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  1. I thought "grand opening" was a little over the top, and since it's a stationary building it can't be a "maiden voyage", so it'll just be put into operation for the first time when the following timer runs out! Location: https://independence.yaga.host/#3611,261 (North-east Independence island, C24 in-game map) "A what plant now?", you might ask. And then I would go on and explain to you my idea to boil stupid amounts of salt water in one swift go, which might be long and boring. So here's a bullet point list instead. Houses 8 desalinators Desalinators hold 3 large amphorae each (275 kg x 3 = 825 kg water) Only water/salt will be transferred, pottery amphorae stay(!) in the desalinators Plant boils 6,600 kg of water at once Each amphora produces 27 salt (81 salt per desalinator, 648 salt each complete boil) Two huge tubs with salt water as a buffer Water wagon resupplying salt water Bulk container unit with kindling, peat, ash, as well as nothing in huge quantities FSB for the salt I will need a good Hot Food Cook to volunteer operating the plant, since as far as I'm aware, HFC affects the salt quality. Every attendee can grab as much salt as they need, or at any point in the future drop by and operate the plant themselves. Come and get salty!
  2. https://independence.yaga.host/#3636,265 Deed: Ussta Delmah https://independence.yaga.host/#3642,294 Guard Tower: Ulviirala 930 (Est. 1025) https://independence.yaga.host/#3714,248 Guard Tower: Namiraja 706 https://independence.yaga.host/#3764,240 Guard Tower: Olim 474 https://independence.yaga.host/#3741,194 Guard Tower: Danzoshimura 546 (Anbu) I think that's it for Flamgra'in except for a few deeds I'm not mayor of, all other guard towers have crumbled to dust.
  3. I heard that diamonds can most commonly be found when you're either looking for them or not looking for them, but I'm not a 100% sure on the facts.
  4. This is me from a week ago, I travelled forward in time to say that in retrospect, I was hoping for more BLOOD!
  5. But where's the "what went wrong" part?
  6. Launcher fails to start after today's update, gets to 99% "Downloading client..." and then: Tried rebooting and reinstalling the client, also seems I'm not the only one with the problem. I do not want to play with the "new UI".
  7. Finally I can announce when I retire from Wurm Online!
  8. Fortune favours four fantastic fighters, fighting for freedom feeling fabulous for free fried fries, falling for fifteen frantic fellows following feverous freckled foxes, foraging for fresh feeling fennel. F-yeah!
  9. Meadhalla!

    What's Responsibly? Is that like a brand of beer, Responsibly Pilsner, Responsibly Double-Bock 14.5% Vol. Alc.?
  10. So the bronze rune of Libila has just become absolutely useless for everything but mining. I'm sure this was all well thought out LMAO
  11. Chicken coops were a fun idea, until we found out that they're absolute rubbish. Chicken lay eggs of 99 QL if just kept around and feeding them mixed grass. That's the way it's always been and I'm not questioning it, just as much as water is always perfect... it's 100 QL, there's no tile in the world where water is worse than anywhere else. The milk coming out of any udder, be it cow, sheep, or bison, it's always milk just as nature intended it to be... milk is 100 QL. Now why are eggs suddenly only the QL of the coop? That doesn't make no clucking sense. Coops can house just so many hens, as their QL permits 1 chicken every 10 QL... how does that make sense? I think eggs should be 99 QL and the coop QL should lower food and water consumption similar to something like a Wind of Ages enchant, whereas unenchanted water/lumps/or other resource has a 12 seconds imping timer, with a 100 strength enchant it's only 6 seconds. With rare, supreme, and fantastic reduces it by another chunk. Hens in coops eat and drink so bloody much, and them popping out is such a desaster, I've long given up on using them. RIP this feature. And the egg QL capped with the coop is just another farce. I'd say, 10 chicken per coop, food/water usage as horrid as it is right now at 1 QL, but reduced at higher quality levels, as well as rare state. Please. And the point that chicken in coop creatures don't count toward deed creatures is pointless, just keep 'em off-deed. Plus, you don't have any problems because they all pop out after 2 days, because they gobble up a fortune. But Ulvi, you haven't given us cold hard numbers for your claims. Right, as if the staff has ever given us any cold hard numbers for their nerfs. I don't even have to cough at imbues at runes, do I?
  12. Could've at least announced what the rune and imbue nerf is percisely going to result in. A higher average quality is absolutely useless, nobody spends a dreadful long time at rifts and all to get a higher average quality (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ worst christmas ever.
  13. A colourful day

    I am absolutely not sure what to think about this, but sure... let's go to a rave party! \o/