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  1. If you open the permissions dialogue of a fence gate and then bash it down (perhaps even a house door?), it will reappear for clients in range after using the dialogue (enter a (new) name, and click apply changes). The gate will reappear in the clients in range, won't open, and will be impassable, and has no further options in the context menu to interact with it because it doesn't exist server side assumably. The gate does not appear after relogging of course. I guess it could be exploited to create an impassable barrier until clients in range relog.
  2. On my server, at the last update one of my players found that "more potables" has stopped working. I put a messege in the thread, but the only replies i got were mine works fine and to update my java. I'm on a paid for server through pingperfect. Java is not an issue, yet the mod no longer works. Any help would be gratful. 


    Thank you

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  3. Celebration's Extended Downtime

    Was the cause identified? Asking even though I'm sure many people did a certain thing at the exact second it crashed, I ruled out me digging peat, but perhaps this: ?
  4. When you're summoned by the Summon Soul spell, it puts you on the tile border coordinate , instead of the center of the tile of the caster, or even exactly the caster coordinate (in floating point manners), which may get you stuck inside fences or walls. I guess the float coordinate should probably be +2.0/+2.0 to centre on the tile.
  5. Permanently retired.

  6. It feels a bit awkward to write this but, I will no longer be able to maintain the mods I've published here, to keep it short. As far as my personal involvement goes with developing these, I'd like them to be considered as public domain (with all respects to the property of CodeClub AB), which most prominently includes the published works on https://github.com/dmon82?tab=repositories. There was also a Steam ID Ban mod that I've never gotten around to publish, but was asked to by the party involved and it was generally considered to be useful, as neither the WU server provides that functionality (why not btw? probably the same reason the broken launcher wasn't fixed in over two years (had to add a bit of salt )), nor a public mod. I'm sure that somebody or another might feel a slight hint of concern, and it's appreciated, or perhaps curiosity, but I'm not interested in elaborating. For anything regarding the mods, please feel free to contact me via E-Mail at d.mon at gmx dot net, and I'll try to be of help as best as I can muster. My best wishes to the community, and oddly enough, the members of the community who joined the development and support teams over the years, having to listen to my rants and others' salty words . And of course to Rolf Jansson, who's been a scapegoat for many a rant, curse, or target for outright rage and anger. Yet created and maintained a truly amazing and underappreciated game for years, with a passion and determination second to none. I'd wager that only few people know this, but a lot of them remember, that for a long time, Wurm was developed on top of a full-time job, having a family probably being a second one on top of that haha . WO and WU combined, I have a play time of more than one whole year, so... that's crazy, but I guess I'm also underappreciating it. Thank you for a great time! Ulvi~
  7. The mod picks 2 randomized numbers as x and y coordinates from the map size, minus a padding to not get close to the server border. It's very unlikely that the two random numbers are within 5 tiles of a spot, that's why it stops trying. And if it had picked a spot close enough, it must fulfill all the other criteria as well (not in water, lava, village, holy zone, flat enough, et cetera). It's just too small of a distance to be viable in the way the location is trying to be determined.
  8. Maps created with the ebony wand are of a QL equal to the wand's AuxData, and of random QL if the AuxData is 0, as mentioned in the spoiler tag of the OP. Everything else would probably be down to the skill roll and the difficulty of it. 2.1 billion is just the largest value possible for the Integer datatype. Setting the max to that would ensure that there's virtually no upper limit to how far it can be away, since WU maps will never be that big. If you want new treasure be at most 1024 tiles away from the player, you'd set it to 1024. That reminds me though, I guess it'd be enough if it's either on the x OR y coordinate, instead of both. Currently it's both X and Y need to be a certain distance away.
  9. It's strongly recommended to update to 1.1.3 at your earliest convenience, as it fixes an exploitable behaviour that will be outlined on the forums in the coming days. Keeping your server log files around is also a good idea, if you'd like to take retrospective actions against exploiters. Download: https://github.com/dmon82/TreasureHunting/releases/tag/1.1.3 Don't overwrite your .properties file to keep your current custom settings. Fixed an exploitable behaviour, more details soon. Added surface mining and tunneling for having a chance to find maps, with a separately configurable chance, because it's faster than cave wall mining. To change the default, paste the following in your properties file: Added the option to specify min and max distances from players to treasures for newly found map. To change the default, paste the following in your properties file: Changed the way that bonus sleep powder is calculated to simply (QL / 10) * sleepPowderMultiplier, or 0 to only provide a base number of powders, to remove the overcomplexification. Fixed some spelling errors in the default properties file. Ironed out some internal code.
  10. I had tried to make the digger the owner of the chest, because I seem to remember that you can lockpick your owned items. The problem was, if you're the owner, you can open the chest regardless. Bdew's mod should indeed allow them to be claimed, as they use the same template ID that his code works against. For locked chests on servers where it won't allow lockpicking, it would need to be turned off or another solution is required. I will put it on the todo list, looking into it. I'm not sure, for anything but hunting it's a skill roll against the relevant skill (digging, mining, fishing), for hunting it's a skill roll against a creature's weaponless fighting. The average FS of everybody involved in the kill is also a factor, because we wanted to work against deathcarts with a bunch of low FS alts farming maps very well. Skill rolls are made with the difficulty in the properties file, at the end of which is a large list of example values and average rolls for difficulty and skill levels. That's "average" with WurmRNG I had put it on the todo list, and I'll now pretend that I actually work on things on that list! So that option is new in the 1.1.3 update, details in the post below.
  11. I hadn't considered multi-server setups, because it wasn't intended to be used on clusters, but I see what I can do in a future update. Same for the recall runes. It's weird that it would tell you that the treasure is on another server, because I haven't put any code in place that would do so myself, and I have no experience with WU clusters yet. There's no setting that allows you to set a min or max distance from the place that the map was found at, the location is a randomly picked tile that is not submerged in water, is not lava, not in a village or building, not near holy ground (e.g. white/black light altar zone), and in a sufficiently flat (as per config) 3x3 area.
  12. Yep, they work just like vanilla WU pots, nothing about the way they grow, or being harvested has been changed. Also, my internet was out since Friday (6 days).
  13. [Released] PVEpLands Mark and Recall - Quick travel mod

    Hm, that would be new to me, the lightning effect has always worked and was not weather dependent. My best guess is, you're using it as GM while invisible. Invisible GMs do not create the lightning effect on arrival, and no ambient sound is played (only the personal sound). If you're not an invisible GM, we'll have to have a look or maybe it's a mod conflict, but that feels less likely.
  14. Yes, if a GM right-clicks and selects "Reload config" from the Treasuremap sub-menu, the changes of the config take effect immediately without restarting the server. If there was an error, it would say so in orange text. And an Admin should take a look at the error in the console and fix whatever it says was wrong, it should have information about what part couldn't be reloaded.
  15. I'm not sure how, but I must've introduced a significant bug in the 1.1.1 update. When picking the item rewards from the reward groups, it always chose groups from the highest tier, because I unintendedly switched the max(min()) statement, to keep the tier value in the valid bounds. It's quite embarrassing, I'll have to admit. Updating to 1.1.2 is strongly recommended. It's now the latest release on github. When updating, do not overwrite your .properties file, to keep your custom settings. There was an exception in Jock's server logfiles that I'm not quite sure how it happens, and I've added additional code to try and clarify why it happens (optional reward items are not being created, as the chance seems to be 0 or less, when it actually shouldn't be). I will keep an eye on that.