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  1. Just so I understand, someone can plant markers in anyone's perimeter? Just not in (or within 2 tiles) of their deed?
  2. 80ql Rare Forges 5 silver each (or get all 3 for 13.5s) Coastal Pickup at T14 on Deli.
  3. I was also amused. I think the tree size changes are a great step to solving the problem, but you can't imagine the frustration of getting cornered in an Olive forest while running from a horde of trolls. The good old days... Leisurely strolling on the test server = Same.
  4. And 3, it's coming whether you like it or not. I don't know if there is one already, but can you include a frequency modifier that is based on if a creature is branded or not. Something that would allow wild creatures to move as expected, but drastically reduce the number of times penned branded animals are calculating their next move. This would go a long way to prevent the one thing I worry about with this change. Tile packing.
  5. Having played with tree collision, I have a hard time thinking anyone will be saying that.
  6. Potential? This has been a thing since I first started playing 1223 days ago, and who knows how long before that. If I remember right it was the 'Charge of Many' on Independence that seemed like it was a constant target of missions, and it was not accessible. I do not have any mission structures, but I am curious how it is just now a "legitimate concern."
  7. Really? Why should you? Can't we just get back to the simple rule for everything? Deed it or lose it. Period. You want to reserve an area, carve out a deed stake. I just laughed at this because it makes it sound like there's a shortage of land out here. "Whew, thank God there's some more places to deed now. We were running out of room out here." @Retrograde Why did they not finish the job on mission structures? Why are they only requested in 2, maybe 3, out of 9 zones on the map? The Southeast and Northeast or Northwest.
  8. okay
  9. 5s? If so, CoD to Aarontx.
  10. I guess I'll download the latest one and try again. Is there another place I can look for this issue? If not, I guess I can only "plan" 2/3's of my deed. Never mind. Found help in-game. Although, horizontal and vertical slides would be nice. I did not realize that asdw moved the 2d view, and couldn't find that mentioned anywhere. Thanks to Wulfmaer for the help.
  11. It's open. Unless someone ran over to fix it, I think he was lost.
  12. How can I make my whole deed visible? It is setting the South end on the bottom of the screen, and I cannot figure out how to make the North part of my deed visible. It only lets me scroll out so much, and it does not seem to want to move the visible grid. I feel like I've had this problem before, and just forgot how to fix it.
  13. Just so I make sure I have this correct. "morally bankrupt" = Anyone that has a trader, and maintains it's ratio (imo = resourceful user of generally accepted mechanics based on how long it's been in-game and allowed to continue) "Morally upright" = All of the people who have many times in the past, and still, ask that changes be made to this system (imo = Obsessive, bordering narcissistic. Constantly asking for the same thing over and over, while arrogantly labeling anyone who does not agree with your supposed superior stance as "morally bankrupt." ) "average player" = Everyone else who just plays the game without regard to traders (imo = Content player who enjoys the game, and chooses to play it how they want to play it) I do not really want to dig through the depths of forums to find out how long this mechanic has been in the game, or how long have people who choose not to use this mechanic been starting these threads, but seriously at what point do you just stop beating the dead horse and become the "average player" or the "morally bankrupt," as you have labeled them? Wasn't Xanadu supposed to be your promised land? They made this dream a reality for you on one super-sized server. How was this not enough? Oh right, narcissistic power-seeking behaviors. You will not be satisfied until you have forced your will onto everyone else.
  14. This, again, comes down to a choice. When I started playing I was focused on digging, mining, woodcutting, blacksmithing, weapon skills, and eventually hunting (and advanced foraging). During that time I was learning as much as I could about all aspects of the game by talking to other players, reading the forums/wiki, and watching in-game chat. I made choices then that have gotten me to where I am now. You know now, and others reading this mess, that foraging, hunting, and burying are a way to get started, but it has limitations (as stated above). I do not know much about those limitations because I do not forage unless I am looking for actual items. I'm only surprised by the hunting and burying coins because I like to hunt and I'm obsessive about butchering and burying corpses. Way to take the high ground. Stating your dissatisfaction with being called names/being insulted, by insulting and calling people names should totally turn the tide of your interaction with these people. Was verbally neutering the game's founder just icing on the cake as if he had no power to make any changes that he wanted? I'm no expert on what Rolf can and cannot do, but he seems to do what he wants. Rolf wanted Challenge... voila Challenge server. Rolf wanted Xanadu... voila Xanadu Server. Rolf wanted to take off and leave us with a mostly volunteer staff... Voila empty chair.