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Found 32 results

  1. Good afternoon Ladies and Gents This Auction if for a Beautiful HoTS complete set showed in the picture below. So polish them silvers, grab a seat and get ready to bid. No Buy Out/ No Reserve Sniper protection 1hr PM Bids are Welcome for non forum wurmians but they will be posted here on Auction so they will become public PM Ahsesino in game with your bid Starting Bid 16s Min Increase 1s Items can be delivered to ALL SFI servers if coastal, near server borders. Sorry no Chaos deliveries This auction is for the following Items as a set: 2 Hots Tall Banners 2 HoTS Small Banners 2 HoTS Flags 1 HoTS Pavilion 1 HoTS Military Tent 1 HoTS Unfinished Guard Tower 1 Beautiful HoTS Wagon in Lavender finish to complement its purty purple canvas
  2. Auctioning Jenn Kellon (Dragon) Items Jenn Kellon Kingdom Banner - 10 Jenn Kellon Kingdom Flag - 10 Jenn Kellon Kingdom Tall Banner - 5 Starting bid: 30 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 75 s Private Bids: Accepted
  3. In this thread I would like to talk about the posibility of Personal Heraldry. I should start by defining what I mean by Heraldry: it is the practice of devising, granting, displaying, describing, and recording coats of arm and heraldic badges, if you were to simply type it into the Google search bar. It is to be used on deed banners as well as other personal items such as tabards, wagons, horse covers, and flags, or other such display items. In this way a person could display his/her own individuality or allegiance to one's village, or just simply personalize the look of one's wagon, ship, deed area, ect.. Now I'm sure this topic has come up before, but I couldn't find it when I looked, and be sure, I did look. Before I started playing Wurm I was an avid W.o.W. (World of Warcraft) player for more than 10 years, until I honestly got bored with it, and on that they had a tabard system for guilds, one that a guild leader could modify with moderate customization, and a similar function already exists in Wurm with the shop signs. Has this ever been considered, or thought of? I guess is what I'm asking. If I were to create it, I would make it a window that a player could choose between 6 simple shield shapes, 8 backgrounds with various color combinations, and 10 or 20 heraldic images that could be positioned, sized, and colored on the shield to create the personal heraldry. I have fallen in love with this game and look forward to a long relationship with it as my gaming history would show. I will not be leaving for a while because Wurm has so much that I find appealing. I just wanted to say that, but as far as this idea of mine for personal heraldry, I do look forward to having feed back, maybe getting this idea to a game creator, or even seeing it actually in game. I've thought about this for a while and have a few other ideas for it, but I will hold those back for the right time.
  4. how to impeach a king on the epic server? this player has AFK, and the duel ring does not work. Is there any way to impeach this king? I am the server creator
  5. Please give PVE alliances with enough members the opportunity to have a PVE alliance flair package similar to kingdoms. There is no reason to deny us this... There is a larger amount of players playing the pve portion than the PvP portion of the game. Codeclub AB will make money because there will be more people paying for this feature. Why shouldn't people that dont participate in pvp be able to form thier own pve banners/wagons/tents the syetem is already in the game. Pros - more income for Codeclub AB - more color - ability to showcase/ form alliance spirit/pride - less inequality in the pvp/pve balance Cons -Some more work for code club AB introducing new graphics (but i think the skinning process for those items is already there) -PVP will lose profit selling thier special colors. Solutions? One option would be dissallowing certain colors in freedom so pvp players could maintain some pride "pvp colors" ( ex. red or black or w/e) increasing the price to 2g for alliance flair package since it is less volatile than pvp. Please give feedback and state where you play pvp or pve or both. Thanks for your time and i play on Xanadu PVE only
  6. It is my understanding that Wurm's economy is struggling due to excess supply of items and a lack of buyers. I believe that PMKs can provide a much-needed backbone to Wurm's economy in several important ways by providing many item sinks at once, while also giving them greater flexibility when it comes to maintaining themselves. To that end, I propose that a PMK should have to pay a monthly demand of items in lieu of coins. These items may include bulk goods such as: lumber stone metal crops squares of cloth meats fish Herbs/Medicine Arrows And individual items up to a certain quality such as: Clothes Tools Weapons Armor Food To encourage variety a PMK would have to use different items or face diminishing returns An example of how this might be arranged: a PMK on Chaos has an upkeep of 20k bulk items and 200 finished goods per month. It pays off that upkeep by producing 10k stone bricks, 100 Saws, and buying the rest from Freedom. After the month is over, the PMK's upkeep is adjusted, and 20k bulk items and 200 finished goods are still needed, but since they use ONLY stone bricks and ONLY saws, submitting bricks and saws would now require 50% more than last time. Other items are unaffected, and over time a kingdom may switch to other items based on market value, availability, and obtainability. Creating a (hopefully) dynamic economy of supply and demand. The amount and variety of items needed should be sufficient enough to prove difficult but not impossible for a kingdom to provide on its own. This creates a demand for goods, and since they can at least partially sustain themselves, each kingdom can avoid being at the mercy of the economy or the financial might of its rivals. There also remains a cost associated with running a PMK. Pros: Creates item sinks Flow of economy Wider variety of professions become useful People can earn money by selling things to Kingdoms Kingdoms can still sell PMK items for money to buy goods PMK members can easily and directly provide for their kingdom's needs Encourages larger kingdoms when supplemented by its own members Physical transportation of goods creates logistics and player activity through escorting and interception of cargo Cons: Creation, growth, relapse, and collapse of kingdoms potentially affecting prices as demand changes PMKs potentially become interested in reducing costs by paying less for products Sellers potentially interested in lowering price to stay competitive Proper "value" of items needs clarification Neutral points: Refocuses PMK role in the economy from silver sinks to item sinks Silver still leaves the game by going to the average player who spends it on premium and deed upkeep. Training skills to produce goods competitively is still rewarding to currently-dedicated players and those who need a reason to train Physical transportation of goods to PMK enables rival kingdom to disrupt and directly interfere with a kingdom's ability to pay the bills Interference affects demand for something That's all I can say for now. Please point out any flaws or possible issues you might see.
  7. Hello, I'm looking to buy kingdom stuff from every kingdom. Please PM me with what you have and we can make a deal. You can PM me here or in-game on Ajblack. Banners and flags are mailable, I usually pay 1S each. If they're rare, we can discuss the price. Tall banners I will pick up directly from your deed. I usually pay 1-2S, depending on the banner. Again, prices are negotiable. Wagons are discussed individually and depending on the kingdom. Since I live on a mountaintop deed, these sales will be supported by my friends and roommate in terms of temporary storage. Currently, I'm looking for things from any kingdom except: Crusaders Jenn-Kellon Dreadnaught Dynasty Wurm University
  8. After being asked to release wagons and other items to the public, I went ahead and compiled the mod that @nekoexmachina had made and posted to enable those to be crafted. Some items do not work such as the towers and tabards, but I made a tabard mod already and will make the towers as time permits. Add Kingdom Items Mod Enables the creation of PMK wagons, banners, and flags not normally able to be crafted. Prerequisites: Server mod loader 0.34.1 or greater Unzip this archive into the mods folder. No additional mods required on server or client side! See for vehicle configuration settings
  9. In the past you could easily set your boats and carts for your kingdommates to use by just checking the friends permission, because most people had kingdommates added. This made it easy to have boats available for kingdom access in the case that they're needed for defense or raiding, but now to have boats like that, you need to think up the names of each and every single person in your kingdom, type each of their individual names in manually, and give each and every one of them permissions on the boat. These permissions often wipe when crossing servers on the epic cluster (a common occurrance). Often you forget some names to put on the boat, and when the time comes to get on the boat for pvp, people go "I can't get on, I need permissions!". This is really annoying when you're on a sailboat with kingdommates crossing servers on the epic cluster, and now you're on another server and nobody has access on the boat anymore. Then you have to add each and every person to the boat's permissions by name again. This would be much easier to do if there were a permission option for Kingdom, so that you could check permissions in the kingdom line to give those permissions to all members of your kingdom, rather than having to type in a name and check boxes for each individual character. The kingdom permission option already exists for houses, please add it for boats and carts as well.
  10. I want to have some custom flags, banners, tall banners, tabards and wagons. I created my own kingdom, but now all the kingdom items are blank and white. How do I customize these to what I want for my kingdom? Do I need a mod, or is there another way to do it?
  11. Libila won the Valrei Scenario, and the top prize (A tome) went to a JK Fo follower (Loetuw) instead of a HoTS Libila follower. This tome should have been rewarded to one of the Libila followers within the top 20% of contributors.
  12. I am building a PvP server and have all the kingdoms (except Freedom) on the server, but when I go to do a test, a "none" kingdom shows up as an option and spawns ppl as Freedom. How do I get rid of the "none" kingdom option on spawn in? I just want MR, JK, and Hots on the server. I have home server off, with the kingdom set at 3 (It was at 0, then 4, but still "none" showed up). I am using the creative DB. PvP is on. I am not sure what is making the "none" option show up Here is an image of what I am talking about
  13. Auctioning rare wagon, Horde of the Summoned version, it is shiny, and drive faster than non-rare, as i know, it is first and only rare hots wagon, so you can bid very unique item [01:28:25] A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 60.138996, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Kgorski, has been etched in the stern. [01:28:25] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Kgor.k.'. [01:28:25] A single zinc rune of Magranon has been attached to it, so it will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%) (rune of course can be changed if auction winner will want) Starting Bid: 10s Increments: 1s sniper protection 1hour
  14. Hi all, I was swapping kingdoms on a pvp server from freedom to JK and I found out that you have to drop your deed before you can swap. No big deal, just drop the tower, drop my deed, waited for timer. And poof my deed and the tower was gone, well done me. The problem came when I got converted and wanted to redeed the same area. The perimeter of my deed refused to swap out of being controlled by freedom isles. With no towers around and no freedom guards left alive I couldn't understand why it was telling me another kingdom was too close, and it was because the game didn't remove the freedom isles focus zone in the perimeter of my deed. Please post here if you have any further questions relating to this problem.
  15. Heyas, ive got good help from Bdew but im lacking time and skill to do it myself... sadly... So i decided to ask if any1 is able to make a mod for: - an kingdom npc on which you can change your kingdom - an mining mod that gives you the ability to mine without the sorrounding tiles need to be rock. (surface mining fix doesnt work for me as soon as i enable noneedtouncoverrock= true) thanks in advance!
  16. The Empire of Mol-Rehan has HOTA statues and MR Kingdom items for sale; HOTA Statues, flags and banners are available from the merchant on Deliverance at the Fire and Sand deed located at; Wagons and other Empire of Mol-Rehan items currently available on Exodus from the Barkeep of the Azkaban Pub located inside the Azkaban Embassy (use the side entrance) at the The Old Comtemptibles deed located at; Dragon - 50s Lady of the Lake - 30s Stag - 20s Man VS Bear - 7.5s Scorpion - 7.5s Wolf VS Bison - 7.5s Two Dogs VS Boar - 7.5s Nogump - 7.5s Bull VS Bear - 7.5s Demon - 7.5s These items in very limited supply and can no longer be made Kingdom Banners - 5s Tall Banners - 5s Flags - 2s Guard Towers - 1s 25c Wagons - 15s For inquiries on statues message myself, Jakerivers or Madnezz on the forums or contact Aranarth or Eroing ingame, delivery can be arranged for a extra charge. Inquires on wagons please contact Jakerivers or Aranarth. For HOTA Statue sales, bulk goods may be traded as well, send me a message with quantities, quality and what you are looking to trade for. Bulk Goods: - dirt - reinforcement beams - bricks - mortor HOTA Statue weigh 150kg, so make sure you can lift that much before sailing over, and don't forget how easy it is to sail from server to server with the new 'Plot Course' system.
  17. Hello, i have a problem regarding the start of an adventure server with a custom map. I copied the adventure server with a custom name. In there i placed my new map, rebuild the db and chaned the spawnlocation aswell as the position of the 3 towns (Hearth, Winkshir and Litocania) in the zones db. Now i have the problem, that the towns still have the position of their old map. Has anyone got an idea how to physically change the position of these towns? Thanks in advance!
  18. The Horde of the summoned Come join the only kingdom in desolation that contibutes to epoch advancement! We are a group of people who are mostly interested in pvping on the hota island, although we also have a few carebears on the home island, which someday will become useful! (hopefully) If you are interested in participating in the action then post a message on the GLHots, one of our members will enter in contact with you and explain to you how you can join us. Players to contact: Trihard Hakameda Badget Codeine Jaygriff Frog Plaguejuice Zentil We hope to see you ingame soon!
  19. Hello iam new member just started and i am looking for to join a kingdom , so anyone from chaos is recruting ? iam well mature player
  20. Horde of the Summoned Return of the HOTS. We are looking for interested players to join us in our quest. Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more. Since years PVP in Wurm has ups and downs. Now is the time with the new gods coming to form a respectful kingdom. What we offer. A fun PVP spot. Proper gear and tools from the kingdom. Friendly community. Forums: Forums is a part of Wurm and people tend to criticize others on forums. Thus aim of our kingdom is not to harm or criticize other but to put forward a united plan of action. PVP Guide: Recruiters- Horde of the Summoned Contact these players for any assistance and recruiting. Emperor Blackdeathdragon Gaul on Forums Our Anthem This post will be edited with time. Also please refrain from doing debates in the comment section. FAQ: War quotes : To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace - George Washington​ You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war - Napoleon Bonaparte Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win - Sun Tzu Join Today !!!
  21. Would be handy if the Chief could have a list of all of the accounts in the kingdom. Give an option to remove them from the kingdom, which comes into effect the next time they log in. That way people who are outlaws can be dealt with.
  22. We have started an adventure server and are confused on how the get this started. Should we already be members of a kingdom? (should server setting be no kingdom or one of the others?) We are at the MR home deed, but I don't think we are MR. How do we join one of the kingdoms? We keep getting a message stating we enter no kingdom. Also, we cannot start a deed for it says we must be added to another deed as citizen or ally. Thank you for the help.
  23. I'd really like to see a mod that changes the # of players required for PMK's, or removes that requirement completely. I found templates for PMK's at Is it possible to add these custom files to the server somehow? Or does every player need to put them into their client?
  24. Both Mol Rehan and HotS have tried on my server to pass king off to another person, because the king wanted to champ up. They gave the crown and the new person equiped it, but the king did not transfer.
  25. Pretty much what title says. Ive got a server running a custom map, with freedom kingdom. Epic setting is on and i see the game refer to its cluster as "epic" now and then, but the locate artifact spell gives the "The artifact was cloaked from sight by the gods" message. I would really love to add the artifacts somehow. Any way to mod it? (I know i can simply spawn them in, but this is not a creative map. Its with other players playing fair adventure. Simply spawning em in random and giving em to people would be somewhat retarded. Ive thought of some workarounds if its not possible, like having people make a specific number of mats, items etc and "sacrifice it" to my gm for a random artifact. The sacrifice being extereme and worthy of an artifact) Pretty much i want everything wurm has to offer available on my server.