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  1. thought oakshell was changed years ago to cover eye strikes, apparently not or maybe im misremembering, but the next is definitely a bug you cant oakshell yourself and simply put a helmet on, if you get hit in the eye, in my case with an iron 85ql basinet helm you still take damage as if you didn't have any armor on due to the oakshell
  2. hitched animals to posts and other stuff keep disappearing when you leave session, apparently ive been told its only happening to geared horses
  3. skill tick magnitude isn't affected by faith level, its the frequency of said ticks
  4. todays fix on the QL rune has made everything work perfectly as I would have wanted. having 100 mining you can now achieve 100ql results from a 90ql vein again. thank you
  5. fix it so higher end players with higher mining get a bigger bonus to quality level of vein, thats really what made the runes convenient. i already had the mining to get 100ql ore the rune just turned 90% of veins into usable ones instead of complete trash thx
  6. is this really the big Q4 update?
  7. does this change come with a complementary rod of transmutation x 30?
  8. remove gravestones, remove res stones they are as cancer as the non looting with someone nearby on epic, recalling corpses while a fight is still going is retarded
  9. while I agree with everything you said, if they added a border link I honestly couldn't wait to transfer over with my 30kg of moon metal and 12 rare bones and 2 supreme bones from treasure chests, would be a real delight for me, erm I mean, the market just wait for another 3 weeks to pass by when people who were smart and meditated start hitting level 11 pok on pve side, defiance is going to go from being nearly dead to completely dead. 25% pok stacking with vyn and everything else > some "good hunting" with "occasional sleep powders"