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  1. pm me with what you got, looking for highly imbued will pay more for .40kg one
  2. 250-300 euro maybe currently, sadly nice hfc grind
  3. Prems, and you aren't incorrect. Everyone knows that people generally run 2-3 toons per person. And yea, you've got the occasional me that runs upwards of 20 at times, generally hovering around 10 premium at any given moment. But you can still get a pretty good indicator of the games overall health by premium numbers. I'd wager we have somewhere around 400 people that actually play the game, with about 120 of them being dedicated players. Hell, half of the people posting on the forums aren't even WO players lol.
  4. Total Players: 243 / 5900 middle of the day drops to nearly below 100 and most people are running a minimum of two accounts at a time is it REALLY ruining it? or are you just upset because you can't read graphs or charts I remember when I used to laugh because my toons were upwards of 10% of a server at times, now im nearly 5% of the entire game every single night.
  5. abandon ogwo move onto steam wo problems solved even if you retain 30% of the current playerbase over that transition you're still probably in the green, comparatively to the amount that is currently playing and considered a "good figure"
  6. 1 question 1 comment 1. could we have not gotten this sooner, i've had to replace my eyeballs irl at least once per two winter cycles ty looks much better 2. will these hitching posts be able to be used underground? if not can you please add that functionality, i don't like leaving my cave, or could we get some alternative for underground dwellings
  7. ill offer 55 as its the going market price
  8. where would tc flee to after that?
  9. im butting in on this topic, because i have a million crashes per day: heres the contents of one heres me reproducing it 2 minutes later heres me reproducing it 2 minutes later without a crash file on different settings i could go all day, lmk @Samool