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  1. Can't be that hard, can it?
  2. With current weights, a hota would take 750 rift stones, iirc.
  3. But if it doesn't show name on hovering over then it becomes quite obvious to detect. And if it shows wrong name, it can confuse those who build and legally pass through it.
  4. How would it behave on hovering over?
  5. Seems ok as an instanced PvP mini-game (not so mini though), but you didn't address the fate of current Epic servers and everything on them at all, if this happened to replace them.
  6. Well, if somebody invents a magical formula (which i think can't exist tho) to convert skillpoints, then you can just add up values from 2 chars. Structures and items can come with the servers themselves, can't they? Just forbid making new deeds there to avoid further population spread imo.
  7. 25ql dragon shoulder pad for 1.5s? Cod to zigozag if ok.
  8. Just let me change my character race to Dwarf and allow to ride these things. +1
  9. As long as the bottom remains walkable...
  10. +1, also for milking, shearing, etc.
  11. This is why we can't have nice things.
  12. +1, of course.
  13. Acid - when applied to a pickaxe, increases its damage to veins and cave walls by a solid factor (say 15 at 100 imbue) at the cost of no resources being produced. Frost - when applied to a hatchet, increases its damage to trees (by a factor of say 3 which should be enough for decent tools) at the cost of no resources being produced.
  14. A 1-month premium Bob with 1 URP gets a tome and runs off with a fortune never to be bothered with uniques again. If the rewards that are granted to everyone currently will begin to ask for some additional work or worse, money, there will be much less interest in public slayings from the public, which imo means less public slayings. And then the random factor taking the sweets from the hunting team. Overall, seems pretty pointless to me, to be honest.