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  1. looking for hundreds, pm me
  2. @Sinduskhad an amazing mod written for displaying extremely valuable information regarding weapon stats based on your current skills and stuff, and im sure a bunch of other great stuff +1 for providing valuable information on weapons etc , +1 for a damage indicator whether it be above head and in combat log (with a toggle for hud damage display)
  3. the quality bonus is applied after the skill check so it doesnt affect skill gains the slightly faster timer means you are going to have to do like 3 extra actions per 1 hour of skilling. 1 hour of skilling is 1 hour of skilling even if it subtracts .1 per rarity per action the rarity bonus means you are going to highly preserve the enchant power
  4. tldr, but id imagine its been mentioned; but it really can't be devised similar to the initial formula. with the initial formula the two clusters were a lot alike in regards to skill gain, epic was simply doubled in almost every single skill and curved but still followed the system of action difficulty versus skill. new epic now you pretty much do any difficulty of tasks and achieve optimal skill gain im not sure if you are aware, but any server remotely close to resembling a pvp server, is in fact, like this
  5. prior to the changes in the most optimal environment (1 faith, praying on rock/water) it took roughly 450 hours of actual praying w/o pok11 to hit 70 from 1. anyone saying it took less at 100 faith is out of their mind because faith was the main problem as it was counterintuitive and nerfed the 1 difficulty action even more because you wouldn't ever really hit above 1; whereas your average difficulty above 60 prayer started to slowly get better at 1 faith because average prayer difficulty at 1 faith was prayer skill minus 60 the only thing i can understand here is they meant "70 hours of effective skill gain praying time" which means 1/3rd of time spent = effective time because you only get skill for 1/3rd of the timer. even then its nearly half off of the actual number of hours it actually took
  6. now that theres no need to lock faith at 1 and pray on rock (mag) water (vyn) nature (fo) etc, tiles to prevent faith gain for optimal skilling of prayer, is it possible we get these enabled to give faith gains so that people who roam and hunt a lot can get their faith gains along the way, and aren't chained to an altar 24/7?
  7. 1st world problems here, but when i combine rock shards to large enough weights they can't be discarded, and have to be put into a container to reseparate them and discard them individually. Anywhere between 500kg to 560kg ive noticed this can happen to so far, haven't seen it on lesser weight error message is just "You cannot discard that item"
  8. how much exactly does this impact the skill gain? it would be nice to have at least a rough estimate of action difficulty based on faith feels like we might have turned around from penalizing priests at high faith to penalizing followers (whom would benefit from the benediction goal, but just aren't priests at the time) unless the difference isnt large
  9. yea this isnt how it works. theres no passive skill gain from coal making
  10. thought oakshell was changed years ago to cover eye strikes, apparently not or maybe im misremembering, but the next is definitely a bug you cant oakshell yourself and simply put a helmet on, if you get hit in the eye, in my case with an iron 85ql basinet helm you still take damage as if you didn't have any armor on due to the oakshell
  11. hitched animals to posts and other stuff keep disappearing when you leave session, apparently ive been told its only happening to geared horses
  12. skill tick magnitude isn't affected by faith level, its the frequency of said ticks