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Found 54 results

  1. Hey everyone! Traveling across the many highways of Wurm, you will often times encounter a truly magnificent bridge! With the influx of new players because of the steam launch, I'm asking everyone for any pictures of bridges that got you really inspired to do something impressive! The bridge pictures can be something you built yourself, or just something you passed by and had to take a screenshot of. I particularly fancy bridges that span from building to building, island to island, and from mountaintop to mountaintop. So citizens of Wurm! Let's see your bridges!
  2. I built a couple of 1 tile bridges off the edge of a building to use as cosmetic bracing supporting it, with a wall at one end, and a fence at the other, so there is no way to get onto the bridge itself, as both ends are closed. Despite this, it steadily accumulates all the guards from the tower nearby, and once they are on the bridge, they are stuck there till they die of old age, including over server resets. They respond to calls for help by going into their attack animation, but never leave the bridge, and after a short while return to their idle animation. Bridge in question is named "Western Buttress" and is attached to the SW corner of the building named "Mock's Hold", deed named "Malaz Harbour" on the server Harmony, if anyone wants to investigate.
  3. Rope bridges generally have a smooth curve to them with no inflection points, as a sagging object would. That is to say, it should, and usually does, have a slope that starts off as steep as it gets in one direction, then gradually changes direction until it is as steep as it gets in the other direction, at the other end. I have a rope bridge that doesn't do this. Starting at the high end, each of the 5 tiles goes: 1: Moderately steep downward 2: Less steep downward (upward change) 3: More steep downward (downward change) 4: Less steep downward (upward change) 5: Less steep downward (upward change) All these changes should be upward, not downward. It's not as easy to see in the screenshot as it is when you're walking on it, but there's a "bump" in the middle on account of the weirdness going on around tile 3. Instead of a smooth curve gradually smoothing out toward the other side, it can't seem to decide which direction it's sagging in. I don't recall the sag parameter I used, but it was likely whatever sag is most flat at 50 Body Strength. I can't guarantee that, though.
  4. I am sure this has been mentioned before, but we seem to be putting the cart before the horse. If the cart is outside a mine, the horses are deemed outside. if the cart is not on a bridge, the horses are deemed not on a bridge. Unfortunately this means that the horses appear to temporarily climb up the outside of a mine when they are supposed to be going inside, and they appear to briefly drop down the bank under the bridge abutment when they are supposed to be climbing on a bridge. I can see that effort has already been made to correct this because the horses do right themselves after a second or so, and slowly align with the correct tile, but the transition is still jarring and noticeable. Please could we have some kind of earlier look-ahead for the tile in front of the cart, so that the dropping down does not need to occur? i.e. if the tile in front of the cart is a mine, keep the horses straight (or the same angle as the tile in front of the cart), and the same as the bridge angle if the look-ahead tile is a bridge. I know it's an oversimplification, but... if we can see we are approaching a mine entrance or a bridge - surely the horses can too! ?
  5. Well, here we are, and I know somewhere, someone has thought of it but I'm putting this suggestion in. “Buoy Marker's”. Would be great to place (in the water) to mark and check distance's using the dioptra, combined with the marker flags we are able to create, with regular or mooring rope. This would allow measurement of deep water to perhaps calculate: dirt amounts, slope, distances more efficiently. Simple but highly needed idea. It could also be used to put on a dirt pillar for bridges, of which dirt is being added, to calculate remaining amount needed to finish.
  6. We recently ran into an issue where someone made a bridge on his perim. He made the bridge and it is his deed with his perim. The bridge is not connected to a house as it is in perim. In replanning deed he wanted to move the bridge...and there is no way to quickly destroy it. Battering ram does not work on bridges. Catapults only hits bottom 6 and top two tiles not in the middle. Mauls give .5 damage every 50 seconds for 28 tiles of double stone takes days and days of bashing. Long story short: Please allow bridges to be destroyed like a house with a writ or via manage options...where bridges are added and has a destroy button to use in case it is not connected to a house.
  7. Port catnip lighthouse by day - Iberis This week marks two changes in our team while we work on the addition of new bridge types and the highway system, there's a bit to share on these two but first... Patch Notes Team additions Many of you may know Jberg as GM Logi, a long standing member of the staff team, and constant pesterer of pingpong. He has made the decision to join us as a developer and donate even more time to helping the game improve and grow. I'd like to be the first to welcome him to the team and I look forward to his contributions! Our other addition is an extremely hard working wiki editor, Wolfey, will be stepping up to the role of Assistant Wiki Manager, under Seedlings, who said the following: If you'd like to help improve the wiki, we have both team and non team positions available, to check out the differences and apply, read here: More bridge work! Along with the new textures (and the rendered one shown below) we have something else coming with the new bridges, and that is the ability to prepare and pave any bridge surface, allowing you all to continue fancy roadways across them! This is an early work, and there's a lot to work out, but we're keen on seeing these come to life and what you'll all do with them! We also have the rendered bridge available for preview now too! Highway system The highway system changes are undergoing internal testing currently (with the test server being covered in expanding roads) but there's a lot to go over, and at times it can be quite technical. Over the coming week we'll be looking at documentation for those who like to get into the nitty-gritty of the system, as well as a short guide in laymans terms. We'll then run some public testing and use the feature feedback board to answer your questions about how they work in specific situations. Community Content Normally I try to avoid covering similar things in a short timeframe with the community content, but I've had no fewer than 7 people contact me about Iberis's tour of deliverance video, it's an amazing video and SHE has done an excellent job showing the beauty of deliverance, so without further ado, enjoy! That's it for this week from us, I hope you all have a great weekend, and as usual, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  8. So in a recent thread I made about having a mega project several community members chimed in with interest for a bridge connecting Newspring to the mainland. A few others chimed in for improved highway connections between the starter towns on Xanadu. Those two ideas pretty much took over that thread. lol In fairness of that I figured a new project proposal was in order. So which would you prefer if you had to choose: a bridge connecting Newspring to the mainland, or improved highways on the mainland connecting starter towns? Let me know what you think. If you're excited to help with either project ASSUMING we can get it off the ground without ruffling too many feathers then please chime in! Either of these projects will require great digging skills. The bridge will require more dirt than probably exists (who knows?), as well as 29803 tons of bricks. Sounds fun right!? lol Anyhow, leave a comment below.
  9. Currently, the underside of a bridge can only have grass planted, not crops, bushes, or trees, just like the inside of a building. This is pretty limiting, and is often unrealistic, especially if the bridge is very high off the ground or a small rope bridge. I recommend allowing crops and bushes to be grown under all rope bridges (since they have no supports, are only 1 tile wide, and don't block the sun much), and also under bridge sections that are significantly high off the ground, especially for bridges only one tile wide. This would allow for much more flexible use of bridges in village designs. For instance, this is one of the reasons I haven't seriously considered a treehouse-style deed, with buildings linked by rope bridges instead of roads.
  10. First off I think bridges are a wonderful addition to the game. I have made use of many that make getting from point A to point B much quicker and it is nice that the Devs decided to lower decay rates and base it on usage, however, I have run into a couple of serious issues with off deed bridges. Although not all builders do this, some make use of buildings for the support structure between the arches of multi-span bridges or as the foundation for the start/end of a bridge. I have in my travels I have come across bridges designed this way that have suffered decay on the floor/ceiling of the buildings that are incorporated into the bridge structure. This essentially renders the bridge useless once it decays completely. Unlike the rest of the bridge, buildings can't be repaired by just anybody. I'm not trying to suggest how bridges should be built, these are just my observations as I travel throughout Wurm. Skyefox Mayor: Albia Estates
  11. Hello. I'd like this to go smoothly, it's been a long road and half a year of work uncounted hours have been put into redeveloping risky and evilspot's old territory, Horsedog. I am selling it after a job well done and effort well spent. At 18s + Coffers, the starting bid is low. Work complete includes; creating a moat and a canal to a private lake, 103 surface mined tiles at 25 depth one channel wide, ready for anything you can throw at it. Removed 36 carts and wagons, applied major landworks, built 4 bridges, burnt a forest and collapsed many mines (thank you Wilca) For reasons, i named it Horse, the token sits next to where the Armpit of Vynora used to stand. the original owner i knew, and knew of, from eq.(bristlebane), it's a pity it was a desolate mystery for so long but now it's ready for planning. The highway hill lettering is heritage protected but the sea level `runway`, i added, feel free to modify. Thank You Starting Bid - 40s + this includes the 22s in the upkeep.. Price will drop by 20 silver if u wish me to disband the deed + Increments - 5s This is its location on the North East of Deliverance; (this map is inaccurate, the land has changed shape as indicated by the plotted highway) Compiled images of deed, i'm positive i could have done a better job on the screenies. (shadows are off, bloom's off, anti-aliasing's low, etc) do come and have a look for a better picture. ------------------------------------------------ An added footnote: If unsold - a private offer will be made - if still unsold, it'll be placed, with better screenies, in wts for 35s excluding upkeep
  12. heylo. I'd like to suggest / ask, for the bridge width limit of 3, to be increased. Hopefully the creative benefits are obvious but personally..I've had some nice ideas for my canal network but i don't think loads of 3 wide bridges would work that well.
  13. A la Covered Bridges
  14. If you have a fenced area and build a bridge along side the fence, animals will be able to walk through the bridge and ignore the fence.
  15. Just planned a 1x6 arched marble bridge. [20:58:54] looks like bridge would be 1x6 (North-South) [20:59:19] Both ends are the same height, Nice! Chose 20 slope. There's no reason why the resulting bridge plan shouldn't look symmetrical, and yet... As you can see: The first two bridge tiles from the left end are the same slope, but the first two tiles from the right end are not. Note that the right-hand abutment is significantly shallower in slope than the left-hand abutment. The two middle tiles, consequently, are also not the same slope. You would expect bridges to be symmetrical when possible, especially in a situation as simple as this, but apparently this is not always the case. Whatever calculates bridge slopes really ought to take this into account.
  16. It's not 80 dirts above ground. I have a fairly long bridge with several supports way up on a hill and that bridge hits the ground at 0 height at the end. But when I went to duplicate the bridge from the terrace to the bottom of the deed, I can't. Why? Because a support needs to be 80 dirts above water. Not 80 dirts tall. 80 above water, even water that is not there. I admit, there are a such thing as Prairie Schooners... but there is not... It's bad enough that we who live on the coast need to pile up to 10 dirts at the bottom of a bridge but to be limited to bridges 5 long and under because supports won't fit is annoying to say the least.
  17. Good day. I just want to confirm that I ain't missing something and that Wurm Unlimited needs to fix this issue. 1. Bridges needs 2 players to build 2. WU can be played as a single player game. Some players like me and a few of my clients (own a PC shop) plays WU as a single player game and thus are unable to build bridges. Am I missing something (like a way to solo a bridge), are they gonna patch that in soon just for WU , or are those of us who play it Solo stuck whit out bridges. I see server mods for the Priest spells that needs to be linked so that is community fixed (would have preferred a more link to gem approach)
  18. It was an inevitable Would it be possible to allow us to paint bridges? possibly dye the sections one by one
  19. When walking on a sloped bridge tile, the character's speed is always treated as if he is walking downhill. Example: My character's walk speed with his armor is about 16 km/h. When walking up a 20-slope bridge, it's about 18 km/h, the same as walking down that same bridge.
  20. Hey there Rolf and Devs! I was wondering if it would be possible to get an outline of sorts for the rest of the year in regards to what you have planned after bridges and revamping the Elevation server? What kind of new features do you have in the works, where does the future of challenge lie, and what kind of goodies are you working on? I think if we had a kind of outline of sorts (even if just a rough tentative draft) that it would very much help people see where the 'future of Wurm' is and give us something solid we can get behind. Thank you so very much for your time!
  21. Hi, To start off, I'm looking to play WU exclusively singleplayer. I know that you need at least two people to build a bridge. Does anyone know if you can build a bridge with just one player in a singleplayer WU server? (I doubt this because there isn't any distinction between singleplayer WU and multiplayer WU). Cheers.
  22. Lamps that were on destroyed bridges that were not removed before taking down the bridge are still bound to the former bridge and cannot be picked up. "[04:56:16] You need to be on the same bridge in order to do that. "
  23. Hi, It has taken me 5 hours so far to destroy 2 sections of a bridge I built just off deed, as an experiment, using a large maul, 82ql to start - can't use catapult as not enough room before an abandoned ship is in the way - and miss most of the time anyway with catapult and just waste shards that way. I understand that it should be difficult to destroy bridges on pvp. However, on pve, there needs to be a quicker way to do this. Any ideas would be welcome, but I suggest that the destruction of bridges be made way easier on pve servers. Thanks,
  24. Today I experienced a weird invisible texture glitch from my marble bridge ramp.At first the marble ramp looks fine but when walking on it, i noticed some bridge tiles turned invisible all of a sudden. Is there anyway to fix this visual bug or no? Screenshot: