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Found 21 results

  1. Make an offer or PM for price, it's free delivery to any coast on all! Rare Statue of Nymph, Stone x3 Rare Statue of Dog x2 Rare Fountain x3 Rare Well Rare Alchemist Table Rare High Bookshelf Rare Village Recruitment Board Rare Fine High Chair Rare Strange Device Rare Fire Turret Rare Marble Brazier Pillar x5 Supreme Marble Brazier Pillar Supreme Cupboard Supreme Stool Rare Unfinished Stone Altar Rare Unfinished Epic Portal x3 Supreme Kiln Rare Kiln Rare Iron Lamp x50 Rare Iron Torch Lamp x50 Supreme Iron Torch Lamp x10 SOLD: 2 Rare Unfinished Stone Altars 5 Rare Marble Brazier Pillars
  2. Looking to sell 1x Silver Challenge Statue and 4 rare Marble Nymphs. Marble Nymphs have sold! Silver Challenge Statue sold! I'm hoping for offers on the challenge one, and 6S each for the marble nymphs or 20S for all. Or make an offer FREE DELIVERY TO ANY COASTAL PVE LOCATION
  3. My farm is at Inner Sea Sanctuary 27 x 36 y on Indy or L/M 14 / 15 ingame map I'm selling in bulk. Delivering is FREE on Freedoms servers except Chaos. To nearest coast, not inland. For Chaos residents the delivery will be at at Delis west coast. (unless other agreements) After your order is ready to be delivered I will post you "something" for payment, as soon as I got the payment for the order I will start sail to you. Unless you got a fsb/bsb on your deed, that you give me permission to drop in I will place one of my own fsb/bsb, and then change ownership over to you. I will then post you the key to the lock used. (That wont cost extra for you, I said Free delivery didn't I ) When ordering please write: The server you are on The coordinates of the location you want the delivery at The name of your deed (if you have one, or nearest one) Don't forget to tell me your In game name too Smallest accepted order is 5 silver Mix as you like, Price : 1 S/K Currently total stock: Pumpkin Ql 0 Onions Ql 0 Potatoes Ql 0 Garlic Ql 0 Cabbage Ql 0 Carrot Ql 0 Cucumber Ql 0 Letuce Ql 0 Pea pod Ql 0 Sugar Beet Ql 100 0 Tomato Ql 0 Oat Ql 0 Wheat Ql 0 Barley Ql 0 Corn Ql 0 Rye Ql 0 Rice Ql 100 0 Strawberry Ql 0 Cotton Ql 0 Reed Ql 0 Wemp Ql 0 Welcome with your order Maiya Made reservation: ....................................................................................
  4. Rike luke Nauko i haurallo. - Ask me for the Impossible. What isn't in stock, simply message me about and I will get it ready for you! Xanadu Wagoner is Available. Delivery to any other PvE Server is free (coastal). ? ANIMALS ? ⛑ ARMOR & SHOULDER PADS ⛑ ? CLOTHING & MASKS ? ? FRUIT ? ☠♘ HELL HORSES ♘☠ ♞ HORSES ♞ ? HORSE GEAR ? ⚒ MATERIALS ⚒ PRIEST SERVICES ? RARES, SUPREMES, FANTASTICS ? ? SERVICES ? ? SILVER ? SPECIALS ? SPROUTS ? ☭ TOOLS ☭ ? VEGETABLES ? ⚔ WEAPONRY ⚔ Queue: 5 Outstanding Orders: 1 Completed Orders: 138
  5. SOLD

    Looking to sell 28 sleep powders. I will gladly deliver them to your coastal PvE deed or port a character to your inland Xanadu deed to deliver them for free. Pricing as usual, 1 Silver per powder. Preferably I'd like to sell all at once, so: 28 Sleep Powders for 25 Silvers, Free Delivery Included!
  6. Just dug up another bsb full of clay! Looking to sell for 14s, free delivery, pm me if interested
  7. Important: To tackle the complex task of commanding a caravel, you need (or your captain, mother, assistant, chauffeur, monkey, bondslave, friend, etc. needs) at least 24 mind logic! tl;dr WTS caravel 16s QL70+, your choice of wood, free coastal delivery (not to Chaos) or pickup at C24 (island)/E24 (Targoviste/main land) on Independence, lock, anchor, some extras (see below). extra large crate or raft 7.5c ea, small crate 5c ea. Other miscellaneous items or tools can be made. Can be finished by buyer if desired (you have to drop by E9 on Indy). Every day a ship rolls off the dry dock at Ussta Delmah, is a special day, in Ulviirala's heart and home. Every sale, in turn, is a special sale as well. Sailing can be arduous, boring, and painfully slow. Yet, it is a very powerful utility for transporting goods, and yourself, where waterways allow. But the real fun is when a gale pushes you forward at over 30km/h! HELL YEAH, HOIST THE ANCHOR! This caravel is hand crafted with only the finest of lovingly crafted parts, and is not only outfitted with the essential lock (any QL for PvE) and anchor, but can possibly be retro-fitted with electrical windows and double-anchors, heated leather seats, stereo, GPS nav system, steering booster, central locking, front- and rear-mounted ballistae, or arrays of cannons... once that stuff has been invented, and implemented into the game I will throw in the following items, of which you can opt-out if you don't want that "crap" or "clutter" in your inventories: QL85 fine fishing rod, willow, enchanted with circle of cunning (68)20x fine fishing line, replacementsQL70 small barrel, oak, for your fresh-water supplyQL70 small chest, oak, for your catch or miscellaneous itemsQL70 small crate, oak, with 100 potatosQL70 frying pan, iron, combine fish + potato for epic winIf you want to take the opportunity to order some other items in one go, we can arrange some of the following with cost (prices by agreement), as *finished or unfinished items:Large crates or rafts, 7.5c eachSmall containers for rafts (satchels, small chests e.g.), price by agreementSmall crates, 5c eachFine carpentry items QL70-80-ish (carts, wagons, furniture e.g.)Carpentry items QL80-ishBlacksmithing, chain armour smithing items QL70-ishMasonry items QL70-ishLeatherworking items QL60-ish* Disclaimer: Large/voluminous items will be transported as unfinished, and finished at site on delivery and improved, which will take time to do so. Naturally, due to the randomness of wind conditions, you will need to have patience for the delivery, and also for the time it takes to craft and improve any extras you might wish to have.
  8. Good day wurmians! I am auctioning a large amount of gems: 261 gems over 10 ql, ~8800 total ql: 99 gems below 10 ql, ~400 total ql: Starting bid: 90s Min. increment: 5s Buyout: offer Reserve: none Snipe protection: 1 hour I accept only ingame coins. Free delivery to any coastal area except Chaos. Have a nice day!
  9. *This shop is on pause* Willow Point Trading is a port on Inde south coast and from here we offer FREE DELIVERY* to all Freedom servers (where our ships can sail to). All our items listed are already on our piers, guaranteeing fast delivery. (* Minimum order is 1s on Inde/Deli, 2s on Exo/Cele/Xanadu-West, 3s Xanadu-East/P & R.) Prices and current stock Crops etc Cotton QL61 - 2s per 1000 (stock 2000) Building materials etc. Ash QL26 - 2s per 1000 (stock 2000) Charcoal QL37 - 4s per 1000 (stock 400) Tar QL20 - 70c per 1000 (stock 1900) Logs QL80 logs - 1c each QL85 logs - 2c each QL90 logs - 4c each QL92 logs - 6c each Random QL cedar and willow - 1c, oak - 2c 200 sprouts for 1 silver Grapes QL44 (stock 1500) 150 sprouts for 1 silver Apple QL44 (stock 150) Birch QL51 (stock 150) Cherry QL50 (stock 300) Lemon QL50 (stock 300) Olive QL50 (stock 300) Pine QL52 (stock 300) 100 sprouts for 1 silver Apple QL82 (stock 100) Chestnut QL35 (stock 150) Linden QL50 (stock 300) Oleander QL45 (stock 150) 50 sprouts for 1 silver Camelia QL82 (stock 150) Thorn QL51 (stock 50) Walnut QL50 (stock 150) (flowers below!)
  10. SOLD

    Hello wts 8400 dirt 8.4s price of large crates 28x 10c ea 2.8s so for all 11.20s Free coastal delivery! [corbita] Freedom only sold
  11. I want in on the Elite: Dangerous final beta, it's gonna set me back £50 and i haven't got it so.. I'm selling my Rare Knarr and Lady of the Lake statue. The statue is going first in case it doesn't sell though you can have them both for £50 (60 Euros) Lady of the Lake Statue €31 / 35s Can be lit, eternal glow, red. (stays lit during day) Heats up food that is put into it Delivery - Free to every coast except Pristine / Release / East Xan Send interest in game (stevelee), on this post or in a forum pm. Paypal Thank you
  12. Selling 1k potatos 88ql - 1s 3 rare planks - 1.2s for all 3 or 40c each. gone. Located at Sand Castle, Independence, 40x, 34y. Delivery or pickup available, free delivery to indy, and deli north coast Order comes with a complementary flowerpot! PM Flinty on forum or ingame to order.
  13. 2877 x 62.08ql 7794 x 65.88ql 2200 x 70.86ql 12,871 wemp, all yours, delivered anywhere shoreside, 11s. PM me here or in game on Guenivere or Guenny! Sold, can close.
  14. Hello everyone! Today I am selling lot of low ql gems! (567ql) Best for skilling channeling! Can deliver. Starting bid: 13s Minimum inc: 1s Buyout: 17s Happy Bidding!
  15. As the title says: 2297+ QL of gems (I didn't count after the decimal so actually higher 30 silver Free delivery anywhere on the old Freedom cluster (excluding Chaos).
  16. Looking to sell my caravel made from rustic-looking Oakenwood. Will be sold with 10 rafts to get you going, plus an anchor and lock. Asking price 20s. [18:20:11] An impressive merchant ship. It is locked with a lock of pretty good quality. It is made from oakenwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 63.93745, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Docterchese, has been etched in the stern. [18:20:11] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Hand.o.estr'. Free delivery to anywhere on Freedom!
  17. Looking for 11s for 1090QL worth of gems (2c/quality.) All gems are over 10ql, great for favour storage/doubling/vesseling etc. Free delivery to anywhere on Freedom! (I'm located on Deli but don't mind traveling.)
  18. [Sold]

    Knarr 70QL - apple, lock + anchor (free delivery) 17s Merchant ads link - Rafts on stock at price 8c per raft. It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rown with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. It is locked with a lock of okay quality (QL: 38.12). It is made from applewood. You must use a mallet on the "Thermal-Lance" in order to improve it. Ql: 70.135624, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Ckczk, has been etched in the stern. 23 mind logic is needed to command + ultimate pvp / merchant ship, can load 100 rafts + fast, not so dependable on wind + more sailors more speed + my favorite to shallow water and canal journeys captain view - Contact me there, PM or ingame nicks on Independence: ckczk, Pijavice, Vecernice
  19. [Sold]

    Knarr 70QL - cherry, lock + anchor (free delivery) 16s Merchant ads link - Rafts on stock at price 8c per raft. It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rown with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. It is locked with a lock of pretty good quality (QL: 57.52). It is made from cherrywood. You must use a mallet on the "Dat Creep-Spread" in order to improve it. Ql: 70.229836, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Ckczk, has been etched in the stern. 23 mind logic is needed to command + ultimate pvp / merchant ship, can load 100 rafts + fast, not so dependable on wind + more sailors more speed + my favorite to shallow water and canal journeys captain view - Contact me there, PM or ingame nicks on Independence: ckczk, Pijavice, Vecernice
  20. Nicrolis' 60-70 Ql Tools! Located at (14.5x 10.5y Deliverance) Any tools, that do not require weaponsmithing! Anything that can be imped with normal blacksmithing can also be made. I CAN NOT make: Carving knife Butchering knife Sickle Scythe 60ql tools 15c ea(10 bulk discount 10c ea) 65ql tools 20c ea(10 bulk discount 15c ea) 70ql tools 25c ea(10 bulk discount 20c ea) Orders may not contain more than 1 large anvil and 2 small anvils! No extra charge will be added if an item becomes rare during improvement. Every order is made to order, so please give 1-2 days for order to be made. Orders can be made here, in a message, or in game! Delivery fees will be based on distance. Will reimp tools, I made, to 60 for free when needed!
  21. Tired of wearing that heavy chain or plate? Patience wearing thin because you get dressed and go out to your horse, only to see him look at you in disgust because you have that klunky, shiny, HEAVY stuff on again... Angry because every 10 feet you have to rest and make camp and the next day you wake up and all the mobs were killed by people wearing lighter armor? Now is your chance to get the good stuff! Studded Leather Armor 50ql 1s 60ql 1.4s 70ql 2.4s 80ql 3.9s 85ql 5s 90ql Available upon request but it aint cheap Tired of rumaging through your backpack in frustration because you can't find a tool? Tool Belts 10c per 10ql (up to 80ql) ex. 60ql for 60c Anything 70ql and above, we pay the shipping or we deliver to any freedom server All other leather items available upon request. We can also provide low level AoSP for an additional silver Leave me a PM here for all orders