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  1. (all pending mail has just been received; mailbox will now be emptied much more regularly)
  2. Oh, my apologies! -- Send them again, and please add the cost of your lost coin so that I can cover that. I had over 100 pelts in the mail last week, and so I did leave a couple dozen in limbo (with my hands full), and had not been on since then to receive those. Ever since my unexpected Wurm-vacation a few months back, I have been hooked on 'Real Life' and distracted from gaming. But this mountain lion project of mine is still of top interest to me, so you can be sure I still want these! Just send them again, and thank you!
  3. 100 units seems like a good round number. Just let me know when you have a nice stack and want to cash-in, and we'll decide which way to go with them.
  4. Yep; 5c to Meldichoir for each pelt/rug. If anyone happens to have a large quantity on hand: it may be more practical to make a pickup/delivery, rather than paying the mailbox spirits (saved myself 100 copper coins a few months back, and a bit of checkbox clicking). Thanks!
  5. Yes, I am still receiving these. Keep sending them; I'm checking the mail periodically. Due to the current hysteria, there is a shortage of parts and I have been delayed in my efforts rebuilding a new PC. After packages finally arrived, I received broken components and have been delayed further dealing with the vendor (dragging their feet). Just remember: Surge protectors, even UPS battery-backups, will not save you from a lightning strike. Even if one of your computers is OFF with the main power switch in the OFF position, you must physically UNPLUG the cord from the wall because lightning can apparently bypass an open switch all the same.
  6. Yes, I am still looking for pelts/rugs. Thanks! The end-quantity is indefinite, so keep them coming!
  7. Absolutely; the resulting .10kg scrap is what makes the lion pelt superior. So if anyone out there is using an uncut one, then please be sure to make/send me the rug and keep your lightweight pelt remnant (and consider it upgraded). Since salt is effortless to produce (nowadays), people can maximize their pelt value by keeping their higher-quality pelt scraps for themselves.
  8. I am looking for full-weight pelts so that I can create rugs. I do not expect/require people to make rugs as they find the pelts, but I will naturally accept/appreciate rugs in the mailbox.
  9. Rebuilding a new rig, after a recent lightning strike, but still able to visit a mailbox infrequently. Keep sending them, and I'll receive them. I appreciate your hunting, keep up the killing!
  10. Horse market restocked: Equipment: Creature cages, oakenwood 4 cages, 15c each Saddles and bags Saddles (50QL), 4c each Saddle bags, 1c each Animals: New! black rams (young lambs) 4 male sheep, 5c each 5-speed male horses (with bridle if mature) 19 horses, 5c each 3 appaloosa 1 black silver 2 chestnut 2 ebony black 2 gold 1 gold buckskin 4 grey 2 piebald pinto 2 white 0 black 0 blood bay 0 brown 0 skewbald pinto