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Found 41 results

  1. I don't know if this kind of poll has been attempted yet, but I'd like to find out what people's preferences are. My Wurm seasonal preferences happen to be very strong, and I wanted to know if I'm alone in feeling this way (I strongly prefer Spring above all seasons, as it is rich in vivid and lush green color, and the softness of the grass is particularly pleasing to the eye. Next favorite is Winter. Least favorite is Autumn - something about the muted hues and shades used makes me feel claustrophobic, like I'm in a nightmare, but I felt the same way about the autumn season in Stardew Valley, so it's not necessarily the fault of the designers.) p.s.: My first experience of changing seasons in a game was in this Robin Hood game. It was the #1 reason why I fell in love with video games. I'm kinda grateful that Wurm utilizes seasons
  2. So yeah I just had a question hit me in Freedom on Cadence. I know the NFI servers are old and cadence is the newest server so me might have a few Migrants that might fit this bill so this is gunna have to be on you guys to be honest about things. I am looking for the "Oldest" "Most active" player that started on Cadence. I mean Older then the highway system if possible one of the first through the newbie portal and is still playing the game. Reason i ask about it. We have alot of people that was out need to detox take a long break. WHO is the true sweat of cadence that logs in everyday still to tend his crops and groom his animals, and just sits back on deed and just looks at everything they've built and remembers what the land looked like Before trees where cut and regrew and cutt again across the countless rifts. This is what I'm looking for, and once again I'm relying on a lot of honesty for this. [14:00:43] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 2 of the Raven's starfall, 1110. That's 56 days, 15 hours and 43 minutes ago. [14:00:43] You have played 31 days, 21 hours and 45 minutes. this info can begotten by the /playtime incase anyone new doesn't know about this command
  3. With all the quirky, annoying and some time’s realy counterintuitive features in Wurm what you would like to see reworked or at least in some form revisit the most? Her is the reason I chose this points of cours you can always chose the “other” option if you don´t feel represented and I will try to include more points that are good argued why it need a rework (jsut a "I don´t like it so it must be bad and reworked" is not a good argument!). You can also say you are happy the way it is and only starve for new content if you think its fine the way it is. Don't forgett taht this are my resoning for a rework you don´t have to agree but if you still agree on the subjekt or overall topic that a feture need a rework share your version of why you want to see this to be lookt again by the Devs. Religion: In general it’s a great concept and could be a great premise. But the execution has a lot of flaws. The A-Symmetrical designapproache is great but hard to balance currently leading to a overpopulation of a single deity or in case of PvP only have one to choose. Or better say not to choose since atheism is no real option. For real who would left back free bonus without a cost? The cut out of the whole imping part of craftsmanship and some other restrictions for priest is a often pointed out reason for people playing Alts. The power for less freedom exchange is mostly liked by the community it seems but the execution lacks. Permission system: Need an overhaul, can´t expand the Village to a House that is owned by one of your Villagers to incorporate it in the Deed because the Mayor is not the owner? Multiple level for different roles beside of Input every Citizens or Allianz member alone if you want to make separate areas for different people? Like a high Value storage for the people that come beyond the fresh joined status you have to add this player you want to watch a week to every door individual instate of just update there role. And don´t get me started on the permission screen of a Deed this is horrible to look at and confusing. Oh and approximate ownership is a thing to that is quite annoying if its on deed. As some one who handles a warehouse I can’t say it enough how hard this Is to get this all going in a good way. Skillgain: Ok this is maybe controversial but the skill system is...well wired. You do something to good you don’t get skill. I get why this is a concept but also lead to gaming the system for better rates. Like mining with a horrible pickaxe getting mediocre results but more skill gain for better results late. Want to finish the tunnel? Well do it fast and gain less or do is slower with more skill gain (general not skill to time comperison). I understand why this is a concept to say that things that are TO easy give less often skill compare to things that are hard, but would be a system that increase and decrees tick size not better then static ticks that sometimes just don’t appear? Just an example. Oh and creation give less skill then imping because of what exact reason? Because it is “easier”? I don’t get this decision at all. Yes instate of 100 times imping on 10 swords you then could create 1000 swords for the same benefit. But for real who need so many swords low QL and not 10 with better QL and who have the mass on material that is needed for it? In special with the harder creation difficulty manipulation compare Imping were you can hold easy on the most efficient difficulty spot something that is way harder for creation. Raritysystem: To be honest I like the novelty a small chance of something to become a rare version of an item that give slight bonus. It is a interesting system and great even for new players because a rare pick will sell no matter the QL because it will keep the rare status over the time. But the randomness, unreliability is also a problem. You got the 10 Rare clay out of digging but on imping for 6h you don’t have a rare moment you feel a bit cheated out and then when you got it it don’t turn rare because imping success is treated other than creation success for some reason. This lead to a lot of more or less “useless” rare that are not good for anything and can´t be sorted or stored for later use in a good way. The Raritysystem in its current state is a neat idea but create more frustration then joy in my view what make it in the need for a closer look again. Other: I know I had more on the list but I forget them currently so they don´t bother me TO much I guess but I will give the option and hopefully can expand the pole later. I also keep fighting out. Not only I have not a real problem with how fighting work we also have the announcement for a rework already in the making so no reason to cry about something that is confirmed to change SoonTM Edit1 17.10.2020 Petsystem: Added becous a teamer is not realy playble in the current system. Behavior and controll of pets is godawfull and yes they are not usless ther is a reason they are used in PvP were you try to get every edge you can but for the avrage player if he could equip stuff without taming it would change nerly nothing if its removed waht is sad that its have so bad functionalety that it is only used for this. Edit2 20.10.2020 Meditation: Rewards are tiny for the huge time investment. The problem with the limit skill gain is a problem with the skill system in general but over all not real effective grind able and the execution could need a lot more flavor and benefit in some regards (but mostly flavor in spacial with PvP is too much benefit a problem in my opinion) Mailing system: More feed back and emphasis on the cost would be great. General more information in this regard for the sender and receiver. Did my massage be excepted or is it still waiting? Is it Still on the way? The usability is also a bit lacking is suppose its functional like mos things in Wurm but like most things in Wurm miss a sense of intuitiveness.
  4. Feel free to discuss. To make myself and the question a bit more clear. This suggestion is for a third person view "option" not to replace first person but to make it a setting or completely integrated within the game
  5. I'm grinding Weapon Smithing so I have alot of time on my hands to consider aspects of it. The #1 being will I stop once I can make 80ql weapons
  6. Hey guys, I asked a bit of info in Freedom the other day about which market is currently considered the most active, and the replies I received were not really informative at all. So due to this, I would like to run this poll. Feel free to discuss as to which public market you consider being the most active. Thanks Dok
  7. From May's Roadmap: "The web shop we are working on updating more with plans to look at having items directly available from the shop instead of just silver. The items that will use this new system will be specific cosmetic items that aren’t available in game via any other means, such as the upcoming golden mirror." Wurm has always been a game where everything* was built and created by the players, within the game. From shaping the landscape to the rug in front of your fireplace. Someone trained their skills, gathered the resources and crafted it all. Since the addition of rifts and some older items this has ceased to be the case. But at least the items were available in-game for for all to acquire and came in the form of rewards for playing. As I mentioned in the roadmap thread, these new cash shop items are going to be superior to anything we can craft in-game. They have to be, or why would anyone pay for them? (Sure, there is some personal preference) This is against the spirit of Wurm Online.
  8. Had a couple of ideas that I think should be considered on the poll, on the use of rare items in cooking and their affinities influences. Both still preserve the idea and usefulness of using the rares as an important part of the cooking equation but how about an additional bonus. First idea, with each step of it's rareness give an original bonus of the same plain item but rare would give and additional affinity, supreme(two) and fantastic...would that be great!. Second idea, and MUCH more complicated: Each items has three steps of "rare" to it: rare, supreme, fantastic. Take a simple Skillet, Meat, Vegetable recipe... each one has an additional level of rare bonus to making the end product a "rare" of some type itself. Now we enter what do we want from a difference of rare or supreme...+1,+2 to the equation...have to take into consideration what would happen if we bought a Supreme Potato from a player added it to a Rare Meat and a plain carrot would add a plus +2/3 from the S. Potato, +1/3 from rare meat and +0 from non-rare carrot, BUT..don't forget the skillet pan...+0/3 on it, lets use a rare pan, since we are on the subject, +1/3 possible rares (no wax/or wrapping involved this time) gives us a +4/12 chance on top of the normal chance at a rare... + %33.33 added chance at a rare finished food item. It could further be taken you use Supreme's the entire get a Supreme finished food product. HOWEVER, this still is a beginning formula to take into consideration, then you must consider the end effects discussed in the First idea, end result of bonus affinities+ (1-3 or +*-***) or even an added time bonus combo in with it. I think it would be safe to say that chances of getting a Fantastic Pizza..should give +3 affinities.. if even a (characteristic, followed by a Skill on a Supreme to 2/1 or 1/2 Characteristic/Skill on a Fantastic Food Item. Point is..the more "rare" the better it should be!!!. THIS IS AN IDEA...put out in quick response to the powers that be, on nerfing our money spent or the selling value of rare items. Some people have sunk alot of money into higher quality rares and this keeps/gives value to the rare food items that give players a chance at making some funds. Please, ADD TO THIS DISCUSSION..., this is put together to get some alternatives going. Thank you.
  9. Okay so as developers and staff members, it's inevitable that there will be times when people disagree with what we do or even hate us for it. I've learned to weather the hate in stride, for the quiet ones who reach out and thank me always carry me through. But... who do you hate the most? As an aside, this is just for fun. Keep replies light-hearted and funny. If you do have a problem or complaint, the best place to bring it up will be with one of us directly. I'm also asking for this because Firestarter has promised to find where I live if I make his job any harder. So please, please... (he scares me...)
  10. Do people pay for long periods or just month by month?
  11. I honestly think there are too many fog spiders in our server. They're a really cool addition to wurm, but they should be despawning faster when the fog goes away. See imgur for full data: Server is set to 25% aggressive creatures, and currently has 30% aggressive creatures, 70% passive creatures. highest frequency aggressive creatures: fog spiders 31% black wolves 16% mountain lion 9% huge shark 9% huge spider 6% crocodile 3% Fog spiders (988 of them) completely overshadow most other aggressive mobs. The spiders are way too frequent when you see 3-4 of them for every other aggressive mob you see.
  12. A recent thread has brought up some interest in restoring balance to the seasons by increasing the number of days (weeks) of winter in the Wurm calendar year. I'm sure many won't like this proposition, but for those of us who really do enjoy the snowflake-filled skies and powder white terrain this suggestion would be quite nice: please increase the number of days (weeks) of winter. This thread exists to gauge the interest level of an increased winter to balance out the seasons a little more. My own suggestion goes something like this: Autumn - 9 weeks Winter - 8 weeks Spring - 9 weeks Summer - 22 weeks Discuss your ideas, and try to keep the insults to a minimum please.
  13. Hey everyone, I'm aware of the previous/current threads rolling around right now that have mentioned the desire for a cosmetic shop for Wurm Online. Along these lines I thought perhaps a poll to get a sample of the interest in having a cash shop in the game would be in order. The reason I'm making this thread instead of using another existing cosmetic thread is two-fold: I didn't want to hijack another thread that I can't put a poll in, and I think a cash shop could pertain to more than just cosmetic items. I won't say it should have buy-to-win items, but I'm sure the clever people out there can come up with more than just cosmetic suggestions to add to such a shop. Anyhow, feel free to leave your suggestions here as to what types of items you'd like to see in a Wurm Cash Shop. I'm not really worried with the pricing, as that is a balancing issue for the staff to concern themselves with, so just the raw ideas please. Also, I'd like to welcome any art models of said items if you're keen to create them! The poll itself is multiple choice to allow for voting on a range you'd likely spend on a cash shop if implemented. This is purely for data collection, so don't feel that you need to vote on that portion. I do ask; however, that you only vote twice--once for each segment. Please do not spam votes across many options as that does nothing but disrupt the results and would be trolling. Edit: Suggestions on what types of items to be sold in a cash shop/trader would be very interesting, so please do add your ideas.
  14. I hope it's okay to post this here, but I was curious what everyone's favorite Skill and Action modifiers are for servers in Wurm Unlimited so I made a poll. The results of this poll should be useful for server hosts and people who plan to host their own server in the future so they know which values appeal to the most amount of players. POLL: (Using strawpoll since I posted this on the Steam forums too) I personally like 3-5x Skill and 1.5-2.5x Action since it allows for more specialization, and I miss being able to alt-tab while doing actions in Wurm Online, so any very high Action timers just feel unnatural to me.
  15. I have been doing some thinking Since i am an avid particpant of unique fights items such as the goblin leader sword and shield troll king maul or even the teeth of any of the unique have no real value nor sought after i figured if we could make a tooth necklace or a weapon plaque, or even as i brought up before taxadermy could be something to look for when partaking in unique fight so i made this poll to see what you the people think about it... lets see what you all think
  16. Just out of curiosity. Who wants the old forum back? I am really ......
  17. I'm placing this here instead of the Xanadu sub forum so it might actually be seen. There was a poll awhile back where the question was putting player traders on Xanadu. Not seen anything since that poll was done. That makes me kinda suspicious that it was approved but kept on the hush hush. Just that I've been in too many MMO where stuff happens and you don't get told. Happens all the time in this game what with changes not being made public. Everyone who played the game for a couple years knows this. So, what was the results of the poll? Are player owned traders ok on Xan now? I don't think I'm the only one who wants to know.
  18. Dunno, seems like there's lots of opinions on this. Let's see what the community says. I remember when a few people wanted no decay on weapon enchants Rolf said ok and gave in to them citing 'overwhelming' support. Maybe with 'overwhelming support' there can be stronger rules about theft which could be considered griefing.
  19. A Simple Poll. Would you continue to play wurm if you could no longer trade silver for real life money?
  20. So i guess there is some poll on Xanadu about letting traders there from the other thread. I am making a new post because this is not about a suggestion on how to change them but about the actual poll and the traders as they currently work. Does anyone have a screen shot of the poll? Is it for premium players or just Xanadu mayors? (I know that it is not f2p i logged on my alt and there was nothing)
  21. From the looks of the Independence Community Bridges thread, there seems to be some interest in replacing various boat bridges with real bridges, as well as some disinterest in the idea. Given how well this community voices their opinions, I figured a small poll would do well for this matter and setup a good project thread if a favorable vote ensues. If you are interested or not interested in replacing most of the boat bridges with the new fancy bridges please vote and comment!!! Note: Only the people with ownership permissions would be able to decommission the boat bridges. New bridges wouldn't technically replace boat bridges, they would just add a better travel option. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 05/25/2015 It's time to re-purpose this thread. If you are interested in helping out with a few upcoming bridge projects, please comment here or message me. Our first project will most likely start near Black Dog Isle. If you have any good recommendations for the location, please do share your insight. Also, if you are a native to Black Dog Isle, I would appreciate any scouting information you can give me about what coastal areas are available, if any, for construction and which of your neighbors I should contact to make sure we're all on the same page. So, to summarize, the first order of business is finding the proper location for a bridge from Black Dog Isle to the western coast of the Inner Sea. Once we get that plan rolling, we'll start collecting up the dirt and measuring out the length of the bridge so we can lay the foundations of the support spires. EDIT: With recent events of trolling and unnecessary drama, I have decided it would be best to have this thread locked. Future projects, whether they be bridges or otherwise, will only be discussed with the local/deed owners that it pertains to and the players who are interested in helping with the project. It's unfortunate to make such projects secretive, however due to the amount of people causing problems and drama it is necessary. For all of you who are interested in helping out with group projects, I will be creating a thread to gather your support for future undisclosed endeavors. Thank you for your support and interest in working as a team!
  22. Meditation must be the most frustrating skill to level up. At least for me it is, i try to do it and its always fail after fail to get any skills in it. i suspect we as a community dont know very much yet how to maximize getting the most gains from it without failing to get skill ticks. Either way I would welcome a change to how it works. suggestion is to make it like Faith gains where you never fail to get a skill gain tick, and that you can use the same tile repeatedly. or if you have different ideas on how to make it better, lets hear them.
  23. In the latest Q&A it was pointed out that because of the large number of complaints received about Shield of the Gone it will most likely be looked at and possibly reworked. However I have not seen any public discussion about what kind of changes they want to Shield of the Gone. So in that regard I am posting this thread to give voice to everyone's opinion on the change. Please keep things civil and related to constructive discussion about what changes you feel would make SotG balanced but not useless. I've included the activated ability option because I've heard many people mention this as an idea when discussing it. But I would like to point out that all other lvl 11 Meditation abilities are passive and I don't feel it would be fair to force Insanity's to be one as well. A reduction in the damage reduction percentage seems to be the best option. Originally I was going to include both 40% and 35% but someone pointed out thats hardly any change at all. I've also included the 'Other' option for new ideas, but if you vote this please post a detailed accounting of what your idea is to help balance Shield of the Gone. When a change to Path of Love was proposed threads like this were a great help in assisting the developers in choosing an option so I urge you to take this seriously. In the interest of fairness I have also included the option for 'No Change' so those that think SotG is not an issue will have a voice. Full Disclosure - I am on Path of Insanity on a PvP server and am only 1 meditation level away from SotG. I am currently voting on 25% because I feel like that would be a fair compromise.
  24. I think it best we get a clean poll up before the forums get spammed with biased ones. Please just answer and go, but if you do stay to argue then please be respectful of other player's opinions and follow forum rules.
  25. This is just an information gathering poll. Any objections of bias in wording can be addressed.