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  1. I have a Trader, and an enormous deed so it saves me a lot of silver and I would hate to see it go away. At the same time, I don't think it's a good idea to grandfather in the 20% discounts for existing deeds and not allow the discount for future deeds. If Traders are going to be removed, the only truly fair way to do it is to allow everyone (present and future) to purchase the permanent discount for 35-40s or whatever the going price of a Trader is these days. But my question is what is the actual motive for removing Traders? Is it just a technical limitation with the silver shop? Does Wurm need the extra cash from deed upkeep? Is this part of a master plan to eventually merge NFI and SFI? Transparency is key here. Finally, kudos to WO for announcing this now, even if they don't have all the details worked out. Its better to have a heads up that this is coming down the pike now, even if it's vague. If they had waited, people would be asking why they didn't get an announcement sooner. Devs, please take your time working this out and more importantly, implementing the changes. This will have major ramifications on the playerbase - hopefully in the right direction.
  2. Can you COD these to Teaghan please? clay shaper, oakenwood, ~91ql, 92woa 92coc - 3,5s spatula, oakenwood, ~24ql, 100coc - 2,0s
  3. Guard Tower: "Teaghan 434" 792, 3107
  4. Can I get a lavender shaft COD to Teaghan please
  5. Can I get enough transmutation liquid for 4 sand to clay tiles? COD to Teaghan, please.
  6. Can I get two Pale Masks COD to Teaghan please?
  7. I was not expecting this at all but major KUDOS for this feature. Huge quality of life improvement. Amazing for Trade chat and will make selling items easier. A+
  8. +1. It shouldn't be so difficult to convert. Having a NPC at the starter town seems like a reasonable solution, especially since NFI has that as well.
  9. Recent Removals

    Thank you for the transparency, Keenan.
  10. I play on Harmony and love it there. Super nice folks and plenty of space to find a place to settle. You'll have to go out a ways from the main cities/spawn points, but there are still lots of possibilities out there. You can definitely travel between Cadence and Harmony via boat, and trade between the two can happen via boat or the mail system for mailable items. The biggest difference is the terrain on each. Harmony has more mountains and ridges, high points and low points. It's fun for exploration. Cadence is flatter and has tons of watery/lakey type areas. I've linked the maps of the two servers below so you can see which one looks more appealing to you, and maybe even scope out a few places to potentially settle. Harmony Map: Cadence Map:
  11. The old servers (Southern Freedom Isles) are still available and they do still have folks playing on them, however most of the activity is on the newer servers. The older servers have had years and years of deeds come and go, and so there is relatively little "wild" land. If you enjoy exploring ruins or deeding an area that was previously developed, they are still a good option, and many of the players that remain there are old-timers that have been around forever. The economy is a bit different on the old servers as well - goods are plentiful and prices are cheap. Great if you're looking to buy goods, not so much if you want to sell. The newer cluster has higher prices and more gold to be made, if you are looking to become a high-end crafter.
  12. Hi Achillis, Can I get a 95ql silver staff and a 70ql dioptra please? COD to Teaghan. Thanks so much!