easy to max out smaller ships. Temporarily renounced to the idea of spiritwind because of the aforementioned problem. Pondered about the idea that a ship with both BagOfHolding and SpiritCrew may be overpowered and concluded that it was the point in the first place. Released the monster and went to bed.
  3. A lot more buying and selling from server to server would be going on if say we had a NPC service like the wagoner, we could have a coastal service, say a boat captain who loads up boats for delivery..I know everyone doesn't have a coastal deed but you could let those that do have one and most people have access to could ship it thru the wagoner and it could take it to a dock NPC and transfer it ..Just an idea,
  4. Currently we can use rowboats, sailboats and Knarrs in the water of 5 or more dirts deep, and sow reed and rice in the water of 1 to 4 dirts deep. But maybe it is time for a change? Allowing rice to grow 5 dirts deep and thus sailing across ricefields would add to fun potential and deed design possibilities. It might be not very realistic, and of course Knarr on a rice field... is hilarious, but there're workarounds, i believe. What do you think?
  5. Furl Sails - Set Sails - An on going suggestion since 2013 We are still missing one major game improvement that would add to the realism of our medieval world. Can the Dev's please bring in a speed selection toggle switch for boats and ships, with FURL SAILS and SET SAILS ? FURL SAILS would reduce a boat or ship's speed to 2.5 km/ph so you can maneuver in a tight harbour and dock your boat at the pier or wharf in a Strong Wind or Gale without risking ending up 4 tiles inland in your neighbor's house. SET SAILS would allow a boat of ship move at what ever the wind or passengers rowing will push I along at. Here in PvE folks love to build beautiful things, like a fancy Harbour's or Marina's. But a fancy Harbour or Marina is impossible to use in Strong Winds or in Gale Force winds. The FURL SAILS, SET SAILS speed selection for boats and ships would definitely enhance game play and enjoyment of the game. We are a medieval era game and back in those ancient times, boat and ship captain did FURL SAILS to enter a harbour and SET SAILS after leaving a harbor. Can we please have this ability in Wurm? 80% of the Premium Customer base for WOL are located on the PvE servers, as per the Wurm usage graphs and just then numbers you see of people per server when you log on. Can we ask that you look after us please for a change, with this small but very game enjoyment enhancing improvement. Oh.... and I can imagine that the PvP folks would enjoy it also, would give them a new tactic to use in ship to ship combat. Respectfully submitted for consideration, Hughmongus Co-Administrator of the Albia Roads Map of Indy Edit: 2018-07-21 ... I have re-added this suggestion to the Wurm On Line, User Voice Forum at... Edit: 2019-11-03 ... and it appears that the WurmOnLine User's Voice Forum has been taken down, so I have removed the Link Edit: 2019-12-28 ... A Lovely Christmas Present from the Dev's, Furl Sails - Set Sails has arrived. .......... So to ALL Thank You for your support. Our Six year campaign to get this improvement has been accomplished. .......... Forum Mod's Can now Lock this topic.
  6. This is a very simple idea, so it has probably been suggested before: Boats that are moored in place should have the option to 'Rotate' (This would not defeat the purpose of mooring a boat as this would not include 'Push/Pull') Boats that have been left sticking into the land can be unsightly, and they can badly detract from an otherwise pleasant view. If boats could be rotated after being moored, then not only could the captain more easily control the docking job, but also could any crooked boat be corrected by anyone concerned having to look at it. It is also a very realistic ability to have, because the anchor and mooring rope only secures a single point of the boat (upon which the boat pivots). If an unmoored boat can be freely pushed, then it should be freely rotated when moored. Anyone who does not wish for their boat to rotate would be able to deploy a second mooring anchor to lock the rotation (by securing both ends of the boat).
  7. imagine if you could move around on a corbita and go up and down the ladders to crows nest of cog, caravel lets imagine being able to move around on knarr, for pvp implications... imagine being able to walk around on your caravel and actually crash into an enemy boat without sailing through it. when will this be possible? i think some code from houses / walls/ floors might make this possible. DA
  8. In the past you could easily set your boats and carts for your kingdommates to use by just checking the friends permission, because most people had kingdommates added. This made it easy to have boats available for kingdom access in the case that they're needed for defense or raiding, but now to have boats like that, you need to think up the names of each and every single person in your kingdom, type each of their individual names in manually, and give each and every one of them permissions on the boat. These permissions often wipe when crossing servers on the epic cluster (a common occurrance). Often you forget some names to put on the boat, and when the time comes to get on the boat for pvp, people go "I can't get on, I need permissions!". This is really annoying when you're on a sailboat with kingdommates crossing servers on the epic cluster, and now you're on another server and nobody has access on the boat anymore. Then you have to add each and every person to the boat's permissions by name again. This would be much easier to do if there were a permission option for Kingdom, so that you could check permissions in the kingdom line to give those permissions to all members of your kingdom, rather than having to type in a name and check boxes for each individual character. The kingdom permission option already exists for houses, please add it for boats and carts as well.
  9. Getting tired of seeing carts, wagons, and boats left haphazardly around coastal areas, or even on-deed? For Carts/Wagons: create a new item or type of tile that can be placed by a deed owner. Drivers of carts can right-click it, select "Park", and the cart will be moved into that area nice and neat and straight, similar to what happens when you hitch horses to carts. For Boats: Create an item (Dock Cleat maybe?) that deed owners can place on tile edges next to water. Boat drivers can right-click the cleat and select "Moor", and the boat will park next to the shore nice and neat (not up on the dock or crashed into shoreline). Deed owners can have settings that specify whether citizens, alliance members, and non-citizens can moor boats on-deed without using the cleats, essentially making deeded areas possibly private docks (but totally up to the deed owner). You could even get crazy and assign cleats/spots to specific people - reserved parking!
  10. So...I read this in patch notes : "Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused you to log in on a vehicle as a commander even though you logged out as passenger." But then I went to login today...and I always log out in my caravel's captain seat....and I logged the top mast passenger position. After the hotfix, I once again, logged in at the top mast passenger position. So, I think someone messed something up with this 'fix'. I should be logging in on captain's spot, and something is going awry.
  11. VISIT OUR NEW LOCATION AT T-13 IN CELEBRATION! WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS! NOW IMPING YOUR BOATS TO 90 QL! Located in Celebration T13, Port Alora houses one of the finest Boat Crafters in the server. Taking boat orders, it is one of the cheapest places to obtain that well polished sailboat with that new boat smell! Master Boatcrafter (Er... Not really, but working on it!) Angelklaine will be there to tend to your boating needs! We offer the best prices on boat pre-orders, with a guaranteed 10% discount from our in-stock prices with your multiple boat preorder! BRING US THE COMPETITION PRICES AND WE WILL BEAT THEIR OFFER!* ~~~~~~~~~ If you need a rowboat or sailboat made, hit me up and I'll make you one to order. i'll throw in a 10% discount if you order more than one boat. Discounts do not apply to boats in stock. Free delivery to all coastal areas. Delivery to Chaos available with certain restrictions and conditions. Contact me for details. Inland deliveries carry a 50c fee. Xanadu interior locations might have extra cost. All boats delivered with its mooring anchor. Boat imped to a minimum 50ql upon crafting. ***WELCOME TO WURM NEW PLAYERS DEAL*** Lacking on silver for your new boat? For a Limited Time, New Players can purchase their first boat by trading the following: 150 Bricks or Mortar or 2 Rare bricks/Mortar = Rowboat 350 Bricks or Mortar or 4 Rare bricks/Mortar = Sailboat Player must be a bonafide new player, with a character less than three (3) months old, and a forum account to match. Player must also be Premium to qualify for this offer. ANY QUALITY MATERIALS! Currently in stock: 2 Rowboat 1 Corbita Rafts Small Crate Large Crate Mooring Anchor Currently In Build (Queue): Nothing! Pricing (Boats sold at 50ql or more) Raft - 10c Rowboat - 60c Sailboat - 1s Corbita - 3s Cog - 4s Knarr - 7.5s Caravel - 10s Ship parts (Varies) Ship Transporter 25c Small Crate - 6c Large Crate - 12c Mooring Anchor - 20c I will also travel and build a boat on your deed if you want it for use on a landlocked lake for example, or deliver one to you via Ship Transporter. Contact me for on site crafting pricing. We also build and deliver ship parts for you to build your own ship. Contact us for a free estimate on an order of ship parts. Delivery fees follow the same as for boat deliveries. ∆NEW! SHIP IMPING SERVICE∆ We are now imping ships upon request. We can imp your boat at our location or travel to yours. Prices are as follows: 1.0-50ql = 50c 51ql-70ql = 1s 71ql-80ql= 1.5s 81ql-90ql=2s We can imp ships at your location for a fee. Travel fees are standard 50c to all coastal areas, or 1s for any non coastal (Interior) except Chaos or Xanadu. For Xanadu interior jobs, contact us for a quote. We do not travel to Chaos for this service. Imping jobs are performed on a first come first serve basis. * Subject to offer review. Must be a valid offer from a verifiable merchant. Some conditions apply. + When sold at full in stock price. Not to be combined with the 10% or 15% offers. Other multiple ships ordered still retain their discount upon preorders.
  12. Hello all, This is Btrod - Mayor and sole citizen of Edgewater. It is on the southeastern coast west of Southport. I have a sailboat and corbita for sale atm. I am building a knar and will be building a cog in the near future. I also have open merchant stall for anyone that would like to place one or two down here. Bryanr/Btrod
  13. I find it to be troublesome that there are so many large carts, wagons and boats littering the place, especially the ones that end up on your deed, and you then can't do anything about them. First off it looks bad, secondly it probably doesn't help server performance. Note that this is mainly about abandoned vehicles. Basically, I would like various vehicles to be removed faster than they are currently, and I have a few ideas about how to do this: Vehicles that belong to players with no active premium decay at accelerated speed. Vehicles that belong to players that have not been online for a month begin to rapidly decay. Vehicles that have not moved in a long time decay at an accelerated speed. Horses attached to wagons/carts will starve/break free if the wagon/cart has not been used for a long time(2-4 weeks?). Vehicles that do not belong to a villager of the deed they are parked on will decay rapidly if they have been there for a set amount of time(1 week?) Boats parked in shallow water take damage at an increasing rate. The above are just ideas, and I think anything that would get rid of these things are a huge improvement, regardless of what that might be(as long as it doesn't force people to repair their vehicles constantly if they are being used). Another acceptable solution would be for locks to decay quickly using any of the above, so that we can at least move the things. Currently on my deed I have a boatload(no pun) of boats, carts, wagons etcetera that are wasting space, probably causing lag and look horrible. I feel it also makes little sense that I can litter other players deeds with boats, large carts and wagons without them being able to do anything about it. I am aware that GM's will currently assist with these issues, however it seems a waste of both their time and the players to assist with such tasks. Noevi
  14. Hello and welcome to GMV Emporium. Crates must be supplied otherwise will be added to the cost: Large Crates 10c ea Small Crates 5c ea Where you can find us. Q10 Xanadu Raw materials: Logs upto 84ql ~ 84c per 100 (10c per 10ql/100) Clay 1s/k Rock shards 1s/k Building supplies: Stone bricks 2s/k Planks 1s/k Mortar 2.5s/k Shaft 1s/k Support beams 4s/100 Wooden beams 1s/300 Smithing: Large nails 15c/100 Small nails 10c/100 Ribbon 1s/200 Fence bars 1s/100 Tools Carpentry - upto 80ql - 60c Fine Carpentry - upto 80ql - 1s Blacksmithing - unavailable - NA Enchantments - 1c per power upto 75 2c per power 76-90 3c per power 91+ Arrows (per quiver) 30ql ~ 45c 40ql ~ 70c 50ql ~ 1s 60ql ~ 1.5s 70ql ~ 2s Arrowshafts 1s per 1k Bowery QL50 ~ 10c QL60 ~ 20c QL70 ~ 50c QL80 ~ 60c QL90 ~ 1.3s Ships Rowboat ~ 50c Sailboat ~ 1s Corbita ~ 5s 7s Cog ~ 7s Knarr ~ 10s Current bulk Stock Enchanted Goods Ropetools Oak - 74ql 63woa 89coc (2s 39c) - 82ql 60woa 64coc (2s 4c) Shovels - 79ql 60woa (1s) - 67ql 58woa (90c) Rares Needle - 49coc - (2s 49c) In game contacts ~ Fireriders Estel Necromancer
  15. There are so many bugs I don't know where to begin. First bug. Boat desync is ###### awful and has been in the game since boats. Boat desync for those that don't know, is when you cross a server on a boat and don't relog afterwards which causes your client side boat position to be incorrect. Enemy boat position can sometimes be up to thirty tiles off and you can still be in combat, its that bad. So now, into the second part. Second, after crossing servers, you must relog because of boat desync. After relogging you are (client side) thrown out of the boat, but really on the server side you're still in the boat. (this probably ties into #3) Third, boat perms are still not fixed. Upon crossing servers we had to disembark and wait for the (same captain) of the boat to fix the settings. Upon recrossing back home we had to jump off (because of bug #1/2) and then again, wait for bug#3 to be fixed by the (same captain) in order for us to get back on the boat.
  16. I've a suggestion for implementing lanterns in trees. This would require light sources to be positioned relative to the local co-ordinates of the tree models. If this is possible, it would also be possible to attach light sources to parts of other moving models, such as boat masts (as suggested by ElvenElder here: Lights could also be attached to swinging shop signs, or a new swinging lantern made if and when our good artist friends have time. Torches could be held in the hands of players too, as well as magic light sources, candles on miners hats, you name it. Just an idea, please add your ideas for local-co-ordinate and model relative light sources. Thanks!
  17. The leading animals needs a small tweek. After loosing horses abd chasing them back down because you fell of your boat on collision glitches etc. And when you remount you loose the leads. Why not make unleading animals a action requirement. Unlead All animals or singles. Im sure im not the only one who has lost a horse or two by remounding you boats forgetting your horses have to be re leaded. Lol then circling then fighting winds trying to grab them back up. Also horses get stuck on building corners often is this supposed to happen I notice other animals will avoid the corners.
  18. Ok, So it has always been a problem to unload ships. Considering this, I think it would be a good idea that the distance from the ship was lengthened so that it was easier to load and unload a ship. Also to make the cart or items visible from a longer distance while on your boat. Not too crazy long but enough that you don't have to park your cart in the water and your boat on the dock. Also make it so you can access your ship hold from anywhere near your ship, not just one or 2 spots. If you are close enough to get an examine menu then you should be close enough to access it.
  19. From the looks of the Independence Community Bridges thread, there seems to be some interest in replacing various boat bridges with real bridges, as well as some disinterest in the idea. Given how well this community voices their opinions, I figured a small poll would do well for this matter and setup a good project thread if a favorable vote ensues. If you are interested or not interested in replacing most of the boat bridges with the new fancy bridges please vote and comment!!! Note: Only the people with ownership permissions would be able to decommission the boat bridges. New bridges wouldn't technically replace boat bridges, they would just add a better travel option. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 05/25/2015 It's time to re-purpose this thread. If you are interested in helping out with a few upcoming bridge projects, please comment here or message me. Our first project will most likely start near Black Dog Isle. If you have any good recommendations for the location, please do share your insight. Also, if you are a native to Black Dog Isle, I would appreciate any scouting information you can give me about what coastal areas are available, if any, for construction and which of your neighbors I should contact to make sure we're all on the same page. So, to summarize, the first order of business is finding the proper location for a bridge from Black Dog Isle to the western coast of the Inner Sea. Once we get that plan rolling, we'll start collecting up the dirt and measuring out the length of the bridge so we can lay the foundations of the support spires. EDIT: With recent events of trolling and unnecessary drama, I have decided it would be best to have this thread locked. Future projects, whether they be bridges or otherwise, will only be discussed with the local/deed owners that it pertains to and the players who are interested in helping with the project. It's unfortunate to make such projects secretive, however due to the amount of people causing problems and drama it is necessary. For all of you who are interested in helping out with group projects, I will be creating a thread to gather your support for future undisclosed endeavors. Thank you for your support and interest in working as a team!
  20. Grandma Ulvi?! Ulviirala entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Ant, week 4 of the starfall of Dancers, 990. [18:51:24] It is 14:51:23 on day of Sleep in week 3 of the starfall of Diamonds in the year of 1049. She's a dancing 59 year old Wurmian, shakin' it, and carrying felled trees on her shoulder with lots of body strength! This is my first try at patching together a merchant ad and trying to come up with fair general prices. Let's see how I do! Ulviirala does live in Ussta Delmah on the Flamgra'in island in the far northeast of Independence. That is C24 on the in-game Map and 59x 4y community map. My timezone is CET/CEST (shiny link!), that's AEST-9, GMT+1, EST+5, PST+8, to list just a few. Due to DST in summer between the ends of March and October, that's AEST-8, GMT+2, EST+6, and PST+9. My in-game hours vary, but you can mostly expect european daytime hours, I do also like the Oxford comma. All items usually come at a little bit higher QL than advertised, sorry about that :/ All items that cannot be mailed via COD can be picked up either at Ussta Delmah (refer to the maps/links above), or if you're on foot, horse, cart, or wagon, I will meet you at the main land near Flamgra'in free of charge (green delivery zone). I can do deliveries, but for the amount of time that sometimes is required, I do charge a delivery fee. If you feel like it's going to cost too much, you will need to look for a merchant closer to you, I'm afraid. They're hiding everywhere though! My charges are as follows, please look at my delivery zones map for reference! And I do hope the numeration helps with colour blindness No delivery to Chaos because I'm a wuss Can be picked up at Ussta Delmah (C24) or Targoviste (E24) (northeast corner)Only coastal deliveries on other servers than IndependenceLand inwards delivery on Independence possible by agreementOrders worth 9s or more - Free delivery#0, Green zone - Free delivery#1, Yellow zone - 20c#2, Orange zone - 40c#3, Red zone - 70c#4, Purple zone - 1s#5, Blue zone - 1.5sTo finish everything up and imp it, the earliest to begin deliver is probably the next day after getting everything up to quality! It's very rare that I have everything and everychar ready to leave on a moment's notice. But if I do, I would. I will dedicate all my attention to your order as soon as it is placed, but it will likely need time to get everything ready. I'd also like to take the liberty to wait for favourable winds/weather, time's better spent productively instead of sailing at less than 2km/h for 12 hours. Please do understand the dilemma of sailing! For every ship* (Corbita and bigger) you buy, you can opt-in for any or all of the following extra items (please state clearly which ones you want, or "all of them", don' t be shy! I want you to have them, but also not shower you in crap you don't feel you need!):One fine fishing rod QL90* with a random circle of cunning enchant20x replacement fishing linesOne small barrel QL70, fitting wood type, because you can barrely reach the ocean ground for drinkingOne small chest QL70, fitting wood type, for all your miscellaneous stuffOne small crate QL70, fitting wood type, contains 50 potatos and kindlingOne iron frying pan QL70, for all your nutrition needs, combine fish with potato5x large crates QL70, fitting wood type, Note: To move them around, you need 23+ body strength to use Load Cargo! Otherwise, just leave them in!* Rowboats and sail boats can come with 80QL fine fishing rods, they cannot fit crates or rafts. Quality levels are mostly for longevity. Imp to at least QL72 - 20c (green delivery zone and pick-up only)Rowboat - 1s*Sailboat - 1.5s*Corbita - 6sCog - 9sKnarr - 14sCaravel - 19sLarge crate or raft - 7.5cSmall crate - 5cParts (unfinished ships, ropes, sails, rigs e.g. by agreement)Free repair and re-imp** of all ships bearing my maker's mark.* Rowboat and sailboat deliveries only to green or yellow zones, or pick-up at Ussta Delmah or soon near FM/Freedom Docks, unless the total order is around 5s or more. ** Whenever I travel and I am in your area, you can get a free repair and re-imp to at least QL72. Or you can visit me at Ussta Delmah on Independence (C24) when I'm home. To see where I am, look at my forum profile feed. I'll try to keep it up to date! If your ship turns rare, congratulations! If your ship turns supreme, I will be slightly jealous of you. If your ship turns fantastic, I will murder you and get stinking rich I will be very happy for you! No, really... I will ask for nothing Since I've been made aware more than once, that the prices I ask for my ships seem to be way too high, I thought I might include some thoughts about my pricing. I know that you often see offers on the forums for much less, Corbitas for 3.5s, Cogs for 4s, Knarrs for 9s, Caravels for 10s. But often, those offers stem from wanting to get rid of something useless, and a lot of the time, delivery is not even an option. You can pick up a ship with anchor, lock, sometimes not even key, at any QL, and that's it. I do not want to be the cheapest dealer around, I do not want to sell as many ships as possible, I don't want to sell them as fast as possible. There's a whole lot more effort going into building a ship than is immediately obvious. If you want to supply yourself you need a farm to begin with. A farm requires a relatively flat piece of land of ample size, depending on your farming skill, to get a reasonable harvest of wemp and cotton. Cotton needs to be spun into string, string needs to be woven into cloth, and then tailored into sails - requiring a decent amount of Cloth Tailoring skill. Wemp needs to be spun into ropes - requiring a decent amount of Ropemaking skill. Although the prices are reasonable enough to buy these resources from a local farmer instead. You will need a couple times more wemp than cotton though. Most importantly, and often underestimated, you will need to maintain a healthy stand of trees. Depending on what ships, and how many ships you want to build, and how often, perhaps even a decently sized forest. Requiring you to pick sprouts regularly and always replant as you cut down and chop up. Having low skill on Forestry and Gardening, does not help your cause here. Once you hit 30 forestry, your hunt for sprouts is becoming heaps easier because of mouse-over information. If you want to train your Woodcutting skill, you will want to only cut down overaged trees! With a CoC enchanted QL1.00 hatchet, you'll do 7 damage per action (sometimes 8 if it's in full repair), enabling you to chop 13-14 times before switching to your high QL hatchet. The latter massively raises your chance of getting a tree QL equal to your woodcutting skill, while the former gets you the most skill points out of it. A very old tree takes 10-11 damage per action, meaning only 4 chops before switching. Besides attaching the parts in excess of thousands for a caravel, you will also need to craft them first, sometimes in multiple steps (tree -> log -> shaft -> peg e.g.). You will also want to spend two or so hours to improve single parts like masts, large and small tackles, or keel sections to 50+. It gives good skillgain and doesn't make you try 500 times trying to attach them later. You will need to find a lead ore vein, mine at least 20 pieces of it, to make an anchor. Ideally, at least I feel like it, you will want to mine more lead to improve the anchor to a decent quality. And cover any losses for failing to create it with low blacksmithing skill. You will also want to have trained some locksmithing, to be able to craft boat locks on large anvils, improving the large anvil further improves your chance at creating. Wurm is not fun creating items at 6% chance! And as the one but the last step, improve the boat. Finally, load everything that comes with it, and go deliver it. Sail hours on end to wherever your customer is, who may be without any boat or ability to pick it up themselves. And don't forget to transfer ownership in the vehicle management settings So, like with most other things, there's initial effort you have to go through. When self-supplying, you need a whole lot of skills, which makes the initial effort sheer gigantic. But building ships requires you to also make a fair amount of continuous effort. Woah! That was a load to chew! Only a few reasons I quickly managed to fathom into words, there's the whole sentimental part as well, but let's not build the wall of text any higher! I'm not yet overly confident to guarantee enchantment strengths, but I think I will be able to cast 70-ish strength spells on items. Seldom 80, but I did have the one and the other 90 lucky cast. Circle of cunning - Increases skill gained on tools and water (Tailoring or Pottery e.g., doesn't work for Blacksmithing) or resources (log, lump, clay e.g.)Wind of ages - Shorter action timers, alike circle of cunningFrostbrand - Weapon enchant, causes additional frost wounds when hittingAura of shared pain - Armour enchant, reflects some of the damage you takeDemise spells - QL70+ weapon enchant, increased hit chance against certain types of creatures. Does not shatter items, (I can't make QL70 weapons yet)Lurker in the deep - Pendulum enchant, enables the pendulum to find special fishing spots Although I'm aiming to be a Mighty Fine Carpenter, I am not one yet.Imping to Quality Levels mentioned below, 10% off the price, as creating items is the smallest portion - imping really takes the majority of time spent on items!If you need imping on stationary items, I'd charge the delivery fee (see above). Alternatively you can Load Cargo what you have, and drop by.Carpentry items QL95 - 2sCarpentry items QL90 - 1sCarpentry items QL80 - 50cCarpentry items QL70 - 30cWoodcutting QL80+ - 1s/100Fine Carpentry items QL80 - 1s (rope tools, looms, spinning wheels, wagons, furniture e.g.)Fine Carpentry items QL70 - 40cMasonry items QL70 - 40cBuilding a guard tower QL70 - 2.5s (one guard per 10QL, but 5 guards max)Leatherworking items QL70 - 30c Exception saddles: 70c Complete set of leather or studded: 1sChain Armour Set QL70 - 1sFarming - QL75+, 80c/kPlate Armour Set ... soonâ„¢Cloth Tailoring ... soonâ„¢Bowyery/Fletching ... soonâ„¢There might be other things I can do for you, for a fair compensation, but do note that I'd prefer to provide finished products rather than churning out raw bulk materials. For example, I can help you create or change digging steep slopes of around 240. Stabbing a band of monsters to death that are bullying you because you can't handle them yet. Odd things. If any questions remain open, feel free to ask them here so everyone can see the answer, via forum PM, or ingame /t Ulviirala at your convenience. Cheers, ~Ulvi
  21. With the new ship models just around the corner, I'd like to launch the USSS Saltywaters (Ulvilicious Special Ship Sale)! All ships can be made to custom order and improved to QL70, all wood types available! Currently maintaining a small stock with capacities to build on demand. All ships come with anchor, lock, and key. The earliest delivery will most likely begin the next day, to allow me to finish everything up and imp it, and will take an unpredictable amount of time due to wind conditions. Please note that wood types with the new ship models are purely sentimental for now, until maybe later some shading will be added to the wood type. Opt-in extras! FREE! For every ship* (Corbita and bigger) you buy, you can opt-in for any or all of the following extra items (just say which ones you want, or all, if any):One fine fishing rod QL90 with a random circle of cunning enchant20x replacement fishing linesOne small barrel QL70, fitting wood type, because you can barrely reach the ocean ground for drinkingOne small chest QL70, fitting wood type, for all your miscellaneous stuffOne small crate QL70, fitting wood type, contains 50 potatos and kindlingOne iron frying pan QL70, for all your nutrition needs, combine fish with potato5x large crates QL70, fitting wood type, Note: To move them around, you need 23+ body strength to use Load Cargo! Otherwise, just leave them in!* Rowboats and sail boats can come with 80QL fine fishing rods, they cannot fit crates or rafts. Prices and stockRowboat (1x) - 1s (Pick-up and green+yellow delivery zones only)Small sailboat (1x) - 1.5s (Pick-up and green+yellow delivery zones only)Corbita (1x) - 6sCog (2x) - 9sKnarr (1x) - 14sCaravel (2x) - 19sLarge crate - 7.5cRaft - 7.5cSmall crate - 5cAttaching the last part yourself, for your signature as the maker name - 1s (pickup only)Everything else - by agreementEUR via PayPal For orders of 5s or more, I will also consider accepting EUR via PayPal at a rate of 1S : 0.9EUR for verified only PayPal accounts if that will be more convenient for you. To check if your account is verified, use this address and add your E-Mail after it: Example: Delivery policy and prices Please have a look at my delivery zones map v2. If you're having colour blindness, I hope the numbers in the outlined zones help!No delivery to Chaos because I'm a wuss Can be picked up at Ussta Delmah (C24) or Targoviste (E24) (northeast corner)Only coastal deliveries on other servers than IndependenceLand inwards delivery on Independence possible by agreementOrders worth 10s or more - Free delivery#0, Green zone - Free delivery#1, Yellow zone - 20c#2, Orange zone - 40c#3, Red zone - 70c#4, Purple zone - 1s#5, Blue zone - 1.5sMy timezone/in-game hours My timezone is Central European Summer Time (CEST), that is UTC+2/EST+6/PST+9/AUS-8 to list just a few. Although I can be a night owl, I usually play during european day time and evening hours. I hope I've covered everything, but if you have questions still, please feel free to ask here or via forum PM at your convenience, or ingame /t Ulviirala. If I don't answer immediately, I might be AFK. Best Regards, ~Ulvi
  22. Greetings! I am currently accepting orders for ship building. Please find below my prices and current stock. All my ships are minimum 50QL, made to order and you can pick the wood type. Please also note that all ships come with anchor and boat lock. Located at 34x, 34y on Deliverance. Prices Rowboat 1s Sail Boat 1.5s Corbita 4.5s Cog 6.5s Knarr 14s Caravel 20s Raft 8c Small Crate 10c Large Crate 15c Currently Available Sailboat Coribita Knarr Caravel Current Project(s) Cog Delivery Deliverance - Free Other - To be negotiated depending on distance Contact PM Krolack in game PM Krolack on forums.
  23. Memor Nostri; Please place your order on the thread or by pm-ing Hailene (Weapon, Shield, Blacksmithing & Chain Smithing) , Ghengizcohen (Leatherworing, ropes and tailoring) , Jaggy (Enchantments) Khrys (Bulk goods), Margus (Boats) and Evening (Crops). Orders can be picked up at X29, Y24 (Ooo) as seen from the Pristine Community Map . Items or materials not listed in the thread might be available, Please contact us for specifics. [10:59:23] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [98] (estimated 3 minutes) Delivery is possible, delivery around Pristine and Release is free of charge. Please contact us with regards to delivery to Xanadu Due to some changes, we are currently working on getting delivery to the other servers We currently have three merchants at Blossom Market (X18, Y29) [Pristine] and one merchant at Opelika Market (E/F 25/26) [Xanadu] Prices for improving weapons or chain pieces : Price of desired QL - Price of Current QL (rounded off to the nearest ten,with at least one level minimum) i.e. improving a 63 ql weapon to 75 ql would be 1.4s - 0.60s = 0.80s Promotions Horseshoes sets (of 4): 75QL - 1.5s 92ql - 7s Alternative forms of payment in terms of mining and weaponsmithing potions are available, please contact Hailene to discuss the specifics. Prices for improving Plate Sets/Carp and Bows : Price of desired QL - Price of Current QL (rounded off to the nearest ten,with at least one level minimum) i.e. improving a avg 63 ql plate set to 80 ql would be 5s - 1.50s = 3.50s Alternative forms of payment in terms of mining and weaponsmithing potions are available, please contact Hailene to discuss the specifics [*] Please note that we are lacking in 92 and 95 QL Wood. Customers are requested to provide the necessary wood for imps [1] Kindly inform us of the desired wood type with your order Prices for improving armors: Prices are per set (8+ pieces): 80QL - 1s 90QL - 2s 95QL - 10s Ropes: Ropes - 1c Mooring Ropes - 10c Thick Ropes - 15c Cordage Ropes - 20c Mooring Anchor – 20c Cloth Tailoring: Satchel - 5c Sheet - 10c Triangular sail - 10c Small square sail - 15c Square sail - 20c Please contact Ghengizcohen to discuss the specifics. [*] Please note that backpacks, birdles and waterskins are made at a default 30QL unless requested otherwise. Custom Enchants are available , Prices starts at 1c per power up till a cast of 79. Any cast beyond 79 would begin at 1s for an 80 power cast and 5c/power subsequently. Please pm us to discuss any cast beyond 90 power. Please note that we will not be responsible for any tools or weapons shattering in a Custom Enchant Order. Please note that all blacksmithing and weaponsmithing we have in stock can be imp'ed up to 92 QL for an additional fee. Core Carpentry tools can also be imp'ed up to 90 QL while Fine Carpentry tools can be imp'ed up to 90QL Below is the list of the enchanted items we currently have in stock : WORK IN PROGRESS Please note that there is no set prep and construction time for our ships and crops, we will try our best to complete your order as soon as possible I am currently looking to purchase rare bones, so part payment of any of the above mentioned boats for a rare bone would be possible. Please contact Margus to discuss the specific. We currently do not have an active farmer in the alliance. As such we are unable to accept any custom crops orders. Please check what we have currently in stock for a gauge of any available crops. Kindly contact Evening for any queries regarding the veggies. Delivery to Pristine is free. Currently in stock: 12,000 Pumpkin - 74ql 4,000 Onion - 76ql 2,000 Garlic - 74+ql Bulk Goods Kindly contact Khrys to discuss the specifics 500 Mortar - 1.5s 500 Stone Bricks - 1s 1000 Nails (Large or Small) - 1.5s 100 Slabs (Marble or Stone) - 1s Lamps Irons Lamps 50/60/70/80/90 QL - 10c/20c/30c/40c/50c/1s Imperial Iron Lamps 50/60/70/80/90 QL- 15c/30c/45c/80c/1.5s .
  24. This game is different things to different people. To me it is a combination of crafting & creativity when it comes to working my deed, and a huge world to explore. The deed part is working for me right now, but the exploration part has died. More often than not there is only some variation of a breeze. To me this equates to going no where. Then if I do happen to catch a time when there is a strong wind or gale, it changes too soon. Either by the time I get loaded and ready to explore, or halfway into my trip, the wind drops to a breeze. All of that to say, please do something with the base speed that ships move. What is the point to having all of this expansive world if it completely sucks to explore it at 4 km/h or less.
  25. Important: To tackle the complex task of commanding a caravel, you need (or your captain, mother, assistant, chauffeur, monkey, bondslave, friend, etc. needs) at least 24 mind logic! tl;dr WTS caravel 16s QL70+, your choice of wood, free coastal delivery (not to Chaos) or pickup at C24 (island)/E24 (Targoviste/main land) on Independence, lock, anchor, some extras (see below). extra large crate or raft 7.5c ea, small crate 5c ea. Other miscellaneous items or tools can be made. Can be finished by buyer if desired (you have to drop by E9 on Indy). Every day a ship rolls off the dry dock at Ussta Delmah, is a special day, in Ulviirala's heart and home. Every sale, in turn, is a special sale as well. Sailing can be arduous, boring, and painfully slow. Yet, it is a very powerful utility for transporting goods, and yourself, where waterways allow. But the real fun is when a gale pushes you forward at over 30km/h! HELL YEAH, HOIST THE ANCHOR! This caravel is hand crafted with only the finest of lovingly crafted parts, and is not only outfitted with the essential lock (any QL for PvE) and anchor, but can possibly be retro-fitted with electrical windows and double-anchors, heated leather seats, stereo, GPS nav system, steering booster, central locking, front- and rear-mounted ballistae, or arrays of cannons... once that stuff has been invented, and implemented into the game I will throw in the following items, of which you can opt-out if you don't want that "crap" or "clutter" in your inventories: QL85 fine fishing rod, willow, enchanted with circle of cunning (68)20x fine fishing line, replacementsQL70 small barrel, oak, for your fresh-water supplyQL70 small chest, oak, for your catch or miscellaneous itemsQL70 small crate, oak, with 100 potatosQL70 frying pan, iron, combine fish + potato for epic winIf you want to take the opportunity to order some other items in one go, we can arrange some of the following with cost (prices by agreement), as *finished or unfinished items:Large crates or rafts, 7.5c eachSmall containers for rafts (satchels, small chests e.g.), price by agreementSmall crates, 5c eachFine carpentry items QL70-80-ish (carts, wagons, furniture e.g.)Carpentry items QL80-ishBlacksmithing, chain armour smithing items QL70-ishMasonry items QL70-ishLeatherworking items QL60-ish* Disclaimer: Large/voluminous items will be transported as unfinished, and finished at site on delivery and improved, which will take time to do so. Naturally, due to the randomness of wind conditions, you will need to have patience for the delivery, and also for the time it takes to craft and improve any extras you might wish to have.