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  1. Yes Please. No idea why this has not been done already. Seems pretty obvious. They have a flower model for lavender so should not be too difficult.
  2. could it be due to lighting. If you wear a shirt in real life it tends to look different then when you place it on your bed. Just a thought.
  3. Just asking here, are the Sklo forums down for anyone else?
  4. could be the animal cap on the server is too high. Just a guess.
  5. I love the idea. But anything fun is usually not PVP friendly, so of course leave them out of it.
  6. can't wait for it to go live in WU. They all look awesome.
  7. Yes was just letting any new people know that they would still be able to play on the regular server after installing beta client, but need to choose the regular client. I don't think it defaults back to the regular client after installing beta but I could be wrong. would be nice if it did.
  8. Just an FYI you will need to install the beta client from steam to go to the test client. I do believe you can choose the regular client when you want to play on the normal servers, but do not quote me on this.
  9. thank you for the picture of the commands. and for adding this in.
  10. Looks like my Maggie. She lived to 23 years old. She had that same pissed look LOL
  11. This one is just too cute. Poor dog baby, now it is not alone in the cone.
  12. I think you may be able to remove the dye form the section using a wire brush as mentioned in the post.
  13. Thank you for making this page. Or editing it. And havingf pictures of the menu in game is tremendously helpful.
  14. Lets all have our own personal server please.......NOT As it is population is so spread that it does not play the same anymore. I miss JK Home
  15. sorry I posted wrong. good luck. make sure your Java is up to date also.