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Found 85 results

  1. Looking to buy a high-quality caravel, ideally with the Vynora bronze rune attached.
  2. Now located at Antidote To Meaning, S14 Cadence,3554 Leather Working: Ships (81ql with lead anchor): Full metal statuetes 50c each: i will mail them in 12+1 pieces, you finish it with your signature. Full Masks 1s Each: Full small statues 2s each( i send all pieces combined except 1 so you can finish it with your signature)
  3. Lead anchor of 100% effectiveness is including to all of our ships *If the stock runs out we will be happy to accept your orders* PM Limestone
  4. I recently saw this problem on Dracaa's Twitch wurm stream (I hope she doesn't mind me posting a bug report!): A lot of people use low rope fences around their boat docks as a decoration, because the low rope fences supposedly don't prevent access, and yet still look good in the maritime setting. Dracaa was able to load and unload cages through a low rope fence, and was able to board a ship through it. However, when it came to disembarking from the ship onto the nearest tile (through the low rope fence), the low rope fence blocked her and she had to disembark into the water. (I believe this is due to a more recent fix to stop people disembarking through high (solid) fences into buildings and other private areas) Please fix it so that the low rope fence does not block disembarking - it shouldn't ever block access on any occasion. Thanks!
  5. looking at the individual ship pages they clearly need a big rework to remove and move things so the same info is on the same place on every page but before starting on that can we agree on a few things? all pages have the "Str need to drag and empty XXX" somewhere. and i remember that having to drag ships was something that happened all the time when i started in wurm, but its been so long since that was a thing that i dont even remember why, and nobody needs to drag a ships today when they get stuck so can we just remove this? is the old "Hold Capacity: >20,000 Volume (100 rafts)" needed for anything nowdays? or is it just useless now with loading? the Caravel page still has this on it wich i know its a big nono for the new policies "*Caravel can be started at 34 with a 35ql keel or better, 6% chance." BUT the knarr page has this instead "Knarrs show in the creation list when cogs are between 13% and 14%, and Corbitas are at 25%" if that second line acceptable for the anti info policies? should we reduce all of this "*Ships with a quality of less than 10 cannot be commanded. **This includes ships whose damage percentage would calculate to bring the quality below 10 (eg. a 12 quality ship with 17 damage calculates to a ship below 10 quality). **Repairing a ship can sometimes result in the ship retaining a quality above 10, thus being commandable once again." to just this "Ships with a quality of less than 10 cannot be commanded." the rest of that is just obvious. should depth requirement be removed since they are on the Ship page table? the sailboat page says this "Weight: 140kg (Everybody can drag)" but the rowboat page says this "*Unfinished, Missing One Peg - 855.40kg *Finished, Estimated - 855.50kg" the rowboat has to be wrong. arent both rowboats and sailboats the same capacity as a small cart? their pages have diferent useful quantities and loadable items lists. thats all for now.
  6. I'd like to suggest this as an idea. That carts, wagons and ships be searchable. Many times I've dropped say a tool into a bowl and haven't found it in days. If I could find my misplaced item I wouldn't go crazy, looking and thinking where is it?! Anyways, thanks for listening.🥰
  7. See GIF below: Within 6-7 tiles of distance, an (unfinished) ship renders in and out on screen. This looks very odd, the ship is huge and should be seen from at least 10-15 tiles away, eventhough its still unfinished. Eveything else seems to have a higher rendering distance ( trees, (high)buildings, carts & wagons, animals etc ). Also, for already finished ships, it would be nice to increase the rendering distance. Many times I "see" wurmians passing by (in local or as little dots in the distance ) on the ocean next to my house but most of them can't be seen and/or you really need to focus to see anything. Graphics rendering distance option is already on Maximum so that is not the problem here.
  8. Welcome to Gerlion's General Store and Co. Our main deed is located at Xanadu S19. We sell tools, horses, and ships - among other things. All prices are for pickup but delivery can be negotiated. Feel free to contact Gerlion in game with any questions, orders or jobs you want done. If I don't have it listed here ask anyway Horses: 5 speed horses 25c (pickup) Ships (Ql 87😞 Small sailing boat 1s Corbita 3.75s Cog 4.8s Knarr 7.5s Caravel 10s Imp to Ql 87 50c Tools: Too many to mention Containers: Large creates 5c Chicken coup 50c Ropes: Cordage rope 2c each or 50c/1k favour (Free delivery for 5k (favour) or over) Misc: Yellow Potion 3c - 22 currently in stock Sleep powder 95c - 0 currently in stock
  9. Luxor Trading is Open Attention : Orders are suspended for restocking We are located in Q12 Harmony, we mostly sell our products by COD and, when the products cannot be mailed, you need to pick up at our location. We planned to open for delivery soon. - Most of our products are made on request unless specified otherwise, so be patient. - If a product is not listed, but falls in one of the categories, please asks for a quote - Mailbox is not runed so cannot mail big items, look at for restrictions - We are people, with RL jobs and duties, if something is not possible to be made within 2 days we usually answer you back, apologies for any possible delay. And now we proudly presents our selection of products Carpentry - up to 50ql Tools : 30c Large crate - 30c ea Small crate - 10c ea BSB - 20c ea FSB - 20c ea Leatherworking - up to 40ql Saddles : 70c Bridle : Creation ql 10c Tool belts : 1.5s Leather set : 2s Studded Leather sets : 3s Bulk mats Stone bricks : 1k/4s Mortars : 1k/4s Small/Large nails : 300/1s Iron ribbons : 100/2s Pottery bricks : 300/2s Support beams : 100/10s Large crate or BSB included Luxor's Specials Range pole ~40ql : 3s ea - 3 in stock We can now accept sleep powders as payments, valued at 1s each We are also looking for new villagers, have a look at this post Feel free to asks any question to our shop management team : Garginim
  10. Cadance department store Current stock Gems 1,4c per QL Total 0 Ores supreme iron ore 50.58 - 30c Transport cedarwood rowing boat 21.20 15c Comung soon Corbita Delivery So far, we only deliver to Sonata (free) Contacts DefGh CrabKnight Alneverbrim Oldandmad
  11. Prosperity Marketplace! Capitalism, Ho! Welcome to the Prosperity Marketplace! We aim to be a one-stop shop for a large range of items all at reasonable prices. Feel free to take a look at our below 'stalls'! You can place any order or any questions through Dhilzax or Eyrik and we'd always be happy to assist. Our deed is located at the bottom left corner of L-15 - head for the mountain, and you will find us! Please note that this page will be updated frequently, check in often to find good deals on anything you may need! All tool purchases come with 1 free repair imp, if requested. Blacksmith All blacksmithing based tools currently made to order! (Note: Large Anvils cost double) 30QL Tools and Blacksmith Items for 15c 40QL Tools and Blacksmith Items for 35c 50QL Tools and Blacksmith items for 50c Silver Statuettes for 60c Carpenter 40QL Carpentry tools for 30c 30QL Fine Carpentry for 25c 40QL Fine Carpentry tools for 45c House Planning - 51 Carpentry - 1 - 2s based on accessibility from our deed at L-15. Clothier Any QL Meditation Rug - 30c 25 QL Meditation Rug - 50c Leatherworker Toolbelts 30QL Toolbelts for 20c 40QL Toolbelts for 50c Armor Sets 40QL Studded Leather set for 3s 50c 40QL Leather set for 3s Ropemaking Thick Rope 1s ea Cordage Rope 20c ea Shipyard Made to order, I'll need a little time to get these ready. Estimate of 1-2 days for smaller ships. Rowboat - Pickup - 2s Rowboat - Delivery - 3s Small Sailing Boat - Pickup - 5s Small Sailing Boat - Delivery - 6s Corbita! - Waiting List Only - 25s Priest Services Successful Courier cast - 1s - 2.5s, based on accessibility our deed at L-15. Available now! Bulk and Labor Services 40QL Iron - 1s / 100KG 40QL Silver - 1s / 5KG 50QL Clay - 25c / 100KG 40QL Logs - 5c / log
  12. Furl Sails - Set Sails - An on going suggestion since 2013 We are still missing one major game improvement that would add to the realism of our medieval world. Can the Dev's please bring in a speed selection toggle switch for boats and ships, with FURL SAILS and SET SAILS ? FURL SAILS would reduce a boat or ship's speed to 2.5 km/ph so you can maneuver in a tight harbour and dock your boat at the pier or wharf in a Strong Wind or Gale without risking ending up 4 tiles inland in your neighbor's house. SET SAILS would allow a boat of ship move at what ever the wind or passengers rowing will push I along at. Here in PvE folks love to build beautiful things, like a fancy Harbour's or Marina's. But a fancy Harbour or Marina is impossible to use in Strong Winds or in Gale Force winds. The FURL SAILS, SET SAILS speed selection for boats and ships would definitely enhance game play and enjoyment of the game. We are a medieval era game and back in those ancient times, boat and ship captain did FURL SAILS to enter a harbour and SET SAILS after leaving a harbor. Can we please have this ability in Wurm? 80% of the Premium Customer base for WOL are located on the PvE servers, as per the Wurm usage graphs and just then numbers you see of people per server when you log on. Can we ask that you look after us please for a change, with this small but very game enjoyment enhancing improvement. Oh.... and I can imagine that the PvP folks would enjoy it also, would give them a new tactic to use in ship to ship combat. Respectfully submitted for consideration, Hughmongus Co-Administrator of the Albia Roads Map of Indy Edit: 2018-07-21 ... I have re-added this suggestion to the Wurm On Line, User Voice Forum at... Edit: 2019-11-03 ... and it appears that the WurmOnLine User's Voice Forum has been taken down, so I have removed the Link Edit: 2019-12-28 ... A Lovely Christmas Present from the Dev's, Furl Sails - Set Sails has arrived. .......... So to ALL Thank You for your support. Our Six year campaign to get this improvement has been accomplished. .......... Forum Mod's Can now Lock this topic.
  13. This is a very simple idea, so it has probably been suggested before: Boats that are moored in place should have the option to 'Rotate' (This would not defeat the purpose of mooring a boat as this would not include 'Push/Pull') Boats that have been left sticking into the land can be unsightly, and they can badly detract from an otherwise pleasant view. If boats could be rotated after being moored, then not only could the captain more easily control the docking job, but also could any crooked boat be corrected by anyone concerned having to look at it. It is also a very realistic ability to have, because the anchor and mooring rope only secures a single point of the boat (upon which the boat pivots). If an unmoored boat can be freely pushed, then it should be freely rotated when moored. Anyone who does not wish for their boat to rotate would be able to deploy a second mooring anchor to lock the rotation (by securing both ends of the boat).
  14. Varsovia Shipyard Exodus server island O 25 in game map Pm Wiluss or Irbiska in game All Ships we sell are 95ql ! Ships : Knarr (any wood, we have most of them) 8s 95QL or 2 for 12s! Knar 95ql + Bronze Vynora rune 10s Rowing boat 1s Smal sailing boat 2s Corbita 3s Cog 6s Caravel 10s Ship delivery to costal area of any freedom server 1s Ships imping: Regular imp price is: 80QL 50c 90QL 1s (around 1h) 95QL 3s (around 2-4h) 98QL 5s (day or 2) 99QL 10s (a loot of time) Rare Knarr 98QL +Vynora Bronze Rune + Free delivery costal 35s (Cedar, Birch or Lemonwood) Building ships for personal goal (1 peg left) price like regular ships and free imp after creation to 90QL Weapon smithing imping: 80ql 30c 100x Knarrs finishing on youtube:
  15. Welcome in Varsovia Royal Shipyard! We offer ships and horses from merchant! Location: P 25 island on Exodus server How it work? We have merchant: This screan is not updated look down what we have for sale! You can buy a key for specyfic gates with ships or horses inside All ships are build with 1 peg left to attach All horses are 5 speed With key you can open gate and take Horse 25c for 5 speed Hell Horse 50c for 5 speed Curently inside horse Gates: 1. Horse 5 speed Brown - Pinkiesilver Female 25c 2. Horse 5 speed White - Eastbenny Male 25c 3. Horse 5 speed Appaloosa - Abbaspearl Male 1s 50c 4. Horse 5 speed Gold - Earsbrisk Male 25c 5. Horse 5 speed Piebald pinto - Fleasweet Male 40c 6. Hell Horse 5 speed - Fleayoana (color shadow) Female 50c 7. Hell Horse 5 speed - Walkingflash (color shadow) Female 50c 8. Unicorn 5 speed - Rainausimus Male 50c 9. Hell Horse 5 speed - Alexwest (color cinder) Male 50c 10. 11. 16. Horse 5 speed Chestnut- Kimpie Female 1,5s 17. Horse 5 speed Blood bay - Northdamien Male 40c 18. Horse 5 speed Black - Coffeedaisy Female 25c 19. Horse 5 speed Gold - Eckerhoney Male 25c 20. Horse 5 speed Gold - Pickosio Male 25c 21. Champion Dog Male 1s 22. Bison 5 speed Female 50c 23. Bison 5 speed Male 50c 24. Bison 5 speed Female 50c 25. If you buy ship key, you can finish unfinished ships inside the gate, with one peg you bring or buy from our merchant. All ships bought at merchant, after build left on special marked place, will be improved to 90QL for free. Get your ship, with your unique nickname as maker, finish your personal goal! Price for merchant ships: Small sailing boat 2s Corbita 5s Cog 6s Knarr 8s Caravel 10s Curently inside gates: 1x Small Sailing 1x Corbita 1x Caravel 1x Knarr 1x Cog We also have in offer, offline ships imp from merchant (mallets) Buy a mallet, left it inside of ship, and set permision for "Wiluss" to acces hold. When improving is finished i will post info on forum, at this topic. All ships will be improved in max 24h. Usualy imp time is between 16:00-23:00 Gmt+1 Price for offline boat imp: 80QL 50c 92QL 1s 95QL 3s PM Wiluss in game for support For regular sale: Sailboat 95QL 2s Knarr 95QL 8s Caravel 90QL 10s Smoke of Sol 1 charge 150s
  16. The shop moved to another location, even more stuff for sale and updated daily!! Https:// Also check out our merchants at the Amish Sanctuary Market near Summerholt, SE corner!!! There are 8 of them, so plenty to choose from
  17. Is your Wurm life looking a little too bland? Message me today to brighten your world! Now offering dyes to paint all your favorite things! Not sure how much you will need? Check out the chart here <Wurmpedia Dye Information>. 90 Natural Sub Skill @ Your service! *~*~*Now offering Transmutation Liquid!!*~*~* 1.8s per tile on deed - 2.50s per tile off deed (off deed uses double amount) + 21c/42c cod for delivery, or free pickup @ Amish Paradise - Xanadu Most Popular Colors 99ql White Dye - Per Lantern Dye - 25c *******UPDATE 7/10/17 - With the addition of Runes to the game, this changes the amount of dye needed for the items with a rune attached. Any item that is runed will add 10% to the price listed******* Custom Colors Available by request (See Color Chart - pricing will be same as popular color family above) ->Color Chart<- **Custom colors are approximate** Due to the nature of dye making in Wurm, exact colors may not be possible. We will do our best to match as close as we are able. ***NEW ***Not sure which colors you want? Try one of our set flask packs!***NEW*** Over the Rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Pink - 1.50s Trial Pack - Over the Rainbow pack + White + Black - 1.75s -----PLEASE OPEN SPOILER FOR EXAMPLES OF COLORS ON BOATS, STATUES, AND CARTS----- Shown in both Current & Unstable Clients Order delivery **All colors are made to order & therefore are all sales final** If there is an issue with your order, I will try to assist in correcting it There will be time required to create the desired dye - larger orders will take longer. Most turnaround times are within 48-72 hours currently. Orders can be done via pickup at Amish Paradise - Xanadu (G24) Or COD COD cost = 1c per kg + 1c for each container required Have other Wurmian needs? Check out our other shop - Amish Corner Store!
  18. I would like to suggest the introduction of a loche (or lock) system. In places all over the real world as far back as ancient times, loches have been used to allow boats to sail virtually anywhere, even uphill. They work by isolating small areas, one by one, as a sort of step system. Each isolated area can then be filled and emptied of water in order to raise or lower the boat therein. In game, perhaps this could work by allowing tiles to be walled off and filled or emptied of water in much the same way. In the end, players would be able to create ingenious and very convenient loche and canal systems never before seen in game.
  19. So just caught this thread: We've mentioned buoys before, but I suppose I can see where coding a non-rideable boat to anchor in the water may turn out strange.... would still rock if it's in the plan that said. But for the meantime, how 'bout lamps that work up to 30 deep water and DON'T work on land, cost more materials..... a separate graphic would rock but I'm sure we'd all also be more than happy with the regular iron lantern graphic. Heck, let's make them physics-friendly... ish.... with... magic.... they need courier cast on them, colors depend on where you enchanted, same as turrets. Blue, green, and red for fancier canal entrance and actual canal decorating, marking paths through shallows without raising silly islands...... Pleeeeease?
  20. Preamble: Hello! Welcome to your one-stop shop for made-to-order, previously owned boats! All boats failed inspection, but who needs bureaucracy when you have a brand new, functional1 boat!? Boats can be delivered, but it will cost extra and may not be available depending on the vessel sold! All boats guaranteed at least 40ql and to float2! Why wander Wurm on foot when you could get a brand new floating2 boat? Each boat includes several Speed-holesTM drilled into the keel and sails, decreasing weight and drag3 and making YOUR new boat go faster! All sales AND sails are final! 1. Boats not intended to function, sold as novelty items only. 2. Boats may not float. it is not recommended you bring boats near water, the paper machae may melt. 3. Not scientifically proven. May cause lack of propulsion, sinking of boats, and death. Actual Details: Based out of Xanadu, R21, delivery is possible. Delivery orders may be added at the back of the build queue, putting pick-ups first. Rowboat - 1s Small Sailing Boat - 1s (ON SAIL!!!!) Corbita - 3s Cog - 3s Knarr - 7.5s Caravel - ??? Trade-ins are also available! Rowboat - 25c Small Sailing Boat - 50c Corbita - 2s Cog - 2s Knarr - N/a? Caravel - N/a???? Don't like the prices? PM me on the forums or wurm, we'll see what we can do. Video Ad:
  21. There's been a lot of discussion around transporting animals, and I think the devs always find a way out saying that there's technical issues around moving animals across servers. Well, I'm sure some people would like to move/trade animals across servers but, I also think that most people would agree that just being able to transport them by the coast would be enough. Not being able to move animals across big distances also makes sense, 'cause it's difficult to keep them alive and healthy while they're shaking in the ocean and enclosured for a long time. I have a suggestion and some options for animal transport that might please both players and devs: 1. Animal Cage. A simple plank and iron bars cage that can be locked with a gate lock and loaded into ships and wagons. Each animal requires his own cage regardless of which animal you're transporting. It takes the same space as 4 large crates, so a wagon would be able to transport 3 animals. Animals inside animal cages can not be groomed, fed or interact in any way, so players would need to move them efficiently or make stops to tend them, I guess that just makes sense and saves the devs a lot of headache. Now there's two options: Option 1.1 Once a animal cage is loaded into a ship, whether it is occupied or not, whether it is inside another container (like a wagon) or not, it disables the ship ability to move from one server to another. Option 1.2 Animal cages can only be loaded into wagons and a new specific type of ship named Ark, which is unable to sail across servers. It would be pretty much a corbita in most characteristics, but lower, wider, slower and require 22 Mind Logic to command. It's a big ship, difficult to maneuver and ok as a cargo ship, a little worse than the Corbita, so people wouldn't want it unless they plan to move a lot of animals around. That would encourage a new market for the transporting business and stimulate the economy. Those two option are independent, choose the one you like the most. Hope you enjoy. With enough support we can make it happen, so leave your comments below.
  22. WTS 63ql Caravel, 12s *Will trade straight across for a MR wagon. Will deliver FREE to any server coastal location (except Chaos).
  23. Hey all. I want to sell 2 ships. Give me an offer if you are interested - ql26 Caravel, cherriewood - ql31 Corbita, Olivewood Pickup at Clogwyn near TDM @ celebration server. Kind regards, tc
  24. Ship balance

    I think that ships would benefit from a bit of game balance adjustment. For example, I think that the knarr is "OP" in that it has no drawbacks other than difficulty of construction - or, looking at it another way, purchase price. I also think that the small sailing boat should be able to carry, say, three small crates. And I don't see any reason for building a cog at all. It seems to sit unhappily in the middle ground between the "cheap and cheerful" corbita and the impressive but expensive caravel. I would like to be able to adjust the following parameters, if possible:- Speed (ideally, when sailing downwind and also when sailing across the wind) Cargo capacity The effect of crew size on speed Difficulty of construction Draft (minimum water depth) I have a good deal of experience in game design, but as far as Wurm is concerned... I don't even know if this is something that is easy to mod or not. Perhaps it's just a question of editing some config file when setting up a server. Can anyone provide any info as to where I should start?