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  1. lies ive been trying to ignore u for years and i just cant get it to work! he got sniped.. for that?
  2. /snipe ? we used to use it all the time unless this is a different one
  3. -1 for the people that might not understand how pvp works let me try to break it down for you the reason a captains stamina drains is to create an exploitable weakness in chasing an enemy boat, if you don't mitigate it, you're going to lose they added a combat cooldown to eating and in my opinion that should extend to archery proccing the effect as well, so you can't just "cheese it with sandwiches" but you can still drop the sails for stamina regain, ask for a refresh etc. everyone will agree to just remove the current sailing mechanics because they're pure ass, but removing the stamina drain is dumb and is meant to benefit dumb groups of players who can't micromanage their gameplay sorry, some people are going to be better than others, not sorry
  4. looking for some good items 100imb or close any summer hats running around let me know the specs on em and throw me a pm with what you want
  5. do keep in mind that some of that thread is just kvk banter funsies, but it turned into a good talk thereafter
  6. this lil ol place turned out nice, hopefully whoever it is keeps it safe until you return sig on supreme knapsack? free bump
  7. meditation beyond 9 was removed last july, for epic only
  8. its value is far more than its current worth, unfortunately I still think you would pull 500e+, this is a gg toon for people who simply enjoy the game no matter what the future holds
  9. people spending 3-6+ hours a day on this game complaining about other people wanting to min/max their time like why wouldn't you want to min/max on something that takes so much of your time?
  10. fake im just mad i cant make one of these posts for mondain, rest in pieces (as a piece of blood's collection )
  11. probably been mentioned and suggested dozens of times, but can we get a system that doesn't nerf characteristic gains by 99% after 90+ skill in a weapon skill
  12. this my coziest corner, my friend @Lunduwont allow me to have more of the house