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  1. I do think archery is totally useless as a new player for reasons including skill requirement, bow QL, and access to arrows. I wish it could be more effective against animals earlier on. (Emphasis on PvE being more accessible) Never critically thought about "too close" but you've got a point, that is a stupid concept. Velocity is velocity, and the amount of pain you feel at 1 tile from a longbow should be HIGHER than the pain you feel at 20 tiles based on air resistance slowing down the arrow the further it goes. If too close was removed, we'd have to rethink the justification of the 3 types of bows. I'm not a master archer in real life though, so I don't have any input into justifying different sizes of bows other than MAX range, not minimum range. Maybe short bows should fire FASTER, with less damage or accuracy at longer ranges? Longbows could fire slower with lowest difficulty at long range and highest damage for the longest range.
  2. Bounties on players would also be neat. Pay x silver to put a bounty on y player on PvP servers.
  3. Recently died a lot because I didn't use war bonus
  4. Huge +1. People refuse to take 1v1s based on not losing fighting skill. It's sad. Actually one of the reasons I stopped pvping recently, I got tired of being penalized for adding content to the game. that -.25 FS is massive at higher levels.
  5. Please let armor QL and weapon QL affect combat, and carpentry not... P.S. I have prem time until 2025, just bought another year!
  6. I just died like 7 times this week and remembered I forgot to sac 400x 80ql signs first, and it makes me feel sad - because that might have been enough to make me equal or better than some of my foes. These two things should not be related. Remove war bonus so I can come back and fight without having to woodcut first. DA
  7. I echo others by recommending LOWERING the bar for melee pvp effectiveness. Make SOTG an every path thing. It's dumb that you have to be path of insanity for pvp melee. DA
  8. Patch Notes 12-July-2022 and July’s Monthly Skin Bugfix: Fixed a text error in event message when planning a bridge. Bugfix: Fixed a text error when failing to make a press/fruit press. Change: Treasure map model will now be slightly larger when dropped/placed. Note: Champions on Chaos will officially be removed with this update. Any champion that logs in will dechamp shortly after, with -5 to all characteristics instead of the normal -6; everything else functions as a normal dechamp. Thanks Wurm Team! [18:08:19] You now have premier playing time until 20 May 2024 20:09:25 GMT. [18:08:19] You have received 12 sleeping powders in your inventory.
  9. Caffeine was made to help the casual player, But what if wurm needs to be more casual? Improved Improve would probably be a better addition to the game than what I'm suggesting here, Do you think restlessness should be removed, to allow uncapped use of caffeine and thus making the coffee industry profitable, sleep powders more valuable, and the game easier to grind? Or, do you think casual servers should be improved, like making Epic Skillgains be based off actual skill, not effective skill.
  10. I think Wurm could benefit from 2x easier to grind, or some similar tweak long term. With more seasoned accounts being lost to history than before, the average skill is probably dropping due to loss of account transfer. More % of newer players actually have to grind instead of buying a previously-grinded account. This will cause crafting to be harder as older skilled accounts are lost and newer ones are created. But how to transition to an easier wurm: I think we should drive up the price of sleep powders by removing the restlessness feature and allowing uncapped use of caffeine for the ~2x gains. This would probably have positive economic effects for buying silver for sb powder. (Side note: CCFP should also refund SB while using caffeine), and encourage the use of treasure maps and mission completion to regain SB. And rifts.
  11. Please let the boat captain regain stamina on Chaos. Can you imagine boat PvP where you aren't struggling to target the captain, instead you can just call a target you prefer? Having it tactically OP to target the captain is a weird feature. Right now, captains are the best target because they might have lower chance to block melee attacks due to no stamina. This means boat captains have to periodically slow down or stop to regain stamina. This is unnecessary. It also makes boat pvp less fun for the captain. That means 20% (sailboat) of the crew is having less fun in boat pvp. That means pvp is discouraged by this feature, with no obvious benefit. It also discourages me from sail-roaming with loot on me, where I might be more inclined to bring carpentry tools along if I can regain stamina. DA
  12. Please remove war bonus. It raises the bar for new and smaller kingdoms on Chaos. As a PvPer, I have 0 interest in saccing bulk crafted items just to be competitive in melee. This is not great for the game. Infact, this is bad for the game as it currently is on Chaos. I think war bonus should be disabled and possibly tweaked if it is to be kept, or disabled until it can be tweaked to not be OP and not be prohibitive toward new PMKs or new players. When I came to Chaos from Independence in 2010, I had a wooden shaft that I found near the Landing, which I used to try to beat a pheasant to death. I was then killed by Tonygreen on an alt he had. This was my first PvP encounter. Can you imagine if I had to worry about war bonus when I first came over to the server? It is not just recommended to have war bonus now, it is REQUIRED. I'm just glad war bonus didn't exist back then, and I think it should be changed or removed now. War bonus discourages new players and is a DISTRACTION from real skirmishes. DA