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  1. Yes, I am still looking for pelts/rugs. Thanks! The end-quantity is indefinite, so keep them coming!
  2. Absolutely; the resulting .10kg scrap is what makes the lion pelt superior. So if anyone out there is using an uncut one, then please be sure to make/send me the rug and keep your lightweight pelt remnant (and consider it upgraded). Since salt is effortless to produce (nowadays), people can maximize their pelt value by keeping their higher-quality pelt scraps for themselves.
  3. I am looking for full-weight pelts so that I can create rugs. I do not expect/require people to make rugs as they find the pelts, but I will naturally accept/appreciate rugs in the mailbox.
  4. Rebuilding a new rig, after a recent lightning strike, but still able to visit a mailbox infrequently. Keep sending them, and I'll receive them. I appreciate your hunting, keep up the killing!
  5. Horse market restocked: Equipment: Creature cages, oakenwood 4 cages, 15c each Saddles and bags Saddles (50QL), 4c each Saddle bags, 1c each Animals: New! black rams (young lambs) 4 male sheep, 5c each 5-speed male horses (with bridle if mature) 19 horses, 5c each 3 appaloosa 1 black silver 2 chestnut 2 ebony black 2 gold 1 gold buckskin 4 grey 2 piebald pinto 2 white 0 black 0 blood bay 0 brown 0 skewbald pinto
  6. Horse market restocked: Creature cages, oakenwood 4 cages, 15c each Saddles and bags Saddles (50QL), 4c each Saddle bags, 1c each 5-speed males (with bridle if mature) 19 horses, 5c each 2 black 3 black silver 2 chestnut 2 gold 1 gold buckskin 3 grey 2 piebald pinto 2 skewbald pinto 2 white 0 appaloosa 0 blood bay 0 brown 0 ebony black
  7. Here is a screenshot I took at Linton: It is made of dirt, but something like this could be raised with concrete and mined into to create the "tomb" chambers. The inner core could be covered with dirt and paved. Once hollow and reinforced, that structure cannot easily be taken down. I was able to find an old screenshot of another interesting geo-formation somewhere on Xanadu:
  8. Is there any preference regarding the seclusion of this location? Should this be somewhere remote, to give the atmosphere of ruins? I envision sandy dunes, and a foundation of sandstone.
  9. See a lion? Corpse? Item pile? He may have a 5-coin for you. I will buy any/all full-weight (0.40kg) mountain lion pelts (or rugs) of any QL. Mail them to Meldichoir for 5c, and I will accept the 1c fee to the spirits. You may be carrying a rug right now and not even know it (is your active pelt heavy?)
  10. I have some black mushrooms that are showing a negative QL value. They can be taken into your inventory and placed back into the crate without any change in QL. Here is a picture of the crate contents, and I will refer to all the mushrooms in the following explanation (for the details): I was using an unskilled mayor alt to check some mushroom planters I forgot to harvest. These planters are underground and outside of a building. Even though there was a single planter that was still ripe, I used the unskilled alt to collect weeds and all for replanting. The set of 4 black mushrooms were harvested from the ripe planter box. I did not take any note of their QL at the time of harvest (before they were added to the crate). I understand that these wooden planters have a somewhat exact grow-duration, so it is interesting to me that the last remaining ripe box was actually the first that was planted. To estimate their over-ripeness, the 7 boxes had 1 ripe, 4 weeds, and 2 bare.
  11. Horse market restocked: New! creature cages, oakenwood 4 cages, 15c each 5-speed males (equipped with bridle as foal becomes horse) 11 horses, 5c each 1 appaloosa 3 black 2 gold 3 grey 2 piebald pinto 0 black silver 0 blood bay 0 brown 0 chestnut (pre-sold) 0 ebony black 0 gold buckskin 0 skewbald pinto 0 white
  12. Similar to the stamina drain during climbing, your total weight would affect the rate of stamina loss during sprinting. This would be practical for the short distances described in the topic, but I don't feel like it would be a convenient way to cover a greater distance. We can change "speeds" while sailing now, so a similar few running/walking speeds would seem useful. You can maintain a jog for a good long while, but if you did somehow reach ~40km/h then I expect you would burn out fairly quickly.