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  1. bump at least add this on freedom
  2. Never knew that. People would always do this to restore utmost iron veins once depleted
  3. the meditation skillgains are fast. you still need to wait about 4 months to get past the cooldowns as you path up
  4. Remove path-up cooldowns on epic entirely. It's just needless extra waiting before newer players can be effective in pvp. The current meditation path-up cooldowns also mean all this new blood from freedom wont be able to pvp effectively until a few months from now, because they need to wait on all their path cooldowns in order to get sotg.
  5. I think you need to be a libila follower to do libila missions now, which is kinda a problem bc most pvpers go smeagain priest now
  6. Read the mission description. It's octopuses that have spawned across the land. Only the ones that spawned on land count for the mission. It's just one of the weird new missions they added. We just had one of these on epic
  7. except its terrible against crush and worse than chain against slash. pierce is fairly uncommon unless you're rolling around in thorn bushes, and armor doesnt matter much in pve in the first place when you're using a shield as you should be. this whole thread seems like OP attempting to hype up iron plate as good when it's not, in order to try and sell it :^) chainsmiths rejoice
  8. We were wondering if this would happen
  9. [Top secret info deleted]
  10. I just slap doors
  11. [Top secret info deleted]
  12. this please please please been just randomly trying for a question every few days since im not sure what my path timers are now
  13. Then glimmer chain is only about 2.8% faster than normal
  14. But that's whats currently happening by scaling the penalty by a factor of 0.9