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  1. Indy Traders reset around 12 noon GMT on Dec 12, 2017. Cheers! Hughmongus
  2. Thank you for your support Yiraia. Docking ones boat should not be a struggle or like a hit and run accident. Many folks have built lovely harbours only to discover that no one can get in there to moor their boat when there is a Gale Force wind. Cheers! Hughmongus
  3. Thank you PumperNickel for your support. Kindest regards! Hughmongus
  4. You made it just in time, we got you added. Thank you for the submission. Cheers! Hughmongus Co-Adminsistrator, The Albia Roads Map of Indy
  5. Thank you Maiya! It is added. Cheers! Hughmongus Co-Adminsitrator, The Albia Roads Map of Indy
  6. I learned this watching the GM"s deal with not so nice neighbor (read "troll") back in 2013. The GM's back then made the kid put in a two wide highway bypass around his village before they would let him block off the existing highway and deny folks the right to use the old highway. ..... so what you do on your own deed is your own business, but you can't not block a highway that connects existing deeds. Now if you do Not have a highway passing through your deed, then there is not a problem to start with. IF I doubt, ask in CA Help or put in a Support ticket to the GM's, Hope this is of some help to you. Cheers! Hughmongus
  7. Thank you for the heads up. Nice to see someone has picked up where the Road we made to Symbol of Strength leaves off and is continuing it down to the coast highway in the SE corner of that steppe. Please let us know when you are done and we will see if we can get a survey team out there to tile count it. Good luck with the new road. Kindest regards! Hughmongus Co-Administrator, The Albia Roads Map of Indy
  8. Thank you for providing an image of where to precisely place your deed. You have been Added. Kindest regards! Hughmongus Co-Administrator, The Albia Roads Map of Indy
  9. We always remove deeds from the map when we see the disband announcement in the Events Tab. We are happy to comply with your request to be removed from the map ahead of time. Good luck with the move and where ever your adventures take you in Wurm Online. Kindest regards! Hughmongus Co-Administrator - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
  10. You have been added to the Albia Map. Warmest regards! Hughmongus Co-Administrator, The Albia Roads Map of Indy
  11. Thank Alectrys and others for taking the time to explain and clarify what is happening. Sadly, getting ahold of the owner of the next deed along the highway is going take patience as I know that person is working over seas and not home in Rl until roughly mid month. This situation is also occurring elsewhere, in several cases that I know of, absent players who only come and visit their Indy deeds once a month, so are nearly impossible to get a hold of. Thank you for your time and trouble. Kindest regards! Hughmongus
  12. ..... and we have finalized tomorrow's Update of the Albia Roads Map of Indy. Any geography changes and deed addition requests time stamped AFTER 00:01 UTC (GMT) on Sunday, October 08, 2017 will be added in our next update. Wurm is waiting.... go and explore it! Cheers! Hughmongus Co-Administrator - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
  13. Gud'morning Retro, Sun, Oct 08, 2017 @ 14:55 GMT Between FM and Albia Heights are three way stones, one north of FM 99 QL, no dmg, two outside Tribute (one leading into Tribute) and one north of Tribute. They went in as temporary ends until Tribute's mayor gave permissions to allow a highway within 1 tile of his deed The one NW of Albia Heights is a temporary end. We are awaiting permission to push the highway thru The Great Village and onward to the north west towards Rohan. Hope this is of some help to you. To home in on these you can teleport to AH Magic Well. Cheers mate! Hughmongus
  14. Additional info... Finding more, an example is next to a guard tower named "Est. 1032". This one is a junction marker I put in on a Highway that starts and ends in a pair of Villages. So this waystone, at a mid point road junction, on a highway between two villages is also taking decay. [18:15:48] A marker to designate a junction in a highway. The waystone has been firmly secured to the ground by Webleyvickers. Ql: 61.957184, Dam: 1.6140178. Respectfully submitted, Hughmongus
  15. Initially reported via Support as Ticket #55463, so a GM could come and Inspect the decay damaged waystones before I repaired them, was instructed by a CM that the GM's said, make a forum report. What is Supposed To Happen:.... Way Stones - Cats Eyes for 'activated' highway' are supposed to be Decay Free... What is Really Happening... Discovered 3 waystones on a completed (village to village) and activated highway just North West of FM with up to 19% damage each. [22:55:00] A marker to designate a junction in a highway. The waystone has been firmly secured to the ground by Zorako. Ql: 44.1895, Dam: 19.759846. Between Freedom Market and Albia Heights just North west of FM, I found two waystones showing 19% damage, where there is a 5 tile side branch like to village waystone at Tribute. On the far side of Albia Heights about 7 tiles to the North West the end of road waystone is also showing 19% damage. I have repaired the two waystones outside of Tribute village so that the highway does not "go down". I have left the one on the NW side of Albia Heights as decayed, so a Dev can come down and inspect it. All waystones and cats eyes show Green. Respectfully submitted, Hughmongus Co-Adminstrator, The Albia Roads Map of Indy