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  1. I think the bonus should increase for Pvp deaths on friendly deeds, but it should be effective anywhere within friendly influence, so you can at least run enemies off your turn/locale.
  2. Well, loners are great, but friends, in a community, often encourage eachother to reprem up in spurts of activity. A small group is usually a threat or target to the big guys, compared to a lone nonprem freedomer. So this suggestion actually benefits the small groups, who could potentially all become ondeed bosses that can call targets and drop enemies draining their token on consecutive raid days.
  3. Plenty (3?) of freedom independent settlers survive on Chaos without a deed. Often they receive neutrality from the big guys. I don't see why this is necessary for retention if loners are already able to thrive with things as is.
  4. How else can weaker groups survive? The most I've died defending in one siege was twice. So I used a 3rd set of gear I scrounged together. I would have seriously benefited from a temporary buff that evens the defending playing field. Why don't you disagree with counter-suggestions to solve the problem mentioned, the problem of retention that the game has struggled with for years? Don't you love wurm and want it to grow up and be a household title someday? My 3rd set of gear should really count, at least make me a strong as my enemy.
  5. But I worked hard for my strength and earned my ability to crush weaker players on their last crutch of defense on Chaos. If I want to run someone off the server, I need to be able to do it easily. Sometimes, I want to grief them so bad they quit for good. I've dug token pits so badly they can't be built on anymore after draining the deed. Then I have also drained the deed consecutive days until it disbands, killing any ungeared repairers in my way. Then I bash all defendable doors on deed, or wall them in after I've pried every large maul out off the dead defender bodies, so they can't bash their walled in gatehops ondeed with mayor bonus. I know this game struggles with retention, but don't make new players strong as me. I need the upper hand I worked for.
  6. Actually, it could be programmed to boost the deceased defender with identical damage resistance, CR, etc as the strongest raider on the deathtab. A soft buff with a 72hr cooldown. Only deaths ondeed count, bonus only works on deed.
  7. Majority of the playerbase is freedom, deed builder style players if I remember right. This would aid them in maintaining a presence on pvp servers, if they gain bonuses for defending their deeds. I think For it to be worth the gear loss to a casual player, it would need to be a steeper bonus per death, like +3CR per death. That way, losing 3 sets of gear, or being humiliated 3 times, makes you +9CR stronger while you wear your "reserve gear" ondeed for end-game defense. It could be damage bonus, or damage resistance alternatively. There's a real life thing where people have no way out of a situation and they become stronger when they know it is the end. This wouldn't be too unrealistic.
  8. With MR getting steamrolled on Chaos right now, I can't help but remember the many kingdoms that have quit the server. Usually it ends with a marathon siege of deed disassembly and repeat kills of defenders until defenders have no gear to fight with, or no desire to lose anymore. I think it is unlikely new players can defend their deeds against this zerg play style that characterizes well staffed, experienced kingdoms. What if defenders, while on deed only, received a CR bonus for every pvp death in the previous 24hrs? I don't fight in my good gear, but when my deed is under "final siege" I'm more likely to fight in my good gear with a defenders bonus ondeed. This might help with player retention too, at least for basic survival. You could swap this stacking bonus out with any other stacking bonus for repeatedly killed defenders ondeed. This is just the 2nd thing that came to my mind. You could further limit the bonus by making only ondeed deaths count toward it. Also, I wanted to suggest a 72hr bonus, since the hardcore raids I'm talking about are usually multiday efforts, and the average defender might only have 2 gear sets on hand for herself. DA
  9. I agree, RT is my lowest weapon enchant choice right now because it is just not competitive.
  10. Well. For some skills, 1:1 isn't as horrible as it sounds at first. Sure, epic has faster skill gained, but the vast majority of time spent skilling on Epic requires you to skill at higher Effective skill level, and at a slower rate due to this curve than if you skilled at your actual skill level. For example, a skill like shieldsmithing or leatherworking, which I have reached 90+ on Freedom already, on SBCoC, usually goes a bit like this. On Freedom, SB and CoC: 3 points per hour at 50 skill range, gradually decreased to 1 point per hour at 70 skill. Finally, about .60 skill per hour through the 80's and .20 per hour at 90. This is rough math, but I've grinded many skills on my account Deathangel to 90 and most of them take this similar rate of progression on Freedom. That's my freedom grind progression. Now consider grinding those same skills on Epic, SB and CoC: my actual 50 skill 3pts/hr on freedom initially becomes something like 75 effective skill due to the epic curve. That means i'm gaining about 1pt/hr at 50 skill due to effective curve... however, I'm also benefiting from the Epic skillgain (x3), so that Epic 1pt/hr at 50 skill becomes 3pt/hr at 50 skill, on epic with SB and CoC. That means i'm skilling, using the same methods, 1:1 with what I would be gaining on freedom for 50 skill. The curve cancels out with the skillgain boost for 50 skill range on skills like mining and imping skills (carpentry, smithing,tailoring). Conclusion: throughout the 50 actual skill range, 1:1 is a fair conversion ratio. Now let's consider the same scenario but at 70 skill range: At 70 actual skill, on Freedom, I typically get 1pt/hr with SB and CoC. Most skills in wurm progress this way, with a few exceptions like prayer, meditation, channeling?, etc. So let's compare my 1pt/hr Freedom skilling to what I'd be getting on Epic (again, SB+CoC). Converting 70 range Freedom skilling to Epic, Firstly, the epic curve makes me gain slower because 70 actual skill ---> about 90 effective skill on Epic. So instead of gaining 1pt/hr on epic like I do on freedom, I would gain at the 90 skill rate of (roughly) 0.2/hr (again this is with SB and CoC). Initially, before the x3 Epic skillgain buff, I am going to be gaining at .2/hr at 70skill on Epic which is much slower than 1 pt/hr on Freedom. Now we apply the Epic x3 gains effect: .2/hr on Epic at 70 skill goes up to .6/hr at 70 skill on Epic. That means, I'm getting 0.6/hr for most crafting skills on epic at level 70. On Freedom, I would be gaining actual skill at a faster rate of 1/hr at level 70. This means that for the 70 actual skill range, 1:1 is NOT a fair transfer ratio because skilling is faster on Freedom beyond 50's. For imping skills then, it is slower to skill on Epic than on Freedom beyond level 50 (approximately, I could put effort into exact cutoffs if devs wanted help implementing a fair conversion ratio). Note: This comparison is for most skills in the game that progress like imping skills (carpentry, smithing, tailoring). An easy comparison can be made for other skillgain types, it will just look a little different. Now lets consider the early skilling (sub 50). In this situation, it is faster to skill on Epic than Freedom below 50. Take 30 skill for example. 30 actual skill on freedom is going to be faster than my 3pts/hr at 50. I can't remember exactly what 30 skill with SB and CoC is like, I'm gonna use 5 pts/hr as a reasonable guess. So 5pts/hr on freedom for 30 skill level. Now we consider leveling at 30 actual skill on Epic. The curve makes 30 skill act and look like 50 skill. So instead of gaining 5pts/hr on epic, before applying the x3 gains, you're looking at 3pts/hr. Now we apply the x3 Epic gains and that becomes 9pts/hr on Epic at 30 actual skill. It's almost twice as fast to gain skill around level 30 on Epic, than on Freedom. So a 1:1 transfer on Epic-> Freedom at level 30 is NOT fair, but in the opposite way that 1:1 is not fair beyond 50. Is there a way to convert Fairly, going both ways? Yes, there is. How? We can linearly approximate this shift using a few simple formulas for each 10 point skill range so that each skill is adjusted equivalently on transfer between the clusters. For example, 5 points gained on Epic at level 30 would translate to 2.5 gained on freedom at level 30, since last portal transfer. If I get blacksmithing from 30 to 35 on epic, then when I return to freedom I should have about 32.5 blacksmithing. If I go from 50 to 55 on Epic, I should have 55 when I return to Freedom. If I go from 70 to 75 on epic, I should have (1/.6)*5 = 78.33 skill when i return to freedom. That would be FAIR transfer ratios, or close to it based on TIME SPENT. That's using a linear piecewise function that has different ratios for different skill levels and it could be defined for as many intervals as we want to make it as fair as possible, but the result of a bunch of small skill range ratios would just be a good true function that represents it perfectly, some kind of exponential function that I could solve for if we wanted it. This was written with respect to imping skills. Some skills work differently and deserve their own discussion. I'm just illustrating a fair conversion ratio for different skill levels that represents MOST important skills in the game to make it very plain and obvious that it can be done and that this post took me only 15 minutes to think out and write and that a happy, mostly fair solution can be drawn out in less than 1 full day of effort for all skills in the game if the right ppl are working on it, and implemented the next day. Very respectfully.
  11. A smaller proximity block (no loot if enemies within 10 tiles) would be more reasonable than a local proximity block. Basically reduce the epic enemy presence block range.
  12. I recommend this for incentive to play on either cluster. Another nice thing would be my suggestion for 2 way skill transfer, at a fair conversion ratio (which might be 1:1 initially). See other topic for discussion on that related subject.