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  1. Highway Rules: A ) You may not intentionally disable an active highway connection by removing the catseyes without rerouting or replacing them promptly . 1> Deeds retain the right to disconnect from the highway system by removal of their waystone and any deactivated catseyes on their deed and perimeter. Per the above I have the right as a deed owner to disconnect from the highway system, and there is a alternative route on your map that is only 82 tiles to the West.
  2. Please remove the connection between 756,1703 and 756,1736. Thank you.
  3. That helm makes me think of Tim the Enchanter.
  4. Seems like even the servers reject your Christmas nerfs.
  5. Okay, now we know what error message needs to be created. Upon depth check, if any corner is at shovel depth, you should get some message that says the opposite of, "[14:08:51] You need a dredge to do that at that depth." Like, "One or more corners require a shovel." Good catch Shmeric.
  6. Ladies and gentlemen we may have a wiener here. I'll confirm in a few and get back to you.
  7. I am currently working on a dredging project and the level command is available but not working. When I click on level nothing happens and no error message is given. I have tried this in a knarr and rowboat. At least if there was an error message I would know how to adjust. I am currently working at around 20 -25 dirt deep. Before I get the same stupid replies as I got in CA Help from the peanut gallery, yes I am on a flat tile trying to level the surrounding adjacent tiles. 🙄
  8. Maintenance restarts on the weekend have to be best idea ever, right? Probably the greatest minds in all of gaming come together to plan them. I can just imagine them all on a video conference, "There's 852 people right now that should rethink what they are doing today. Let's shut it down. I'm pretty sure they have something better to do."
  9. Added new highway connection. Start: 674, 1701 Turn: 631, 1701 (estimated) End: 594, 1737
  10. Closed. Send me a PM in the forums when you are available to meet up. I'm Aarontx in-game.
  11. Closed. Send me a PM in the forums when you are available to meet up. I'm Aarontx in-game.
  12. Bump for just a little over one day left.