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  1. Two Birds, One Stone

    It struck me as an odd idea at first, but the more I think about it, the better I think it will be for the game, PvP community, and epic.
  2. The Purge

    Didn't this happen once and it went very badly? Something about forcing pvp on players that only play pve and a bunch of subscriptions were lost? If you remember this please speak up, i might just be remembering wrong. I like the idea, for the reasons mentioned so far, but I'm not sure how to prevent abuses of it. It would certainly be a game changer.... what about the people that have played for ages and dont want their deeds raided? People leave some pretty valuable stuff out on freedom. This would really wreck that... unless a hybrid system was figured out, like unable to pickup items. Then you could lockpick in and kill someone but not take stuff. Its a tricky idea.
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    I mean, yeah its basically all of TC pushing to fix stuff that's not really broken or overused. Based on footage from recent fights when everyone is dying from axes, not spells (am i missing something?), most WU are trying to say there is not imbalance... Agree tho shieldbashing could be a potential tweak to interrupt casting. I dont think chances to block a spell that already has a chance to fail/power roll is the right answer. I think Mondain/platinumbeef described the situation pretty accurately in his above post. And yes, if it gets changed much more I want /transfers again because of the points mentioned about us choosing based on originally proposed mechanics.
  4. Make Archery Great again

    I like the idea of priests having a tougher time blocking hits while casting. I don't however think the current system is broken, though. I don't see fights (and I'm in most fights, I think) where people are winning because of priests. So while I like your suggestion, I don't think it is going to change your ability to win fights since it will just add another meta for you to adjust to. Melee still trumps long range spell casting, because you can't move while casting spells. You might see 1 guy casting a spell while a group of fighters rush a target. Most people don't stand still when bodies are dropping, in my videos. They're swinging a big stick instead. Spell spam is not the "problem" at the moment. So I disagree that this change will solve the proposed imbalance, because I just do not see this imbalance anywhere in real fights atm to begin with. Where are people dying to spells? I actually am clueless on where that is coming from. If anything, I've seen pillar spells used like normal, less healing spells being used than normal, and some skirmishes initiated by a shard of ice to inflict hurting status on a called target. I'm not seeing 20 priests nuke people. I'm seeing a ton of coordinated axes dice people up, even people trying to cast LoF, etc. Actually, I'm seeing a few of your guys get butchered while casting LoF or Scorn of Libila, even without worse chances of blocking while spell casting. So if anything, I'd expect this change to make stuff harder for TC based on recent fights. It would also be harder for WU casters, but that is realistically only a few people per fight and once the rush begins no spells are being casted except by maybe 1 guy in the back, hard to reach. I like the suggestion about harder to block while casting. I've actually lost 1v1s to priests because they tank well and cast heal on themselves mid fight. This might help with that. I don't see it addressing any imbalances associated with priests in huge group fights though, because most of huge fight damage dealt is melee, not priest damage spells.
  5. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    double post oops. We can all be frenemies... but I don't think it's very bad like you're making it out to be.
  6. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    I didn't see many spells casted on that bridge. Some AoE's, maybe 1-2 direct damage spells...
  7. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    I also think it is very very nice that the counters to spell damage are mostly an equal playing field. Move out of spell range. Break line of site. These are things that new players can master without waiting 5 years or paying to play. Tangleweave is a less entry-level counter, but very effective for the higher damage spells.
  8. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    I agree with Oblivionnreaver on this. Huge axes and arrows are still very relevant and this is shown in recent pvp with arrow deaths and melee madness. I am not a priest and I seem to make a difference in every fight with my huge axe out. My non-priest fighters wreck people with huge axes. The most recent wipe on TC was also almost fully melee, with very little spell casting. I don't think your perception of priests being OP is fully accurate. I mean, I wish I was a priest, because I wouldn't have to use arrows for long range attacks. But we just killed someone (Wilca) very fast with arrows the same day as the TC-WL wipe, but no spells were casted. I haven't really tested the damages since they recently got reduced, but I imagine it is not any more OP than before it got reduced, and considering that all of the recent wipes were mostly melee damage or arrows, I see no real imbalance yet. Perhaps the greatest benefit to spells is that you cannot block them like arrows. Honestly, I like this, and I think the resistances do a good job of delivering diminishing results for spell spam, as it is. I guess the important question is, should a player be able to die by spell casting? I think we all agree arrows and axes make sense. But spell casting? I think some of us agree and some disagree with the idea spell casting should be similar in effectiveness to arrows and melee damage. I think most of us agree though that casting fire heart or shard of ice was a joke before the work Sindusk did on it. Also, when you are gatehopping your enemies have more time and motivation to use spells on you than in a dynamic open-field fight where travel time is worthwhile in running up to your enemy physically and swinging at them. I will probably shoot you with arrows and spells if you are sitting at a minehop so I don't have to run up to you (more effort) only for you to jump back in to safety. An arrow or spell is more stealthy, I think, and more likely to catch you out of your hop than a huge axe (or simultaneous huge axes) since you have more warning with me running toward you. Not necessarily because spells are so much more OP than melee. @NikiIf you are calling leather armor the meta, and suggesting inside info to WU that leather armor will be the new meta... That's not quite true. WU was wearing drake/plate when the August armor change went in, long before the priest overhaul, and we were wiping a lot to TC at that time. We gradually switched to chain, then leather most recently. Over 7 months, WU experimented with all the different armors (including cloth, if you go check out my Solo Roaming videos in the Chaos section). Leather seems to be a sweet spot in crafting effort vs damage reduction. Its not just priests in leather either, for some 30% bonus to casting. Deathangel has been in leather a lot lately and he is not a priest. 7 months of experimenting with armor types does not amount to inside info on the new meta. Also, leather might not be the best, maybe cloth is lol. We haven't tried everyone in cloth yet, but it worked pretty well in my 1v1s.
  9. Computer issues

    Hey I'm doing the same thing this summer! I'll be starting my trip in Ramstein, Germany, though.
  10. Bump to the top, top toons dont champ usually. This would be pretty fair way to make it a better trade off for more top tier toons, if those types of accounts are actually meant to be able to reasonably champ, anyway.
  11. New HotA System

    I like both of these suggestions. I supposed you don't have to participate if you don't want to travel across the map. However, you are likely to encounter enemies if you choose to participate, which makes the travel risky and worthwhile, since you can catch enemies away from deeds. Some way to make people travel home with their loots would be nice, but nothing too overbearing (I liked the idea that all the loot would be moved to the most recently captured battle camp, so that you dont have to coordinate 4 routes of loot transport, just 1, but it still gives enemies opportunity for interception and a motivation to go roam for you). I don't like the hota statue + lumps spawning safely at home. I think its good to have it carried back (especially the statue, which is worth some money but will slow you down on your way home. More thought will have to go into how you safely transport it home, and the random locations will prevent a safety net of deeds being built around the zone so that travel home poses a small risk as well)
  12. New HotA System

    +1 i kinda like the idea. it certainly encourages pvp more than HOTA in its current form. I think it would be better to not allow any building/terraforming within the 40x40 zone, period. Keep it a natural landscape. See how that goes. If for some reason players start fencing the entire 40x40 zones, there could be a 45x45 increased off-deed decay zone that remains for x days based on how long it takes 80ql offdeed structures to decay, for example. Idea sounds great on paper though. Perhaps we could set a couple timers in here for a more group-oriented testing session (for example, Wednesday 7pm US Central time those interested could login to compete on the test server, and again at say 12pm US central time next Saturday). DA
  13. Celebration's Extended Downtime

    Thursday.... thats about 4 days from now.. let me see what my SB is at... I think 10 or 11 days may be better for me. Maybe 14. Idk. edit: yay i got unbanned, should be able to also enjoy the SB ty
  14. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    I love you Sindusk best pvp changes i can recall in 8 years DA
  15. Chance to spawn 10x+ cave bugs when mining :D

    Amazing suggestions here.^ Something like this would also be amazing.^ As for this being a troll post or not, actually no, I just wanted to spark a discussion about how to make hunting/mob behavior/mondain tasks more exciting. To fix the "new player disgruntlement" of mining that spawns cave bugs, personally I thought the "cave bug vein" suggestion, similar to how some tiles will spawn you a gem when you strike them, which would be more like maybe 5 cave bugs spread out from the same rock tile with event warning messages. Or the amount of bugs that can spawn could be tied to your fighting skill, where there is no chance for a bug to spawn if you are mining with under 20 fs, but starting at 20 FS you can spawn up to your (FS-10)/10 bugs and it would be a fairly low chance, or only tied to a random distribution of tiles like source crystals. So a 90fs miner (like me) could see (90-10)/10 = up to 8 cave bugs crawl out of the wall about as often as i mine a source crystal. It could even be tied to gem spawning, so that the code algorithm might look something like this (for the more technical readers): if mining action yields a gem, if playerFS >= 20fs n = (playerFS - 10)/10 spawnbugs(n,gemQL) display message('The cave inhabitants come to reclaim their gem.') else playerFS < 20fs display message('You uncover a gem. It is rumored that the cave inhabitants are aggressive to more experienced players that take their treasure.') end end and this little algorithm could be run simultaneously when a gem is spawned from mining. <20fs players would not have any issues combat wise, 20+fs players could get up to 1/10th their FS -1 bugs (with the number of bugs spawned on an experienced player equaly to 1/10th the QL of the gem so a 100ql gem is 10 bugs, 50ql gem is up to 5 bugs, for example). so "spawnbugs" would spawn 1/10th the ql of the gem bugs, capped but limited by 10% your fs, -1. So 90fs Deathangel mines a 70ql gem. up to 8 can spawn on Deathangel when a gem is mined, but since it was only a 70ql gem, 70*(1/10) = 7 bugs spawn. Lets also consider 40fs Dadd mining a 80ql gem. if Dadd had 90fs, he would get 8 bugs. But since he has 40fs, he gets 3 bugs. These numbers are adjustable, but I think a mechanic like this would be a safe fun way for high skilled fighters to have fun - without over punishing the lower skilled fighters. ^So that's a way to prevent noobs from being slaughtered, since any player above 20fs will likely be able to kill a single cave bug even without armor, if they have a weapon equipped. It would add a small exploratory flare to mining, similar to how trees can have bee hives (which i think is very cool). This is my more thought-out lore-worthy version of the cave bug-mining suggestion. I'd also want a note added to the tutorial about this if it was implemented, at least to the extent woodcutting and bee hives are explained (are they even?). Someone else had a very nice suggestion I also liked about cave bug veins but I couldn't find it easily while looking back on the posts to quote it again. DA