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  1. They put too much 'chance' in the info it finds. I'm 42+ now and I only recently found info about 2 deeds. According to wiki, I should've been finding info since I was 30 skill, but for most of that time it just said the original 'there may have been a settlement here' or 'there was nothing here' stuff. Also, it finds so much random stuff that you are unlikely to complete just end up with numerous fragments that all sit somewhere decaying. (At least they adjusted that down a lot...I lost my first few batches to decay.) I am glad they gave us stone chisel ticks with it also. That skill was sorely in need of something that pushed it up.
  2. If you don't know (I didn't, for most of my play time), you can right click where it says 'name' on a menu, and get a 'expand all' or 'collapse all' option. It opens all or closes all + signs in that window. I personally made a comment similar to yours recently and someone told me about it. But yeah, I agree that they need to make some adjustments. Not sure this one would be as helpful though.
  3. When playing around with meals, you have to 'taste' them to check which nutritional 'rung' they are on. There are a few rungs. QL of the food matters somewhat, as does ingredients QL when making it, and skill plays a huge part in finished product. I have noticed that almost all stews fall low - mid range on the nutrition ladder (Effectively making them worthless to make unless you're just starting off/skilling/don't care about your nutrition level) and then bread products often fall one rung short of 'max'. (I'm nearly 71 cooking, 86 HFC, 68 baking, 51+ DFM, 51+ Butchering, 58 beverages) I recently noticed after experimenting with salads (Can be eaten cold) that even nearly 71 QL (They come out at cooking level) don't produce the max rung nutrition (Even with multiple ingredients added...I was experimenting to add more ingredients to my cookbook on salads)...whereas a meal that was heated at around 70 QL would push you over into top rung. I do find it odd that they are purposely making stews which is probably easiest for new folks to make (other than single item breakfasts for skill-gaining) into the thing that will demolish your nutrition and tank your skill gain. If you're going for max nutrition, you want 'It is extremely nutritional'. Yes, heating the food up does matter with some meals too...I've seen them drop a rung when not hot, and go back up when reheated. As a side note, I also recently was crushing and eating my source crystals from years ago, and when crushed they get 99 QL, but eating one bit 10 nutrition off my nutrition bar at the top, it did about 10 for 3 of them, then after it hit 70, it dropped in smaller increments...I had to refresh myself(Path of Love) to recover the eating my 'Extremely nutritional' meal didn't push it back up all the way with just one meal's worth when it had dropped to 62ish even top end nutrition unless maintained with good meals will drop and need a few eating sessions to recover. (Or saccing a rare or getting a refresh)
  4. Is this thread still just being used for Cele only? Or are we allowed to point out how things are going on other servers in here? Because even with this new mob movement stuff, my place down in Xan is STILL dead as a door-nail. Even after that stuff went live on our server, I still haven't seen a single ocean creature. There is an occasional other mob roaming my area that I didn't use to see, but overall, not much changed.
  5. So, this was posted in server bugs, and is also in suggestions which is it? A bug/unintended side-effect? Or just something needing fixed from a suggestion? I was having this problem also, and would like it if they'd adjust the range so it doesn't break due to range, or, maybe they could just make it easier with this suggestion, and we could just easily re-open the saddle-bags. (Though this becomes a bit of a problem when you're leading more than one horse and they stand practically on top of each-other and you can't target one or the other to re-open the saddles...with select bar, you could at least keep one targeted and have the other as an option...maybe...though select bar is tricky/likes to get reset rather maybe this other suggestion would come into you could keep them each selected/have it easily opened.) Lots of suggestions that revolve around the same make it more convenient for people...
  6. I can see both sides of this. It was one heck of a ride to have to run from every little thing as a nooblet, but once I got some training under me, and started being able to handle basics...and work my way through the list of things...I started to learn when to run away and come back to fight another day. Nowadays I can finally kill trolls with a break-off or two to heal up. And I use less than 50 QL weapons as I'm only a 38 weapon-smith. If I had better than 60 QL armor, and a 60 or higher QL weapon, most things in the game would stand no chance, except maybe some of the greenish mobs/champions/uniques. I wouldn't wish trolls, or anything harder on a new player. I remember getting chased down by a 'raging mountain lion' as a noob, that chased me all the way back to the starter town and dying 2 steps away from the spirit templar that was supposed to save me/was running over to do so. Also traveling up a mountainside with random stuff popping out of nowhere attempting to nom on me...usually a hellhound or a spider. Just me and my cart (Which I had to learn quickly to drop and run and leave behind) Even a set of greenish trolls that 2 hit my horse and killed it, and then chased me down and killed me too. Personally, there's still plenty to 'fear' on my end...trolls still give me a good whalloping and hellhound fights can go awry rather easily...since they tear me up so much with their lucky multi-hits. I generally don't even take on most champs unless there's a tower nearby to help out...or I can break away heal up enough. People with fancy enchants and high QL weaponry probably have nothing to fear because they can just slaughter everything in sight...that's why they think there's nothing to be scared of. Because they acquired the best gear they could and everything isn't painful to them anymore...once you have 'top end' gear, what should you fear except community wide event stuff...supposed 'end-game' content. I've run across sea serpents before...seen a person fighting a avatar thrown by one. Watched them hit a building. That's the type of 'fun' to be had with harder stuff like those nogumps I hear (Never seen it in action...) That kind of obnoxious fighting isn't really 'fun' (Trust me, I played LOTRO where they have a woods filled with treants that can do knock-back attacks...and if you get chained into a batch of them they just throw you back and forth and back and forth until you're dead...) Yeah, they could make some more unique mobs, if they sorted out the AI a whole lot better first...but currently they can't even get them to stay in the right zones....(Horses swimming, seals on mountains, spiders in deserts. Sheep drowning themselves...I could keep going..). So yeah, I'd accept a few more challenging mobs...if they fixed a bunch of other things first. But newbies should be protected outright from things of that they will blatantly ignore characters with a below such and such fight skill or something modifier...
  7. As someone working like mad on cooking skills (Almost 71 cooking, 86+ HFC, 51+ DFM, 51+ butchering, 58 beverages, 68 baking), who finally after a long time learned about the 'Expand all'/'Collapse All' options from right clicking menu's...I'm currently spending half my time cntrl + clicking each and every single meal in 3 different ovens full of pottery bowls, and wondering why I can't just 'select all' of the sub-group of items in each bowl and - drag/drop out, or 'discard' (Or pour out, if it is liquid) like in most other games. Why do I have to make 100's of breakfasts, then turn around and click thousands of times to turn around and sacc them to the gods (Essentially using the gods as a toilet bowl) so they aren't sitting around taking awhile to decay? Especially when a day or 4 later, that % healing boost(Managed to get it over 28% healing boost on my deed at one point!) to my deed is just gone...effectively wasting all of that effort...other than skill. That's my most current gripe. Do I want the game to one click anything for putting my items into each of those pottery bowls? It would be lovely, but no, that's not what I'm asking for. I'm asking for the ability to throw away the excess I already did to keep proceeding forward/skilling up/stop wasting my time with 'features' that do nothing BUT waste it. (For example, snowball gathering...which cannot be 'gotten better at'...which requires at least 3-5 trips out of my deed to get a whole larder full of 99 QL snowballs...because you won't just put them at 99 QL for some reason...and like to waste our time for some reason. I'm fine with needing to gather snowballs, but having to gather a batch of 99 QL that'll last through the summer is purely wasting my time I COULD be using to play the game/work on a skill.) I shouldn't need to spend 15 minutes clicking a bunch of stuff to throw it out/trash it all. That's ridiculous.
  8. Not sure if it's related, but I've been bringing animals home from the wilds, and have noticed them waltzing around outside of their pens/like they are roaming around freely through fences...but they aren't getting away. I think it's a graphical glitch due to travel. It's not in caves though. I pondered reporting it, but was like 'eh'...since it's not harming anything/nothing is getting away. When I log back in, those animals I'd put in their cages are just fine where they were put/and aren't roaming like that anymore.
  9. Info you asked for : Location - On a deed in the open. Upkeep - Upkeep is over 200 days. I never let it drop below 30 unless I'm taking a break from the game, in which case my deed collapses and takes it out/highly damages everything on it. These take tiny hits here or there while on deed with upkeep way over 30 days. I've noticed it a few times. It happens to forges and ovens also. I recently made a new forge and imped it to just over 70 because the forge that was sitting on deed(Not one I built.) got enough decay to drop down too far for my satisfaction, and my oven has taken a few minor decay hits so it's dropped below the 70 QL I had it at. (Was built on deed, has also never left.) Portability - My Kiln, Smelter, and Open Fireplace were all built and imped on deed. Have never left/even been loaded. (I just had to hop on to check on whether you even can 'secure' a open fireplace and loaded it/unloaded it because I wasn't getting an that has now been loaded one time.) I have never even lit the open fireplace, so that's not a 'on use' decay. Have used the kiln about 9 times since I made it, vaguely recently (Those large pottery of which bugged out..and a few batches of pottery bowls.). Smelter only used (Not recently) about 3-4 times. Secured/planted - Kiln and Smelter secured. Open fireplace doesn't seem to get a secure option for some reason. (Don't think you can pick these all up so cannot be planted, would have to load to move last I knew. Unless using new place feature which I haven't touched them with.) Already repaired and re-imped them and marked them with re-imp date. All over 70 QL again. (Just barely.)
  10. No, they want you to interact with others. Just because over half of Wurm's population is all 'STAY AWAY FROM ME HUMANS!' doesn't detract from them wanting you to be forced to either make numerous alts or deal with other people who perhaps have the ability you want done in-game, often having to use trade for it. (Thus enhancing the economy.) It was actually an interesting read from a player who's been around for awhile and looking at things glumly/pondering bailing, as many of us are wont to do when the trade dries up. Thing is, people seem to have forgotten what bartering even is. I have a good/service you want, you have a good/service I want, we exchange goods/services, and both are happy. Coin is just used in place of goods often nowadays. I actually went searching for a game with an old MUD style back when I was looking around for a game...and stumbled across Wurm. Because I wanted something with that old text/inventory look. Don't discount the few people who may be interested just because a new generation wants 'nice and shiny'. Eventually nice and shiny gets old because you realize the game-play itself suffers when they focus on making things look's less fun to play. If you're arguing we get rid of it on Wurm, then I stand on the side against you on that front. It's really unique to have a game where your time spent/coin earned has a RL value attached and you can cash out if you find the right buyer, AND it's supported by the devs instead of done in some black market/back alley side trade with bots that produce the coin to sell you and is used to steal your password/steal your account/run your account to produce more coin. I'm rather tired of that type of mentality on games. Keeping it out in the open shines light on it at least, keeps it legit. I like the fact that if I get tired of this game, I can turn around and sell off/get at least a tiny bit of the money I invested back. Oh, you already participated in RMT and are now just bad-mouthing/being hypocritical about it so others can't profit how you did.
  11. That's what the new fix reminds me of, chickens and cows bouncing around in a pen continuously moving and almost never stopping. Sadly the new system didn't 'fix' this stuff. Yeah, these are all problems that need fixed. I found an area at R22/23 on Xanadu where the bulls/cows/sheep are all huddling. I spent an hour or so over there yesterday killing them, and barely made a dent and I filled two horses with saddlebags + 7 rafts + 3 small chests worth. It was like they were just re-spawning as I dealt with groups of them. I finally had to just head home to unload. I imagine there's other pockets where this is happening...
  12. Oh, a little more info : They are just sitting out in the open on deed. Not inside a building. (I quit making buildings because every time I go to take a break, they all get annihilated by deed collapse.) This thread referenced some of the stuff that should be part of the no decay stuff also. I searched for awhile to try and find whether smelter/open fireplace counted on this...and found some anomalies that I posted here. Still unsure as to whether those two count in the list. Maybe someone needs to go through and update the list on that first page I linked?
  13. So, I was trying to go back through the news articles on here to try and find some stuff for a post I'd made (Referencing a decay bug and statements that were made in regards to decorative items no longer decaying on deed with upkeep over 30 days/a list made/whether open fireplaces and smelters counted in that list.)...and I found a few 'issues'. For example : This news article leads to a link that leads to a 404 not found page. This news article got misnamed somehow and no longer shows the number. This news article seems to be missing in the list...but can be found by searching. This one... and this one are both marked as Valrei International 050. This news article was just marked as 'Breaking news' instead of as 052. ...and I still didn't manage to find the news article referencing smelters being added, to read whether it counted in that list of items that shouldn't decay. I would've just messaged this to Retrograde, but I messaged him in reference to another thing he asked me to message him about and it's still marked as 'Not read' days later. Someone possibly dropping the ball behind the scenes?
  14. Was going around checking things and items that are included on that 'Decorative items don't take decay on deeds with 30+ days of upkeep' list from a long while back are taking decay smacks. I vaguely recall open fireplaces/smelter being added to the list, but I'm not seeing them on there...but Kiln is certainly on the list. [09:12:19] A decorative open fireplace which provides light and warmth to those nearby. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 68.01924, Dam: 2.9622812. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Cors.n'. The fire is not lit. [09:12:35] A large kiln made from bricks with a clay inner lining and covered in dirt. The purpose is to fire clay items. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 69.990265, Dam: 2.8782501. The kiln has been firmly secured to the ground by Corsan. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Cors.n'. The fire is not lit. [09:12:39] A smelter made from bricks and clay, fits more ore than a forge. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 69.12253, Dam: 2.9146495. The smelter has been firmly secured to the ground by Corsan. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Cors.n'. The fire is not lit. These were all 70+ QL before, as I imp to 70+ QL, and have been getting random ticks, but not quickly I wasn't sure whether to report them. It's a non-rapidly occurring decay. It's not because of deed being less than 30 days of upkeep : [09:18:08] <Corsan> The upkeep will last approximately 203 days, 3 hours and 46 minutes more. It may be related to a recent server restart....[09:38:38] The server has been up 6 days and 45 minutes. I remember checking them shortly before and no decay on them. Another person mentioned a similar happenstance : [09:17:42] <Wulfmaer> on deed mailbox looks to have taken some decay ticks... [09:17:53] <Maelstra> Do you have less than 30 days upkeep [09:17:58] <Wulfmaer> no Mailboxes are also included in the list. I am on Xanadu, and we've had recurring problems (To the point where I had to mark my rare still with a date of when it was last hit with a decay tick. This somehow managed to not receive a hit this time.) of these decorative items taking hits.
  15. No CCFP is easily gotten around by taking a single bite of certain high QL meals which instantly put all CCFP bars to max (For example, cookies I made in the past, one quick bite would instantly 100% each of the CCFP bar), then you can eat whatever would give you the affinity you want for food side. I'm more frowning on the 'Being a little drunk helps you skill more effectively' thought process/way the skill has been added to the game with an increase in difficulty and therefore more skill-gain before a steep drop/lots of failures from being smashed drunk. It's like college kids who buy/steal people's ADD drugs to study more effectively because it increases their focusing ability. If we don't support that, then I'm all for this suggestion. (Though like I said, they'll probably nerfstick it because they'll realize it's kind of over-powered/there isn't really a huge downside to it.) I realize my opinions on alcohol aren't 'the norm'. I also know that alcohol is a depressant in real life, so people who drink are often adding misery on top of their life problems that tend to make them want a drink. I'm not referring to people who 'sip a little'. A little alcohol is actually proven to be 'healthy'/adds years onto people's lives. Nowhere does it state that drinking a little bit helps you learn better, which is what Wurm is currently implying. In RL, the opposite is true...the more alcohol you consume, the more brain cells are damaged. I have a problem with that too in most games. In Wurm, we're implying that self-harm (Which often is associated with suicidal ideation) is effective in creating a better learning environment. In other games, people jump off high buildings without even a wound or something because fall damage is often removed. This gives people a false sense of their limits. Which is why I prefer games that actively show you harmed yourself (LOTRO back when...if you jumped off a ledge that was too high, it would give you a broken legs or hurt legs debuff, depending how far you fell...which would slow you down/seriously hinder your movement speed. Falling too far just outright killed you.).