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  1. pickup S16 melody coast start bid 1 silver, increments 1s sniper protect 1 hour
  2. 48% of 12 silver and 13 copper
  3. [07:44:54] You have 5 hours and 9 minutes left. [07:44:54] You can not dig in the solid rock. [07:44:56] You have 5 hours and 8 minutes left. tested again to make sure by spamming like 20 actions and it used another minute of fatigue doing nothing
  4. heres a console log, happens at least 4 times a day to the majority of people i play with that hunt regularly. wurm just freezes and hangs and you just have to spam click until you get the option to kill the application because its not responding
  5. 2 threads, 2 years later notta now that we have more full time devs, maybe better results?