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  1. Increase oven burning time

    bump pls, refueling my 90ql runed oven once per hour is a bit annoying this is the newest thread i could find on the subject so plz don't complain about necroing
  2. cave leveling item per tile count bug

    hey, when leveling an adjacent tile the game does two checks to see if there is room for more rock shards, when only it should be one I think it checks both the tile you are leveling and the tile you are standing on, but the rock shards only go on the tile you're standing on
  3. Epic - Transfer Equality

    -1 if you want to play on freedom play on freedom
  4. Valrei International. 065

    this has nothing to do with anything mentioned but i bring it up every couple months: can we please get client launcher thats from 2018? for instance the blizzard launcher I'm sure most people are familiar with is an app that you use to launch WoW and other games made by blizzard the application itself is persistent and stays open even if you've launched a client, updates on its own without needing to be closed and reopened and would just be a huge QoL if we could get something like that for wurm (given how many times per day people launch clients) is something like this not achievable with java? is it just too much work or not something the team is interested in having for the game?
  5. as of a recent update (the one previous to the modern rendering stuff) i started experiencing a lag/slight lockup when running windowed fullscreen and swapping window focus, whether it be alt tabbing or just simply clicking another window on my second monitor the only way around this has been using windowed resizable and its awful.. any ideas? thanks
  6. [Fixed] Groups and Subgroups

    robz pointed out to me earlier today, you gotta make sure you dont have anything activated in order to delete groups.. weird
  7. Let summer hats be cloth.

    i'd have to agree with shank i want one of these, but i'm afraid if I buy it it'll eventually be nerfed (if I could find a seller) because they just look sweet. if it does get nerfed, make it like shank said, steel helm doesnt lose ql/drop
  8. wtb 1g

  9. Updates the current pvp community want

    MR got checked by people that actually knew how to pvp and weren't stuck in the stone age of Wurm pvp and please, lets not for one second pretend chaos is the only server bleeding out, the overall population of freedom hits nearly under 200 nightly topkek, and thats with people and their alts logged in, we going to blame that on the epic bois as well?
  10. Updates the current pvp community want

    you do realize the only reason epic > freedom happened was because of players crying right? in the original post, there was no such thing as epic > freedom it was freedom > epic only
  11. Updates the current pvp community want

    also i can't help but feel that we've gotten pretty far off track with what the original discussion was supposed to be about, at this point its just a bunch of rambling back and forth. My suggestion would be if the devs want real feedback on pvp AS A WHOLE, create a thread with a comprehensive list of bulleted points and ask for feedback/suggestions on it, if you're serious about it. this thread wasn't supposed to be a complete overhaul of the game or anything and it wasn't supposed to be a complete comprehensive list of everything that people thought was wrong with pvp, it was just supposed to be a small list of good suggestions that were for the most part nearly 100% supported Most of us here have been apart of "complete overhaul" threads, asking for huge changes like shutting down clusters, making new ones, changing maps, etc etc and 100% of those suggestion threads went nowhere (except for ele map reset 2015 topkek ql map)
  12. Updates the current pvp community want

    thats what the epic refocus intention was, and the result of that wasn't very good to say the least. The intention was obvious, they implemented a whole bunch of good changes to a very dead server in an attempt to get people to leave the other while denying that server the very basic balance updates they had been asking for and said "if you want balance changes, go play Epic"... the result? Epic gained a few people that liked WU paced building and skilling, and lost all of the devoted players that remained there until the end. As far as I'm concerned Epic officially died last year and was replaced by something else with the same name. the only thing that would make me leave Chaos is an Epic 180 that gives me the same feeling of relaxed yet steady pvp that I got in 2012-mid 2014 on epic but we will never get that back because unless you continually reset the server like every 2-3 years or something (which causes a whole bunch of other problems) you eventually run into the same stale gameplay, its just the way the game is unfortunately. You're going to have people that turbonerd ahead of the rest, you're going to have the people that can remain priests 100% of the time because they share kingdom crafters, you're eventually going to get to a point at which buying an account is the only way to to get in at a reasonable pace. And if you don't have these issues then you've completely changed the game and the people that enjoy the way it is currently are likely to be no longer playing. most of the people in this thread didn't get to experience Epic when it was really at its best, and thats a true shame. anything else, you'd literally have to shut chaos down to get me off of it
  13. Threaten Merchants on Chaos

    -1 its not fair that the mechanics should attempt to make my loot more accessible to enemies putting in the time and energy into raiding my deed wait wait wait, no Ive got a better one -1 merchants on chaos are used daily and we shouldnt ruin the chaos market because someone wants to steal from other people
  14. Updates the current pvp community want

    i've revised my current post like 6 times trying to articulate what i think is the best change for locate soul, and all 6 times I came up with a different result. 1. need a way to stop people from spamming on every known target from enemy kingdoms, preventing traps and all negative engagements (there aren't a whole lot of targets anymore, and we all know who to locate because of the pvp population) this happens from either a single priest, or multiple people casting it doesn't really matter 2. also a way to prevent people from getting located every time they step off deed to hunt 3. retain a way for players to find other people that are actually within kill range 4. promote ways of people running into each other naturally 5. giving players "xx locates you" message is both good and bad. (im assuming this is on success, not just attempts like nolo jewelry currently works, right?) one reason for good is it lets you know that you're in danger if out roaming and that you're getting hit with a random locate and you're in danger (so you just grab horse gear and karma lol) one reason for good is that if you were trying to stealth trap deep in enemy territory you now know its a waste of your time to stay one reason for bad is essentially the same reason its good, if you know your trap went sour you leave and it doesn't give the enemy time to put something together and prevents more fighting there are about a thousand scenarios for it to be good and bad, but i won't list every one whats the worse case scenario if someone CAN'T cast locate soul on people? they have to roam the map/known hunting grounds/frequented enemy areas during peak hours to find people out? it becomes a bit more dangerous to step off deed because someone else might be playing the game and setting a trap for you? I don't understand the entitlement of "I HAVE to know" where "xx" player is, "just because I want to". I never got it with a population of 200+ players on a server, and I still dont get it with a population of 10. People complain "omg but chev killed my friend, I NEED to know where he is so we can go gank him and get revenge!!//!!!//1" no, sorry, no you don't NEED to know where he is. If you DID you would go roam for him? traps/isolated kills need to be part of the game to make things interesting for smaller groups/solo players coupled with removal of nolo on body and enhanced pendulums range (with nerfs to finding stealthed players, but can't make it impossible) removing locate altogether is still the solution I like most and yeah, the maps are H U G E for our current players whether its elevation or the epic cluster as a whole (4 whole gigantic maps) or Chaos itself. Really miss old ele, but I think we've evolved beyond asking for drastic map changes and we're just trying to get some core gameplay changing mechanics put in to make it more fun and balanced in the game we love with the low pvp population we have, and have had for some time now lastly, I think we need to remember we're looking at all the changes AS A WHOLE. we aren't just talking about changing locate soul right? we're trying to shift away from a hotacentric map focus where all of the kingdoms sit in the middle of the map throwing locates out on people to see when they should leave and instead make reasons to move around the map, on top of that we're trying to promote condensed kingdom infrastructure via chained towers and slower horses, a reformed armor system that allows people being able to wear various armors that don't cost them 90 euros every time they die. It all fits in line together when looking at it from a big picture its all a huge jigsaw puzzle, and without some pieces it really just doesn't look right sorry for the massive post, im bad at being concise
  15. Updates the current pvp community want

    my take on locate soul is that its so anti everything and jsut sucks overall. I dont even like the 200 range because even 200 is too far. The problem with epic setup is when people are in your local with body nolo and you can't pick them up on pendulum and have no idea which direction to go without first getting a locate hit. On epic this is an issue because pendulum range sucks even at max cast, nolo on body nulls pend, and hh are so fast that by the time you realize someones in locate range they're already out of the 200 tile range before you get a hit on them if they have a decent ring ql/nolo cast because the population in this game is so low you can also use it to avoid 90% of bad outcome fights just by spending 5 minutes locating every known enemy and the only way around this is to have your people logout to avoid being hit with a locate literally current meta -step 1 ran into someone? cool -step 2 have someone login royal priest and start spamming locates on every known enemy from said kingdom to see if they're in the general area or within a reasonable riding distance to get into the fight -step 3 count numbers and either engage or continue running based on /who and knowledge of opponent playtimes. Again, with such low playerbase you start to remember your enemies playtimes and then if you're the bigger kingdoms you can just spam locate on people throughout the day until you get a good hit, and then hoard up and run them down i've been on both sides of the coin, and I don't like having locate soul hit people at any range. imo buff pendulum range to upwards of 80tiles at max cast and remove nolocate on body and locate soul on players