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  1. New town?

    that's what alliances are for. To have more people to talk and collaborate with without having to disband a deed.
  2. I did and the GM was quick to move it. But if one is not available and you have limited time this is a problem. Plus should not have to call a GM to take care of your own items. They have enough to manage.
  3. I hope they change this. It is really bad design.
  4. I was traveling today on my rowboat, which I am the owner and creator, and I moored in the water on deed. When I disembarked I was not able to embark again because it said the boat was in too poor a shape to be used. So I tried to repair it and I got the message that it was not allowed on deed because of permissions.. I should be able to repair anything I own no matter where I am, deed or not. Please look into this. Thank You Lolabelle
  5. Never Night

    Please dont. The game is finally playable for me
  6. Rolf made the mistake once of tyring to get the 500 PVE people to play with the 6 PVP people. They went well...... NOT
  7. on deed you can or you can build walls around. Have done this many times over the year. But if you combine PVP and PVE the game will die AGAIN
  8. NOOOOOOOOOO Please Rolf did that and look where that led. PVE People play that for a reason. If you cant find enough people to fight go find another game.
  9. Thank you sooooo much for working a Highway system. I am directionaly challenged and this will make the game even more enjoyable to me. As I get to a reasonable skill on Harmony I will be more than happy to contribute time and materials,
  10. Perimeter fences will decay quickly. Especially if not very high ql. We had horses get loose on a deed next to us, the gate was gone. And that was on deed. Maybe a troll bashed or something too. Just putting in my 2 cents.
  11. are the horses in self serve pens or does someone need to be online?
  12. Huge Axe 54 LT 6.28s - 50ql Please COD to Lolafreebear
  13. I would like to order a mailbox and a cast. Our deed is Zen Bay and we are at e 19 ish. just west of Villa Sur La Plage I will add "Zheals" to build and cast. Let me know when you have done. Thank you so very much. [08:09:40] The role "Zheals" has been created.