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  1. bump
  2. It appears so, spent a few hours logged in on 5 different clients and not a single issue. tyvm on the fix, it was driving me nuts.
  3. ty, I'll give that a go and report back in a few days to see how it worked
  4. above is my console, this happened approximately 3 seconds from logging in and happens probably 30% of the time that I login, other times it happens randomly my windows_2560x1421.txt is 220kb not sure if this matters or not (im running windowed) if I run windowed and maximize the game locks up near instantaneously client just hangs and like white screens out until i click X enough times for it to crash pls halp, anymore information needed let me know! edit: i think this is related to running windowed mode
  5. NECRO BUMP heyyyy can we get a few different types of epic portals please? we all have to have them these days, can we get marble slate etc, they are currently HIDEOUS in stone
  6. just hanging out in my house After you finish dying you will start dying again. im dying so much since the update
  7. bump
  8. sold thanks
  9. sold thx
  10. bump
  11. also, pls gib kingdom graphic sails that are built like wagons (retain their sail designs everywhere and not just pmk on chaos and freedom isles on freedom)
  12. im not sure if it was said or not but can we get the colored creatures back, really miss em
  13. thats a keybind though, the actual console command is toggle characterwindow and its listed there as a keybind
  14. bump
  15. added, thanks!