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Found 72 results

  1. Two days ago I noticed one of my ships went missing, it was my Blueberrywood Caravel. As with most caravels it was a decoration piece, one that just sits there looking pretty but one that hardly ever (never) gets sailed around with. So I didn't notice it taking damage. The cog next to it was doing just fine taking little damage so I never bothered to check the caravel. Also, ships sink when they take large amounts of damage, or so I thought. Apparently the sinking hardly shows on large ships. So on January 4th it hit 100 damage and poofed. My request is to increase the height difference of sinking on the larger ships, so it looks similar to what the smaller rowboats and sailboats do. RIP Blueberrywood Caravel 😪
  2. Hey everyone, Jpopper here. Looking to buy a ship? First decide what type of ship you want. The wiki is great: Double check you have enough Mind Logic for the ship you want to buy: Caravel 24. Knarr 23. Cog 22. Corbita 21.05. Sailboat 20.1. Pricing is simple: caravels 10s, knarrs 8s, cogs 4s, corbitas 4s, sailboats 2s. All ships are 93 quality with lead anchor. There are some upgrades you might want to add for 1s each: 95q imp upgrade. +7% wind +5% vehicle speed rune. 12 large crates. Wagon. Large cart. Ship transporter. 2 creature cages. Custom wood type order if not in stock +1s. All ships are always available in cedar wood, which will take less damage sitting around overtime. Several other colors such as raspberry and oak are usually in stock as well. The ships for sale are located on Xanadu at Surefall By The Sea around Q15 just northwest of Lormere. Here is a travel guide to get there: If you’re on Xanadu I will summon you directly to the deed for free. If you are on another server there is a +1 silver charge for me to travel to your server and summon you onto the boat. Here’s how it works. I’ll sail the ship to your server and Summon Soul you to the ship. We sail back to Xanadu. You buy ship. I Recall Home. You sail home. Please pm me in game if you are interested. I also imp ships. No charge for turning a ship rare or supreme, which has happened many times. Wts ship imping to 90 quality for 1 silver. 93q 2s. 95q 3s. Drop off at Surefall By The Sea at Q15 or summon me on Xanadu. In case anyone is wondering I’ve sold over 200 ships to players over the last 6 years and imped another 175. Fun times. Note: I no longer offer the “attach the last peg” service. That ship has sailed.
  3. Moving to NFI so I'll take silver there or SFI, clearing and will sell cheap for bulk orders! Also have 10k dirt with crates and 50+ valeri items PM here or Wrumdragon/Froststorm ingame A ship with a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets, and one mast with a square yard sail. In insufficient wind it is rowed with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. Wood colors: R=1, G=1, B=1. Sail colors: R=33, G=33, B=33. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from walnut. You must use a file to smooth out the "NIGHT FURY" in order to improve it. Ql: 85.2787, Dam: 9.80124. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Firedragon, has been etched in the stern. A bronze rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will increase the effect on speed by wind (7.5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%) An impressive merchant ship. Sail colors: R=3, G=160, B=198. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from walnut. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 95.0198, Dam: 29.397. The name of the owner, Firedragon, has been etched in the stern. A bronze rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will increase the effect on speed by wind (7.5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%) JK Banners (Dragon Banners) Tall banners (5) - 5s each Kingdom banners (10) -3s each Flag (10) - 2s each
  4. Starting bid: 50s Increments: 1s Sniper protection: 1 hour buyout 100s no reserve, no private bids [11:16:14] You see a caravel under construction. Ql: 17.44914, Dam: 0.0. The caravel needs 148 hull planks, 1 tenon, and 1 ship helm to be finished. Pickup D14 Cadence or deliver. Last peg/tenon of you choice. Improve to 50ql
  5. Caravel 70 quality ready to be delivered or pickup (R-20 Melody), choice of wood type. Screenshots (Location, Unfinished Caravel, Vessel Details, Event log) Start bid: 50s Increments: 1s No buy out, No reserve, No private bids. 30 min snipe protection.
  6. Caravel 70 quality ready to be delivered or pickup (R-20 Melody) (+1 delivered on Melody, +2 to other server, ), choice of wood type and accessories below. Screenshots (Location, Unfinished Caravel, Vessel Details, Event log) Discount on accessories if you buy the Caravel (added to the total price) Creature Cages - 0,60 silver Large Crates - 0,10 silver Wagon - 3 silver PM me your choice of wood here or ingame "Ngin" and if you want other Loadable Items.
  7. Rare Caravel Auction An impressive merchant ship. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of poor quality. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 62.6392, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Aarontx, has been etched in the stern. Starting Bid: 50s Bid Increments: 2s Auction winner is responsible for pickup on the Deliverance server at Agria Gardens, on the South coast at map coords t14.
  8. Supreme Caravel, now up for your bidding pleasure Starting bid: 50 silver Reserve: No reserve Minimum increase: 1 silver Sniper protection: 1 hour Buyout: 125s/125 Euros/$146 Bids in Euros or Dollars are acceptable through Verified Paypal at 1s=1Euro=$1.17 (please list silver/Euro equivalent)
  9. well the title say it. caravel, 80ql linden, 10s runed for going fast, you gotta! 7.6% wind, 5% vehicle speed! contact Qaefran or Qwizat in game!
  10. Best Quality rare ships ! WTA RARE 98QL Knarr, Caravel, 2x Sailing + Vynora Bronze rune 7.5% Wind Speed, 5% Vehicle Speed Free anchor and delivery costal 1. Rare Willow Caravel 98QL +Rune Start Bid 35s Min bid +1s Sniper prot 30min No buyout Curent bid : 2.Rare Firwood Knarr 98QL +Rune Start Bid 35s Min bid +1s Sniper prot 30min Buyout 50s Curent bid : Margus 36s 3.Rare Oakenwood Sailing boat 98QL +Rune Start Bid 15s Min bid +1s Sniper prot 30min Buyout 30s Curent bid : Egard 17s 4.Rare Cherry Sailing boat 98QL +Rune Start Bid 15s Min bid +1s Sniper prot 30min Buyout 30s Curent bid : Egard 17s END: 12.10.2017 GMT+1 20:00 Buyout for all 4 in bulk 1.2G
  11. WTS 63ql Caravel, 12s *Will trade straight across for a MR wagon. Will deliver FREE to any server coastal location (except Chaos).
  12. Hey all. I want to sell 2 ships. Give me an offer if you are interested - ql26 Caravel, cherriewood - ql31 Corbita, Olivewood Pickup at Clogwyn near TDM @ celebration server. Kind regards, tc
  13. Up for Auction is a Caravel made of Olivewood, 64ql. Standard 3 day auction with no reseve! Starting Bid: 1 silver Increment: 1 silver No Reserve Sniper Protection: 2 hours Delivery: Free to all coastal areas except Chaos or pick up. Buyout: 10s *If you change your bid without an explanation, any further bids you place will be considered invalid. *I reserve the right to add time to auction if bids are changed/retracted without good reason. Please contact me if you need to change your bid for any reason.
  14. Got 80ql cedar wood knarr for sale, knarr coming with 43 large cedar crates (all 30ql+) and an mooring anchor, 8s 75ql(can imp to 80) cedar caravel 10s Pick up only from H17, Maes Knoll, Xanadu, payment thru mailbox, can drop it to east side of fogshore tunnel for easier pickup
  15. Got for sale 4 x knarrs, made from cedar wood, each knarr coming with 43 large cedar crates 30ql and an anchor, 8s 1x cedar 75ql caravel, 10s pick up only from H17 Maes Knoll, Xanadu, please contact with me in game or here with pm payment thru mailbox, after payment i'll change ownership and you can pick up yr boat from my docks whenever you want:)
  16. Got for sale caravel 70ql, price 12s, made in cedar wood, coming with mooring rope, pick up only from Maes Knoll, H17, Xanadu, payment thru mailbox and pick up from my docks whenever you want:)
  17. Starting Bid: 60s Bid Increment: 2s Reserve: None Buyout: 85s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  18. Hi fellow Wurmians. I would like to auction this rare caravel: [21:09:00] An impressive merchant ship. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of pretty good quality. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 71.504654, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Patreus, has been etched in the stern. Starting bid: 50 s Increase: 1 s Buyout: 64 s Reserve: secret Sniper protection: 1 hour Free delivery on any Freedom server.
  19. WTB rare caravel. pm in forum or ingame.
  20. Ships QL 60+ Come with lock and anchor *pick up only* Caravel - 14s Rare Stone Chisel, Iron 27.39QL 6.5s Rare Rake, Iron 22.96QL 6.5s Buy pays cod from xanadu
  21. the 10 oars are missing in the Total Components List, hence the total amount should also be 1716
  22. I am not sure what the deal is but i can drive the boat as a solo captain and then with two extra passengers and the speed is the same. I had the other two players logged out but they were on the boat so i am not sure if they were counting since they were not online or not but when i logged them on to get ready for a server crossing they did not improve the speed any at all. (regular boat not rare..etc)
  23. I built a bridge, 20 slope x2 so that a Caravel can pass under it because a caravel's height is 35. Turns out this isn't necessary? What's the required `dirt above water` measurement for a Caravel when applied to bridges? A magic number that i think, we need to know. (caravel being the tallest ship) 28-05-15 EDIT - Here is the info, we require;
  24. Sometimes I'm greedy for time, so I tried to save some when sailing from the far north-east of Indy to The Howl/Freedom Docks, by going south through Crystal Lake. The problem was, nobody could tell me if big ships would fit through caves now. There was one to go through. Let's find out... With a little pushing and pulling at the cave entrances/exits, or dragging if you have the muscle, the answer is yes. The canal in question is Cave Canal near The Howl, connecting the Inner Sea at Freedom Docks with Crystal Lake, relatively center on the map. Most relevant information (music etc.) should be in the video's description. Sorry for the mouse cursor. I hope you will enjoy watching that
  25. With the new ship models just around the corner, I'd like to launch the USSS Saltywaters (Ulvilicious Special Ship Sale)! All ships can be made to custom order and improved to QL70, all wood types available! Currently maintaining a small stock with capacities to build on demand. All ships come with anchor, lock, and key. The earliest delivery will most likely begin the next day, to allow me to finish everything up and imp it, and will take an unpredictable amount of time due to wind conditions. Please note that wood types with the new ship models are purely sentimental for now, until maybe later some shading will be added to the wood type. Opt-in extras! FREE! For every ship* (Corbita and bigger) you buy, you can opt-in for any or all of the following extra items (just say which ones you want, or all, if any):One fine fishing rod QL90 with a random circle of cunning enchant20x replacement fishing linesOne small barrel QL70, fitting wood type, because you can barrely reach the ocean ground for drinkingOne small chest QL70, fitting wood type, for all your miscellaneous stuffOne small crate QL70, fitting wood type, contains 50 potatos and kindlingOne iron frying pan QL70, for all your nutrition needs, combine fish with potato5x large crates QL70, fitting wood type, Note: To move them around, you need 23+ body strength to use Load Cargo! Otherwise, just leave them in!* Rowboats and sail boats can come with 80QL fine fishing rods, they cannot fit crates or rafts. Prices and stockRowboat (1x) - 1s (Pick-up and green+yellow delivery zones only)Small sailboat (1x) - 1.5s (Pick-up and green+yellow delivery zones only)Corbita (1x) - 6sCog (2x) - 9sKnarr (1x) - 14sCaravel (2x) - 19sLarge crate - 7.5cRaft - 7.5cSmall crate - 5cAttaching the last part yourself, for your signature as the maker name - 1s (pickup only)Everything else - by agreementEUR via PayPal For orders of 5s or more, I will also consider accepting EUR via PayPal at a rate of 1S : 0.9EUR for verified only PayPal accounts if that will be more convenient for you. To check if your account is verified, use this address and add your E-Mail after it: Example: Delivery policy and prices Please have a look at my delivery zones map v2. If you're having colour blindness, I hope the numbers in the outlined zones help!No delivery to Chaos because I'm a wuss Can be picked up at Ussta Delmah (C24) or Targoviste (E24) (northeast corner)Only coastal deliveries on other servers than IndependenceLand inwards delivery on Independence possible by agreementOrders worth 10s or more - Free delivery#0, Green zone - Free delivery#1, Yellow zone - 20c#2, Orange zone - 40c#3, Red zone - 70c#4, Purple zone - 1s#5, Blue zone - 1.5sMy timezone/in-game hours My timezone is Central European Summer Time (CEST), that is UTC+2/EST+6/PST+9/AUS-8 to list just a few. Although I can be a night owl, I usually play during european day time and evening hours. I hope I've covered everything, but if you have questions still, please feel free to ask here or via forum PM at your convenience, or ingame /t Ulviirala. If I don't answer immediately, I might be AFK. Best Regards, ~Ulvi