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  1. The whole point of not giving any more updates is to get people back to WO. There are mods people have made to add content. But I think WU will get no more updates.
  2. Pilipinas Kong Mahal Appenzell done
  3. My Deed name is Hazedome at 651,905 Bunratty Castle disbanded. Done
  4. 1079, 342 Crossroads Public Market 635,885 Birchwood Manor Done
  5. Dont fix it. I think it looks very unique. Tell people its a new spell in wurm LOL
  6. Thank you so much for the well wishes.
  7. Or Be able to paint just the doors or trim on walls maybe?
  8. Dark Shroud Docks Malaz Harbour Done
  9. I am updating Just been sick sorry.