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Found 795 results

  1. I would first and foremost like to thank @jackjonesfor giving us all the Xanadu Community Map which we've used for the last 4-5 years. His map system is also one of the founding blocks of the newer maps developed by @Yagaand @Substr. Thank you Jack, we miss you. Jack has been preoccupied with RL issues the last year or two, and as such has not had time to help maintain the map and upload the new map dumps. So, I have been working with @Yagaover the past few days to provide a new Xanadu Community Map. @Yagaand @Substr have developed a system which they implemented for the Deliverance server initially and which we have now updated for Xanadu. New Xanadu Community Map Features 1. Map coordinates The map offers a common type of map grid (as an optional overlay), using the same denotation as the in-game map (for example "E 24"). However, to place and find locations in a much more detailed way the new map is based on "tile coordinates" (x, y), making it possible to narrow down locations to a single tile on the server! This allows us to place deeds and landmarks much more precisely than before. (Map coordinates are explained in the next post.) 2. Zoom The map provides various zoom levels, allowing you to zoom in from a view of the entire server to close-ups of single deeds. 3. Layers Deeds, Tunnels, Canals, Bridges etc. are actually map layers which can be toggled on and off. You can also choose among two map types (Terrain, Topographical). Note that the Isometric map is not available on this map due to the extreme distortion of tile location caused by mountains and other terrain, thereby preventing an accurate placement of deeds, tunnels, bridges, etc. 4. Finding settlements The map offers an easy-to-use search function for deeds. 5. Selecting locations and copy coordinates You are able to select any point on the map and save the coordinates for future use. Colours and Symbols Map Information This new map has been reproduced based on the previous map data and as such some elements may not be 100% accurate since we are using a completely different system. To this point, if you notice anything missing or in the wrong place in terms of settlements (deeds), highways, tunnels, canals and landmarks, please post in the thread below using the Adding Data guidelines provided. In particular, Tunnels and canals are handled a bit differently on this new map. There are Tunnels - which are foot traffic only, there are Canals - which are boat traffic only, and there are Tunnel+Canals - which allow passage of both boat and foot traffic. Please post in the thread below any discrepancies you see so we can get these accurate. Also, those tunnels that are knarr-depth only will need to be named as such, as that data-driven designation is not supported in the new map. Adding Data Please post in this thread to report new or changed data. (Do not send PMs, either on the forum or in-game! Do not use Discord to add data either!) Please use tile coordinates (x, y) to report new map data. (Hover your mouse pointer over the location you wish to report, click once to see the coordinates in the "Selected" field, copy the coordinates.) Deeds: Please report the settlement name and the coordinates of the settlement token. Example: "Serendipity Bay [1650, 1384]" Highways: Please report the coordinates of all points describing the highway (start, "corners", end). Please use this format: "[[5229,2327],[5543,2328],[5547,2332],[5577,2332],[5588,2321],[5614,2321],[5623,2312],[5684,2313],[5692,2321],[5790,2321]]" which is the actual coordinates of the highway that stretches across G20. Tunnels, Canals, Bridges: Use the start and end coordinates. These elements can also be given a name. Other: You can also report clay and tar resources, guard towers, and special named landmarks (like names of lakes and mountains, as long as those names are agreed upon among the local community.) Note that Xanadu is an Opt-In map, meaning that you must ask to have your deed posted on the map. We encourage you to do so as the more deeds that are shown on the map the easier it is for people to find their location when they're out exploring and lost , or when they're trying to come pick up that cool whatchamacallit that you offered for sale or check out your totally awesome deed. However, only a Mayor or an authorized villager can request that a deed be added. THANKS! I'd like to thank @Yagafor his very fast help in setting up this map and for him offering to host the actual map and input files. Also, I'd like to again thank @jackjonesand all of the previous Xanadu Community Map editors, without whom this new map wouldn't have been possible. New Xanadu Community Map
  2. contact via this thread, ingame, or via discord (andi#3763) available for delivery via the xanadu wagoner only. (crates are free) currently not delivering, sorry! you can order any of the things listed below that are not in stock if I have a slot open! made to order slots Open Open Digging sand / dirt, 3k / 5k in stock - 80c /1k clay, 8k in stock - 1s /1k Masonry mortar, 2k in stock - 2s /1k stone bricks, 2k in stock - 2s /1k Mining Iron Lumps, no stock ~50 QL - 10c /100 Blacksmithing iron small nails, no stock - 10c /100 iron large nails, no stock - 10c /100 iron ribbons, no stock - 50c /100
  3. Hello, I'm currently recruiting members for my new deed, Oak Town. Leader: Sofetios Discord: Sofetios#0001 Discord server: Game: Wurm Online Cluster: Southern Freedom Isles Server: Xanadu Tile: i15 New players are welcome, ill try to answer any questions you have. Though on complicated topics like terraforming, it may be best to use youtube. We aim to be a city/business. Members will have access to food, water, mines, a 6x6 1 story building (will add floors with time) with 12 tile backyard, a sailboat for each member, and more. A rule for joining is that you must not deed on the island should you choose to leave my deed. If you do choose to leave, I can use my large boat to get you and your stuff on mainland where you choose and when you are ready to move. In addition to the benefits, I'll pay 2 silver coins a month to each active member. Also, when the City is complete and business is fully operational, The active members will get a fair share of profits. This may or may not take place of the 2 silver coins per month. We are only taking up to 4 active members other than me. We are located on Xanadu on the island on tile i15, west side. Some things the town will have include Market Restaurant Ship sale yard Library Houses for rent Farms for rent Hotel Docks I am not a slave driver, I just ask you do a fair amount of work and remain active. If you aren't on for 3 weeks without notice I'll take it that you have stopped playing and reclaim your building. I personally sometimes take breaks, this at least will be maybe a few hours, to at max a whole month. I'll be sure to inform everyone when that happens and I'll probably be able to get on during these periods if something needs done. I'll always be available by discord. If you would like to join, please send me a DM and I'll invite you as soon as a room is ready. Or if preferred, you can help with the materials for your building. Here is a picture of what you can and cannot do as a member here.
  4. Screenshot updated after every harvest or transaction. I sell by the large crate-load. One large crate can hold 300 items. Price is 30c per 300 items. I cover the delivery cost and the crates. Wagoner delivery on Xanadu only. However for big orders valued at 4s or more I can find the time to sail to other freedom servers. In this case, free delivery and free crates as usual. Send me a forum PM or reply to this post if you're interested. My in-game name is Blakd but I am not online so much any more, except to farm.
  5. Welcome to the Misty Rock self-serve horse market! After the big animal update, it took us some time to get organized with the new trait system, but I'm happy to say that we're back in business! Current listing of available horses, their colors, names and prices here: Horses are available within locked pens and can be picked up at any time. Merchants sell the keys to these pens. No appointments necessary. Come on over whenever it suits your fancy and shop at leisure. Ebony black horses have a special hidden "extra speed" trait Horses will be between the ages of “young” - “mature”. Once they reach the “aged” stage I will remove them from the market and retire them to pasture. Please note that prices may change depending on the market I do not do home deliveries at this time If you have a creature cage and ship, you can sail over from other servers and use the small dock at the front to load and unload. If you run into troubles, contact me through the game (Malena), here in the forums or else through Discord (KatsPurr#8213) How to get there We're on the South West corner of the Xanadu server, located at coordinates T12. The horse market is on the south east corner of the island. Layout of Horse colors Horses are divided into three sections, each with their own merchant marked by the colored dot that sells keys to the stalls. There is also a fourth merchant selling horse and stable supplies. I sell all colors except grey. There are three merchants under archways selling keys to horses. In addition, there is one merchant in the center selling horse and stable supplies. How did it all begin with the new horse colors? Learn all about it in this video: Current listing of available horses, their colors, names and prices here:
  6. Xanadu : Are you looking for a village to join or just join your deed to a good alliance ?? Village taking new villagers, We have a large established village and a large active alliance, consisting of 50 plus deeds. Most members live in a Centralized Area so we are all very close and can help each other. In our village u can use all our shops for all your skilling needs, most are fully stocked to make getting started easier. We have many mines and an alliance wagoner. We are also coastal with boat docks and even a lake with boat canal that connects to ocean. Come take a look at us at j11 or message Dinant or Lunadew or Vynamurmir for questions or an invite. .........We do ask brand new players to use tents in village for two weeks before building homes village . If no leaders are on to invite just find a waystone on highway and travel to Freedom Village its J11 on Xan map, there u can place ur tent in the camping area that also has a nice mine a few tiles south of it. Anyone in the local can invite you to join so adventure on over
  7. It's a rift! In the north! Pick your jaws off the floor and go about HERE:
  8. Lunar Order Academy and our Alliance is Recruiting! What is the Lunar Order? The Lunar Order is a close-knit community of players based in southwestern Xanadu. Well before I was invited into the ranks of the Lunar Order, its members were braving the elements and dangers of this wild continent. At our height, Grandmaster Alkhadias led our forces and many other fearsome warriors to slay the mighty Green Dragon that appeared in the hills of eastern Xanadu, a titanic struggle that I could only witness from safety. And yet, like the waning moon the light of our community faded, pulled apart by cruel fate. However, just as the waning moon will wax in full brightness once more, it is my hope that the light of the Lunar Order can return to Xanadu! What is the Academy? The Lunar Order Academy is a home for those new to the shores of Xanadu, those seeking a community that will give them a place to get settled, learn about the world of Wurm, until they are ready to go out and make their mark on it. It is our hopes that the students of the Academy today can be the heroes and monument-builders of tomorrow, and that the skills they acquire will one day be of service to the Lunar Order in our quest for prosperity and justice. But anyone who needs some friendly neighbours and can treat other people with dignity and respect is welcome at Lunar Order Academy! What does the Lunar Order Academy have to offer? Public amenities include a forge, a kitchen, beds, and more for those who need them. Public resources, including farmland, animals, a mine, and a nearby lake of freshwater. Plots for personal housing: 6x6 or 7x5 A highway connection! A casual social structure with ranks to climb; possible rewards for promotions are under consideration! A supportive and cooperative community interested in seeing you get ahead! A private web forum where alliance members can post ads for each other, set up polls for finding out public opinion, and discuss plans! Lunar Order Alliance Forum Rank and Title in the Lunar Order Being friendly and liberty-loving people, the Lunar Order is not interested in people looking for excuses to boss other people around. But recognizing distinguished service in the Lunar Order is also important, and so we maintain a small collection of ranks and titles that members can achieve. Someone who has just joined the ranks of the Order is a 'Lunar Recruit'; they will soon be asked whether or not they would prefer to progress down the Civil Path or Military Path, depending on whether or not they would prefer to contribute their fighting abilities or other services to the cause. Choosing one path does not prohibit you entirely from the other, simply expresses a preference. While switching between Paths is also possible, one may need to start at a lower rank in the new Path if their skills in that field are significantly lower. There are also some rough guidelines regarding necessary skills that are included below with the appropriate ranks. But a more important part of advancement within the Lunar Order is dedication to our community and quality of character in general. And so, advancement within the ranks of the Lunar Order will be based mostly on the recognition of your peers. Anyone who wishes to advance to the next rank in the Lunar Order must have at least three members of higher rank supporting their promotion; members of equal rank can also support a promotion, but their vote effectively counts for half. Finally, members of the Order who are opposed to your promotion are allowed to vote against it, effectively canceling out a supporting vote. This system is intended to provide an incentive not only to make friends among your comrades, but also to avoid making enemies. Ranks of the Civil Path Lunar Settler: the entry rank of the Civil Path Lunar Citizen: a member of the Civil Path who has proven their commitment to the community, and has demonstrated moderate skill in some trade or profession (~40 in a non-combat skill) Lunar Paragon: an experienced and distinguished member of the Civil Path, with noteworthy skills in a peaceful trade (~60 in a non-combat skill) Ranks of the Military Path Lunar Warrior: the entry rank of the Military Path Wolfsguard: a member of the Military Path who has proven their commitment to protecting the Lunar Order, and possesses moderate combat ability (~40 FS) Lunar Knight: the elite warriors of the Lunar Order, with widely-recognized fighting skills (~60 FS, a 'slayer' title) The Lunar Order Council While largely inactive as a body currently, these are the leading members of the Lunar Order. If and when decisions must be made collectively for the entire alliance, these are the individuals responsible. Aside from the Grandmaster, the members of the Lunar Order Council are similarly split between the Civil and Military Paths; the Military members are appointed by the Grandmaster, while the Civilian members are elected by the members of the Order as a whole. At this time I don't plan on trying to fill the inactive positions, though I might do so if our numbers increase to the point that it would be beneficial. Active Membership Alkhadias - Grandmaster: founder and leader of the Lunar Order; the final say on pretty much everything Zelva - Lunar Scholar: chosen representative of the Civilian community, and also responsible for seeing to the needs and education of new recruits Inactive Membership Lunar Priest: another representative of the Civilian community on the Council, the Lunar Priest sees specifically to the needs and training of other priests; if we ever get to the point of having more than one or two priests, maybe we'll have a use for this position again. Lunar Paladin: Highest-ranking member of the Lunar Knights, commander of the Lunar Order Military; primarily responsible for planning military matters Wolfsguard Commander: second-in-command of the Lunar Order Military; responsible more for recruitment and training If the Lunar Order sounds right for you, check out our main recruitment thread for more information! ~Glory waits beyond the horizon! Join the Lunar Order today!~
  9. Leader: Sofetios Discord: Sofetios#0001 Discord server: Game: Wurm Online Cluster: Southern Freedom Isles Server: Xanadu Tile: i15 Hello, I'm currently recruiting members for my new deed, Oak Town. New players are welcome, ill try to answer any questions you have. Though on complicated topics like terraforming, it may be best to use youtube. We aim to be a city/business. Members will have access to food, water, mines, a small plot for crops or animals, a 4x4 6 story building, and more. This will be available for a total of 5 members after the apartment building is done. We will have 1 member able to be moved in in 1 or 2 days. In addition to the benefits, I'll pay 1 silver coin a month to each active member. Also, members who do enough active work will get a 10x10 plot when the city is fully built if they are here from when they start until when the city is fully built. We are only taking up to 5 active members. We are located on Xanadu on the island on tile i15. Some things the town will have include Market Restaurant Ship sale yard Library Houses for rent Farms for rent Hotel Docks I am not a slave driver, I just ask you do a fair amount of work and remain active. If you aren't on for 3 weeks without notice I'll take it that you have stopped playing and reclaim your building. I personally sometimes take breaks, this at least will be maybe a few hours, to at max a whole month. I'll be sure to inform everyone when that happens and I'll probably be able to get on during these periods if something needs done. I'll always be available by discord. If you would like to join, please send me a DM and I'll invite you as soon as a room is ready. My username is Sofetios My discord is Sofetios#0001 Here is a picture of what you can and cannot do as a member here. ( Edit: you cannot chop down old trees, that is the only thing different in permissions from the below picture. )
  10. Please DM me here or Perihelion in-game. Thanks!
  11. Welcome to Hindleap Horses! Situated in a peaceful forest just west of Summerholt, I breed the 8 'new' colours mainly, but I generally get other colours too. I'm aiming to produce a mixture of horses bred for speed and draft traits, ideally with the 'certain spark' trait which increases horses' life span by 3 months to a total of 9 months of life. **Notes on the new traits system** Since the recent animal husbandry update, there have been many changes to the traits system. The details on the update can be found here, but I'll put a brief explanation on what it means for horses, donkeys and mules here. Instead of the old 5 speed horses which were the best you could make, there are now 4 speed horses. These are functionally the same for riding. Horses with 3 or more speed traits have the new 'hot blooded' body shape, which is similar to that of real Arabian horses. The new speed traits are: You'll notice that only 3 of those traits affect movement on land, which is what we're doing 99% of the time! So if you get a 3 speed horse that's only lacking the accustomed to water (AW) trait, you have as good a riding horse as a 4 speed. There is a 5th rare speed trait, 'it is unbelievably fast' (UF), which means the animal is 'always on speed bonus similar to hell horses'. Rare traits are, obviously, rare; but when combined with the other 4 speed traits will be the fastest horses we can get. We now also have draft traits which affect an animal's ability to pull vehicles. Horses with 3 or more draft traits get the 'cold blooded' body type which is like a real Shire or Clydesdale horse. There are 4 common draft traits which are as follows: Similar to the speed traits, there is a trait that doesn't affect pulling ability, but the damage taken to gear (EG). This again means that draft horses with only the other 3 traits will be as useful for pulling vehicles as those with 4 draft traits. There are 2 rare draft traits, 'it seems stronger than normal' (SN) which gives a bonus to their ability to carry, and 'it seems more nimble than normal' (NN) which increases the maximum ridable slope. Draft horses are better than speed horses for pulling vehicles, but remain reasonable riding horses when equipped with good gear. **How to find me** Hindleap is in G23 on Xanadu as shown above. There is a main road from Summerholt and the turnoff onto the gravel path to Hindleap is signposted. There is access by water from the north and just to the south at the Nexa Market and Sanctuary. Delivery to all coastal areas is available, and to other areas on request. Also available: black sheep bred to order blank 80ql horseshoes, 90ql available with a little notice donkeys in speed and draft mules in speed and draft output sheep Current stock list: New traits are slowly becoming available! Check my stock list for availability and prices. Message me in game for enquiries!
  12. Recruiting for Eden village! Help return Eden to her former glory as the most populated village in wurm (30+) room for 45. We offer a: 6x5 homestead, 3x3 animal pen and 2x12 farmland (that's 63 tiles of personal space.) We provide the highest quality food for 98 nutrition which means faster skill gains for you. We are also a Vynora deed which means +10% skill gain if you're a follower Join us on Rifts and Dragon, Kyclops, and other unique hunts and claim rewards Eden is Located at: T8/T9 Xanadu Eden Outpost is located at: C12 Celebration Here are some of our amenities which will be yours to use: Knowledge Tile Love Tile A prebuilt one of a kind house (which you can modify) or the option of building from the ground up A very large Mine Sea Views 98 Nutrition with the food provided in our Village Hota Forest for collecting wood The Commons (a building filled with collectively used items) Napoleon the Unicorn The Royal Oak - a staffed bar The Castle - Filled with Gold Alters for every priest Sermons with enough interest Free Horses Boat Dock *Midgar's Castle of Champion Beasts AND..... Eden Outpost an unfinished castle in one of the BEST hunting locations in the game a short 13 min ride by boat (public row boats available for use) Looking to earn some coin? In the spirit of building a thriving village economy, Qwizat will buy Stone Bricks and Mortar. Ask him for prices. INSTRUCTIONS TO GET INVITED: FIRST: Watch the YouTube video below. It is a tour of our village but also includes all of our rules and good advise. Everyone who joins the village needs to watch the video, so you might as well get that out of the way :D. To get an invitation to our village or just to chat with us and learn more, do the following: Type everything into the consol window: Press F1 type: irc [press enter] ircsay /join #edenvillage [press enter] (#edenvillage is our chat) The #1 Rule is to always be in #Edenvillage chat There you can talk to us and anyone can invite with /vinvite name For further assistance you can also PM: Qwizat or Thely. Please let us know you found us thru the forum. Thanks **If you have not teleported to a village before you can teleport here from anywhere on Xanadu** Eden Village View from Sea: Aerial View (from village helicopter): What Next?: After you arrive and get settled in and explore a bit you'll have the following tasks: 1. Make a large cart and give Qwizat Manage Perms to it 2. Obtain a plot of land by speaking with Qwizat or Thely and get your dream house a.) If you prefer not to have a plot ask about our condos. They range from 2x5 to 5x5 and offer great views. 3. If you are inclined you can request a farming plot in addition to your own property 4. Build your skills and get access to our free horses for riding our hitching to your cart 5.There's usually a project or 2 going on so ask around if you're interested in helping 6. Build up your fighting skills on a practice dummy and sail over to Eden Outpost for some of the best desert and forest hunting in the game. 7. Build a boat. We have free use rowboats to get around with, but someday you may want your own. 8. Its a sandbox so make it what you want. Raise animals, farm, improve your skills and be a craftsman. 9. Earn money thru making bulk items, or finding contract work on nearby deeds thru alliance chat. The world is yours Dead on direction photo coming from Eden and going to Eden Outpost View From top of Eden Outpost Castle
  13. Selling the following on Xanadu (pm offers to WuMing in-game): item amount QL (avg) wt lump, seryll 1 21.74 0.14 rare fence bars, iron 3 6.79 18 rare green grapes 1 42.43 0.3 rare lump, iron 4 12.2 4.04 rare leather belt (sold) 1 18.43 0.3 rare lump, copper 1 30.18 1 rare lump, iron 3 5.05 3.04 rare lump, lead 6 44.07 6 rare lump, tin 1 34.86 0.5 rare mortar, clay (sold) 4 17.57 8 rare shard, sandstone 2 27 40 rare square piece of cloth, cotton 1 20.92 0.3 rare stone brick (sold) 1 42.33 15 rare stone shards 4.895 51.02 97.9 source crystal 1 27.84 0.03 supreme lump, iron 1 12.57 1 supreme shards fragment [17/26], marble 1 29.51 13.07
  14. Hey everyone, I'm just going to keep this short and sweet. If you are looking for a village to join or tired of paying upkeep for your own full deed come on over here to Lions Gate. Lions Gate is a coastal deed located on i11 Xanadu in game map and is also visible on community map. You will be given a plot of land to do whatever you would like to do and have access to the mine within the deed. Also, I have my own Shop/merchant add in which I take on jobs and fill orders and if you would like to take on an order or include your own personal trade in there to expand our horizons we can arrange that to happen. All i ask is that your keep it clean, no stealing, and have fun! Should you decide you would like to contribute to the deed to keep it thriving there are many ways you can do that! You can donate cold hard coin, materials or items for the deed or for business stock, or help other villagers out with tasks. Anyways, looking forward to seeing more people in local!
  15. Thule could be your answer! Safely nestled inside walls with NPC guards (grid I-18, ~~100 tiles west of Greymead on Xanadu), you can master crafts and skills in comfort and confidence, free from hassles of NPC beasties. Turn-key workshops provide startup convenience for crafting/selling, and an apartment with a bed for immediate sleep bonus accumulation on logout for dedicated civic trade-smiths. Thule is a member of a respected and knowledgeable alliance, and is designed to kick-start new players, and welcome active and productive players who don't want the stress of maintaining/funding their own deed. Don't know your game goals yet? Develop at your own pace, learn about Wurm, and become an integral member of a strong community in Thule. Thule is currently seeking active players who desire to excel in the following civic roles (in no particular order): - Blacksmith - Mason - Jeweler - Gardener - Rancher - Tailor/Tanner - Potter - Brewer Chef (position filled) Alchemist (position filled) If Thule sounds like your new home, or you have questions/would like more information, reply here or pm WuMing in-game.
  16. I am trying to move to Chaos but I have a lot of weapons and items in storage at a Friend's deed on Xanadu. It's a dumb hassle traveling from Chaos to Xanadu, then to Epic and back again so often. I'd like to cut down on my storage and just use the money. I never play on Freedom so I really don't know the prices of things but I'll examine similar ads and judge offers accordingly. Thank you for checking my ad out!
  17. Greetings, I have coin on the new steam cluster NFI, in Harmony Bay, I wish to trade to you. In exchange I wish to receive coin on the old cluster SFI, i.e. Xanadu from you. Looking to trade your coin for mine 1:1 even trades. I am the single owner of this 10 year old account on SFI with a lengthy positive trade history. Thank You. -Huser
  18. Thule could be your answer! Nestled inside city walls with NPC guards (grid i-18, ~~100 tiles west of Greymead on Xanadu (Freedom server)), you can safely master skills and crafting in comfort and leisure, free from hassles of NPC beasties or drama. Turn-key workshops provide: - startup convenience for crafting and skilling for all citizens and alliance members - secure storage for declared specialists - a 2x3 apartment including a no-fee sleep bonus bed for declared specialists Workshop crafting spaces are available to all citizens and alliance members to use and share as they need. Workshop storage spaces and apartments are secured/permmed, allowing access to only the declared specialist, mayor, and deputy-mayor. Thule is: - a member of a respected and knowledgeable alliance - designed to kick-start new players - poised to welcome active and productive players who don't want the stress of maintaining/funding their own deed. Don't know your game goals yet? Develop at your own pace, learn about Wurm, and become an integral member of a strong community in Thule. In addition to supporting new players in their early game experience and all-around skilling, Thule is currently seeking active players (main toon only, no alts) who desire to excel in the following declared specialties (in no particular order): - Blacksmith - Printer/Paper-maker - Jeweler - Gardener/Farmer - Priest - Rancher - Tailor/Tanner - Potter - Brewer/Vintner - Chef - Alchemist - (most any role you create) Guiding cliche's: " takes a village.." "Teamwork makes the dream work" Simple town rules: - Take your time and enjoy yourself - Please share workshop crafting spaces and equipment - Please pick up after yourself items left outside secure areas cannot be secured, and may be pilfered by non-residents passing through - Please practice mutual respect regarding space, items, containers, etc. - Public equipment and public containers: Please reclaim all personal project items and materials from workshop equipment before logging out (even if you're not done) Please repair/refill after use Imp any public items or equipment for skill-gain - Communication is key Thule is a drama-free zone; most issues can be avoided or resolved when chain-of-communication is properly utilized. When in doubt, please ask before acting RL happens.. If you're going to be off-game for 30 days or more, please tell someone in advance (in-game, forum, discord, email, etc) - Alts: 1. must be clearly identified 2. are ineligible for their own housing and must share housing with their main. No exceptions. 3. may have fewer (or different) perms than their main 4. must abide by all town rules and protocols (else alt AND main will be kicked) If Thule sounds like your new home, or you have questions/would like more information, reply here or pm WuMing in-game.
  19. Found: adolescent lamb Owner: [13:52:10] It is being taken care of by Goeroel. Current Location: Thule (I-18, ~~100 tiles west of Greymead), safely in the town stables on enchanted grass Goeroel, please come and reclaim your lost lamb. WuMing Deputy Mayor (King's 2nd) Thule
  20. ****Please see 1st comment for all update information postings**** Just a heads up, I am taking a break from Wurm to get my business off the ground - Jackjones will continue on with the map updates & is currently revamping it all together. So please be patient while he does so >>>>>XANADU MAP HERE<<<<< How do you get a deed added or removed? Adding your Deed You must be the mayor or have permission to request deed be added. Map updates will be made every month if not more often just depending on amount. Single click anywhere on the map. Your clicked map coordinates will appear in the lower left hand corner on your screen. This will be your deed's coordinates throughout time, map dump to map dump. Post these coordinates below and we will add them to the map asap. Check out full instructions here : How does this work? Removing Disbanded Deeds We will update the map every other week with any disbands, if you know of any who are on the map as of now please post so we can get rid of them. (It should be up to date with any posted on the forums since May) Adjusting a Deed If your deed is currently on the map, but the coordinates are off please post that it is an update "To deed name" and not an add so we can just adjust the current mark. Adding Market Annotations Markets are now able to be seen by a white border around their marker. In order to qualify as a market there needs to be a minimum of 6 stocked merchants. While small sales areas are lovely and a great assest to traveling players, at this time only those deeds who offer multiple merchant options will be marked special. This will possibly change in the future with coming updates/colors. Adding Bridges Coming soon Adding Guard Towers Coming soonish Adding Highways Coming soonish Xanadu Community Map Contact: Aniceset Technical Support: Jackjones
  21. Hello Wurmians, Betsey Magranon Priestess Betsey can summon soul (teleportation to my deed) Amore by night. Looking for citizens for my deed Amore (Xanadu P15 Coords : 3310,-5977). There is a Cook(me) and a Priest(me), A mine ( rock iron tin zinc silver rock-salt sandstone ), a farm ( 400 tiles), animal's( cows bull sheep ( and my hell-horses ), a harbor( 150 tiles away ) and great help! and tools, PM me or MSG Aroma on forum. In Local are sometimes 3 more people around , and 4 people live on my deed. Some picture : I have nice tools to use and lots of resources. You can stay in an temporary appartement 2 x 2 and then you can start building your own house. Plots are around 6 x 7 Small cart or large cart for use by citizens. There is a larder with different kind of food. We try to go to rifts or hunting to get fighting skill up. The important rules : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you don't login for ~60 days you can be removed from my deed. You can request time out time. I need to be owner of all buildings. You may not Bash or destroy. Be nice, don't steal?. (ask before you take) Hope to hear from you soon!? Thanks for reading my post. Greets . Aroma Betsey. ( Take a look in Aroma's shop: )
  22. Without further ado I'd like to announce a new market for the south west of Xanadu! Now freely open to place merchants, please contact myself or Weatherwax for horse sale placements We are located in the northwest corner of the Q13 tile in Southwest Xanadu. There is a canal bordering the market so you can access by boat and we have a highway leading through the mountain to the north if you wish to visit by land. Location map here This market has been under construction for the best part of 8 months now with help from villagers of Black Forest Nemeton and villages in our local alliance. We have 106 market stalls built for every variety of merchant, with 8 of those being merchants by our horse pens (each merchant has space for 5 horses.) 100 Power mailbox for near instant mailing Each section of the main market area is split up into three colour coded sections. We have the cherry section to the east, the apple section to the west and the lemon section by the temple to the north. We have a temple with altars to the gods where we hold sermons and there is a tavern at our village, Black Forest Nemeton, where you can rent out a bed and some stable space for your horse or cart if you don't fancy the travel home right away or wish to stay for more sermons. If you are looking for a place to live near the market Black Forest Nemeton is always recruiting, you can find our recruitment page here Alternatively if you wish to join the area Black Forest Alliance can help you relocate and find a suitable area So let's have some pictures! And a couple of bonus aerial shots courtesy of Retrograde! Merchants with their own thread selling wares at the market: Black Forest Smithy. Located in the cherry market section, merchant page Here
  23. Came back to wurm after a break (about a year) and came back to a very empty low population xanadu. I'm not sure what has happened. Did wurmians stop playing all together? My very active alliance is almost obsolete. I keep hearing that players went to the steam servers. I'm still a little confused in that area and how that happened. Is it a good idea to make seperate servers? Why divide the community even more. We already had separate islands (servers) and now it's far more apart. What's left of my alliance is not happy about fellow players they played with for a long time just up and out to the northern servers. I tried to look up a topic where this issue was raised and didn't see one. Do devs think this is ok? I'm just trying to figure out what is going on.
  24. Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. What We Offer ➽ Community Essentials: Forum, Website, Discord, IRC ➽ Active, chatty people in Alliance Chat ➽ A community that stretches not only across one but currently FIVE servers ➽ Regular Events for Members only (treasure hunts, jousting & other fun stuff) ➽ Regular Giveaways (Public & Private) ➽ Guides & Support ➽ Alliance Trading Post (deed & people dedicated to trading with and for members) ➽ Alliance Capital (giant deed with only rare+ furnishing) ➽ Public & Private Slayings ➽ Multiple Alliance Managers to ensure survival of the community Come Visit Us! Website: Forum: Discord: Check out featured alliance deeds and more about us in Wurm here: We are looking to expand to Release, Pristine and Chaos! If you are interested in becoming an alliance manager for one of these servers, please get in touch! We are an alliance, not a village. If you would like to join a village associated with us, please let me know! The requirements to join with your deed are simple: We do not restrict you or your village's activities in any way. We do not require participation in any events or giveaways. We do not ask you to leave other alliances on other servers, or your PvP kingdoms. We do not ask you to maintain permanent activity. The #1 way to be removed from the alliance is to lose your deed. In this case you automatically lose membership of the alliance. The #2 way to be removed is if you break the few rules we have and cause damage to our community. It is important to us to emphasize that PvP players are allowed to join our group, but any PvP grudges held against other players are not to be brought into our community environment. We exist to unite players to create a unique group of people, not to fuel wars between kingdoms on PvE servers. Current Deed Count Xanadu: 64 Current Deed Count Deliverance: 40 Current Deed Count Independence: 6 Current Deed Count Celebration: 11 Current Deed Count Melody: 11 Current Deed Count Release: 1 Current Deed Count Harmony: 1 Alliance Managers: 8 Last Update: 2020/08/05 If you have any questions or would like to join, please contact us in one of the following ways: ✎ Comment Here For XANADU ✉ Send a private message to @Dracaa or @leander For DELIVERANCE ✉ Send a private message to @VelvetSun For INDEPENDENCE ✉ Send a private message to @Shrimpiie For CELEBRATION ✉ Send a private message to me. For MELODY ✉ Send a private message to @Gawainor to me. For RELEASE ✉ Send a private message to @Alpengeist For HARMONY ✉ Send a private message to @nachtiti Pass me a PM in-game on Yldrania Contact us via our Forums or Discord! ALLIANCE HISTORY
  25. In-Game Map Location: P20 Community Map Location: 5685,5755 Bring Stuff. Kill things. Probably won't be watching this thread so you do you boo boo. xoxo