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  1. I'm just happy to see that with all the ups and downs recently, that Keenan is having fun with this project. I too agree that AWS is a great direction to take the Wurm infrastructure, but in nearly every cloud deployment that I've seen, there are growing pains/tweaks/problems that will need to be corrected. We may be in for a little rough sailing for a bit, but I'm confident that we'll be in smooth seas in the end!
  2. I've had no problems with the GM team. They've always been friendly, helpful, and great to talk to. Have there been decisions that I disagree with? Sure. But at the end of the day they are people trying to make the best calls they can based on the information available. And I really like that they are players like us, and willing to engage the community.
  3. Glad to see this worked out. We have several priests out around Winchester/Wildeacre in the NE, including Fo, Nahjo, and Mag. Happy to convert folks if needed. Also hope to have a nice sermon area set up soon, if folks are interested.
  4. This is absolutely beautiful. Gamers sometimes get a bad reputation, but this right here is what happens when we do it right. You three represent the best of us. RIP Zorako. Also: As an American, thank you to Hugh and Zpen for making the trip to honor an American veteran.
  5. Hello Hughmongus and Skye! I'm submitting my deed, Wildeacre, up in NE Indy, 58x, 13y. Our alliance members (Winchester/Tarkir) are marked on this map as well, but I'm aware that they'll have to make their own requests. Thank you! -Moxie
  6. Rift for 1 Oct

    [20:51:33] The Rift that has plagued Independence has been shut!
  7. WTB Red and Green Garden Gnomes. Will pay 3s for the red hat gnome or 7s for the green hat gnome. PM me if you have one for sale. Edit: I’ll be following up on all the PMs today... thanks everyone!
  8. My laziness is your gain! I need the following: 4000 stone bricks 6000 mortar 2000 planks slate shingles (let me know what you have, if any) Delivered to NE Independence. E24, Winchester (accessible by boat) PM me with a price and timeframe, and we'll work things out. Thanks for your time!
  9. Awesome, can’t wait! Thanks for coordinating this, Shrimpster.
  10. Go to Kodiaks Hiseaway. It’ll take you right past it.
  11. +1 to the changes! I like the renewed focus on the original gods, the player gods never seemed as compelling and in some cases were a bit OP.
  12. I'll take: large anvil, iron 70ql WOA87 - 90c small anvil, iron 90ql WOA70 - 1s10c COD to Moxie, please.