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  1. Ah, I get asked this all the time. No, it's not from the drink. It's also not from Borderlands. I came of age alongside the internet. When I was in college, AOL dial-up was all the rage and people were getting used to this weird new form of communication called email. My friends and I all had nicknames for each other, mine was Moxie because... well, I had moxie. Chutzpah. I'd usually take things a step further and be a little crazier/weirder/bolder than the others. So, eventually I started using that name for online gaming, long before Borderlands was a thing. Actually, it's very possible that character was named after me. And yes I've had Moxie the drink. It tastes like tar and sassafras, and it isn't my favorite. Lyric was started to be a Fo priest, so I wanted a name that sounded kinda hippy-dippy/naturesy. I love music too so it fit.
  2. Can you COD three of the snowmen statues to Moxie also, please?
  3. COD the Dragon Fang statue to Moxie, please.
  4. How much for the statue of dragon fang?
  5. Map from 2012

    Awww, there's Avonlea Bay and Trueknight Haven and Medway Plantation and Terokkar Forest and Avrad and Jewelspar - we had a fantastic alliance in that area back in the day. Bayside Brawlers forever!
  6. THANK YOU DEVS!!! I'd been hoping for this news as part of the Steam release - actually would have loved to have seen it years ago. These changes are long, long, long overdue. All the kudos in the world for this.
  7. I've added catseyes to Linamyr Hwy in the NE, going from Mist Lake to my deed, Wildeacre.
  8. I've been around, off and on, for almost 10 years. And while yes, I do take frequent breaks, I always come back sooner or later. Wurm is the only game that I have ever played that feels like you're in a living, breathing, real, persistent world. It doesn't hold your hand and it doesn't railroad you into quests or recommended styles of play - it's up to the players to create their world and write their own stories, and NO other game does it as well as Wurm does. Well, maybe EVE, but I'm much more of a medieval/fantasy sort than space/sci-fi. Anyways, I'm staying around. I remember the days before player gods and I liked how the main four gods had differences and very specific themes. Player gods always seemed like cheapened versions of the main four, and Nahjo is ridiculously OP for PVE. Part of the beauty of Wurm, IMHO, is players working together to accomplish things. So if I need Strongwall - I seek out a Mag priest. If I need a mailbox enchant, I find a Fo priest. Same with enchants. Having everything available on one priest seems to go against the spirit of priests and the game in general, at least as it used to be, and I thought the game was more vibrant when there was that clear differentiation between them. Beyond those changes, what I love about Wurm and what brings me back: - Players working together to accomplish huge projects, or even just helping each other out with little things. - Animal Husbandry - for real, that is a really unique skill and for an animal lover like myself it is SO much fun. - Having an actual "piece" of Wurm with the deed system. - The creativity that Wurm foster, both in-game and out-of-game. - The fact that Wurm is a slower, more relaxed game. It's great for chilling out after a stressful day at work. - The shared history of the servers - every player can make their mark and in many cases their work and reputation will live on for years. - Exploring and finding old disbanded deed locations full of history and sometimes loot for the taking. - The community: while yes there will always be bad eggs, for all of that there are also a lot of incredibly kind and amazing players here, and there's almost always somebody willing to help newbies (or old farts like me that come back and have no idea what changed while I was gone). - The impalongs and player-driven events. - The content creation community - all you streamers and bloggers and tutorial/guide makers, you rock! There's probably so much more, but I will close with a little anecdote. I've interacted with and have gotten to know lots of Wurm players during my time here, but 2 stand out in my mind. When I was deeded in NE Indy 9 years ago, not far from where I am now, 2 players, real-life friends, showed up and deeded close by. As the days passed, we chatted a ton, and it turned out we lived about an hour away from each other. We stayed in touch and eventually that turned into one of them helping me get a job with him in a different industry, which turned into us becoming RL friends. Now our spouses/families are friends, we've gone on vacations to gaming conventions and such together, and are actual RL neighbors - we both moved into the same RL neighborhood! And yeah, we're still playing this crazy little indie game called Wurm Online all these years later. And that's not an isolated story - I still talk to other friends that I've made here on a regular basis, regardless of if we're playing or not. That's really what brings me back, the people and the friendships that you can make here.
  9. I'm just happy to see that with all the ups and downs recently, that Keenan is having fun with this project. I too agree that AWS is a great direction to take the Wurm infrastructure, but in nearly every cloud deployment that I've seen, there are growing pains/tweaks/problems that will need to be corrected. We may be in for a little rough sailing for a bit, but I'm confident that we'll be in smooth seas in the end!
  10. I've had no problems with the GM team. They've always been friendly, helpful, and great to talk to. Have there been decisions that I disagree with? Sure. But at the end of the day they are people trying to make the best calls they can based on the information available. And I really like that they are players like us, and willing to engage the community.
  11. Glad to see this worked out. We have several priests out around Winchester/Wildeacre in the NE, including Fo, Nahjo, and Mag. Happy to convert folks if needed. Also hope to have a nice sermon area set up soon, if folks are interested.
  12. This is absolutely beautiful. Gamers sometimes get a bad reputation, but this right here is what happens when we do it right. You three represent the best of us. RIP Zorako. Also: As an American, thank you to Hugh and Zpen for making the trip to honor an American veteran.
  13. Hello Hughmongus and Skye! I'm submitting my deed, Wildeacre, up in NE Indy, 58x, 13y. Our alliance members (Winchester/Tarkir) are marked on this map as well, but I'm aware that they'll have to make their own requests. Thank you! -Moxie
  14. Rift for 1 Oct

    [20:51:33] The Rift that has plagued Independence has been shut!