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  1. Please add Edgewater to the map. It is at M24 on the coast south of Cloud Chasing. Btrod - mayor
  2. Hello all, This is Btrod - Mayor and sole citizen of Edgewater. It is on the southeastern coast west of Southport. I have a sailboat and corbita for sale atm. I am building a knar and will be building a cog in the near future. I also have open merchant stall for anyone that would like to place one or two down here. Bryanr/Btrod
  3. I have a sailboat for sale at Rockaway P14, which is NW of Lormere. It is not painted atm but can paint it. Btrod/Bryanr mayor of Rockaway
  4. I really do hope so! The waterwheel, river and the character looks would really enhance this game a lot. Btrod
  5. WTS 10 yellow potions for 80c total, 4 sleep powder for 4s, 1k bricks for 2s, 1k mortar for 3s and 1k planks for 1s. Location is the village of Rockaway at P14 in Xan. I can meet at Lormere with the yellow potions and sleep powder. Delivery of mats would be extra depending on location. Mayor of Rockaway-Btrod
  6. My village is Rockaway at P14 on Xan. There is just me and one other player at this time. We have a mine, marketplace, a workshop/Inn. Btrod - Mayor of Rockaway
  7. I would like to see wurm create dump waiters/lifts to make it a little easier to move items and materials to upper floors in buildings. Btrod - mayor of Rockaway
  8. I can sell you 2sp at Lormere pm Btrod in game.
  9. I have 2 powder in Xan can meet you at Loremere Btrod - mayor of Rockaway
  10. WTB Gems

    I have gems on my merchant for sale at Rockaway P-14 Btrod
  11. I also agree +1 mayor of Rockaway Btrod
  12. Rockaway Village at P14 has a marketplace - stalls available. It is also has a two lane road connected to the two main north/south highways. Mayor Btrod
  13. There are many open stalls for merchants to come sell their wares. Rockaway is located at P14 on the waterfront.