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  1. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Hello, May i suggest you also allow to change the minimum drain for PVP servers. @ Eject : I don't know how Mthec's code is written but I think it could be easily done. I think the method to change is getMonthlyCost from com.wurmonline.server.villages.GuardPlan It does not take arguments and return the value of the upkeep as a long. So you can pretty much replace it with whatever formula you desire. Regards Albibak
  2. It seems I should follow your advice Xyp. Upon restarting the server anyone loading near a boat enchanted by spiritcrew wont be able to move nor load the entire map around them. Even stranger, if you log from away everything is fine and you can enter the zone but the ship won't be there. If you delog there problem one occurs. If I delete the entries for the enchant in the DB everything goes back to normal. I tried moving to other enchant ids with no luck (the lurker ones). Edit : If I use the id for courier, it seems to work fine so my guess is that the problem is client related. Probably something to do with a visual effect that placeable objects need.
  3. Thanks Crustyfoot. Ideas for future projects includes voodoo dolls (used as a proxy to your toon so you don't have to dualbox to use GM powers on your main), spirit workers (sticks you plant and enchant with specialized spirits to automate farms, wood management, mines,...) a skill called shamanism to wrap it all and a new stat spirit ancestors to cap the number of spirit workers you can use.
  4. Warning : Does not work properly. Upon restart of the server, It seems to have a problem loading the enchanted boats and anyone trying to re log near them can not move. Even with the mod disabled. Potentially no longer true as for version 0.02 of this mod (but only tested by me...) see below Albibak's voodoo factory almost proudly present Spirit Crew Mod ! My first attempt at modding Wurm and also at coding for almost 10 years. It's a shameless rip off BagOfHolding by Ago and was more a learning session than a project but I figure people playing solo or in small groups could use a way to make big ships faster move. The mod add a spell called spiritcrew to priests of the 4 deities. This spell can be cast on boats to add a virtual crew ( it works like rare boats shadow passengers but is more powerful). It should add a virtual crew member for every then point of power of the enchant.(I ll probably change that later but I dont get the mechanics of power yet). The enchant should be permanent and can only be replaced by a better one. Code-wise, I override calculateNewBoatSpeed from Vehicle which is unfortunately called in Creature.sendData so it is not super clean. And it wont get better as I intend to add a spiritwind spell as well. The enchant use the id of "Opulence" so it will be incompatible with any mod that allows to eat boats. You need Ago's Server Mod Loader to run this mod. Download : SpiritCrew on GitHub (modified to v0.02 woohoo) Installation : Download the Extract in mods folder Edit (formerly by Ago) Start server Use in game : Be a priest of any god Equip the statue of your god Right-click boat Select "Spells/SpiritCrew" Succeed or Fail Hope you like it. Albibak PS: Wurmpedia is wrong ql of the ship does have an effect on speed but it is irrelevant compared to the effect of passengers. V0.02 Switched from Opulence's ID to Courier's as a temporary solution to server restart problem. Changed speed formula so that bigger ships can be fully loaded with spirit crew at high power range while keeping it easy to max out smaller ships. Temporarily renounced to the idea of spiritwind because of the aforementioned problem. Pondered about the idea that a ship with both BagOfHolding and SpiritCrew may be overpowered and concluded that it was the point in the first place. Released the monster and went to bed.