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  1. Priest overhaul testing

    I agree. Hopefully resistances can be finely tuned enough to address nearly all cases of spamming spells.
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    [oakshell] Can now only be cast on players on PvP servers. could use clarification on what this means
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    Just reading through the testing thread, it looks like roaming will be a lot easier with the nolocate/locate resistances and cooldowns! I think having a 'perfect' compass toward enemies was a big issue before. there should be some guess-work and skill required in tracking someone down. not spell/pendulum spam. Now players will have to use some knowledge of the local terrain + occasional hints from locate/pendulum, to track down an enemy. I really like this, because before, it felt like all equipped enemies were heat-seeking missiles even at a distance in a dense forest. " This resistance prevents you from being located by any player until it expires. " - That's great, it prevents a group of 10 enemies/alts from alternating pendulum/locate casts. other comments: " Dispel - Now has a difficulty increase based on distance. Does not apply to item dispels. " - that's reasonable. " Charm Animal - No longer able to be interrupted by taking damage during combat.  " - needed this for a long time. " Forest Giant Strength - No longer limited to having below 40 body strength. Instead, it now applies a temporary “curve” to Body Strength based on cast power. " - Great, useful for pvp toons now. Also good counter for weakness spell now. " Fire Pillar - Deals wounds 10 times faster for 1/10th damage. Damage per power reduced from 3.0 to 2.75. " - Sounds good on paper, but make sure new players aren't getting completely smoked in pvp from these kind of spells. Armor is their main defense, aside from evading spells. " Nimbleness - Favor cost reduced from 80 to 60. " - good since this is mandatory for all weapons. " Life Transfer - Favor cost reduced from 120 to 100. Healing uses the new healing resistance (see above). " - Good, but this should also target highest damage wounds as well if you are tuning it like LoF resistance to healing, instead of random. Would require testing. " Oakshell now reduces mounted movement speed across all servers instead of just Epic. This movement speed penalty has been fixed to apply to hitched creatures as well. " - Very reasonable change that will balance strength for mobility. " Rebirth - Creatures resurrected using Rebirth can no longer be equipped with gear, unless it is valid equipment (such as saddles, horse shoes, etc. on a zombie horse). This removes the ability to equip zombie trolls with weapons and armour. " - Does this mean I can't rebirth Dadd with full loot on him? (scale, etc) " Tangleweave " - great rework. good counter for 1v1 where enemy is trying to cast "heal" on themselves. " Venom " - actually viable for certain situations now. Great! Like how the cast power makes a difference in dmg penalty scaling. Not OP insta-kill, decent. " Web Armour - Added to Magranon. " - good WLvBL balance decision. I don't need a sketchy enemy alt to do this anymore. *I'm really glad cast power matters more for several different spells now. *I am glad more on screen messages are displayed. Adds more dynamic to the fight, like needing to chase your enemy some to be aggressive with spell casting. *I like that new resistance code evens the playing field. It is something independent of body stats. If finely tuned will make some aspects of pvp more even for new accounts, without making older accounts identical to noobs. *Sounds like small wounds are probably a good way to go now instead of just 2h being the meta - since 2h wounds will be healed first in most cases. Both are a good approach now. *I really like the rework of phantasms. REALLY. *Please make sure worm brains doesn't insta-kill a lower level pvper.
  4. Remove some of the wrist-strain from brick making? Basically be able to add pile of shards to crafting window while it is in the BSB still, and your chisel from inventory. Ideally would also be possible for logs-planks, etc. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I think this would remove a really annoying aspect of material prepping and improve quality of life for wurm players (new and old). respectfully, DA
  5. Valrei International. 070

    Very pleased! Take my money.
  6. WTT/WTB SB Powders

    Still interested!
  7. let me know if you want it and I'll pay the shipping. DA
  8. Innate Powers : A Channeling Buff

    I think this is a neat idea. Also it could be based on soul depth instead of channeling. Or also meditation. Or, different abilities could be unlocked at level x in different skills, to make stuff like gardening, forestry, etc more tasteful. I like the idea of channeling for some of these, but perhaps not all of them. DA
  9. Why not Mind,mind logic, mind speed, body control, body, soul depth, soul?
  10. Lots of ways it could work. What do you think? New function/use for bell towers if it gets added. while enemies are in local & guards alive ring bell tower every 15 minutes end the code already exists for the 'a strange feeling overcomes you...' message and teleport blocking for whether enemies are in local. just need to figure out how to apply it to within local of guards or deed edge or perimeter, etc. a less useful version would be to only ring the bell when enemies are on perimeter, like catapulting.
  11. title says it all. remove the QL nerf for smelting pots but make an if-else coding exception for the item types that were problematic (arrowheads).
  12. Suggestion 1: We are currently limited to transporting 1 unicorn at a time due to the taming error messages encountered when trying to tame/load another unicorn. Remove this restriction? Suggestion 2: Remove this restriction for all creatures? (be able to untame a creature while it's in a crate, for example) It doesn't stop someone from transporting many tamed creatures. They just need another player with taming to load a creature crate onto the boat to get around this feature. Also, the number of tamed creatures transported is not limited by this function - it just takes a single player longer to do it himself, or makes him go to different servers for each tamed pet. The number of transported creatures is already reasonably limited by the capacity of vehicles used (knarr fits 4 creature crates). This is a reasonable limitation. I don't like that the taming limitation exists though, since it can be worked around by players with more resources (multiple taming accounts on the boat, loading 1 critter each) or require a single player multiple trips to work around the 'only 1 pet at a time' feature for loading animals into crates on the same server. As it is, we cannot untame crated creatures.
  13. Hunting Server

  14. Wurm University - Chaos Kingdom

    Lot's of fun, too!