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  1. thx waited years for player gods to get removed, but i cannot see how you're going to properly balance the 4 main gods for pvp. rolf and a bunch of others tried 500 iterations and all failed what solved it was player gods giving groups more variety to work with are we going back to the days of being blacklight and needing to have whitelight alts sitting outside our deeds and having to fire guards to use certain spells on our own deeds? how about those same days of blacklighters needing multiple fo linked priests and a vynora/mag, all sitting logged out in a cave out of deed local, in order to be competitive in pvp? do any pvpers actually still play from the 2012-2014 era of the constant iterations of priest pvp balances between wl/bl that never worked? I guess most are gone by now good luck
  2. bring back characteristic nerfs to priests too, and all the other good stuff that was removed maybe even apply a retroactive -25% nerf to people who have been priested since the removal
  3. neg, we're talking way before that, tangleweave changes and everything, this was MONTHS before a november update was spoken about I can go through and grab all of the information and cite it, if you want me to
  4. we had a massive discussion on pvp changes that never went through, but were promised that "this time these small changes are 100% going to come through" none of them did everyone quit chaos
  5. hey all i did was poke fun about you calling me out on ruining the entire new elevation experience as a whole and i got moderated tell me how thats a horrible abuse at staff lol.. you literally said I was the sole reason elevation 26.0 didn't work out, the least i should get to do is make fun of you for it doesn't seem very transparent mate these are among the reasons nearly every pvper has left the game, you still got a few people here and there, but chaos has 4 people online right now, and normally its 0-2 people, something is more wrong than just "players are being mean to us" to think that I used to actually care about the success of this game at one point, for a game many of us downright love, i don't know how we managed to end up in this position. Oh wait nvm i do
  6. i would post constructive feedback from a players perspective with over 1k days of playtime but it would just get removed so im posting this nonsense instead
  7. pm me with what you got, looking for highly imbued will pay more for .40kg one
  8. 250-300 euro maybe currently, sadly nice hfc grind
  9. Prems, and you aren't incorrect. Everyone knows that people generally run 2-3 toons per person. And yea, you've got the occasional me that runs upwards of 20 at times, generally hovering around 10 premium at any given moment. But you can still get a pretty good indicator of the games overall health by premium numbers. I'd wager we have somewhere around 400 people that actually play the game, with about 120 of them being dedicated players. Hell, half of the people posting on the forums aren't even WO players lol.