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  1. But where's the "what went wrong" part?
  2. Launcher fails to start after today's update, gets to 99% "Downloading client..." and then: Tried rebooting and reinstalling the client, also seems I'm not the only one with the problem. I do not want to play with the "new UI".
  3. Finally I can announce when I retire from Wurm Online!
  4. Fortune favours four fantastic fighters, fighting for freedom feeling fabulous for free fried fries, falling for fifteen frantic fellows following feverous freckled foxes, foraging for fresh feeling fennel. F-yeah!
  5. Meadhalla!

    What's Responsibly? Is that like a brand of beer, Responsibly Pilsner, Responsibly Double-Bock 14.5% Vol. Alc.?
  6. So the bronze rune of Libila has just become absolutely useless for everything but mining. I'm sure this was all well thought out LMAO
  7. Chicken coops were a fun idea, until we found out that they're absolute rubbish. Chicken lay eggs of 99 QL if just kept around and feeding them mixed grass. That's the way it's always been and I'm not questioning it, just as much as water is always perfect... it's 100 QL, there's no tile in the world where water is worse than anywhere else. The milk coming out of any udder, be it cow, sheep, or bison, it's always milk just as nature intended it to be... milk is 100 QL. Now why are eggs suddenly only the QL of the coop? That doesn't make no clucking sense. Coops can house just so many hens, as their QL permits 1 chicken every 10 QL... how does that make sense? I think eggs should be 99 QL and the coop QL should lower food and water consumption similar to something like a Wind of Ages enchant, whereas unenchanted water/lumps/or other resource has a 12 seconds imping timer, with a 100 strength enchant it's only 6 seconds. With rare, supreme, and fantastic reduces it by another chunk. Hens in coops eat and drink so bloody much, and them popping out is such a desaster, I've long given up on using them. RIP this feature. And the egg QL capped with the coop is just another farce. I'd say, 10 chicken per coop, food/water usage as horrid as it is right now at 1 QL, but reduced at higher quality levels, as well as rare state. Please. And the point that chicken in coop creatures don't count toward deed creatures is pointless, just keep 'em off-deed. Plus, you don't have any problems because they all pop out after 2 days, because they gobble up a fortune. But Ulvi, you haven't given us cold hard numbers for your claims. Right, as if the staff has ever given us any cold hard numbers for their nerfs. I don't even have to cough at imbues at runes, do I?
  8. Could've at least announced what the rune and imbue nerf is percisely going to result in. A higher average quality is absolutely useless, nobody spends a dreadful long time at rifts and all to get a higher average quality (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ worst christmas ever.
  9. A colourful day

    I am absolutely not sure what to think about this, but sure... let's go to a rave party! \o/
  10. Splort!

    But... but... November 13 was yesterday? *throws hands in the air* Please move deed to N14
  11. Original deed (27x23): The monthly cost is 1 silver, 24 copper and 20 iron. Off-server deed (11x16): The monthly cost is 1 silver. (soon to be a third one 11x11?): Probably 1 silver. I was never one for big deeds, I do however groom and work a lot of the un-deeded land around me, trees/orchards, bushes, flowers, farming, mines.
  12. Not sure if congratulations are in order, or a worrisome look and wondering what the future holds for you. I shall raise a drink to you though If they're not listed in https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Titles#Known_titles then I guess they're still available.
  13. I'd almost argue "that's nature", or the dynamic way of mob spawning, but I can't be sure if it isn't the tinkering right now.
  14. It's pretty cool to see this much participation, and many good points have been made for either point of view! Thank you so much for that. Let me say this first, I never asked or wanted to tell a new (or old) player where they "should" play, but give them information to make a more informed decision where they think they'd rather "want to" play. But most importantly, not choose one thing over the other because of misinformation or false assumptions. The game has no goal, I guess that's correct more or less. So the goal is simply to play the game in a way, so that you enjoy playing it. If player retention only relied on adding new content, ... there's only so much "new" you can add and you keep bloating your game. So yes, you have to find things you enjoy doing, and this is probably the best solution for Wurm as a perpetually running persistent world. But that's also beyond the scope of this topic. One thing that often comes up is, that a new players is utterly useless on the old cluster. It's pointed out that under that assumption, eventually a "new player" will also be "utterly useless" on the new cluster. I think neither is true, because you wouldn't be the only new player, there are players at every stage of character development. You assume you're only useful if you're at the top, or rush towards it. It's not like every ancient elder being with 99.9 in everything is omnipotently looming over you to compete with you in everything, and stopping you from making a name for yourself with what you do. Sure, there are people who are on top of a market, but it was their goal and they "worked hard" to get there and are still putting effort in being active with what they do. Nothing stops you from working towards a goal you feel like achieving. And if you want to compete on the market, don't unrealistically expect to compete with the high-end quality market as a new character. Of course I won't buy a 30 QL weapon off of you, I'm not the customer you have to cater to at your character's st(age), it's other newer players. Of course Gumbo can offer 97+ QL weapons... albeit for a price, and could with only two improving actions bump a 1 QL item to 35 QL, but he's not in the market of making 30 QL weapons. Then if course, if your mindset is "I need to have 97+ QL items because they exist and nothing less", nobody can help you with that, I guess. And what do people mean when they say, they want to make a name for themselves? You can't really make a name for yourself just because your makers mark is on some item. I don't think anybody would give two green apples if I dropped a pile of 99 QL mallets with my name on it so they know I spent too much time with carpentry related activities, then waltz into a bar and everybody gasps and goes like "WOAH! It's Ulviirala, that legendary carpenter!". I bet 99% of people who know me in-game haven't got a single clue about my skills but they're at least somewhat fond of me (I hope ). Elwood didn't get "famous" for having 100 skill in carpentry, he's known for collecting wood scrap like a mad man, but also has carpentry skills trained up. "Making a name" to me is more of a social thing, and the player base is small enough that you can certainly achieve that with what you enjoy doing (see: the game has no goals but your own), and not necessarily because you spent 10 hours a day grinding to get 99 Milking skill. Well okay I'll be honest... I'd be impressed if you were grinding Milking for 10 hours a day, and constantly talk about you, I bet even my own cows would gossip about it in Local. Even as a new player you can participate in all content that is publicly available. Fight a dragon? Sure you can join, you might not land a hit in combat but no content is barred or gated away, just because your Fighting skill is 1.00, your mere presence can be a meaningful participation. Rifts? Same thing, you might have to be a bit more careful and on your toes but you can come and see if it's something for you. Whatever other player-run event, you probably qualify to participate, or perhaps stage your own? Amata has made some extremely good and objective points I think, actually everyone who seriously contributed to the thread has made very good points, either objectively or subjectively. But I think we have to agree that either cluster can be a viable choice depending on what you're looking for. Some points are simply invalid as the new cluster ages, but I think we can still hammer out a few bulletin points to get a new player to where they feel best suited for to enjoy their game, and not flat-out say that you have to play Northern because it's the new cool thing.