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  1. 30c each for the grindstones just ask for highest quality currently available and ill send them as requested // 40 left rares all gone no enchants just high quality
  2. because its going on 3 years and my alt on nfi now has more stam than most mains have strength on sfi and its no longer a fresh experience
  3. yea this is a little weird seeing as how people have hit 100 in skills that don't have 50/70/90 and got told get wrecked
  4. allow people within their own kingdoms to bash their own towers regardless of being deeded if there isn't going to be a grace period we have like 87 towers to get rid of what is going to be done about the fact that all 3 kingdoms have to tower chain to their desired location and then go back and bash all of their towers they just made how can a group start a pmk when there is 12 towers within the local of their capital when they cant bash towers of their same kingdom, do they have to disband their deeds and change to another kingdom and bash those towers and repay for their deed etc?
  5. how can you get a tower close enough to "link" to a deed for a convert when you can't build a tower within 150+ tiles of a deed
  6. @Darklords roughly 24 hours until pmks get hit their second release date, is there any information available to the playerbase yet? if a white light kingdom converts blacklight are there going to be gms available to swap peoples faith with a reasonable time? i waited like 35 days the last time I needed a faith transfer fixed is deed converting going to be a thing? is there a grace period for converting deeds as the entire middle of the map would need to be bashed for deeds to be converted to different kingdoms? are pmks actually hitting tomorrow?
  7. in what game mortal online where you grind for 6 hours and you're done? or wurm online where people have 500x the time investment that you have
  8. what are you asking for after that, do you want weapons to go back to doing the same amount of damage to all armor? you want all armor to have the same characteristics so that its just a style option? do you want there to be a pvp experience handicap applied by staff set to character names and what side they are on what do you want
  9. yes of course, 25 brand new accounts with 1 fight skill and 20 body strength should be able to kill 12 accounts at 50 strength while also wearing the worst possible armor due to its base dr and weakness to the most common two hander its basic math
  10. dying in leather to make a point, smh, sounds like you setup your group to lose
  11. competent is a strong word I agree being around for 10 years doesn't qualify you as being good, you should know this better than anyone else living on that starter deed
  12. not a single person said any of you were good or remotely close to it, I think you've missed the point probably and thats okay
  13. +1 would not recommend anyone joining pvp when your only experience will be being the strongest group continuing to try not to be forced off of the not server by continuing to not derail threads with suggestions that make life harder to read