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  1. CoD 1 to Jaghag. Thanks.
  2. Please close. I have bought the other two bl tall banners.
  3. BL Banner found. Still looking for 2 BL Tall Banners. I am willing to pick up or pay extra for delivery.
  4. If the BL Kingdom Banner is still available, please CoD to Margus.
  5. As stated above. I am looking for BL Tall Banners and BL Banners. Please drop me a pm on the forums or in game if you have any for sale. Thank you.
  6. Bump. Rare saddle bought. Still looking for human skull shoulder pads.
  7. Please CoD the Rare knife to Margus. Thank you!
  8. Bump. Now also looking for Human Skull Shoulder Pads.
  9. Bought. Please Close. Thanks!
  10. o/ WKM, CoD the rare bone to Margus please.
  11. I'll be around I can imp Carp, Shipbuilding, Toy-making and Cloth-tailoring I will bring along one of the Vyn Priests that can do the casting. Thanks for hosting the impalong, Shrimpiie
  12. 14s Edit: Not sure If I made it on time lol
  13. Accepted a buyout offer. Thank you everyone for bidding.
  14. up we go