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  1. Chaos Freedom Portal

    It did not precisely come off as particularly friendly, and could be taken as implying I have brain disease I suppose. It's a pretty minor detail which is why I did not reply to it in the first place.
  2. Chaos Freedom Portal

    I don't disagree with this, I don't have a good enough feel for the community outside of my kingdom to know how they would react to this. I mean are deeds not pretty much way too safe as it is? Can't say I feel very threatened grinding in our capital. The hunting is a good point, perhaps people would just use it as a way to avoid PvP rather than more actively engage in it, that would pretty much do the exact opposite of what the suggestion is intended to do. Do you see any ways of modifying it, or perhaps other ways to get more freedomers to try out chaos?
  3. Chaos Freedom Portal

    No I am not insulting you, I read your message as "I have an opinion, I can't be proven wrong cause it's an opinion.", which warranted replying that it's pretty unproductive to engage in conversation if you have already decided you will never change your opinions. It did not occur to me that you thought of my suggestion as an opinion. I have an opinion that lead to a suggestion, but the suggestion is not an opinion, I'm completely open to there being reasons this is a very bad idea, however I feel that those presented have been offered possible solutions. The opinion would be that Chaos needs something to inject a bit more traffic into the server(that is obviously completely opinion-based, some might prefer it to a bit slower). As for starting turd slinging, you started talking about "don't die of brain disease reading this post" etc, so I think we can just leave it there.
  4. Chaos Freedom Portal

    I'm saying that's a possibility with the system, but you would obviously need to invite them to your kingdom first, so they would have to sail there to be invited, as I wrote in the post they would also need to be in kingdom for a few weeks before the portal can be used(however I did say I don't think this is necessary, just leave it up to the kingdom if they want to trust the mercs.) Basically, you join a kingdom, you build a portal on your freedom deed, then you can use it to travel to your kingdom. Obviously having random people teleport to your deed is not a great idea, that is not what I suggested. It does take me about an hour to sail and travel to chaos to get to our deed, depending on winds obviously, then an hour back, if you got 4 hours after work that's half of it spent on sailing instead of going out roaming with your friends.
  5. Chaos Freedom Portal

    That is also why opinions are just opinions, they hold little value to anyone but the person that holds them. Evidence, logical reasoning and coherent arguments however can sway opinions for those that actually want to develop their value-base, if I am proven wrong or lose an argument, I basically leveled up irl because I learned something, maybe you should premium your irl account instead of staying capped?
  6. Chaos Freedom Portal

    I play in AO. Again, ad hominem is useless for arguments. Instead explain how trust, dedication and teamwork gets eroded by shortening down a 1 hour timer to a 1 minute one?
  7. Chaos Freedom Portal

    Think preventing people from porting over in relation to defense by having someone having been in local of that kingdom recently that "interferes with the portal" would alleviate the problems with people teleporting in to defend. Good idea.
  8. Chaos Freedom Portal

    I see your point about the low commitment but being able to come in to defend deeds that are being raided, and I did think about that when coming up with the suggestion. I think there are ways it can be modified to allow it to fill its intended purpose(increase participation) without it just being a cheesy way to instant-defend deeds, one attempt att helping that issue was to prevent it from being any other deed than your "capital". I think having a longer cooldown would effectively prevent the issue but it would also not solve the same thing the suggestion is trying to solve(reduced friction and barrier of entry). Perhaps there are other ways either by modifying this suggestion, or another one, that we can make it more appealing for those that are on the fence on freedom to try out the PvP server? There is no reason to be so defensive, you have a valid point and it's good enough to state that, no reason for the rest of the attitude or whatever it is, it just makes you look insecure about your criticism. Edit: Feel I should add also that I ask for further development so that I can understand problems with the suggestion that might be apparent to others but not to myself, not so that I can sit here and feel good about myself arguing with complete strangers.
  9. Chaos Freedom Portal

    Care to develop further? I'd like to understand the situation a bit better.
  10. Chaos Freedom Portal

    You can't bring progress back from epic, only from freedom to epic, the transfer window is closed and was a temporary thing allowed as far as I know. Ad hominem arguments are pointless, my level of knowledge has nothing to do with the validity of the suggestion. Epic does not provide the same thing as you can not bring progress back from it, neither materials nor skills. Freedom has been the main meat of this game for the longest time because most players are not interested in PvP. Epic is telling freedomers to leave everything behind and continue without being able to bring that progress back if they change their mind. I proved your point by saying that people who have pve friends can still want to play on a pvp server from time to time? I still like to keep skills from building deeds, going out hunting with kingdom, affinities gained from kills etc. Hell I even grinded my fletching on Chaos.
  11. Chaos Freedom Portal

    It differs quite heaviliy in that it allows people to play on the server where they can bring their progress back and forth, and bring items between their main server(which I guess freedom is for most players), items however need to be brought via sailing. The idea is to lower the friction for going over for a quick pvp skirmish, contesting the HotA, going for a weekend to do a siege, then going back to freedom with the same character and carry on planting flowers. I can only speak for myself but epic is completely irrelevant for me since it means playing in an environment that is sealed off from friends I have on freedom that refuse to play on PvP. I did however join chaos because I can play with both my new found kingdom friends, as well as my good ol' carebear friends
  12. Chaos Freedom Portal

    I think there's a point to this but I'm not entirely sure that it is directly related. Chaos is a part of the freedom cluster, cutting it off from the freedom cluster completely is a complete change in direction from how it has been working for quite some time now, if the vision for chaos is opt-in PvP, which is what it is doing currently, it seems likely that a change like that is more suited for the epic cluster which is already cut off. In what way would it harm the current Chaos experience if people could participate without spending an hour sailing there? Based on your edit I see that your problem is with the Chaos server not so much the suggestion for how to improve it. Carry on.
  13. Chaos Freedom Portal

    Care to develop further?
  14. Chaos seems to be moving quite slowly, and I've been thinking of ways to increase participation in the games opt-in PvP server. One such thought was a chaos <-> freedom portal. Obviously such a portal could be abused in certain ways so I've come up with a few restrictions that might make it a bit less abusable. Can only build 1 per kingdom, and can not be moved easily, might even be a toggle for your "capital" to teleport to its token that can be changed every six months simillar to the name. (to prevent hopping back and forth to freedom to instant-defend a remote deed). Can not bring any items through, you'd have to leave your freedom gear in freedom and vice versa, or sail it as normal(This feature should not be used for trading or safely shipping items). Possibly a cooldown when coming from freedom to chaos(more 1 hour than 1 day) before being able to go back again to prevent using the feature for scouting. Can not be used unless you've been in a kingdom for a set amount of time(2 weeks?), this means you must sail there the first time. (If preventing mercenaries is desired, however I think that's just a sandbox feature). The idea is to lower the barrier of entry for freedom players to participate in PvP, and to enable players that want to do both to participate in PvP more often on weekdays and when limited on time. Few issues that spring to mind: Can hire a group of freedomers as mercs and bring in to attack/defend (provided you equip them, since they can't bring gear), however this seems more like a sandbox element than a problem. Good evening
  15. Starter Character

    Character was turned into a priest and is no longer for sale.