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Found 8 results

  1. This is a very simple idea, so it has probably been suggested before: Boats that are moored in place should have the option to 'Rotate' (This would not defeat the purpose of mooring a boat as this would not include 'Push/Pull') Boats that have been left sticking into the land can be unsightly, and they can badly detract from an otherwise pleasant view. If boats could be rotated after being moored, then not only could the captain more easily control the docking job, but also could any crooked boat be corrected by anyone concerned having to look at it. It is also a very realistic ability to have, because the anchor and mooring rope only secures a single point of the boat (upon which the boat pivots). If an unmoored boat can be freely pushed, then it should be freely rotated when moored. Anyone who does not wish for their boat to rotate would be able to deploy a second mooring anchor to lock the rotation (by securing both ends of the boat).
  2. Can we please have an option to attach a mooring anchor to a ship and thus have the Moor/Raise anchor options on that ship without having to carry around in inventory a 20kg anchor. Or at the very least, can it be made so that the anchor drops in the ship inventory when raised, not in the player inventory ?
  3. I was thinking about abandoned boats left on people's harbor deeds. It would be nice to have a deed permission check box for village, alliance, kingdom for the ability to moor boats. This will prevent many boats from randomly being moored then abandoned on people's Harbor deeds and keep free the space for regular uses. This will allow better control over space on coastal deeds where people can and cannot put boats. currently you must submit a support ticket to a GM to move a boat off your deed if it encumbers your building process, yet otherwise is free to remain. This saves GM time and prevents many potential hassles and should be rather easy to implement.
  4. Stag's Ropemaking Emporium Located at Fort Huntsman Docks Release X4 Y16 Rope Pricings Cordage - 10c per rope Mooring- 5c per rope Thick- 15c per rope Regular- 1c per rope Mooring Anchor- 20c per anchor Rope tools 30 QL- 5c 40 QL- 10c 50QL- 15c (All rope tools will be made from oakenwood for an extra 5c) Shipwright Bundles Sailing Boat Bundle- 54c 2 Cordage 2 Thick 1 Mooring Corbita Bundle- 2s 7c 6 Cordage 8 Thick 4 Mooring Cog Bundle- 2s 34c 8 Cordage 8 Thick 4 Mooring Knarr Bundle- 2s 47c 12 Cordage 8 Thick 4 Mooring Caravel Bundle- 5s 22c 24 Cordage 12 Thick 8 Mooring All bundles come with a free mooring anchor!! Contact Information Ingame: Stagnatrious (If i am not available, please contact Jakeii to place your order) See Also Jakeii's Fort Huntsman Docks- Eilif's Blacksmithing-
  5. Why should we need a lead anchor to tie up to a jetty ? Face a tile corner and plant a wooden mooring post to make your floorboarded jetty look more like the real thing. Would act as a single-corner fence. Activate a mooring rope in your inventory and moor your rowboat or sailboat to the post from within a 1 tile radius. Craft a stone mooring bollard for those slabbed jetties. Maybe these could have mooring options for bigger sailing craft. Might take two mooring ropes and bollards spaced the right distance apart for your ship's length, but then you could have the joy of clicking 'cast off' when you're ready to get underway again. Carry an iron mooring pin to plant on a tile corner on the shore to tie-up to, from a small craft. Seems to me if we can hitch animals to a tent, it's time to be able to throw a mooring rope round a post/bollard/pin.
  6. I'm selling 30+ql mooring anchors. 30 copper coin+cod / each or can be pickup at Q13. PM me in here or ingame.
  7. Post has been combined with the following Merchant Ad
  8. why is it that cordage ropes keep their name in bsbs but the rest of the ropes are renamed as just ropes? looks like a bug to me, i think all ropes should either be renamed or keep their names