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  1. As stated in the title, I am looking to buy the Medium Wooden Shield skin. Drop me a pm and we can discuss price. Thanks!
  2. As title. Please pm your price. ty!
  3. Bump. Still Looking
  4. Bump. Now also looking for a rare horse statue. Marble if possible, otherwise other materials is fine too.
  5. Bump. Now looking for a Crow Kingdom Banner.
  6. Valhalla Banner found.
  7. Hi, as title states, I am looking for a 90+ Courier Cast in Celebration at around L25-ish. PM me in game at Margus or through the forums and we can discuss the price. Thanks!
  8. Rare Sickle 96n98fb92c92ms to Margus please.
  9. Sad to see your go, Dark. Bump for a great player and account.