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  1. -1 the game performs poorly enough as it is
  2. elevation is suffering from reputation system problems and it shouldnt have any system whatsoever based off the last 8 years of its life thank you for reading
  3. we reported this 3 years ago i think needed a restart, actually built a tower on top of existing influence AFTER the restart and had both rome and MR influence in the same spot (we built the tower over the old spot). and it needed another restart to remove the rome influence lol
  4. imagine losing 8 years worth of items and hard earned sorcery back when there were more people competing for them than the game has as a whole at the moment imaging being a priest a suffering a characteristic loss of 25% because we all actually pvp'd on a pvp server and were priests imagine not being path of knowledge because you're on an all inclusive pvp cluster and then imagine a guy with 50 body strength that bought his toon at 70% of what it currently has, telling you that "its not fair to me and my market for you to transfer skills"
  5. where did I say anything about wearing steel plate over leather? there are better evaluated options against by far the most common and highest damage per hit dealing 2hander in the game but keep wearing leather, im fine with it
  6. +1 the adjustment to time zone is too slow, speed it the ###### up
  7. tfw getting hit for 40% in leather with a huge axe is mind blowing also wimble sat on top of a horse that was at 1% and not moving, mounted wearing chain and got dunked with spear bonus
  8. -1 due to whiny demanding rhetoric used by op. don't wear leather if you don't want to get hit for 50 damage by huge axes, its pretty simple
  9. imagine being on chaos and doing 60k prayers on your own just to find out your priest can't even cast the rite because hes not a libila priest and is instead tosiek, and your kingdom is wl p broken system
  10. the installer.exe needs to watch this video
  11. "scaling" they hard capped it hope everyone hits the 46? strength hard cap
  12. same happened to me.. i guess its the first time an installation executable didn't lie to me, i REALLY should have saved all my other processes and logged out of them, because for the first time installing anything in the last 20 years i lost some hours of work lol win 10 pro
  13. indeed, it crashes the clients one by one until commit is less than my total physical possible the only thing i can say is 3 years ago i could run 40 clients on my pc, now i can barely do above 13 or so without stuff crashing whether thats a windows issue, a java issue, or a client issue is unbeknownst to me if you are saying its not the client i'll take your word for it as you are the expert here by all means, thanks for looking into it
  14. its the advanced tab for memory processes in the task manager low memory client: