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  1. balancing the body stats and stuff can't work off this algo.. the average epic player is going to have surpassed the sweet spots of stat related skills gains and going to have an average of 25 body stamina and around 40 strength 300 days playtime with 90+ in every resource gathering, 90+ in every fs skill but 45 or 50 strength and 25 to 30 stamina after transfer lol my chaos toon has 370 days playtime with more, 69+ strength and almost 60 stamina, and no fs related skill over 75
  2. does this work for body stats too? so i put in my 70 strength and it gets nerfed to 60? because at lower ends of skills for fs training you gain higher stats, but as you reach about 60 on epic it drops to about a 1/3rd of what it was at 1-60
  3. i really thought you were dead... had minimal interaction with you but always were a nice sport damn you permo you troll, im taking that like back
  4. hows desov3 doing right now
  5. also, i'll second what someone else already said why is this talk even still going on, retro already stamped it with its non approval stamp, items aren't going anywhere
  6. nobody said we didnt have moon metal we said you're obnoxious and misinformed if you think we have 30000000000000000000000000000000000000000% more
  7. i spent 3 years killing dragons on epic ive got 1 scale chest and 1 scale pants and I use them for pvp gonna ruin the freedom market for sure on a side note I'd like to see all of whykillme's imping skills nerfed down to 70 or less, seeing as how he used *.77+23 to get all of his imping skills, and therefore did less work than the rest of freedom, its probably not fair for him to keep them
  8. no items? no tomes? nothing else? probably a really jacked up conversion calculation that doesn't take everything into account? damn you guys really know how to give it to me for paying 8 premiums steadily for 5 years and at one point 25+ premiums for sermons on epic prior to the sermon reset addition also thanks for dangling me along letting me pay my premiums for the extra year of promised GOOD changes to this game, instead of another quick fix to boost population temporarily before everyone stops playing it again ill enjoy the 2 months of fun pvp this will bring to epic, after that im out o/ dw, theres no door left to hit me on the way out because im pretty sure its already broken off the hinges
  9. epic came out in nov 2011 not 2014
  10. nov 2011 so the average person should have 40m stp or something right
  11. i would also like to +1 garys post, i want my tomes that I worked for (and the ones I bought) and I want my affinities i killed for, and my karma pls
  12. the only thing i know, is im over on chaos getting 90's in about 10 days average abusing double skill gain method, something that i couldn't do on epic.. I've gotten more 90s on freedom in the last 3 months than I have on epic in the years I've played it took me 8 days to hit 70 metallurgy on freedom, Im like #6 if i uploaded to niarja lol but yea, my epic skills that I spent years on, I don't deserve those because they're not worthy.
  13. and please consider that its not just "2x" there are many skills, as you know, that don't quite properly translate into "2x" on epic most creation skills function quite poorly on Epic for skilling, then there is the aspect of double skill gain bonus on freedom all the way to 95 fairly easily, try that on epic please. there are just a handful of skills that are properly translated into directly being twice as fast, mining is the main example as the range of difficulty offered by veins and tool QL makes it so thats why theres one guy spamming on every epic thread "WHAT ABOUT MINING, WHAT ABOUT MINING" yea dude, we get it, 50% tick ratio all the way to 100, cool. now go try something that you can't adjust the difficulty properly all the way to 100 to maintain a 50% tick ratio
  14. i want it because ive spent hundreds of days playtime on my MAIN character, and even though I've skilled it according to the curve (skills at 75 to 80 instead of going all the way to 90 in most, in fact my new account on chaos I've skilled more to 90 than I have on my epic toon ) and im going to be very gimped on freedom, this is my account, my avatar and it represents me and the work I've put into the game for many years and I would rather continue to build on that instead of anything else also my second reason is that, in the event these epic changes fail to keep epic afoot in the long run, I don't want to go through this process of feeling like a 2nd class citizen for 2 years again sitting on a server with an average population of 3 people(this is no exaggeration) waiting for changes thirdly, after testing the 2x timer in wu epic is basically going to turn into a challenge cluster from what I can see, everybody is going to be hitting 90 in skills within a couple hours of spamming rivets or spamming war arrow heads, kindlings etc. I want nothing to do with that type of gameplay with a character that I put hundreds of days playtime into. I enjoy the endurance aspect of grinding a character, I just didn't like the barriers in place with moon metals, sorcery, sotg etc..but this 2x timer combined with WU Skill gain (I wouldn't mind seeing just the wu skill gain added) totally turns the cluster upside down for the few veterans that were left playing on it