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  1. sorry posted them but forgot to quote ya for notification
  2. yeah currently using it, still having them unfortunately. Still doing things on my end to try and fix it, but haven't yet
  3. Between 2 to 3GB oh, just to clarify this isn't a new issue for me, its been like this for months ( as well as the rest of the people I know that have had it)
  4. Seems about every 6-8 seconds or so I get a massive fps drop of about 40-60fps making the game completely unplayable with the unstable client. Happens whether moving or standing still with no actions going on in the background, it also starts to happen within 1-2 minutes of the client being opened. occurs with default settings and also custom settings, full screen and windowed full screen i've got the most recent 64bit java, graphics updates, burn tests says my cpu is fine, memory is fine, both gpus are fine. windows 10 i7-5820k 64gb ddr4 mem two 980ti's 6gb each ssds etc any ideas? i know many others that want to use the unstable get this same problem, but i dont know if its been reported or not. If someone knows of another thread please let me know so i can add my info to that one edit: also my cores are unparked, seen this suggested in another thread somewhere but it didnt work for me
  5. ty all, can be closed
  6. got 3 charges interested in how much they go for per charge might be interested in account trades or something, but also looking for a euro pc
  7. [21:51:22] You have received 1000 karma for 'Repair 6000 fences, floors or walls'. Thx, needed to repair 6250 as stated. Isn't this still a bug though? why isn't it based off of the Janitor achievement instead? 120 of those = 6000 fences walls or floors exactly If its supposed to actually be 6250 why not change the goal name to that
  8. bump, critical error here. People dying/losing their very valuable gear because of this
  9. spent some time repairing 6k fences and I have 121 janitor achievements but my goal won't complete any ideas or is it just bugged? I've tried relogging for lotime ofc
  10. Those VD rascals, disbanding deeds on servers we haven't even been on in nearly a year. Either way farewell, DNPA served and protected Serenity very well with crash-inducing density around Strongbox for a long time.
  11. i've given up putting much effort into these kinds of threads, succumbed to the fact that the rest of my epic days are to be littered with memories of how fun the cluster used to be in the past. Most of us could talk for hours about changes that would benefit the cluster, unfortunately I don't think cc has the capability of putting out enough of those changes/fixes in a timely manner. Nothing against current staff, but its been a problem for so long, and it is what it is. A lot of great changes have happened in the past year or so, but most people agree its just nowhere even near enough, not remotely close to it. And you can see that most of the players are just worn out as well. These threads used to spark a great deal of conversation between a few dozen people with huge essays, now they barely get the generic "sorry that isn't enough" comments anymore lol. One of the most disappointing things to see still to this day, is that the groundwork for the game still barely even allows, let alone encourages pvp. You get more than 10 people in local and all of the sudden everyone starts lagging out, disconnecting, reconnecting, needing to relog every 5 minutes, etc. And then you have a game in which the entirety of its player base and staff know (or should know by now) that the game is highly unstable in regards to performance, and we still have a 30 year old client launcher that exits once you launch the game instead of a persistent launcher that would allow people to quickly reconnect and get back into the game without having to say "oh god guys, I just went through my 13th pre-loaded client this fight, if I crash again I'm probably going to die because I have to wait for the client to launch again". rip
  12. aha, that would make more sense
  13. [2017-06-30] proudly displays the 37 copper and 50 iron he found in the coffers of Umayyad Caliphate. [2017-07-02] You find 56 copper and 25 iron in the coffers of Umayyad Caliphate. [2017-07-03] You find 75 copper in the coffers of Umayyad Caliphate. [2017-07-04] You find 93 copper and 75 iron in the coffers of Umayyad Caliphate. [2017-07-05] You find 1 silver, 12 copper and 50 iron in the coffers of Umayyad Caliphate. [2017-07-07] You find 1 silver, 31 copper and 25 iron in the coffers of Umayyad Caliphate. definitely isn't adding 50% for each consecutive drain and all the drains were done within the consecutive drain timeframe cleared up, no bug just a little bit of confusion