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  1. Ingame Timers for Meditation Skills

    I would like automatic timers for cooldowns. You could just make them a spell effect... but that's just a thought. Would want to make sure they cannot be dispelled... if it were to become a spell effect.
  2. WTT SB Powders

    Changed topic to mostly WTT. imps for powders I can do: 90ql blacksmithing 90ql shield 90ql plate 85ql chain (i could try 90..) 90ql leather 80ql cloth 90ql weapons
  3. WTT SB Powders

    @KawdzoAh... I don't think you can mail SB powders but I am on Celebration T21 at the moment. Feel free to PM me ingame at Deathangel. We can work something out. DA
  4. WTT SB Powders

    I would like to buy/earn sleep bonus powders. Buy 25x+ 80c each (20s for 25 powder) 10x-24x 90c each 1x-9x 1s each *Low on silver until next month. Earn Will also imp Smithing/Leatherworking items to 75ql for 80c credit, 85ql for 90c credit, 90ql imp for 1s credit. if it's really difficult I might ask to readjust the credit for the imp (needle,anvil). If you have SB powders and want to trade or sell to me, and these suggested rates are confusing, PM me and we will work something out. Very Respectfully, Deathangel
  5. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    As a returning Chaos player that started out on Independence in his early days before going to the (then) Wild server, I am very thankful for this update. My first pvp battle on Chaos (not counting falling at the hands of a spy alt) was in 40ql Plate armor. Being such a fresh account, my stamina drained really fast and I could not tank while being the slowest player in our group (everyone else in dragon armor). Let's just say I dropped like a sack of potatoes in that plate, which was then a necessity for weaker accounts for DR reasons. New players will benefit greatly from lighter, more competitive armor types to choose from. So will older players that don't want to create steel plate / moon metal armor / dragon armor for economic reasons. I'm currently going toe to toe with people in scale/drake while I'm in cloth in 1v1s on Chaos (and the occasional Gank), so I'm really gonna appreciate this slight buff to Cloth, haha. Very Respectfully, DA
  6. Epic - Transfer Equality

    What is the situation now, exactly? Is skill grinded on Epic not saved when porting to freedom? Or is it the disappointment that comes with having your skill (and curve) converted to something less capable upon porting to freedom? I'm a 100% freedom cluster guy, and I just came back after 20 months, so I don't fully grasp the present situation and why it is problematic. Perhaps there are others out there wondering, also.
  7. Meditation Path Change Proposition

    If we wanted there to be some legit Lore though for this ... frequent switching, we could make it so that path switching (and keeping your level) can only be done if you are on the new path tile. Kinda like requiring a successful path question window to come up, with the option of switching paths if it is not your current one. Just an optional add in.
  8. Meditation Path Change Proposition

    This would be nice. Another approach would be to allow players to use the "Change Path" mechanic regularly, with a short cool-down of days to weeks.
  9. Title says it all. Make large maul bashing timers affected by Quality and Wind of Ages, similar to how lockpicking timers are affected by these two criteria. If you want, add a third factor like body (oo, finally a use for Body?) skill. Pretty simple one.
  10. Hunt [pet command]

    I suggest a pet command "Hunt" available upon right clicking another creature within pet command range. Hunt will: 1. Make pet target the creature. 2. Make pet follow the creature, like leading, but without a fixed follow distance. Follow functionality would be similar to 'go here' pet command, except the position of the creature would be updated while the creature moves, but once the creature escapes local (or a different range, depending on the pet type. wolfs should be able to hunt creatures farther than crocodiles), it loses the creature scent/stops hunting. This would make pets useful in pve, and pvp. Wolfs are typically useless in pvp as pets, since they cannot tank or do substantial damage. This would make creatures like wolfs and dogs and wild cats useful for tracking down enemies that are trying to escape, but at the risk of losing the pet if you don't follow it (leaves command range). Some suggested ranges for hunting, include: Sharks 5x local range Mountain lion 4x local range Wolf 4x local range Deer 3x local range Dog 2x local range Trolls 1.5x local range Wild cat 2x local range Scorpions 1x local range Crocodiles 1x local range Spiders 1x local range Horses 1x local range Unicorns 1x local range Hell horses 1x local range Imagine being able to unlead your pet dog and send it after an enemy spy alt on a PvP server. Imagine sending a barded, fully geared Hell Horse or Unicorn after a spy alt, or escaping infantry player, to keep them from getting away while you catch up. This would provide a fun fix for: 1. spy alts being abused (local scanning or teleport blocking) 2. players stealthing too quickly when trying to escape combat 3. pets could also block teleporting while hunting a player Other neat commands, such as "Roam" or "Retrieve" could be further useful, where "Roam" commands the pet to begin scanning an area (80x80, for example, depending on pet type) for enemies by roaming around constantly, and only attacking an enemy if it comes within a certain distance of a stealthed enemy (like half it's normal aggro range, or if walking adjacent to the stealthed player's tile). Roaming animals could also attack unstealthed enemies (other pets, enemy guards, aggressive creatures) at regular aggro range, while scanning an area. "Retrieve" commands the pet to Hunt a creature down and retrieve its corpse if the creature dies. To use simple terminology, let's say you right click a creature. You command your wolf to hunt the creature. If the creature dies, the pet will "take" the corpse (or a random nearby corpse?) and return it to your new position. I thought this would add some cool new possibilities to the game and provide a possible fix for some of the most aggravating PvP problems. Being hunted by a pet would not be overpowered, since dogs (or other good hunters) can be killed very quickly with archery or melee by an equipped player. The player could then try to restealth before they get caught/located. Also, only certain pets can swim, and some move faster than others. So there would be several strengths and weaknesses for each pet type to add more richness and variety to the feature.
  11. Current and future PvP works

    I am enjoying the 500 tile locate soul change. I have been roaming for a week or two now on Chaos and this is very encouraging. If I die/kill, I still have the ability to roam without surveillance until I am near someone again. DA
  12. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    I'm impressed with the recent updates / fixes and with the detail these updates have been described.
  13. PvP Changes discussion

    I figure I'll throw my 2 cents in (3 really) since I'm affected by it. I can't find the post I was going to quote but I really agreed with it; It suggested some changes to meditating, fighting skill, and body strength to help get newer players into the game faster. 1. I really liked Zeke's body strength curve over the others. I feel bad for the new guys in pvp as is, the older accounts just crush them. 2. I think removing the soft wall at 70 fight skill would help the newer guys catch up in CR. Perhaps making it more gradual slow down around after 70 would be more appropriate than going from progress to crawling. The rate normal skills slow down seems fine for this for hunting. (Like blacksmithing) 3. Meditating, I feel could be made easier in two areas. Better skillgain (there were already great suggestions in here for how to do that) to 70 skill and also lowering those advancement cooldowns to something like 2 months between lvl 1 and 11 instead of 6 months (someone else suggested that already too). I say this having switched from lvl 11 love, to 11 knowledge, to 11 insanity. I think it's pretty ridiculous cooldown times right now for advancing when you already have the skill required. Not my favorite way to spend a year and a half.
  14. ~~~ Duce ~~~ 1972 - 2016

    some random moments i found and wanted to share
  15. ~~~ Duce ~~~ 1972 - 2016

    I'm gonna miss his influence, him quietly giving away his own smithing tools and gear to new recruits, his stories, and crafting without enchants himself. I don't know any guys who reached near 100 black smithing without coc or sleep bonus. It doesn't feel real still, after so many years I keep expecting him to make a post somewhere or log in for a few minutes. I enjoyed and will miss his genuine personality and interest in 'the new guys'.