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  1. I really like the 'deed flagship' concept. Because a player's citizenship status cannot continue beyond the village's server, I would hope that the benefits of the flagship would remain active on whichever server it travels. The ability to sleep and respawn aboard ship would be most useful in that case.
  2. The only thing I'm selling is horses, and I have a thread for that in the merchant section. I have a discussion thread about my deed, which happens to be a market, and I can refer to that very deed without it being an advertisement. So if a thread like this happened to be in the merchant section, how would that be the proper place for the non-business discussion to occur?
  3. The name of this thread has changed many times. If I changed it to "Glasshollow Public Market", what section of these forums would the thread belong in then? That example also has 1/3 of its words referencing marketing activities. What would you consider to be the maximum allowable percentage of market words in the title? It is possible to discuss a business location without conducting business.
  4. Well I definitely do not want to evict these boats from my harbors, and I am more than happy to have them stay docked until their owners' return. They are welcome to enjoy the reduced-decay of deed parking. After all, these locations are clearly indicated as public harbor space, and this is the most immediate waterfront for the Glasshollow spawn. GMs did help us a couple years ago when we expanded further into the water (while preparing for our impalong), and I was very grateful that they moved the boats to the new edge of the land rather than the edge of the deed. But I have always heard that GMs will only ever move an old vehicle to the edge of deed, and so I am hesitant to ask for that kind of service again. I feel that it might look worse to see a cluster of old sinking boats clumped over in the corner, instead of the way it looks with some parked boats jutting into the land. So, considering that boat removal is already an option for deed owners (by GM action), I would at least like the option to simply rotate-in-place any boats on my own deed. That way I could easily maintain the visual neatness of all the docks, without having to hassle the GMs about it, and the owners can rest assured knowing their boats are waiting where they left them.
  5. I would have preferred for keys provided free, but that would have made it too easy for someone to simply take them all. Do you really think we built all that so that we could profit selling keys?
  6. This thread is in regards to our establishment on Xanadu, our deeds, our area, and the things that happen there. No goods are for sale on this thread, nor any services for hire, nor have there been over the years that this thread has existed.
  7. Well, that sure would be some pretty weak trolling. Once you have 50+ random strangers' boats on your deeds, then come back and say it's a "non-existing" problem. If anybody with actual OCD were trying to live in my environment, their head would spin off. I noticed a new arrival yesterday... that was when I had the idea to make this suggestion. A very common sight: Sometimes the boats are not moored, and so I can straighten them out myself. This suggestion is motivated by the desire to make my area more presentable. The only difference between these parking jobs and actual trolling is simply intent. These boat captains who park like this produce the same result as the trolls that you imagine.
  8. This is a very simple idea, so it has probably been suggested before: Boats that are moored in place should have the option to 'Rotate' (This would not defeat the purpose of mooring a boat as this would not include 'Push/Pull') Boats that have been left sticking into the land can be unsightly, and they can badly detract from an otherwise pleasant view. If boats could be rotated after being moored, then not only could the captain more easily control the docking job, but also could any crooked boat be corrected by anyone concerned having to look at it. It is also a very realistic ability to have, because the anchor and mooring rope only secures a single point of the boat (upon which the boat pivots). If an unmoored boat can be freely pushed, then it should be freely rotated when moored. Anyone who does not wish for their boat to rotate would be able to deploy a second mooring anchor to lock the rotation (by securing both ends of the boat).
  9. The Wurmlords seem generous recently. Maybe we can get some hats.
  10. I admit that I never saw the scene when this occurred, and I'm sure you are correct, but I imagine if I were driving across that technicality that I might not have even noticed the discontinuation. With the old highway rules, GM intervention (consequence) was dependent solely on a /support from a player. That is why the catseyes are such a great addition to Wurm, because there is no longer a need to ask permission for every simple highway adjustment, and I am sure that is the message that Sila intended to say.
  11. I am of course familiar with that old situation, and I acknowledge your clarification of the events; but Sila did not just contradict those facts with his post nor did he slander or make any false claims against the staff. Even though rules were indeed broken (from lack of proper GM permission) when the highway was modified, it is my personal opinion that "improvements" were the result of Sila's minor adjustment (at the site of his new deed). I would never consider the addition of crossroad-stubs to be any kind of obstruction or invalidation of the road. I see no dishonesty (or twisting of facts) in Sila's post. I realize that this incident occurred on your territory close to your home, and I can sincerely sympathize with your feelings about that, but do take your own advice and please move on.
  12. For people to know it's a drill, they should always test the sirens like this:
  13. Horse market restocked: 3 or 4-speed males (no negative traits) * 15 horses, 1c each 1 chestnut *(2-speed with "feeble and unhealthy") 2 black silver (10c for the single-named foal "Master") 2 skewbald pinto 2 appaloosa 2 piebald pinto 6 grey