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  1. Starter Character

    Character was turned into a priest and is no longer for sale.
  2. Wisdom of Vynora cast on blacklighter.

    Is this a known bug?
  3. abnormal high slopes

    This is still possible, bug, exploit or intended?
  4. I had noticed that when trying to cast wisdom of vynora on my main I would get a message like "Vynora would never help an infidel like Morde!", when trying to cast on my Tosiek main. However, in the patch notes from December it says this: Creature enchant spells will no longer give “would never help the infidel” errors when attempting to cast on an allied player following a deity that doesn’t agree with yours. Instead, this error now only occurs when attempting to cast on enemy players This does not seem to agree with what is actually happening, is this a bug?
  5. [No Bug] Demigods and Kingdoms

    Thanks Retro, Smeagain here we go.
  6. [No Bug] Demigods and Kingdoms

    Thanks for your 2 cents, is there any official word on the demigods actually being OK to bring to either kingdom?
  7. It's currently possible to convert to Nahjo while in a Blacklighter kingdom, on chaos. I'm guessing it works for other demigods too. I'm also told that there are Libila priests in Whitelighter kingdoms. I'd like a definite answer on this: Is this an exploit or intended? I'm personally not interested in hearsay, opinons etc.
  8. Yep, same for me Kingdom friend got a meditation tick that did not increase his skill, and set his affinity to 0. I logged out. This needs to be reverted.
  9. Proud Moment For Loink

  10. 5Spd Hell Horses

    Hello, looking to buy 5 speed hell horses. Interested in about 3 breeding pairs(6 horses).
  11. [Fixed] Horse.exe has stopped working.

    Might actually be headbobbing for horses.
  12. [Fixed] Horse.exe has stopped working.

    Just tested without saddle, same thing. RTX2080 gpu.
  13. [Fixed] Horse.exe has stopped working.

    Stable, Modern. Nothing in the console log at all outside of the normal stuff.
  14. Since today's patch, my horses are experiencing technical difficulties.