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  1. Yes please. New players don't understand the whole "freedom" and "gl-freedom" thing. This is an easy win.
  2. I laughed so much while watching this video, he is 100% true about the absurdity that is Wurm. The review was very fair, both about the charm of Wurm and it's faults. When he showed the riding animation I really wished that I could have shown him how we used to surf on our horses.
  3. Things we collect

    I used to collect gnomes, but after moving to NFI, that's not really a thing. If they are ever introduced to NFI I will be collecting them again.
  4. Now that we're a year on from the chaos of the Steam launch and lots of people have settled into their long-term spots, I thought it might be nice to have an introductions thread. Feel free to say hello, what your name is, if you've played before, where you live, etc. I'll go first. On Harmony, I go by Rosalie (Fo Priest) and Teaghan (Builder/Crafter). I first co-founded a deed called Harmony Cove at launch, but recently started a new deed called Wildeacre at R-22. I've been playing Wurm Online (badly) since Spring of 2011, first on Independence, then Exodus and Xanadu, all as the character Moxie. I say I play badly because I'm terrible at grinding skills. I just play naturally and make things pretty and go exploring, for the most part. Love this game for all the different ways you can play. Your turn!
  5. Stopped by the market a couple days ago and they had exactly what I was looking for! Excellent selection, great prices, and the deed is one of the most impressive I've ever seen! Very cool place, it's definitely worth your time to check it out.
  6. Hi Pantha, Can you COD a 90ql Large Maul (lead) to Teaghan, please? Thanks!
  7. RIP Harmony Cove I created a new highway segment, should be from (3143, 3264) to (3206, 3264).
  8. Agree! However if it can't be removed entirely, make it easier to remove. Packing it down would be lovely.
  9. Thank you! I'll accept in just a bit!
  10. Huge thanks to the Wurm staff for everything that they do! It's normally a thankless job and it's not always easy, but they do it with style and panache. Hope you all have a lovely holiday season. Get some rest and relaxation before we head into 2022!
  11. Happy Holidays!

    I'm still hoping that one day we'll see the return of the Christmas gnomes.