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  1. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Gary they just wanted you to be #1 on rotab. That's a compliment, not harrassment ya silly goose.
  2. How to kill your own game tutorial

    If everyone does it, it ruins the fun in the game
  3. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Appreciate staff leaving up and addressing player grievances, rather than deleting them. Transparency and communication is how you earn back player trust
  4. Wurm Classic

    I put some prettier updated instructions here for ya Pls pay no attention to how sloppily the page is coded lol, I just adapted something I made a long time ago when I was a noob because I didn't feel like spending a lot of time for what's essentially a readme.
  5. Wurm Classic

    It does not require 2015 Java. I'm currently running it with the latest Java 8 update 211
  6. Wurm Classic

    gonna go to sleep and leave this up first one to find a bug that crashes the server wins
  7. Wurm Classic

    done and done
  8. Wurm Classic

    They are not going to support this, as stated by Retrograde, and there is no way they are going to release old source, they don't even release the source for WU. I'm not going for identical graphics and mechanics, but rather take what we learned about what we liked and what we didn't from back then, and remove newer mechanics that we don't like, while implementing old/new ones that we did. I'd probably aim for somewhere around 2012 epic or something, since it's widely agreed that the game was in a pretty good state for pvp then, and make whatever other balance changes make sense. The classic in this case isn't necessarily making it the *same* as old Wurm, but making it resemble it, reborn in its image. If we wanted to make the models/textures look like they were back then, we would have to remake similar ones ourselves, because Code Club disallow distributing their resource packs.
  9. Wurm Classic

    Thing is, according to what Retrograde said, if I'm not allowed to distribute server files, then that means I'm not allowed to give anyone access to my git repo, which means I have to work on this all alone, which means it will take a very long time.
  10. Wurm Classic

    You could use those in WU if you wanted because the server doesn't verify the client's packs.
  11. Wurm Classic

    After I found out players can still get the original Dec 3 2015 version of the client on steam, I think that's a much better option. This way they don't need to worry about the decompiler introducing bugs into their client. As for your diff idea: I think requiring users to not only follow the steps to get the old version of the game, but then also decompile their own client, apply the fixes/changes to the source from the diff, and then recompile it again is more effort than most people would be interested in, and leaves a lot of room for user error or technical difficulties. Also, again, this could introduce decompilation bugs into their client from stuff that I missed when fixing the client. Players using the 2015 client they get from steam, and making mods for it if necessary, is a much safer option in this case. The downside is that I won't be able to change the client as much or as easily, but the upside is that it isn't ravaged by a decompiler. The game mechanics are all serverside anyways, so if there's anything worth getting running from source, it would be the server. I'll probably just try to avoid making changes that require ui/rendering/resource mods for the client, because I think it would be ideal if players could simply get the 2015 client from steam and jump right in.
  12. Wurm Classic

    I can already compile it again and the server is stable. I'm currently working on finding any runtime errors or decompilation mistakes that cause ingame bugs, but the decompiled server doesn't crash much anymore. I also did the client, which was a nightmare that required fixing the world renderer, ui rendering, ui component logic, font generation, level of detail, among other stuff. I can run the decompiled server from eclipse, and then the decompiled client from eclipse, and play for hours on the decompiled server with the decompiled client, both running from source. Unfortunately all my work on the client has been for nothing though, because Retro says I'm not allowed to distribute it. On the bright side, players getting the 2015 client through Steam means the amount of work required for this project has been cut in half, and server side development is my preference. I write backend services in Java every day at work anyways, so I'm much more comfortable in this area.
  13. Wurm Classic

    Cooking overhaul, siege mechanics, rifts, underground building, a bunch of new tile types, surely a lot of other stuff has changed that wouldn't fit in as classic and would need to be manually undone. WU came out in late 2015, and the Dec 3 update fixed a memory leak in the client, so its a good candidate to start from if modding your way back. If going about it by working with a set of decompiled source that you're bringing to a runnable state, then the number of bugs caused by the decompiler will be much greater than existing game bugs. I've already had to fix several thousand compile errors, and then moved on to runtime errors. The thing about game bugs fixed since 2015, is you can just decompile the latest version of WU to see what the fix was. The same can't be said for the decompiler induced errors, which can be much harder to identify and fix, especially if they only occur in certain situations during runtime. For this reason I plan on scraping whatever mechanics don't belong in classic Wurm, so I don't need to worry about bugfixing those ones, and then going through the rest of the code and fixing its bugs. Ive found that you can often notice patterns for the common mistakes that the decompiler makes, and using highly specific regexes to match and replace these errors throughout the whole project has been very effective so far. After this, through a combination of manually going through the code, writing unit tests for everything, and play testing, I hope to get the server to a state where no more bugs are found and the game resembles an older version mechanic-wise. The nice part about this is that since I can modify the source directly, I don't need to deal with using the modloader to hook in to the code, and can make large sweeping changes easily.
  14. Wurm Classic

    So after Retrograde responded to my question and said that I couldn't release any server or client files, I looked for a legal way for players to get the 2015 client. Code Club keeps older WU releases up on Steam, so if you bought the game you can specify an older version to download. As long as Code Club doesn't manually go and remove the older WU versions from Steam, they will remain available for anyone who purchased WU. This functionality is typically used for compatibility reasons, for example if someone has issues running the latest version of the game, but it would also serve well as a 2015 base to mod back to a classic Wurm experience. Also because it's distributed by Steam, requires that you purchased the game on Steam, and uses the same Steam authentication as any other version of WU, it's completely within the EULA to downgrade to this version. Instructions:
  15. Is it allowed?

    In that case, the old vanilla client that's compatible with my decompiled server is still available through secure download on Steam. If Code Club leaves the old versions up, then players who bought the game on Steam could get that version from Steam, and I could write regular modloader mods for that version. Meanwhile I could work directly with the server source to make changes to it more easily than writing server mods. This way I wouldn't be distributing any server/client files, but players' access to the compatible client would be completely dependent upon Code Club continuing to offer it on Steam. My concern with this scenario is that maybe someday Code Club removes the older versions of the game from Steam, and then nobody would be able to play on the server anymore. Can I get a statement on whether or not Code Club is going to leave the old versions up? If so then I can continue working toward making a really cool oldschool Wurm Unlimited server.