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Found 5 results

  1. Just logged in today...and once again, I'm in my passenger slot on my boat. (On top mast position of the caravel) I previously logged at : ...with this examine : ...and today I logged in once again at : So it is definitely not fixed, as per the locking of my previous thread. Also : Tell me if you need some other info, because I don't know what else I can provide...all I'm doing is logging out on the boat. Selecting to Embark : Commander from my dock tile which is a wooden floor-boarded tile with tar on it beside the boat, and I haven't even moved the boat for a few days.
  2. So...I read this in patch notes : "Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused you to log in on a vehicle as a commander even though you logged out as passenger." But then I went to login today...and I always log out in my caravel's captain seat....and I logged the top mast passenger position. After the hotfix, I once again, logged in at the top mast passenger position. So, I think someone messed something up with this 'fix'. I should be logging in on captain's spot, and something is going awry.
  3. I use embark as passenger and moor all the time a and have found the knarr teleports 2-3 tile forward now when I embark as passenger it also teleports back once I reembark as captain. I havent tried mooring it as a passenger yet as each time it teleported on me I ended up with it beached and didnt want to get it stuck
  4. PLEASE let us push and pull our boats with passengers on board? This would save so much time, for running aground, stuck in caves, etc. Mooring anchor should be the deciding factor in push pull, not a passenger. I can have a full knarr of rocks, push/pull all I want, but one skinny 8 year old cabin boy is enough to stop me. I'm not "now" waiting for a GM to come pull me out of a cave entrance, because the cabin boy is stuck in a cave wall, with no way to disembark. Even logged out, the memory of his former existence is enough to stop me.
  5. Whilst sitting as a passenger in a large cart your 'Client Statistics > Player > Falls' increments every second. Free internet points!