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  1. They shuttled and then summoned me, myself and I all around on a very interesting trip; a very valuable service! Multiple thanks to you guys!
  2. Before leaving Xanadu I made some food for myself while I was getting ready to sail over. At one point during the imping I brought some over from my boat to feed my working alts at the forge (so they could keep all their windows open), and I left the remainder in one of the material carts. Later, I was glad to see that someone was putting it to good use: I really had a great time with you all last week! This really has made for some of the fondest memories, and I will be looking forward to the next one!
  3. I tried using that myself a few months ago, but I was not getting any output either (although it worked for me it the past). As far as Niarja goes, I'm thinking that you could manually edit your skill-dump text file before you upload it (with the 'highest' skill values already in place when you delete the 20 values).
  4. There are cements in concrete mixes that do not "dry" but "cure" and will harden under water. The Romans were apparently using such a hydraulic cement made using volcanic ash, much like the recipe we use in Wurm.
  5. A big thanks to all the recent customers in the past few weeks! Your business is very much appreciated; and more importantly: the horses really appreciate the purpose you give them. As a convenience, should anyone need to remove the horse gear (in order to use a creature cage), there is now a complimentary bin of seeds at the key merchant to use for taming. The taming of animals is permitted on deed here, as well as the un/loading of creature cages. Reminder: taming is not necessary to claim or ride your horse, and it is not recommended to lead a tamed animal through hostile areas (they will draw agro when tamed)
  6. I'm interested in that sickle. Please send it to Meldichoir if still available, and thanks!
  7. EDIT: I just noticed that you were looking for 5-speeders, but maybe there is still a place in your nice collection.
  8. Horse market restocked: 5-speed males (each equipped with saddle + bridle) 40 horses, 4c - 15c each 7 blood bay 6 ebony black 5 piebald pinto 5 black 5 white 4 gold --- 33% off 4 brown --- 33% off 4 grey --- 66% off
  9. I should have what you're looking for in those ages, so I will sort through my most recet batch of young horses and send you a PM in a few hours. The currently stocked horses at the self-serve market are older than mature. I don't normally sell the females, but if you're looking for them in grey then I would certainly be willing to make some room in my breeding pens. I offer a big discount on that color. I can deliver some to save you a trip, or could have them all ready in a pen for your easy pickup at Glasshollow.
  10. Thanks for all this; I will plan on keeping my calendar open to attend. Should I be one of the impers, then these are my 70+ abilities (across my 3 accounts): Blacksmithing: (95),(71) Carpentry: (95),(85) Cloth Tailoring: (78) Fine Carpentry: (87) Leatherworking: (88),(86) Masonry: (92),(79) Shield Smithing: (76) I see that there is mention of booze, but there surely must be a need for more. My rare liquor still not only produces a more potent duration, but entirely different affinities for those of us who have not "fixed" them (in their profile settings). There are thousands of liters worth in my cellar, so I'll be bringing more than enough for everyone to drink deep. I also have nearly 100 sleep powders on hand and would love share them with those hard workers who run out. Please set me up in a room next to Chromega so that I may drill a hole in the wall and learn his secrets. A room above or below would also suffice.
  11. Once the sleep timer has begun you can close that client and still make it to bed successfully, since the /lotime of 60 seconds will be longer than the remaining 55 seconds until sleep. The "[player] goes to sleep in a bed" event log message will assure anyone still awake to see it.
  12. Horse market restocked: 5-speed males (each equipped with saddle + bridle) 32 horses, 4c - 15c each 1 ebony black 2 blood bay 2 piebald pinto 2 black 6 white 4 gold --- 33% off 6 brown --- 33% off 9 grey --- 66% off