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  1. Before you choose an arena place... Do mobs still ignore underground doors and gates?
  2. Waterside Supermarket CLOSING DOWN SALE

    Hey Gavin, cod me a star ruby 85ql for 1s, please (to Zigozag).
  3. Forum Reporting vs Support Tickets

    This was meant more like a PSA discussion than suggestion though.
  4. Inspired by: So if you can't somehow tie up the /support command to the bugtracker or the corresponding Forums section, in order to make it easier for all you could change the /support UI window in the following way: When a player types /support, he gets a window with 2 buttons: 1. I need help ----> this spawns the current /support window 2. I want to report a bug ----> this opens the Maintenance building subforums https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/6-maintenance-buildings/ Maybe there is an integrated browser coming in with the UI upgrade, then we could start a thread with detailed explanation, pictures, etc right from the game? Anyway, this would at least get us rid of these frustrating moments of being told to go and report your thing elsewhere and of the very reason for that PSA. Save noobs from annoyances and staff from repeating the same thing over and over again.
  5. Logic for no Libila on Freedom?

    This is so cool! Of course this isn't WH40k but we need some dark stuff on Freedom. Got an alien demon invasion, but it turned out to be Egypt bunnies and inflated orcs running around.
  6. Rice bread

    Nice suggestion, +1.
  7. + to what icbash said. I believe the only non-annoying change would be making it all work just like IRL. But of course it would be annoyingly complex then and also is a hell of a job that nobody has done before, probably. @Xallo, i wouldn't try to judge your numbers, but can you explain what is behind them, how did you get to these numbers? Imo that's even more important.
  8. Player Gods to Patron Gods

    You're all so wrong. Balance-shmalance. See, thing is if most people like something randomly generated like Nahjo or Paa and it doesn't harm anyone, then this randomly generated thing should be taken as prime example for future (re)design, solely because it's obviously better for the players based on actual usage evidence.
  9. PSA: Rune Mechanics

    What about horsegear and usage speed runes?
  10. Smelters Should Produce Ash

    That's pretty much how charcoal kilns or good charcoal piles work afaik.
  11. Smelters Should Produce Ash

    Coalpiles produce coal. In fact good coalpiles produce very little or no ash, not even mentioning tar (wtf Rolf). The best way imo would be to remove ash and tar from coalpiles completely, increase coal production 3 times in substitution for these and let any furnace produce ash from fuel with QL related to that of the fuel and nothing else.
  12. wts rare mats,pelts

    2 kindlings to Zigozag, please
  13. Smelters Should Produce Ash

    No amount of hard work and dedication under bad conditions should ever be used as a justification for keeping them as they are.