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  1. off topic humor? whats funny about it? the less time i feel compelled to grind the more time i can spend doing the things I like, that being pvp. getting/preparing for pvp is a full time job in and of itself
  2. i think this system is great the way it is, is it perfect? no but as a casual player its great to be able to burn my weekly sleep bonus and then do casual pvp if its available.
  3. wtb bulk sleep powder, .40 butchering knife looking for hundreds and hundreds of sp, let me know what you have
  4. +1 and id like to see a better qol implementation as suggested in OP for defiance/ele instead of just max lead cap of 1, that way you can still go out and lead like 4 bulls/cows or whatever back to deed, its currently suck leading one at a time
  5. power is a massive issue as well though hate 11 immunity to single target spells including tangleweave is also a problem
  6. really don't want the original med paths 11 on defiance to ruin it ive had a toon as every iteration of these broken mechanics, power champ, hate champ, sotg champ, sotg, power70+stam, and pvp'd as pok on chaos and epic against a solid group of players and not just some randos. sotg is an absolute necessity and its only viable to not have if your enemy is brand new to the game or just straight up dumb, sorry. power doesn't work unless you are a player with the scale of lib (and know which direction to face your shield and what stance to be in etc) or are a champ, or just have so much of a better account than your opponent it wouldn't have mattered either way. 25% skill bonus pok was requested because it literally does not affect pvp whatsoever. Hell you could do with a titrate upwards as a scaling bonus like sotg was done for insanity and just do it for all paths as a secondary bonus at this point i'd rather see the game improved in reasons to be on defiance including qol changes for it rather than having really horrible mechanics added back into the fray. whats next, the highly balanced imbues make an entrance to defiance? (just joking here for anyone that doesn't realize it, they're broken and everyone that pvp's hates them) the only people that are really wanting to add these "great mechanics" are people that 1. already have them on chaos and are playing there and just don't care what happens 2. haven't experienced them personally ever in their life and want to feel cool and feel like they've missed out on something but don't want to play on chaos 3. play on epic, which im sorry is considered a pve cluster at this point due to the plethora of broken pvp mechanics on elevation and low population due to one way skill transfers 4. just don't understand the actual flow of gameplay or a combination of these four points you're likely to see the loss of more players(is it even possible after we have went almost 12 months with no pvp changes since launch?) with these changes added, really no matter how you do it than you are anything else, anyone saying "oh thats just a small amount of DR LOL I'll take my pok over that any day!" are straight up people who don't pvp
  7. so the meditation paths are first merged and then afterwards they remain independent between pve/pvp? either way sure, just wanted some clarification tho
  8. yep keep it simple copy paste knowledge 11 to the rest of the 11's and allow people to path up to it or do what raxias suggested. why ruin anything by adding stuff the majority don't want anyway
  9. is this really an mmo? most servers have less than 10 people +1
  10. hitched animals that dont go in mines with vehicles cause massive lag due to the constant server trying to pull them down into the mine not sure if reported couldnt find it