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  1. Auction Over. Sperg has won. (Real Life Happend)
  2. We are in sniper protection and the auction has been extended by 1 hour from Spergs post. (Meaning it ends at 08.23 GMT+1)
  3. Fantastic Lump, Adamantine 96.99ql 0.39kg Starting bid: 3s Increment: 0.5s Sniper Protection: 1hr
  4. Looks good, I might be the odd one out but I like the in world text. Functionality is nice. Really dislike the right click menu icons. Feels plastic and clunky.
  5. I know discussions have gone back and forth about Iron, the metal bonus for iron is 1.0, is there any chance this could have had any unintended effects on Leatherworking?
  6. So do I understand correctly that this will be a public dragon slaying as well, with alts allowed in local?
  7. It's a difficult topic because I feel like as a current player what is good for me and what is good for the game does not align. If it's successful maybe we can hope to get a transfer over to the greener pastures after a few years like the epic guys got. All I know is I'm not grinding body stats and buying 100s of euros of sleep powders again.
  8. Now you're talking retention and strategy where as I was just saying that I doubt the changes they made to the premium cost just now are primarily for the purpose of getting more money out of old players when steam comes. As far as negative prophecy? Mine is that if Steam WO is a success there is zero reason to merge with old WO, it will just sink the fresh economy that does not have the taint of a decade of RMT on it, over night the few thousand players on steam WO would have thei 50-70's skill made completely useless and their ability to craft items drown into the well stocked(over hoarded tbh) current servers. Hoping for a trickle of new players to the old servers from the Steam launch seems like hanging on to hope were it's not reasonable. Why would you start a completely new character on a server where you are so far behind your only means of engaging in the economy for years is making bulk materials? From a PvPer perspective, why go roll against old accounts when you can fight the ones at your own level? I doubt they'll close the old WO, but we might be looking like epic in a few years. Best case I can see from the viewpoint of someone who isn't interested in redoing all the grinding I've done: Steam WO is not a huge success, it's enough of a success that it brings players in to sustain the game for a few years but not successful enough that it makes sense to segregate the playerbase. From a purely egocentric perspective I am not pleased at all about steam servers being segregated but I can also see why it's the only hope they have of being successful.
  9. I doubt the hopes are for the current WO players. But they are more likely to be willing to spend sure, most of them are already payers. Getting someone that paid once to pay again is orders of magnitude more likely than a completely new player. I think steam launch is hoping to bring in new players, not just get a quick buck out of the current dwindling playerbase.
  10. Reason for 2s first month prem was because of the high churn with players once they need to pay, and I believe Rolf talked about increasing the amount of skillpoints allowed on non-prem. Without an alternative you're asking people to spend 7.99 on a F2P game they might have played one evening. For me personally, that is not a problem to fork out, but I've seen a lot of people refusing to fork out at all until they really know they want to play the game. That's why we have these more generous deals for new players typically. I think the 2s alts were not hitting the mark either, the things that a player can realistically do when they first start playing to get 2s are not aligning with what they want to do at all(build first house, start crafting some items). Going out to forage for 5 hours to find 2s is not going to sit well with most new players. Converting Players to Payers is an age old problem in F2P and it doesn't really matter how you slice it, only a fraction of players that try out an F2P game will get over the initial hump of inputting their credit card on a website to spend real money on it. I'm pretty sure that the team is aware of this issue and that their idea is not to make piles of money come out of a new userbase that have no reason to fork out 7.99 to try the game initially.
  11. Golden Mirror

    I completely missed that memo, where was that?
  12. Golden Mirror

    What? Pretty straight forward: You get a currency as reward for being a customer over time. You use the currency to purchase items. The items purchased were then shortly after made available through different means and at much cheaper relative value, so you wonder about a refund. I guess you could compare it to the steam policy that you may refund a game bought just before it goes on sale.
  13. Golden Mirror

    Since the Golden Mirror was just added to traders for 15s, I'm wondering if those of us who spent all our marks on them just a few weeks before this change have some ability to refund this and use the mirror from traders instead, or are we SOL? Morde
  14. The Golden Mirror has been added to traders for 15 silvers. While I really like this change, I feel a bit bad about the 70k marks I spent on these just 1 month before they are added for silver. Is this something that can be refunded?