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  1. this represents the skills at their highest, some of the skills aren't maxed out on freedom side but have x3's and they go pretty fast this isnt a completely updated dump but you get the idea account is path of knowledge 11 freedom (grind til the med rework!) sotg on epic [10:58:34] You have premium time until 23 Dec 2018 12:39:35 GMT white cherry, black tome, libram of the night, green cherry, green tome, giant walnut, red tome, scroll of binding, slime of uttacha, blue tome, blood of the angels, tome of incineration no karma comes naked bunch of sorceries on epic too but who cares amirite first decent offers gets it
  2. as already stated a few times use the in game twitter function that already exists, put twitter on your phone and set it to push mobile notifications
  3. drake helm neck shot bugged?

    [2018-09-27] [23:48:31] Wulfgar cuts you deadly hard in the neck and damages it. hey can someone check the code on drake helms and neck hits second time in a month ive gotten hit for 65+ on two separate characters from a single hit each both are "semi decent" accounts
  4. even with this, we wont attract new players, but ill +1 this because i want to get more gains per hour when im grinding theres been a billion suggestions on how to attract and retain new players, i've yet to see them implemented. This game doesn't want new players, or it would advertise (inb4 pr guy comment about "we can't advertise we aren't ready yet", for the 10th year in a row)
  5. Fix Fatigue

    dw when i hit fatigue i just log out and go play WoW, which has absolutely no limits on the amount of game time I can have per day thx
  6. What are the chances of a new player

    1. find a kingdom on chaos that you are interested in and apply. don't mess with Epic, it isn't worth anyones time. 2. learn the most efficient ways to grind from the most experienced grinders in wurm online as its vastly different from WU. And I don't mean "ask the top tier dudes with 45 strength that tell you to make kindlings for body strength". There are quite a few very knowledgeable people that hang out in the official discord and do not mind sharing the most efficient ways to do things, Noizhead being one 3. grind while you aren't pvping but stay pvp ready (have your horse tamed, gear all in one place etc), pvp when theres pvp and play smart and don't worry about "is it worth my time?" 4. get to know your kingdom and make good friends out of them, as that will be your primary reason to stay in this game as there are tons of reasons to not stay are you going to jump in and after 1 month compete with someone that has 700 days+ of playtime on their account? no, that would be silly. But do not listen to the plebs that are gonna reply in here saying that 99FS, 99 in every weapon skill, 99 in every subskill, 90 strength 90 stamina 90 body control etc are the minimum requirements for PvPing and having fun. Those are the people that do not understand how the mechanics work and are usually disgruntled people who can't spend more than 1 hour per week committed to grinding for pvp
  7. So far this is my skill progression

    this account progress is good my personal recommendation (and a lot of people will disagree with the method) farm yourself or buy a BUNCH of garlic or other crop, make an oven with 47 pottery bowls, drop 1 garlic per bowl while oven is running and mine sandstone/dig tar at the same time all day pretty good gains all around with sb the whole panfilling 10k at a time is obviously better for mass hfc related gains, but if you're going to be mining or digging anyway while using SB, why not panfill too? =D i do it while doing literally any skill that doesn't require movement
  8. So far this is my skill progression

  9. wtb 60k dirt

    -1 no wall
  10. wtb toon 50s

    ill sell you wildboar for 50s
  11. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    delete freedom and start it over
  12. Game won't load up

    quite a few people with the same issue, ive been logging into just water all day, as well as forums barely working for me
  13. Can log in but cant do anything constant refresh.

    no idea, was happening to me earlier and finally just stopped after like 45 minutes funny enough, it was only one character and not others. Even tried changing game settings and it didn't work
  14. QOL - Meditation

    +1 why the freak not