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  1. In-game CA Help improvements

    You do realize that all these CA and GM are unpaid volunteers. They stop their gameplay to help players as best they can. Sometimes there just are not answers for soem questions. People do the best they can.
  2. Wurm Unlimited VR client

    Boy I would love to walk around and immerse myself in the environment
  3. Hell hound inside building

    you are sure the door is locked? Make sure it says the door is locked . Just because there is a lock on it does not mean it is locked. My fiorend had a troll wlk in a door with a lock on it but the door was not actually locked.
  4. Valrei International. 073

    when do you think the new changes will be released for Wurm Unlimited?
  5. Valrei International. 071

    I am sure there will be some way to turn off the movement.
  6. taming

    would be cool if either your taming skill would allow for more than one tamed animal based on skill, same are caring for animals, or that charm would be different from tame. Really a pain and hardly makes taming worth while skill to grind anymore. would make it much more useful
  7. I used to be able to run 5 clients at once. Now I can barely run 2. ans even then the second crashes on me alot. Not sure what changed.
  8. Hedge Growth

    I do prune, but on part of my deed there are prob like 100 hedges. I would like to play the game. I already have a real life job. I see people log in sometimes and it takes over an hour to get their "chores" done. Just thought might be something others would like too, Could even be a spell that could be cast, like reverse wild growth,
  9. Oleander wood properties

    OOH That is good to know. I will start looking. Would be cool to have an oleander cart or boat or furniture. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Can log in but cant do anything constant refresh.

    Are you guys in Wurm Unlimited or Wurm Online? If Wurm Unlimited, could be the server you are on.
  11. Extremely slow client loading

    So How did you fix it?
  12. Ingame Timers for Meditation Skills

    Wurm Assistant is the best tool ever.
  13. Personal Merchant who buys resources

    that is a salesman. No real need for a merchant to do that.