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  1. I think you may be able to remove the dye form the section using a wire brush as mentioned in the post.
  2. Thank you for making this page. Or editing it. And havingf pictures of the menu in game is tremendously helpful.
  3. Lets all have our own personal server please.......NOT As it is population is so spread that it does not play the same anymore. I miss JK Home
  4. sorry I posted wrong. good luck. make sure your Java is up to date also.
  5. If you want to go fight stuff like this then go to PVP where they were meant to be. Most of us PVEer's are here because we like the peace and quiet of creative play.
  6. Old post sorry
  7. From what I am reading it is no different than if you assign a citizen the role of Elder or such. You need to make a role just for that person. and assign that role to them. a citizen is always a citizen, but all citizens can have different roles.
  8. So this means if we do not make our on deed roads highways with the new system we are able to do as we wish with the roads with in our deed?? Gates and such?
  9. I had often thought this could be a great idea
  10. Why is this not a widget on the forums anymore? Thank you to who ever is keeping it up
  11. How can you not get it for $1
  12. Indy all the way. What a great way to get people back to their roots. Only problem I see is people hording areas. One curious thought is if you deed over an old deed ruin area does that spoil the artifacts?
  13. Delete post
  14. Great work. Thank you for all your efforts
  15. Sounds like a great idea.