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  1. just a fun suggestion, similar to how bees sting you when you chop on their tree. DA
  2. i like a lot of the recent changes! thanks to the devs. DA
  3. Bump for original proposal (just the skill-regain change).
  4. It seems like right now the server doesn't communicate with the client about accessing locked gates/doors until you are on the same tile as the gate/door. Then after a delay, the door will unlock for you. I think this delay could be minimized if the client communicated with the server in advance, say access to all structures within 10 tiles should be rendered every time the player changes a tile, and the client will be ready to freely pass through a locked gate/door more readily without delay. It seems like the client waits until on the same tile as the locked structure to communicate with the server and check permissions for passage, then once the client hears back from the server it is unlocked. This type of "permissions rendering" could be done before you are on the same tile, to prevent the delay everyone outside of Europe often experiences when approaching a locked gate. Proposal: client pings server every time player changes tiles, for structure permissions within 10 tile radius so that the client already has permission to let you through the locked gates before you reach them.
  5. would raise rock layer in a tile or corner (could be corner you stand on, or tile you right click on). surface use for the spell, similar to the dirt spell. DA
  6. Expanding End-Game

    Advanced creature AI's (civilizations of NPCs with different behaviors) that travel is a big project but would add a nice layer of depth to the game. I'll throw that in here. Perhaps the weathering/erosion system could also be implemented to "clean-up" such NPC villages when they change location.
  7. Hotfix 18/DEC/18

    I am very thankful that our dev team is tackling so many neat things at once and am glad we are getting new/tweaked content. Thank you all and merry debugging.
  8. Title says it. can be /command or just option at that path's path tile. DA
  9. I like the proposed change, it does sound like newer players could participate at a much more fair level, without completely removing the advantage of being an older player. I'd prefer 25% armor with body strength mattering "more" than SOTG though, but it would come down to whether the bulk of the remaining 25% DR after armor in pvp should be achievable in 6 months (meditation), or 6 years (body str grind). I'd prefer something like 25% armor, 15% body str, 10% sotg with the SOTG divided up more as you suggested, across the different meditation levels. DA
  10. I suggest a change to the way current fighting works. The current situation: Player Damage reduction is determined by body strength. Player damage output (how hard you hit) is also dependent on body strength. Overall Body, is essentially useless. Suggestion: Make player DR depend on overall Body, leave player damage output dependent on Body Strength. Kindly, DA
  11. Alright everyone - here's an idea regarding champion Damage Reduction that might go well with this adjustment. Personally, I think the skillgain proposal I made in this thread would be very reasonable ON ITS OWN. But, if we think less punitive skillgain for champions with DR as is, is too OP or overpowered, here is a possible change to how DR works as champion. Additional DR Suggestion: Scale champion DR inversely with body strength of player. Right now, i think it's always 60% DR no matter how tanky you are to begin with. I propose the DR you get as a champ be scaled as : DR % = (100 - [Your Body Strength]) Thus, : a 90 body strength account will have (100 - 90) = 10% Damage Reduction while being a champion. an 80 body strength account will have (100 - 80) = 20% DR as champ a 60 body strength account will have (100 - 60) = 40% DR as champ a 40 body strength account will have (100 - 40) = 60% DR as champ (the current amount) a 30 body str account will have (100 - 30) = 70% DR as champ a fresh toon, 20 body str will have (100 - 20) = 80% DR as champ This DR change should be very easy to code/implement. It will make weaker champs similar in DR to "god-tier" champs, thus evening out the tankiness of champs. (I omit blocking/parrying in this comparison about tankiness because in a gank of 10 attackers you don't block/parry and it comes down to DR being main factor of tankiness, which is the case in most champion player deaths/fights.) Such a DR system for champs would not necessarily reveal your body strength to other players, also, since every champion will be similar in tankiness regardless of body strength (and hopefully all will be at an appropriate level of toughness for a temporary buff). Perhaps this type of DR scaling would make god-tier champs (the ones that will be more likely to champ, and you will see more of, if the skillgain [x3] recovery is added/fixed) less OP, and remove the need to "punish" such champs as severely with the current skillgain system. tl;dr We can make stronger accounts (the ones that suffer most from the stat loss as champ), less tanky as champs so they can be punished less skill-wise when they dechamp. I push for the fully-revised version of my original proposal if DR gets scaled inversely proportional to body strength, shown here:
  12. Great point. I want to see Dadd champ again! DA More serious suggestion to combat "unbalanced" champhood coming in next post.
  13. Could you elaborate on the sting sentence? I'm not sure what you mean. DA
  14. Also, with the 3x champ limit per kingdom, smaller kingdoms would have easier time filling champ slots since those accounts used in smaller kingdoms would often be cycled frequently anyway, they will receive easier re-grinding conditions. Larger kingdoms have no trouble filling champ slots anyway, so this wouldn't affect them (presently WU and TC, on chaos). It would however encourage all champions to take on more risks and pvp. DA
  15. As it is in each kingdom there are a limited (3) number of champions at any time. There are a handful of people that don't want to champ because of the inevitable stat loss at high levels. There are also those that do champ but are too afraid to go into risky situations (generate more interesting pvp) while champ, lest they lose their lives too early and take a stat loss in less than 6 months. If you made the stat loss less punishing (make it 3x less painful to regain and make your gains while being champ undiminished by your temporary higher skill level), some of the people in the group unwilling to champ would be more willing to champ up with a less punishing stat loss. Additionally, those who are champing will take more risks because dechamping early doesn't suck as much. This would generate more champs taking risks. More risks = more interesting pvp. That is one perspective. If you believe perma-death champs were the greatest thing ever, then none of this suggestion will favor your thinking. On the other hand. If you believe champs should take more risky fights, and commit to the death more often, this suggestion will be slightly more favorable to your thinking. (this post is not aimed at any response yet, it is just further discussion on the idea with the consideration of some possible outcomes in context of present conditions) DA