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  1. I'm interested in that sickle. Please send it to Meldichoir if still available, and thanks!
  2. WTB Single-Named Horses

    EDIT: I just noticed that you were looking for 5-speeders, but maybe there is still a place in your nice collection.
  3. Horse market restocked: 5-speed males (each equipped with saddle + bridle) 40 horses, 4c - 15c each 7 blood bay 6 ebony black 5 piebald pinto 5 black 5 white 4 gold --- 33% off 4 brown --- 33% off 4 grey --- 66% off
  4. WTB 5speed horses(no other traits)

    I should have what you're looking for in those ages, so I will sort through my most recet batch of young horses and send you a PM in a few hours. The currently stocked horses at the self-serve market are older than mature. I don't normally sell the females, but if you're looking for them in grey then I would certainly be willing to make some room in my breeding pens. I offer a big discount on that color. I can deliver some to save you a trip, or could have them all ready in a pen for your easy pickup at Glasshollow.
  5. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong 2019 (Friend-A-Long)!

    Thanks for all this; I will plan on keeping my calendar open to attend. Should I be one of the impers, then these are my 70+ abilities (across my 3 accounts): Blacksmithing: (95),(71) Carpentry: (95),(85) Cloth Tailoring: (78) Fine Carpentry: (87) Leatherworking: (88),(86) Masonry: (92),(79) Shield Smithing: (76) I see that there is mention of booze, but there surely must be a need for more. My rare liquor still not only produces a more potent duration, but entirely different affinities for those of us who have not "fixed" them (in their profile settings). There are thousands of liters worth in my cellar, so I'll be bringing more than enough for everyone to drink deep. I also have nearly 100 sleep powders on hand and would love share them with those hard workers who run out. Please set me up in a room next to Chromega so that I may drill a hole in the wall and learn his secrets. A room above or below would also suffice.
  6. LOTIME and Wogic

    Once the sleep timer has begun you can close that client and still make it to bed successfully, since the /lotime of 60 seconds will be longer than the remaining 55 seconds until sleep. The "[player] goes to sleep in a bed" event log message will assure anyone still awake to see it.
  7. Horse market restocked: 5-speed males (each equipped with saddle + bridle) 32 horses, 4c - 15c each 1 ebony black 2 blood bay 2 piebald pinto 2 black 6 white 4 gold --- 33% off 6 brown --- 33% off 9 grey --- 66% off
  8. Efforts are underway to increase the breeding pool substantially. A new upsurge of young foals are soon to be fitted and staged. As the birthrate increases the price is decreasing! In the meantime there are over a dozen 'aged' 5-speed males from a previous generation that are equipped and ready for sale at 10c each. They consist of those few remaining from the last restocking along with some which were retained for mass breeding. The available colors are white, gold, grey, brown, black and ebony.
  9. - chisel, 49 ql, 90 coc, 1 s - metal brush, 19 ql, 90 coc, 1 s - trowel, 50 ql, 95 coc, 1 s Please send to Meldichoir, thanks!
  10. Whats your Best Horse name?

  11. WTA Rare Mountain Lion Statue Fragments

  12. [Bug] Horse is Stuck in Labor?

    I want to elaborate a bit more on that: I was working at this very secluded location when one of my horses and a captured unicorn became diseased. At one point I had moved the horse into a cave where I left a pile of mixed grass for it, but it did not eat a single unit of the food for two weeks, so I decided to move it out of the cave and back onto enchanted grass. Months later I made the venture back to civilization and parked my diseased horse on one of my deeds and spent the night there. The horse was cured of its disease when I logged in that next day. The unicorn is still at the remote location currently and has now been diseased for over a year, although it has not lost any body fat whatsoever.
  13. [Bug] Horse is Stuck in Labor?

    Yes, I am certain that this is so. I have heard of this some time ago and have since become convinced. Even the decay of off-deed items seems halted; at a particular super-remote location that I maintain it is as if time does not exist. At another location, in an old off-deed mine, there is still a mallet head laying on the ground where there once was a pile of them four years ago. I currently have several diseased animals that I have kept isolated and have been grooming daily for over a week, but animals at a more trafficked location become cured of their disease without any action on my part.
  14. Patch Notes: 14/MAR/19 Journal Tweaks

    Been thinking about this forever. Excellent update! Wait, but does this apply to lighting charcoal piles? That's the whole thing, otherwise butchered charcoal is still the only way to replace your steel and flint. ---