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Found 145 results

  1. It would be great if wagoners could deliver animals in crates within servers. I'd love to be able to send a wagoner off rather than dragging an animal all the way across a server. Especially if it's multiple animals that need to be delivered, it would save many hours of running back and forth.
  2. just a cow looking into your soul - 2/18/2021 got a visit from this guy, wonder what he's thinking - 2/19/2021 the sheep look so silly from this perspective - 2/18/2021 while making a kiln, I just turn into a ball of dirt, now I need a shower lol - 2/18/2021 mountain lion says, "stay awa from the meat" lol - 2/17/2021
  3. I have currently encountered the problem that only the Mayor of a deed can rename the animals via Manage Animals (after they are branded). Is there a way to transfer this right to other citizens via permission? Because even if I have the same rights as the Mayor it still dosn't work That would be really great if that would work. Best regards, Optales
  4. I'm trying to keep a collection of animals, but if I don't want them to start dying from the deed ratio, I'm going to have to spend a fortune on upkeep for a deed twenty times the size I actually need it. The current deed ration is one animal per 15 tiles. 15 tiles? There is no conceivable way one animal can need 15 tiles. One animal per two tiles would be perfect. Actually, you could probably keep one animal per one tile. I have a lot of animals and I keep two of them in two by one pens, and they manage perfectly well. If we can't get rid of this, could we at least make it more reasonable? If it can't be an animal per two or three animals, at least make it one per every five? That's more than enough for one animal. The number of animals that can be on one server at a time can be modified it necessary so that plenty still spawn for everyone else who doesn't have big animal collections, I don't think anyone would complain about having more animals around - giving everything from fight skill to meat to a collection opportunity for those of us who breed them, animals are useful for all of us. I understand that having a lot of animals may make a certain deed laggy, but that should be for the deed owner and village members to decide if they are willing to deal with.
  5. A little about us - We are long time players (14 years!) Just a Husband and Wife team living the lazy life in a rural setting after retiring in Wurm hehe Contact us ingame (Saturnfive or Tiggs), Leave a reply here or pm me (Zerobyte) We are located at M9 on Cadence Cloth Tailoring and Ores by Tiggs = Workload = light Sails Meditation Rugs Other Cloth Tailoring Items Mining lumps, 64kg Carpentry, Ship Building, Plate Smithing and Live Stock by Saturnfive - Workload = Medium Ships + 1s per Delivery on Cadence, 2s to other servers. (Will be cheaper as i get more time) Your choice of wood. Animals (No speed traits yet, working on it) Plate Smithing Sprouts are coming! Recommend Warrior for all Vyn casts, and Rudie for all your Lib enchants
  6. I always found the name pool for horses a bit limited, so I made this mod that allows to replace or add new names, and now with a new item for custom names. Features: Add new possible names into male, female and generic name pools Completely replace the built-in wurm name pools so that only the custom names will be available A custom item, Naming Tag, craftable with a wood scrap and some cloth string, allows custom names or select one of the available random names from Wurm. The maximum characters via naming tag is 20, which is achieved at 100ql. Requirements: Ago's Mod Loader Instructions: Extract the zip file to your mod folders, configure the file to your desire. To change/add names, open the file at "mods/JPWM_OffspringNames/names.txt". Inside you'll find 3 categories, generic, male and female. Below those add one name per line. By default the mod will disable horse names on birth, this is to allow custom names with the naming tag, however if you wish to use the initial version functionality, just change the nameMethod to 1 (or Wurm in GUI) and alternatively disable the naming tag as well. Downloads: Version 1.1.1 (BETA) - Please let me know issues or other things with the naming tag. Version 1.0 Properties file with support for Server Mod GUI Manager
  7. Wurm does not have goats. This should be rectified. Add goats to Wurm! We could have different colours - grey, brown, black, mixtures of different colours, spots, etc. Have them spawn from lairs, of course, so we could have champion goats
  8. Our beloved Rageed has gone missing! Last seen in the vicinity of Alora near S-12/13. Rageed is a very important member of our village that has special needs and needs to be constantly brushed and reassured. Please help us find our horse! Ayuna is spending countless nights in suffering due to the separation which has lead to fatal wounds and continued quick shortcuts down the mountain. The terrible expedition has her scarred for life! Please assist Ayuna in recovering her horsie!
  9. This animal appears in medieval bestiaries. It really ought to be added to Wurm, perhaps as a unique. It defends itself by expelling a fearsome fiery fart. You can read more about it here.
  10. Currently only a mayor of a deed can rename branded animals of the deed. As a deed with multiple citizens this poses a problem when looking after animals. A player can have all the permissions associated with caring for them, including 'blue' ones such as branding etc. However, what one cannot be given permission for is renaming. Renaming is fundamentally required to keep track of animals, especially Bison, for the purposes of preventing inbreeding. It is understandable that the Mayor of a deed has exclusive privileges for actions which are associated with their role, but renaming branded animals should not be classed amongst them. If the permission to even resize the deed, etc, which is directly related to Deed politics, can be given out then surely renaming should be too.
  11. I think if you reworked the art some for the FSB's you could make them into chicken coops where you could put the chickens and they could graze like all the other animals and the eggs would appear the the coop's inventory. I think this would make the point of having chickens good and aesthetically appealing. If anything you could make them kind of the same concept as the bee hives, where you would make the coop on a grass tile, put a chicken inside with some food until it can graze (like bees do for honey) and the eggs would appear in the inventory and stay like honey does in the bee hives. This way you could make it to where the coop has eggs in the spring, summer, fall, but hibernates in the winter like the bees. Also you could make it have either animations of chicken by the coop or just chicken sounds coming from the coop like you have the buzzing from the bee hives to save on animation and processing power.
  12. Currently, several players with Animal Husbandry skill over 50 (even over 70) are facing the similar problem. It was noticed that animals (horses and buffalo only) die without any reasons (healthy and fat). Miscarriages happen very often and sometimes lead to death of the mother, again without any visible reasons, all animals are with good reserves of fat, they are not venerable and groomed well. In other words, we see the high animal mortality not only with the pregnant animals. It's not related with the server reboots. Wurm Unlimited: Dedicated Server - v. Vanilla - No mods
  13. So I have been cracking out on the animal breeding and feeding for the past few months, and it seems to me that we're missing the ability to convert tall grass, or grasses we've cut and stored, into hay for animal feeding. Even if it's something as simple as changing the "pile of mixed grass" graphic into a hay bale when dropped onto a tile in sufficient quantity, that would do SO much to increase the immersion and feel of having a farm in Wurm. Or you could go as far as adding a new grass type, or an extra height level for existing grass, and new tools to accompany the hay. We already have the scythe and string, we just need pitchforks and horse drawn "mowers" (used in late 18'th century) to complete the theme. It seems to me that planting crops in order to feed our livestock is more of a bandaid around an underdeveloped aspect of the game. Hay SHOULD be the preferred method, as it's densely packed and should last longer than a grass tile being grazed. As other aspects of keeping animals rewards you for more attention paid to them, so should feeding them yourself have rewards. I know it sounds silly, but working with hay and feeding it to my grandfathers cows is one of my most vivid childhood memories. Feeding pixels isn't the same, I know, but it would add so much depth and realism to Wurm with very little effort.
  14. I'm looking to buy literally any champion that may be for sale out there. Fo and Nahjo priests available for dominating and charming. Please PM me with what you have, will come pick them up from any coastal location
  15. I've had two champion hell scorpions penned at a little deed on Release for months. Yesterday, I got a message from someone saying they'd escaped. One side of their pen was gone, one was lying dead, and another had disappeared off up the mountain. It's branded, so I managed to track it and get it back into the pen, but I don't understand how this happened. It's a deed I own, with a locked gate, and the only accounts that have any permissions there are my main and a few of my alts. All of these are accounts I've never shared with anyone. The deed has more than a month's upkeep. Hell scorpions do not bash fences, unless this has been changed recently? I really need to figure out what went wrong so that I can stop it happening again. Does anyone have any ideas?
  16. Since it seems I am not the only one curios about the rainbow animal colors (animals with conditions), I am starting this post as to share screens of our rainbow animals. I went on a trip and found a bunch myself and figured I would share screenshots of the ones I did find. Feel free to add more. Lets help complete the list Alert: Diseased: Fierce: Greenish: Hardened: Lurking: Raging: Scared: Slow: Sly:
  17. I have a few suggestions related to the animals. Water animals should stay near the water. I'm finding seals and crocodiles out in the forest with no water around, which is weird. Also, they should be able to "graze" in water tiles. I don't know how they currently survive in the wild, but people on here told me I have to feed my seals fish or leave sheep in the seal pen for them to eat. Not sure why seals are eating sheep. I would like to have an animal companion that doesn't need to be led around on a rope and constantly kept tame. See, the thing is that you can only have one animal tamed at a time, so when you tame some other animal, your pet becomes untamed. We need a separate slot for a companion so that you can have one animal always "tame" even when you tame another animal. At minimum pets need an option to pet them. Everyone I've talked to has wanted to be able to pet their dog or whatever animal they've tamed. It would be nice if they responded positively to being petted, too, like if the dog wagged his tail or ran around in a circle or something to show he likes it. Also, the game needs domestic cats. I keep a wildcat in my house. You could keep a lion, I suppose, which would be a cool companion to have if you didn't have to worry about them becoming untame all of the time. I think it would be nice to have cuter and more interactive pets, like dogs and cats. As an example of what I mean, the deer are the cutest animals in the game. They not only look cute, but they have cute mannerisms that endear you to them. They twitch their little ears and hop when they run. They're adorable. How about some equally adorable dogs and cats? I think you can now keep your tamed animals from helping you in battle when attacked. If so, that's super, because I'm always afraid I'll accidentally get my tamed animals killed on the way home. I only say "I think" because I keep forgetting it's there when I need it, but I think I remember seeing it. It would also be useful for a companion because if a dog or wildcat or lion (or possible future domestic cat) is your companion and you're fighting a troll, your companion will probably die in that battle. I lost a few animals that way when I first started playing.
  18. I've been told that there are already existing mods that allow all animals to be spawned with conditions by GMs, and for removing all restrictions for house size. I've looked through the mods forum and I must be missing something, because I haven't had any luck finding them. If anyone has the links to these mods, please let me know!
  19. It would be really great if we could have some new tameable animals added to Wurm. Here's a list of things I'd love to see new lairs for: Badgers (can help players dig when tamed) Moose (rideable, hitchable) Salamanders (rideable) Polar bears (winter spawns) Snow leopards (winter spawns) Phoenixes (must be kept inside a house with a roof if you want to stop them flying away, have healing powers when tamed) Panthers Ducks/swans Doves Flamingos Sea horses Foxes Rabbits Minotaurs Raccoons Monkeys Camels (spawn in deserts) Pangolins / armadillos Bats Beavers Pandas / red pandas Mammoths Owls Mini dragons (smaller, cuter versions of normal dragons, not nearly as strong and can be tamed and penned without bashing fences; maybe give tiny amounts of loot; can be bred like normal animals) Fairies (prettier versions of goblins, with wings but maybe can't fly) Goats If adding animals is going to be too difficult, it may be easier to change current animals so that they have more functions or variety in the game. Option one: Let more animals spawn from lairs (thus giving champions and other conditions) and bring back old animal lairs that have been missed since they stopped spawning. Here are my ideas: Dogs (bring back lairs) Deer (bring back lairs) Tortoises (new lairs, plus increased spawns) Pigs (new lairs) Sheep (new lairs) Hens/roosters (new lairs) Pheasants (new lairs) Hell hounds (new lairs) Lava fiends (new lairs) Better yet, let all animals spawn from lairs! Option 2: Let more of the current animals be tamed/charmed or dominated. Suggestions: Spiders (tame/charm) Lava spiders (tame/charm) Whales (tame/charm) Anacondas (tame/charm) Dolphins (tame/charm) Octopi (tame/charm) Huge sharks (tame/charm) Sea serpents (dominate) Option 3: Make or bring back more types/colours. Ideas: Unicorns (multi-coloured for different conditions) Dogs (different breeds) Cats (different breeds, including a non-aggressive house cat (white and fluffy) that can eat fish and meat from unlocked fsbs) Wolves (different colours) Dragons (different colours: gold, pink, purple, silver, etc.) Option 4: More conditions. Maybe make these apply to animals that don't spawn from lairs rather than animals that do. Speedy: extra speed trait, like fleeter movement. Ghostly: can move through walls like fog spiders, though maybe make it just certain types of walls so they don't become a complete pain. Super: champion size but without the extra strength, size applies to rideable animals too. Shy: flees from people like bison, hard to catch. Rare: shiny like rare objects. Helpful: has a random chance of repairing nearby objects. Fertile: males and females can pass on the trait rather than just females. Docile: non-aggressive even for animals that are normally naturally aggro. Chameleon: blends in with background (not including outline, and maybe make the blending not perfect so they're not completely invisible). Option 5: Bring back the lighter colours for conditioned animals! It would be great if each condition had its own subtly different colour, but if that'll be too difficult, I'd be happy to have them back to being slightly lighter than normal - it makes them more interesting and easier to spot. Option 6: Make Christmas animals a yearly thing! I'd love to see more French hens and ring rams, plus some new ones! Additional idea: Create some common, non-aggressive animals that can be killed with low FS. That'll be helpful for new players.
  20. This is a mod that removes three mechanics that are intended to limit animal hoarding. It removes these things: deed brand limit, creature ratio effects for on and off deeds, disease spread. required: Ago's WurmServerModLauncher. releases are here:
  21. For a brief time, I had rare, supreme and fantastic animals, and they were amazing! I know it was the result of a bug, but I'm hoping it can be brought in as a proper feature. Animals would sometimes be born rare, supreme or fantastic, just like items are sometimes created as such. Animals with one of the three conditions would have a higher chance of passing it to offspring, like you get a higher chance to get a rare when you use rare materials. Most were shiny without the names rare, supreme or fantastic, but some had the names. I'm hoping we can keep it in the names if we bring it in as a feature, the same as rare, supreme or fantastic items. My screenshots will not let me post them to the forums, see the awesomeness here
  22. As an arch GM, I want to spawn animals with conditions such as champion, greenish, etc. It works fine for all the standard creatures, but when I try to spawn some of the new champions, it won't do it. For example, I know champion tortoises are possible with the new mission system because I have a champion tortoise in WO, a big one. When I told the ebony wand to spawn a champion tortoise in WU, it spawned a normal-sized, non-champion tortoise. Is WU not on the new mission system yet? Is there a way to spawn all animals with conditions, or do I need a mod for that? Does one already exist? The options definitely exist in game, but they don't work...
  23. Please can we change the programming so that animals can cross server borders? I'm sure it's been said before, but I'm mentioning it again because it's quite a big thing and would be particularly helpful to breeders such as myself not having to start again on every new server we go to. I understand the programming part is easier said than done, and obviously this isn't going to happen overnight, but I'm hoping this issue could be given a higher priority in future. I suppose it would make sense for creatures that can't swim not to be able to cross, but we should at least be able to lead creatures over on a boat like we can do to different parts of our own servers.
  24. This idea came up in another thread, but I think it deserves its own post. There should be a way for people to have large animal collections without needing ridiculously huge deeds because of deed ratio, while at the same time not lagging the server or messing up the numbers of wild spawns. You can build a stable like a house and store animals inside. Once an animal is in the stable, it is frozen in time, so say it goes into the stable mature and fat, it comes out mature and fat, no matter how much time has passed. They don't even need to display physically, there can just be a written list of what animals are in the stable, and they can be stored like objects. This way they wouldn't count towards deed ratio, but it shouldn't mess up other things on the server if there are a lot of them.
  25. Hello, considering the animals (rats in my case) end up outside of the house and roam my deed, I assume this is is a server issue so I put this down here. Lets start with this screenshot, this rat freshly untamed cause I was trying to move them once again after a pen change from 1x1 tile to 1x2 tiles (regular pen size which worked for them in my old stables - I thought that maybe the cause). As you can see the rat slightly hoovers over the ground at half the pole fence height, this height will increase gradulay over time, eventually by tomorrow morning the rat will be sitting on top of the roof and then be able to jump off there and run around the deed. I have had this happen 4 times now and then I had to catch them on the deed somewhere. Some other float rats I caught midway and could abort with a retame and move them a bit, but once they reach a certain height or go over the roof, the roof will be in the way and then I can only wait for the rat to finish its escape and catch it on the deed. The building is 2 stories high + thatched roof and the pens are in a 4x5 area of the house (there is a small 2x2 area and a ramp leading up to the first floor to lead rats up as well) - the rats reside in the upper floor. The lower floor has pens aligned with the top pens where the idea was, that when the female rats on the top floor give birth - the new born rat will pop on the ground floor in a pen. (Thats how it worked in my other stables just fine but it was a bit annoying as my horses have the lower floor there.) Server - Deed - Housename Xanadu - Aincrad - Rat House Un-tamed two more rats now, took 5 or so minutes for them to start floating as well... one has a 1x2 pen like the one in the screenshot above and the other a 1x3 but its the 3 tiles in a corner. If any more information is required or someone wants to visit me, I'm on discord as well.