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  1. Retro, As somebody that remembers the before-times, you've done an amazing job as CM. It's a thankless job, trying to coordinate with the devs, write the communications, handle social media, stream, probably a lot more that we don't see, and to do all that and still be a punching bag for players when unpopular decisions are made. You did it with style and grace, and we're better for it. Thank you for all your efforts, and I'm glad to hear that you'll still be roaming the lands of Wurm with us. Good luck in your next adventure! Demona, welcome aboard! We're a challenging bunch but it's exciting to see what your plans will be! When things get difficult, remember that there are a good number of us out here that will support you. Congrats on your new role!
  2. Picked up a few babies tonight - they'll have a good home! Thanks Katspurr!
  3. +1 to this! I have characters on both SFI and NFI, mains and priest alts and a few other alts that I've used for various things over the years. At this point they are spread out over 2-3 email addresses. It's incredibly aggravating to keep up with which characters are on which addresses.
  4. +1 Usually when you start a deed you don't know exactly how it's going to develop over time. Plans change, maybe the deed owners change, buildings get torn down, rebuilt, roads get re-routed, deed borders change, etc. I'd love to move our deed token - it's "okay" for now but not easy to find for visitors to our deed.
  5. Are these sermons still happening?
  6. Can you COD these two compasses to Rosalie, please? 57ql - 31 BoTD - 3s (3 seconds) 55ql - 35 BoTD - 3s (3 seconds)
  7. Agree that the message should be removed at this point. The population has spread out over the NFI servers, so new players coming in should be more equally dispersed. With the number of deeds that have fallen on Harmony, there are plenty of good spots available now. Also, removing the message may help more players go to the SFI cluster and help them out as well.
  8. This one is perfect! Thanks so much!
  9. Hi! Can I get the following? COD to Rosalie please Sickle - 80ql - 53 BoTD - 1.8s Trowel - 70ql - 63 BoTD - 1.75s Hammer - 64ql - 64 BoTD - 1.25s Butcher Knife - 86ql - 57 BoTD - 1.85s
  10. Can I order a staff like this please? Staff, silver, 71+ql, 75+NIM, 80+LT, 80+COC 70+MS COD to Rosalie.
  11. Happy Holidays everyone! Wishing everyone a season of light, love, and joy. Here's to hope for a brighter future ahead!
  12. Does... does this mean that I can start collecting gnomes again?!?!?!?
  13. WMADD LatLng(230.148331, 541)=Harmony Cove ; Trader, Mailbox, Path of Love Tile