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  1. Ingame Timers for Meditation Skills

    Wurm Assistant is the best tool ever.
  2. Personal Merchant who buys resources

    that is a salesman. No real need for a merchant to do that.
  3. Valrei International. 065

    If there is a faith change with no skill loss, please make it one time only. Otherwise everyone will just keep changing religions and make the whole point of priests useless.
  4. HELP! Missing Corbita 'The Exile'

    Maybe you did not have permissions set properly?

    can I ask why we do not have Log Cabins in game. Seems a logical addition really. Logs or felled trees and mortar. Easy Peasy
  6. That thread about cats!

    Just found this article. We neeed these in game.
  7. The New patch with creature crates and all the other fun stuff is now in BETA plan to go live on Tuesday July 3, 2018 all info can be found here.
  8. Valrei International. 061

    Any idea when this update may be released to Wurm Unlimited?
  9. Hedge Growth

    I would love a mod that can stop hedges growing at a certain height. I would like camelia hedges to not grow past low. I know there are lavender plantation but those are not really hedge looking. Want them for a formal garden look. Thanks
  10. Hedge Model Updates

    Please for goodness sake add roses to the rose hedge. What is the point if not to have roses. No big deal to change the textures for the flowering hedges. They all look a bit different anyway. Also while you are at it can you make flower pots and planters look more "FULL" of flowers. Can barely see them. We that use them want color .
  11. Arched Hedges Rose,Marple

    How did I miss this suggestion. +++ Inifnity please.
  12. Love the idea. also need some smaller fence types. The spiral staircase has an odd tile usage.
  13. Valrei International. 060

    This is a good question. I wish that when you use the place option for anything it does not allow it to form a pile. I have 5 skulls I want to place on the edge of a tile. When I place 3 of them it makes a pile. I do not want this. Please remove pile when using the place option.
  14. Valrei International. 060

    ok so it not just me