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Found 38 results

  1. FIrst, is my favorite glitch ever in Wurm. But, still is glitch. How it works. After change server (I noticed, not sure it works with normal embark) ship is going very fast, around 56km/h. It is back to normal after relog or change captain. Below video: I never noticed same glitch with vehicles. Not sure about other ships and boats, I usually use knarr. Devs, plizzz dont fix it. . If is not connected with other issues, like kick of from board after cross servers. (joking).
  2. So it's been a while since I have been able to play Wurm. After the computer issues I had, it's been a busy summer and autumn. I bought a sailboat in Chicago in April, have been focused on getting it ready to live aboard. At this time I am heading south, very slowly. About 5-7 knots with my little 6hp outboard motor. A very good day I make about 30 to 40 km between daylight with so many locks and dams on the rivers. Often times about 20 kilometers because the commercial traffic gets priority through the lock system. Current location is just outside of Ottawa Illinois where I will stay in harbor until weather permits on Wednesday. Brutal cold, icy decks are not exactly safe conditions to proceed currently. I post my updates on Instagram along with photos of my adventures. Joseph Ogburn on Instagram if anyone is interested in my crazy river cruise. Been interesting so far, nearly came to an end on November 5th when a barge hit me. Several groundings, my built in depth finder (keel) likes to find 5 feet. 😂 the channel is narrow and not always marked well.
  3. (I've moved this from a different topic to prevent it being confused with someone else's setup.) I have three servers clustered on servers hosted by PingPerfect. Most everything is working properly. They are set up in a horizontal arrangement, West -> Central -> East. We can plot a course from the Central server to either of the others, but do not get the option to plot a course from West -> East or vice versa; we must first go to the Central server. Each server's wurmlogin.db references each server in the SERVERS table. The SERVERNEIGHBORS table for each has two entries, as such: (I've put WestID, etc. instead of the actual server IDs for clarity.) West Server Server Neighbor Direction WestID CentralID EAST CentralID EastID EAST Central Server Server Neighbor Direction CentralID WestID WEST CentralID EastID EAST East Server Server Neighbor Direction EastID CentralID WEST CentralID WestID WEST Am I missing something here, or is there somewhere else I should look?
  4. Simple suggestion, give us sailing skill. benefits could be: at 50 sailing 5% more speed to maneuver and speed at 70 sailing 7,5% more speed to maneuver and speed at 90 sailing 10% more speed to maneuver and speed at 100 sailing 15% more speed to maneuver and speed or 2%, 5%, 7,5% and 10% Bigger boat types could give you more skill, Caravel would be the best to grind the skill with. Maybe add modifiers to if bigger boats are maneuvered in shallow waters it could give slightly more skill. Mind logic, body control, body strength, body stamina could be affected also very slightly or like suggested below, none of these at all, only sailing skill with those benefits Lets ditch these, its true it could be "macroed" i didn't think it thru. could be like climbing skill, except not behind a button. ..... This way, we could enjoy more of sailing and give purpose to bigger boats! some might say we need riding and running skills too!! with slight benefits so its not overpowered or required in combat
  5. It would be a huge QoL boost for those who do a lot of sailing to be able to read compass while sailing without having to first anchor or disembark the ship. Realism is awesome, and I get it while on horseback or running around on foot, but I've never heard of a captain calling out "All Stop, Set Anchor!" just because he/she needed to quickly glance at their compass for proper heading. Down with this select piece of wogic and let us go on to laugh about it being a silly thing of the past! kinda like... hmm whats a good example?
  6. Hello. Are there any plans to increase the max rendering distance for buildings? Almost every inch of the coastline has settlements or abandoned settlements, while scoping for a place to start a deed, there are very many disappointments because you simply can't see what's there unless you sail right up to it, even with settings set to extreme. Most rigs would handle the increase my fps rarely drops when im sailing the seas. This is my first suggestion post, be gentle
  7. We have all been there - stuck at sea while sailing on account of the winds being against our favour. I propose a new spell for priests that allows them to produce bottled wind. The higher the cast, the stronger the wind (1 = mouse fart, 9999 = batten-down-the hatches mast-bending gale-force wind). Planning a sea voyage? Commission your priest of choice to pray up some bottled winds. During the voyage, should the wind stop blowing, pop a bottle and let it rip.
  8. My idea to help those crazy long travel times, sailing around Xanadu: Trade Winds. When you reach a decent distance from the shore, you enter into the Trade Winds, which blow 2-3x as strong as the normal winds. We don't want crazy fast sailing near land, because it would make cave canal navigation and docking quite the challenge. I would envision full implementation of this as a new water texture, for the outer 100-200 tiles, leading up to the server crossing border. Don't know how hard adding a choppy water texture would be, but this would be something that could be done down the road. I imagine the speed zone coding could be done quite easily. In addition, it would be fantastic if we could actually see the server border, with some clever little graphic additions. No visible walls or border lines, but some floating debris, like ship wreckage, or a batch of seagulls circling around. Seeing the border was close would be helpful in normal winds, but much more necesary with the Trade Winds, where you could easily shoot through a border crossing unintended. The orange text warning might not provide enough time to respond. Also, while I am at it, lets eliminate the "shark scouts you" message and kick off to water thing. Could we just have a "strong gust of wind" blow us away from those dead zones? Would help in afk sailing quite a bit. Could make it fun and do a pirate ships for the border graphics in those places and "Pirates chase you back into safer waters".
  9. Hi everyone I've been working on this for a very long time. But finally i'm proud to announce that Lake Harmony and Crystal lake now are connected. The electricians are not quite finished but you can sail/ride through it. Canal is 5 tiles wide 3 full depth one sloping and 1 land. water enterence is double in both ends. The land passage are behind stone doors awaiting to decay but open to everyone. Feel free to bash'em :-) Now some might think why work so hard to connect a tiny lake. Well the big goal is of course to continue west to the inner sea so you don't need to go down around FM Cave Canal. That project will start late 2018 likely november. A lot of trolls have spawned since i went underground cleaning out iron veins and my large maul is itching. In other words i need a break :-) Thanks to all of you who contributed killing some veins and especially you priesty guys who helped with a lot of strong walling. A few pics. If you want more you can go to Hell. We always welcome guests :-) Hell's Sewers Canal
  10. I would like to suggest the introduction of a loche (or lock) system. In places all over the real world as far back as ancient times, loches have been used to allow boats to sail virtually anywhere, even uphill. They work by isolating small areas, one by one, as a sort of step system. Each isolated area can then be filled and emptied of water in order to raise or lower the boat therein. In game, perhaps this could work by allowing tiles to be walled off and filled or emptied of water in much the same way. In the end, players would be able to create ingenious and very convenient loche and canal systems never before seen in game.
  11. Best Quality rare ships ! WTA RARE 98QL Knarr, Caravel, 2x Sailing + Vynora Bronze rune 7.5% Wind Speed, 5% Vehicle Speed Free anchor and delivery costal 1. Rare Willow Caravel 98QL +Rune Start Bid 35s Min bid +1s Sniper prot 30min No buyout Curent bid : 2.Rare Firwood Knarr 98QL +Rune Start Bid 35s Min bid +1s Sniper prot 30min Buyout 50s Curent bid : Margus 36s 3.Rare Oakenwood Sailing boat 98QL +Rune Start Bid 15s Min bid +1s Sniper prot 30min Buyout 30s Curent bid : Egard 17s 4.Rare Cherry Sailing boat 98QL +Rune Start Bid 15s Min bid +1s Sniper prot 30min Buyout 30s Curent bid : Egard 17s END: 12.10.2017 GMT+1 20:00 Buyout for all 4 in bulk 1.2G
  12. Hearing stories of people traveling back and forth between servers, I noticed that some people are doing a lot of unnecessary sailing. So I made this little Travel Guide to hopefully make your sailing trips a bit quicker (Open image in New Tab and zoom in for best viewing) Tips and Tricks : Server Funneling (not an official term, just something I came up with) (Open image in New Tab and zoom in for best viewing) If anything you feel needs changing, please let me know!
  13. Auction for Rare Small Sailing Boat Cedar 96QL Start at 15s Minimum bid +1s Sniper prot 30min No Buyout Location Varsovia on Exodus server O 25 Delivery to costal areas of all freedom servers
  14. Here it is! a compilation of all the hours sailing around xanadu. **Warning ---Due to camera movements and the fast timelapse the video can be a lot for the eyes --You have been warned** The time lapse was an after thought, but i decided to go for it anyway. Also, first part maybe a little dark, hang in there at about 5 mins its lighter.
  15. have an Idea about getting a Nautical compass, one that will operate continuously only while in a boat or ship. This could help out Sailors especially when dealing with night and foggy conditions while sailing. Any thoughts?
  16. Hatchet,iron 14ql C 74 | 40c Hatchet,iron 14,87ql C 73 | 40c Hatchet,iron 77,72ql W 41 | 25c Hatchet,iron 36,90ql C 75 | 40c Pickaxe,iron 81,44ql C 73 | 40c Pickaxe,iron 71,29ql W 43 | 20c Pickaxe,iron 22,14ql C 36 | 15c Pickaxe,iron 20,96ql C 63 | 35c Pickaxe,steel 1,74ql C 83 | 45c Shovel,iron 53,19ql C 51 | 25c Shovel,iron 77,48ql W 39 | 10c Rope tool,pinewood 64,27ql W 69 | 35c Rope tool,oakenwood C 47 | 20c Saw,iron 74,46ql W 53 | 40c Saw,iron 77,96ql W 71 C 19 | 50c Saw,iron 57,99ql C 50 | 25c Saw,iron 69,53ql W 54 | 30c File,iron 68,52 ql C 26 | 5c Hammer,iron 73,02ql C 27 | 10c Trowel,iron 20,91ql C 69 | 40c Rake,iron 17,09ql C 78 | 40c Rake,iron 18,32ql C 66 | 35c Rake,iron 19,02ql C 59 | 30c Rake,iron 78,09ql C 45 | 25c Rake,iron 18,64ql C 68 | 35c Rake,iron 18,92ql C 46 | 25c Rake,iron 17,51ql C 53 | 30c Rake,iron 19,04ql C 76 | 40c Sickle,iron 54,31ql C 28 | 10c Sickle,iron 57,36ql C 22 | 15c Sickle,iron 57,63ql C 38 | 15c Sickle,iron 56,17ql C 39 | 15c Sickle,iron 57,53ql C 43 | 15c Sickle,iron 54,06ql C 47 | 30c Sickle,iron 59,70ql C 42 | 25c Sickle,iron 56,18ql C 47 | 30c Sickle,iron 58,08ql C 38 | 15c Sickle,iron 55,11ql C 50 | 30c Scythe,steel 1,00ql C 54 | 25c Scythe,steel 1,00ql C 60 | 30c Scythe,steel 1,00ql C 43 | 20c Scythe,steel 1,00ql C 43 | 20c Hatchet,steel 44,49ql C 62 | 35c Horse shoe,iron 51,67ql W 58 | 30c Horse shoe,iron 58,43ql W 52 | 25c Horse shoe,steel 3,60ql W 53 | 25c Horse shoe,steel 5,00ql W 64 | 35c Grooming brush,oakenwood 2,61ql C 60 | 30c Fruit press,oakenwood 34,05ql W 64 | 30c Fruit press,oakenwood 35,88ql W 70 | 35c Fine fishing rod,willow 80,05ql C 76 | 40c Scissors,iron 77,44ql C 64 | 30c Longsword,iron 70,84ql W 45 C 53 FA 86 | 80c Longsword,iron 68,58ql W 55 FA 96 | 80c Longsword,iron 57,26ql N 82 C 93 RT 91 | 1s 40c Longsword,iron 84,82ql N 86 RT 91 | 1s Longsword,iron 53,53ql N 88 C 73 RT 91 | 1s 40c Longsword,iron 57,03ql N 74 C 94 | 90c Longsword,iron 70,71ql N 74 C 83 | 90c Longsword,iron 65,20ql N 78 | 40c Longsword,iron 77,64ql N 76 | 35c Longsword,iron 74,92ql N 73 | 40c Longsword,iron 64,75ql N 81 | 45c Longsword,iron 37,89ql N 97 | 50c Longsword,iron 55,55ql FB 52 W 50 | 20c Longsword,iron 54,07ql AD FB 51 C 33 | 20c Longsword,iron 64,06ql FB 72 W 60 | 45c Longsword,iron 18,76ql W 56 | 20c Large axe,iron 74,35ql N 62 C 66 RT 95 | 1s 20c Huge axe,iron 82,08ql N 60 C 66 | 90c Huge axe,iron 81,56ql N 66 C 57 | 90c Huge axe,iron 83,12ql N 62 C 62 | 90c Huge axe,iron 54,43ql C 44 | 20c Huge axe,iron 81,99ql N 53 C 98 | 90c Huge axe,iron 82,25ql N 40 C 73 | 90c Short sword,iron 62,81ql C 76 | 30c Short sword,iron 66,36ql C 77 | 30c Short sword,iron 69,62ql C 60 | 30c Maul,iron 75,13ql | 10c Great helm,steel 31,01ql W 57 | 30c Cloth shoe,cotton 26,72ql 40 Aura of shared pain | 15c Sailing Boat 40,00ql | 40c pick up on cele (N) = Nimbleness (C) Cicle of Cuning (W) Wind of Ages (FB) Frostbrand (FA) Flaming Aura (AD) Animal Demise's_Demise (RT) Rotting Touch (LT) Life Transfer (Aura of Shared Pain)
  17. Would you like to travel, but don't have a ship to sail with? Are you wanting to meet up with a friend and begin a new adventure at their deed, but don't have the transportation to get there? Perhaps you've sold some wares and need them shipped, but can't be bothered to do it yourself? Look no further! I am here to serve. If you need a ferry to another server by boat, or a cart/wagon ride across the country to another location, or if you need to have bulk materials or other non-mailable items delivered to a customer I am happy to lend my services. I'll sail 6 of the 8 seas at the moment; I won't sail through Chaos or Xanadu currently. My prices are as follows: Service Price in Silver Price in Dirt/Sand Price in Mortar Price in Bricks Ferry by boat 1s 800 300 400 Ride by cart/wagon 1s 800 300 400 Delivery by boat 1s 800 300 400 Delivery by cart/wagon 1s 800 300 400 I am located on Independence with a caravel at my disposal for large deliveries if need be. Delivery fees for crates (unless you provide your own) are as follows: Storage Price in Copper Price in Dirt/Sand Price in Mortar Price in Bricks Small Crate 5c 20 8 10 Large Crate 10c 40 15 20
  18. Oke, so basically before i start off i wanted to announce that i am aware that a similiar topic like this was up not to long ago. However i feel that topic wanted to change server positions around and much more, while i have no intention to do so. After the creation of the ingame world map i've been stuck with wondering why the connections were made this. Not only that but do they also not offer enough travel freedom. so here's my suggestion, detailed with image and explanation below: Clarification: Red Lines: Chaos connection improvements Blue Lines: Freedom connection improvements Benefits: Celebration no longer a disconnected island due to independence & Xanadu connection. easier travel on Xanadu with celebration and independence connected to different sides. Easier access to pvp for release/pristine. Easier going back from a pvp trip to your server. please comment and let me know how you feel about these routes. Greetings, Libertha/Cardboardboxprocessor
  19. Traveling Time

    Just sailed for an hour and 45 minutes real life time to my deed up North. With a gale at my back. What's the longest you've spent traveling and is it worth it?
  20. Hello everyone! Pirate shipyard is OPEN! I would like to offer you few beautiful ships, handmade by ugly, dengerous pirate! Corbita 1- It is locked with a lock of okay quality. It is made from cherrywood. . Ql: 45 . - 3 s Corbita 2 - It is locked with a lock of above average quality. It is made from cedarwood. Ql: 45 - 3 s Small sailing boat 1- It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It is made from birchwood.. Ql: 45 - 1,2 s SOLD Small sailing boat 2- It is locked with a lock of okay quality. It is made from birchwood. Ql: 45 - 1,2s SOLD Small sailing boat 3 - It is locked with a lock of okay quality. It is made from cedarwood. Ql: 45 - 1 s Small sailing boat 4 - It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It is made from birchwood. Ql: 45 - 1 s I will delivery all boats, with huge pleasure, but only on Delivarence is it for free, if you are from south Indy, north Exodus, or west Xanadu it will be cost 30 coppers. As you can see all boats with mooring anchor. If you are interested, please contact with my by PM in game, my nick is Dedeyvonzirrael
  21. From the looks of the Independence Community Bridges thread, there seems to be some interest in replacing various boat bridges with real bridges, as well as some disinterest in the idea. Given how well this community voices their opinions, I figured a small poll would do well for this matter and setup a good project thread if a favorable vote ensues. If you are interested or not interested in replacing most of the boat bridges with the new fancy bridges please vote and comment!!! Note: Only the people with ownership permissions would be able to decommission the boat bridges. New bridges wouldn't technically replace boat bridges, they would just add a better travel option. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 05/25/2015 It's time to re-purpose this thread. If you are interested in helping out with a few upcoming bridge projects, please comment here or message me. Our first project will most likely start near Black Dog Isle. If you have any good recommendations for the location, please do share your insight. Also, if you are a native to Black Dog Isle, I would appreciate any scouting information you can give me about what coastal areas are available, if any, for construction and which of your neighbors I should contact to make sure we're all on the same page. So, to summarize, the first order of business is finding the proper location for a bridge from Black Dog Isle to the western coast of the Inner Sea. Once we get that plan rolling, we'll start collecting up the dirt and measuring out the length of the bridge so we can lay the foundations of the support spires. EDIT: With recent events of trolling and unnecessary drama, I have decided it would be best to have this thread locked. Future projects, whether they be bridges or otherwise, will only be discussed with the local/deed owners that it pertains to and the players who are interested in helping with the project. It's unfortunate to make such projects secretive, however due to the amount of people causing problems and drama it is necessary. For all of you who are interested in helping out with group projects, I will be creating a thread to gather your support for future undisclosed endeavors. Thank you for your support and interest in working as a team!
  22. Don't know about you, but I dig this one. Fo priest can cast a wind spell directly, or imbue/fill gems with the spell, for anyone to use. Power of spell x10 = duration the wind blows at gale force in whatever direction you are sailing. Localized to only the boat you are on. a QL 50 Gem filled with be 500 seconds. Maybe times should be longer? Not sure. But hey, need something new for gems and some faster sailing method. This helps economy, gives Fos more value and brings value back to higher QL gems.
  23. This game is different things to different people. To me it is a combination of crafting & creativity when it comes to working my deed, and a huge world to explore. The deed part is working for me right now, but the exploration part has died. More often than not there is only some variation of a breeze. To me this equates to going no where. Then if I do happen to catch a time when there is a strong wind or gale, it changes too soon. Either by the time I get loaded and ready to explore, or halfway into my trip, the wind drops to a breeze. All of that to say, please do something with the base speed that ships move. What is the point to having all of this expansive world if it completely sucks to explore it at 4 km/h or less.
  24. I was thinking about abandoned boats left on people's harbor deeds. It would be nice to have a deed permission check box for village, alliance, kingdom for the ability to moor boats. This will prevent many boats from randomly being moored then abandoned on people's Harbor deeds and keep free the space for regular uses. This will allow better control over space on coastal deeds where people can and cannot put boats. currently you must submit a support ticket to a GM to move a boat off your deed if it encumbers your building process, yet otherwise is free to remain. This saves GM time and prevents many potential hassles and should be rather easy to implement.
  25. Hey I'm looking to buy a Caravel. I'd specifically like a cherry wood caravel that comes with an anchor. I would need it to be delivered to me, as I'm unable to travel to retrieve it at the moment. Does anyone have one they'd sell me for 16s? That's all I can afford at the moment. Comment here or pm me, thank you!