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  1. A HUGE first and relatively easy step towards upgrading combat would be DPS numbers. List DPS numbers on weapons, list armor defense values on armor, and at least give us the text version of DPS numbers in combat. We don't need to see the numbers popping in the UI, but in the combat log would be nice. You hit the Troll deadly hard in the right shoulder for 220 damage! Pair this with enemy health bars or some such. Maybe certain foods (if they already don't do this) allow for increasing your parry rate, or your hit rate, etc, with an actual number or number range attached that explains the increase or decrease. These numbers could change depending on player Fighting skill, as well. Attacks per second, damage per second, hit rate chance. All of this data would improve the system as it currently is and make the reading-text combat system more enjoyable until more changes can be made.
  2. I thought about submitting the name Haven based on the name of the moon in the game that I also named, however, I thought something more fresh was in store. lol Hope the names are cool, whatever they turn out to be.
  3. I've had WA installed for years now, and it has never worked for me on WurmUnlimited. I tried it again today, and same as ever, it can't read the logs for some reason. I can't use timers or granger (the only things I'm interested in using). Any idea why that would be the case?
  4. Any idea when bridges might be implemented? It's the only thing I'm missing for my design.
  5. I love your DeedPlanners, and all versions have been easy to use until now. Maybe it's just me, but the height management controls in this version are absolutely nonsensical. Making ramps, for example, is totally ass. lol I followed the instructions exactly, and nothing works. Are there any other instructions on how this works? Because it just isn't easy to manage whatsoever without hours of just poking around creating nothing.
  6. Been a long time since I bought silver, but I'm assuming people still sell it? Anyhow, not needing a huge amount, somewhere in the range of 30-40s. Need to buy soon. Thanks.
  7. [08:47:24] Your title is now Educated Chieftain of Lomaner.
  8. Might as well have Battlebots in the game now. Dammit Jberg.
  9. Weaponless fighting: Fisticuffs | Southpaw | Golden Gloves
  10. I'd be down for large group projects that allow for high and low lvl saccing. Even if it weren't a randomly generated object such an event could be held by the staff on each server every so often, and require a lot of work to complete the project with benefits as mentioned. It would give some good group dynamics for those of us who like to build together, and something to do with stockpiled items, plus something marvelous to behold when finished.
  11. I for one have never turned the sounds off, as I enjoy them, so assuming everyone turns them off is asinine. I will agree, however, that the audio systems could use an update. By the way, I love the duck sounds, always have. In fact, they are some of the most realistic duck sounds I've ever heard in a game; so much so that when I'm at a pond with actual ducks I often have this feeling that I'm playing Wurm when said ducks start quacking.
  12. Had you made it half marble it could have been the House of Black and White!